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Durkheim (Emile)-The Elementary forms of the religious life: a study in religious sociology. Trans. by Joseph Ward Swain. 8vo. 9 × 5, pp. 467, 15s. net...... ALLEN & A., Sep. 15 Durkheim's, Emile, contributions to sociological theory, Gehlke (C. E.) 6s. .... May 15

Durnford (E. Comyns) ed.-Catholic morality: selected sayings and some account of various religions. 6×41, pp. 114, Is. net JARROLD, Oct. 15 Dust of life, Hocking (J.) 6s. .Oct. 15 Dusty road, The, Tyler (T.) 6s.... ..July 15 Dutch and Flemish artists, Cata. of drawings by British Museum: Hind. Vol. 1, Rembrandt and his school. 125. net . June 15 Dutch Hollandse Grammatika voor Schoolgebruik, Endendijk (J.) 25.. ..Apr. 15 Duties for all ranks, Hood (B.) 6d. net....Dec. 15 Dutton (Louie M.) see Knight (F. A.) and Dutton. Dutton (Thomas)-Every mother's book and young wife's guide. 2nd ed., rev. Cr. 8vo. Is. 6d. net .HIRSCHFELD, Nov. 15 Dutton (Thomas)-Kimpton's Pocket medical dictionary. 2nd ed. 18mo. Is. 6d. net; 1thr. 2s. 6d. net .HIRSCHFELD, Nov. 15 Dwelly (E. and T. W.)-Dwelly's Parish records. Vol. 4, Bishops' Transcripts and wills. Copied fr. the originals. 8×5, pp. 254, 10s. net (Herne Bay: Margate Rd.) AUTHORS, June 15 Dwight (H. G.)-Constantinople old and new. Ryl. 8vo. 9×61, pp. 392, 21s. net LONGMANS, Nov. 15 Dwight (Herbert Bristol)-Constant-voltage transmission. Cr. 8vo., 5s. 6d. net

CHAPMAN & H., May 15 Dwyer (James Francis)-Breath of the Jungle. Pp. 356, 6s. CAZENOVE, July 15


Dwyer (Vera G.)-A War of girls. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 320, 2s. 6d. ..WARD, L., Sep. 15 Dyer (Walter A.)-Pierrot, dog of Belgium. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 120, 2s. 6d. net DUCKWORTH, July 15 Dyestuffs, Analysis of, Green (A. G.) 8s. 6d. net June 15 Dyestuffs and coal-tar products: their chemistry, manufacture and application. By various authors. Repr., with additions, from " Industrial and Manufacturing Chemistry." Ryl. 8vo. 10 X61, pp. 164 7s. 6d. net LOCKWOOD, Mar. 15 Dyke (John C. Van) see Van Dyke. Dykstra (R. R.) see Schoenleber (F. S.) and Dykstra.

Dymond (Jonathan)-War: its causes, consequences, lawfulness, &c. : an essay. 7×4, pp. 80, 6d. ..WEST, N., Nov. 13 Dynamic of all prayer, Fleming (G. G.) 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d. net July 15 Dynamics, Chemical statics and, Mellor (J. W.) 6s. 6d. net June 15 Dynamo-electric machinery, Specification and design of, Walker (M.) 328. net.. ...Aug. 15 Dynamometers, Smith (F. J. J.) 14s. net Feb. 15 Dysenteries, Amoebiasis and the, Phillips (L. R.) 6s. 6d. net... ....May 15 Dyson (Will)-Kultur cartoons. Foreword by H. G. Wells. 4to. swd. 2s. net S. PAUL, Jan. 15

E. (A.)-Imaginations and reveries, 55. net Dec. 15
E. H. K.-Songs of a wanderer, Is..
...Nov. 15
E. H. W. M.-Symphonies, 25. net ... Nov. 15
E. (J.) The Bond of sympathy. 2s. 6d. net
Sep. 15
Nov. 15

E. (J.) The Bond of sympathy, 4s. net
E. (J.) and H. S.-Be of good cheer.

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Oct. 15 Νου. 15

E. R. The Short hour, 6d. net. Eagle of the Empire, Brady (C. T.) 6s. ....Oct. 15 Eagles and the carcase (The). By "Theta." Ryl. 8vo., swd. 2s. 6d. net .MORGAN, Mar. 15 Eagrave Square mystery, Marchmont (A. W.) 6d. June 15 Ealand (C. A.)-Insects and man: an account of the more important harmful and beneficial insects. Illus. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 344, 12s. net RICHARDS, Jan. 15 Ear, Throat and, troubles, Yearsley (M.) 1s. net Feb. 15 Earle (Cyril, Maj.)—The Earle Collection of early Staffordshire pottery, illustrating over seven hundred different pieces. Intro. by F. Falkner and a supp. chapter by T. Sheppard. 280 plates, 13× 10, pp. 288, 25s. net A. BROWN, Nov. 15 Earle (M. R.)-A Backwater of war: being letters from Switzerland, September December, 1914. With intro. note by E. S. Woods. 18mo. 61 × 4, pp. 126, 1s. 6d. net HEADLEY, Nov. 15 Early Days, 1915. Ryl. 8vo. 10 × 7, pp. 194, bds. IS. 6d. KELLY, Sep. 15 Early English poems, Gollancz (I.) 2, The Parlement of the thre ages. 2s. 6d. net .... Sep. 15 Earnings, Prices and, in time of war, Bowley (A. L.) 2d. net Mar. 15 Earth, The, its life and death, Berget (A.) 7s. 6d. net .Feb. 15 Earth knowledge: England and Wales; Scotland. Cr. 8vo., pp. 96, 96, ea. 6d. Earth-lays


MCDOUGALL'S, June 15 geological and other moods, Tolly (C.) 3s. 6d. net .Oct. 15 Earth, Our wonderful: its story, Pitts (F. A.) 25. net

June 15

Earth, Surface of the, Pickles (H.) 29.... .Apr. 15 Earthly paradise (Morris), Stories from, Evans (C. S.) Is. 6d .....June 15 Earthly paradise, Stories fr., retold in prose by C. S. Evans, Morris (W.) 6s. ...Oct. 15 East Anglia, Prehistoric Soc. of--Rpt. on excavations at Grime's Graves, Weeting, 1914. 5s. net July 15

East Coast raids by the German navy and airships: illus. memorial. Oblong 4to. swd. 9d. net HOOD, Mar. 15

East, Education of young children in the, Stephens (A. E.) 2s. net.

East, The Far, Elias (F.) 3s. 6d.
East, The Gorgeous, Elias (F.) 3s. 6d
East I know, The, Claudel (P.) 5s. 6d. net Jan. 15
East In the lands of the sun, William
16s. net..

Feb. 15

Aug. 15

Aug. 15

of Sweden.

... Feb. 15 is. net

East Kent Regiment: The Buffs. 6d.,

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Aug. 15 East, Near, from within. 10s. 6d. net . June 15 East, Near, Nationalism and war in the, 12s. 6d. net ..July 15 East of Suez, Travels, Humphreys (R.) 7s. 6d. net Sep. 15 East, Sacred bks. of the, Müller (F. M.) Vol. 25. Laws of Manu, 218. net .Mar. 15 East, Sacred bks. of the, Müller (F. M), Vol. 34, Vedanta-Sutras, Pt. 1, 12s. 6d. net.... Mar. 15 East, With the Kaiser in the, Treloar (Sir W.) 6d. Jan. 15 Mar. 15 Faster lilies for 1915, Bourdillon (F. W.) 1s. net Mar. 15 Eastlake (A. W.) see Redwood (Sir B.) and Eastlake

Easter hope, poems, George (M. E.) 6d. net

3s. net

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IS., 2S., .Oct. 15 Jan. 15

E. L. S.-Annals of babyhood. 6s. net.. May 15

Eaton (J.) and Stevens (B. M.)-Commercial work and training for girls. Cr. 8vo. 6s. 6d. net



Eaton James J.-The Worship of it, and other fancies. Cr. Evo. 743, pp. 100, 35. 6d. net RICHARDS, June 25

Ecce Mater, The MAR. 35. bd.

Eccles F. T

Alsace Iraine. C. Svo., pp. 24. 2d. net. Orford pamplias

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Clarendon PT., MILFORD, Mar. 15 Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs. Pessimism and love in, Scott D. R. 35. 6d. net. Oct. 25: Ecclesiastical Commissioners for England-6th | Report, 1914, 583.. WYMAN, Mar. 15 Echoes from the Psalms, Richards M. S. C. 28. net.... June 15 Eckford E. S.) and Fitzgerald M. S.)-Household management: a bibk. of domestic economy and hygiene. 8vo. 81x51, pp. 435, 28. 6d. net HOGG, Mar. 15 Eclipses astronomically and astrologically considered and explained. By "Sepharial.” Cr. 8vo, 71x5, pp. 112, 38. 6d.....FoULSHAM, Sep. 15 Eclogues and Georgics, Virgil. (Mackail) 25. net July 15 Ecology (The Journal of-Vol. 2, no. 4. 1014.RL. 8vo. 55. net..CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Dec. 14 Ecology (Journal of)-Vol. 3, Nos. 1-3, 1915, ea. 5s. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESs, Apr., July, Od. 15 Economic cycles, Moore (H. L. 8s. 6d. net Jan. 15 Economic doctrines, Hist. of, Gide (C.) and Rist. (C.) 15s. net.. ..July 15 Bartholomew Jan. 15 (E.) Vol. 1, .. July 15 democracy,

Economic geography, Atlas of,

(J. G.) 55., 6s. net..

Economic hist. of England, Lipson

Middle ages. 7s. 6d. net

Economic origins of Jeffersonian
Beard (C. A.) 10s. 6d. net..

Economic policy, British, War and,
Commission. IS.

.. Nov. 15 Tariff Mar. 15 ..Dec. 15 Peddie ..Mar. 15

Economic studies, Carruthers (J.). Economics: First prin. of production, (J. T.) 5s. net

Economics, Indian, Study of, Banerjea (P.)

45. 6d. net

July 15

Economics of war and conquest,

Jones (J. H.)

2s. 6d. net

..June 15

Economics, Prin. of, Taussig (F. W.) 17s. net


Economics: On the relation of imports to exports,
Peddie (J. T.) 2s. 6d. net
..Sep. 15
May 15
Economics: Purchasing, Twyford (H. B.) 12s. 6d.
.....Oct. 15
Economics (Quarterly Journal of). Vol. 29, nos. 2-4,
1915. ea. 3s. 6d. net
MILFORD, June, July, Sep. 15
Economise, How to. 6d. net
........Mar. 15
Economy, Marden (O. S.) and Brown (A. W.)
IS. net
..Oct. 15

Economy in war time: health without meat,
Miles (H. E.) Is. net
.. Sep. 15
Economy, National, Text-bk. of, Clarke (A. G.)
3s. 6d. net..

...Jan. 15

Eddy (Arthur J.)-Cubists and post-impressionism.
Ryl. 8vo. 961, pp. 258, 20s. net
Eddy motion in the atmosphere, Taylor (G. 1.)
Is. 6d. net
...Mar. 15
Edelsheim (Freiherr von)-Germany's naval plan
of campaign against Great Britain and the
United States. Cr. 8vo., pp. 120, 1s. net
HODDER & S., May 15
Eden (Thomas Watts)-Manual of midwifery.
4 ed. 8vo. 9× 51, pp. 788, 169. net

CHURCHILL, July 15 Edgar Chirrup, Webling (P.) 68...... Jan. 15 Edge (John H.)-An Irish Utopia: a story of a phase of the land problem. 4th erl. Cr. 8vo. •CASSELL, Sep. 15 Edgeworth Edward)-The Human German. 8vo. 9×51, pp. 293, ros. 6d. net

Is. net

METHUEN, Feb. 15


Edge worth F. V. The Cost of the war, and ways of reducing it suggested by economic theory. Evo. 0 X0, pp. 48, 15. not

My Porn, de 15
Edgeworth F. Y. On the relations of political
ECONOMY DO war: a lecture. Svo eN6, pp. gỗ
TS. net
Edginton (Mar Oh! James 1 Cheap of
Svo. pp. 254, TS. net
...Nov. 15

Fairbursch, Stevenson R. L.) 6s net.
Edinburgh almanac, Olives & Bevās, 1915,

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Edinburgh citizen. Life jottings of an old, Macdonald (Sir J. H. A ros. 6d. net No. 15 Edinburgh Obstetrical Society.- Transactions Vol. 3o, Session terg 1014. Svo. pp. 410, 10s. 6d. OLIVER & B., Jan. 15 Edinburgh, St. Cuthbert's Church, Lorimer (G.) 78. 6d. net .Apr. 13 Edinburgh (Univ. of)- Annual report on the state of finances, ed.; Annual statistical tpt, 24d. WYMAN, June 13 Edleston (R. H.)-Italian neutrality. Cr. 8vo, pp. 78, bds. 28. net ......HEFFER, AP. 15 Edmonds (H. M.)—Diet in convalescence. 16mo, pp. 130, limp is. net. (Pocket guide ser.) SCIENTIFIC PR., Apr. 13 Edmunds (E. W.)-Chaucer and his poetry, 12mo, pp. 220, 18. net. (Poetry and life ser.) HARRAP, Apr. 13 Education (Board of) -Annual report of the Chief Medical Officer, 1914, 18. 38. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Board of) Art examinations: Papers and Examiners' reports, 1915, od.: Regulations, 1916 20. WYMAN Nov. 13 Education (Board of)-Certificate examination, 1914: Exam. papers. 6d. ..WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of) Certificate Exam., 1914: List of persons who have passed. 6d.

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WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Board of) Educational pamphlets: 30, An Experiment in industrial research, 40. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Board of) -Elementary education in Lancashire and Cheshire, 40. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Board of)-- Elementary school teachers superannuation pamphlet, comprising Elementary School Teachers (Superannuation) Acts, 1898 and 1912; Do. (War Service Superannuation) Act, 1914; Do. Superannuation rules; Annuity tables; Circular 563; Expla natory memorandum. 3d...WYMAN, May 15 Education (Board of)-Examinations: Elementary school teachers' certificate, Preliminary exam Examination papers, tots, 6d,; Syllabus, 1917, 14..... WYMAN, June 15 Education (Board of Examinations: Elem. school teachers' certificate (Prelim: List of persons who have passed, 1915. 64.

WYMAN, July 15 Education (Board of Grants available, in nid of technological and professional work in universities in England and Wales, Statement of, id. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Roard of Holiday comeans om the Continent for instruction in modern languages, 1915. 14. ......WYMAN, May 15 Education (Board of National competition, 1914: List of successful competitors and reports of the examiners. Jilus. 38. WYMAN, Mar. is



Education (Board of)-Regulations as to grants in respect of the medical inspection and treatment of children attending public elementary schools and certain special schools in England and Wales. d.... .WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Board of)-Regulations as to special grants to certain local education authorities in England and Wales, 1915-16, d.

WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Board of)-Regulations for technical schools, schools of art, and other forms of provision of further education in England and Wales. 2d. ..WYMAN, July 15 Education (Board of)-Regulations for the training of teachers for elem. schools. 6d. WYMAN, July 15 Education (Board of)-Regulations under which grants are payable to local education authorities in respect of provision of meals for children. d. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of)-Regulations under which grants are payable to day nurseries in England and Wales, d.. WYMAN, June 15 Education (Board of)-Report for 1913-14, IS. 2d. WYMAN, June 15 Education (Board of)-Scheme for the organisation and development of scientific and industrial research. d... .......WYMAN, July 15 Education (Board of)-School attendance and employment in agriculture, 1st Sept. 1914Jan 31, 1915. 3d.. .WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Board of)-School attendance and employment in agriculture: Summary of returns for Sept. 1, 1914 to Apr. 30, 1915. Id. WYMAN, May 15 Education (Board of)-Schools for mothers: memorandum on class instruction, id.


WYMAN, June 15 Education (Board of)-Schools, Public elementary, including higher elementary and certified efficient, in England (except Monmouthshire) on July 31, 1914. 2s. 6d. ....WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Board of)-Science and technology, Examinations in: Exam. papers and reports of examiners, 1914. 9d. ....WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of)-Secondary schools in England on the grant list: Abstracts of accounts of, 1912-13. IS.....WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Board of)-Secondary schools in England recognised as efficient, 1913-14. With supp. list of Pupil-Teacher Centres. 9d.

WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Board of)-Secondary schools, Memoranda on teaching, &c.: Curricula of ruralised secondary schools id. ......WYMAN, Jan. 15


Education (Board of)-Secondary schools, Memoranda on teaching, &c.: Graphs in mathematical teaching. Id. .WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Board of)-Secondary Schools: Memorandum on teaching and organisation in: Manual instruction for boys. id.

WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Board of)-Statistics of public education in England and Wales. Pt. 1, Educational statistics, 1912-13. 8vo., Is. 5d. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of)-Statistics of public education in England and Wales. Pt. 2 Financial statistics,

1912-13. IS. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Board of)-Suggestions for the consideration of teachers and others concerned in the work of public elementary schools. Repr. with Revision of pts. rela. to English, arithmetic, geography, history and singing. 6d. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of)-Summer courses in England for instruction in various subjects, 1915. Id. WYMAN, May 15


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Education (Board of)-Suggestions for the consideration of teachers and others concerned in the work of public elementary schools. No. 9, Teaching of elementary science, incl. nature study. Id. .... WYMAN, May 15 Education (Board of)-Teachers: Statistics of recognised intending teachers' for elementary schools, 1913-14, 4d. WYMAN, June 15 Education (Board of)-Teaching certificates for teachers of art, Rules as to issue, id. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Board of)-Technical schools (Evening): Memorandum on the teaching of engineering. 6d. .WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Board of)-Training college students... qualified for recognition as certificated teachers, Supp. list of. 3d. ......WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Board of)-Training Colleges (and hostels) for the training of teachers for elem. schools in England and Wales recognised under the Regulations, List of. With particulars of accommodation, &c., 1913-14, and of accounts, 1912-13. 4d. .WYMAN, July 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Educational systems of the chief Colonies not possessing responsible government: British Honduras, IS.; Falkland Islands, Fiji, St. Helena, 1S. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Educational systems of the chief Colonies not possessing responsible government: St. Lucia. Is. 6d. WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Educational systems of the chief Colonics not possessing responsible government: Mauritius. Is. 6d. WYMAN, May 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Educational systems of chief Colonies not possessing responsible government; Hongkong, IS; Leeward Islands, Is. ; Seychelles, 9d.; Gambia, 9d. .WYMAN, July 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Educational systems of the chief Colonies not possessing responsible government: Barbados, 1s. 6d.; East Africa Protectorate, Uganda Protectorate, IS.; Nyasaland Protectorate, gd. WYMAN, Aug. 15 Education Conference (Imperial)-Papers: 1, Conditions of recognition, classification and payment of teachers in the self-governing dominions -Newfoundland. 6d. ......WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (England and Wales), Elementary.— -Statistics relating to the receipts and expenditure of local educational authorities, 1913-14. 4d. .WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Ireland)—Annual report of Commissioners for 1914, 5d.........WYMAN, June 15 Education (Ireland)-Intermediate: Account, 1914. d. WYMAN, May 15 Education (Ireland)-Intermediate E. Bd. : Report, 1914, 3d...........WYMAN, Aug. 15 Education (Ireland)-Intermediate Education Board: Report under the Intermediate Education (Ireland) Act, 1914, as to the application of the teachers' salaries grant. 31d. WYMAN, Oct. 15 Education (Ireland)-Intermediate Education Board Rules and schedule containing the programme of examinations, 1916, 3d. WYMAN, June 15 Education (Ireland)—Intermediate: Rules as to the application of teachers' salaries grant. id. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Ireland)-Intermediate: Rules as to the construction and procedure of the Registration Council. d. ................... WYMAN, May 15 Education (Ireland)-National education: Appendix to the 80th report of the Commissioners, 1913-14. Sect. I, Gl. report on the state of national education. 84d. .......WYMAN, July 15




Education (Ireland)-National education: 18th Report of Commissioners, 1913-14. 4d.

WYMAN, July 15 Education (Ireland)-National education: Questions set at the examinations: Admission to training colleges; pupil teachers and monitors in final year of service; junior assistant mistresses; Reid prize candidates, Easter, 1914. King's scholars, July 1913. Ea. 6d. WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Nat Soc. for the Study of)-Fourteenth year book. Pt. 1, Minimum essentials in elem. school subjects-standard and current practice. 8vo. 9×6, pp. 162, 3s. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., July 15 Education (Nat. Soc. for the Study of)-Fourteenth year book. Pt. 2, Method for measuring teachers' efficiency. 8vo. 9×6, pp. 84, 3s. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Sep. 15 Education (Scotland)-Code of regulations for continuation classes, 1915. 2d. WYMAN, May 15 Education (Scotland)-Compensation for military occupation of school buildings. Id.

WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Scotland)-Continuation classes and central institutions: reports, statistics, &c., 1913-14 and 1914-15. 8d...WYMAN, May 15 Education (Scotland)-Day schools aided from parliamentary grant, with statistics. Supp. lists of schools, &c., 1913-14. 6d.

WYMAN, May 15 Education (Scotland)-Estimate of receipts and payments, and table showing the sum allotted to each secondary education district, d. WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Scotland)-42nd Annual report by the Accountant for Scotland, 1913-14. 10d. WYMAN, May 15 Education (Scotland)-French assistants in Scottish schools and training centres. id.


WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Scotland)-General reports for 1914: Northern and Highland division, 3d.; Southern division, 3d. ...WYMAN, Apr. 15 Education (Scotland)-General report for 1914: Western division. 2.d......WYMAN, Mar. 15 Education (Scotland)-Leaving certificate exam., May, '15: Gaelic. Id.......WYMAN, May 15 Education (Scotland)-Lists of School boards; Voluntary schools; Secondary schools; Central institutions; Provincial committees for the training of teachers; Training centres and colleges; Secondary education committees, &c. Jan. 1915. 6d. .WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Scotland)-Medical inspection of school children: Third annual report, yr. ending July 31st, 1913, 1s... WYMAN, June 15 Education (Scotland)-Mining districts, Suggested outlines of course of specialised instruction for boys in supplementary classes of schools in, id.... .WYMAN, June 15 Education (Scotland)-Regulations as to grants to school boards in respect of medical treatment of necessitous children, 1915. 8vo. Id. WYMAN, Jan. 15 Education (Scotland)-Regulations for day schools, 1915. 3d. ....WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Scotland)-Regulations for prelim. education, training and certification of teachers for various grades of schools. 3d. WYMAN, Nov. 15 Education (Scotland)-Report of the Committee of Council on, for 1914-15. With appendices, 31d. .WYMAN, June 15 Education (Scotland)--Return showing salaries and ages of head and assistant masters in intermediate, secondary and primary schools; and total grants paid, 1913-14. jd. WYMAN, Aug. 15

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.Nov. 15

WYMAN, June 15 Education (Wales)-Report under the Welsh Intermediate Education Act, 1889, for 1914. With appendix, 1jd.........WYMAN, June 15 Education (Wales)-St. David's Day. In Eng. and Welsh, ea. 6d. ..WYMAN, Feb. 15 Education (Wales)-Statistics of public education. Pt. 1, Educational statistics, 1912-13, 11d. WYMAN, June 15 Education (Wales) Statistics of public education in Wales. Pt. 2, Financial statistics, 1912-13. 54d. WYMAN, Oct. 15 Education: Appointment of teachers in cities, Ballou (F. W.) 6s. 6d. net ...Oct. 15 Education, College, Aims and defects of, Boswell (F. P.) 3s. 6d. net. Education: Didascalus Patiens, Crees (J. H. E.) 6s. net .Oct. 15 Education, First and last fight for voluntary prin. in, Wilson (Sir R. K.) 6d. net.... Sep. 15 Education for citizenship, Kerschensteiner (G.) (Pressland.) 2s. net ......Apr. 15 Education: Fundamentals in methods of elem. schools, Kennedy (J.) 5s. 6d. net......Aug. 15 Education in England, Some results of research in hist. of, Leach (A. F.) 2s. 6d. net....Sep. 15 Education: Lyrics, play-songs, &c., by boys of the Perse Sch., with an essay on Littleman's poetry and the play way, Cook (H. C.) 4s. net Aug. 15 Education: Montessori examined, Kilpatrick (W. H.) is. net .Aug. 15 Education: The Oberlehrer : evolution of German schoolmaster, Learned (W. S.) 5s. 6d. net .Oct. 15 Training of the

Education of Karl Witte; or, The child, 4s. 6d. net

. July 15 Education of the negro prior to 1861, Woodson (C. G.) 8s. net ..June 15

Education of young children in the East, Stephens (A. E.) 2s. net

. Feb. 15

Education, Play in, Lee (J.) 6s. 6d. net.. June 15 Education, Scientific management in, Rice (J. M.) 3s. 6d. net .Apr. 15 Education, Student's hist. of, Graves (F. P.) 5s. 6d. net .Sep. 15 Education, Studies intro. to a theory of, Campagnac (E. T.) 3s. 6d. net . May 15 Education through play, Curtis (H. S.) 5s. 6d. net Feb. 15

Education, What do we mean by, Welton (J.) 5s. .Jan.15

net Educational hdwk. for manual training, Jenkins (A. H.) 2s. 6d. .May 15

..Oct. 15

Apr. 15

Educational progress, Next steps in, Guest (L. H.) 35. 6d. net Educational values and methods, Sleight (W. G.) 4s. 6d. net Edward VII: The Influence of King Edward, Esher (Viscount) 7s. 6d. net ...Feb. 15 Edwardes (Tickner)-Tansy. Fcap. 4to. swd. 6d. HUTCHINSON, July 15 Edwards (E. J.) and Tickle (M. J.)-Prac. science and mathematics for the second year prelim technical or industrial course. 8vo. 81×5}, pp. 184, 1s. 6d. net...... ROUTLEDGE, Feb. 15 Edwards (G. M.)—An English-Greek lexicon. 2nd ed. 4to. 8x61, pp. 370, 95. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Apr. 15 Edwards (George W.)-The Forest of Árden. Ryl. 8vo. 10×61, pp. 234, 158. net HARRAP, Oct. 15


Edwards (Joseph E.)-Venice. Illus. 8vo. 9 x61 pp. 64, Is. 6d. net (Beautiful Europe)


Egyptian antiquities, Forged, Wakeling (T. G.) Is. 6d. net....

..Sep. 15

BLACK, Mar. 15 Edwards (M.)-Scout stories. Ryl. 8vo., 6d. S.P.C.K., Sep. 15 Edwards (Mabel C.) and Booth (Mary)-The Fiery Cross: an anthology. Small 4to. 8 x61, pp. 96, 2s. 6d. net .RICHARDS, Dec. 15 Edwards (W. Harold)-A Guide to the Indian Companies Act. 8vo. 10s. 6d. net

[blocks in formation]

813," Le Blanc (M.) 6d.

.Oct. 15

Eighteen-fifteen :

(J. W.) 3s. 6d.

.Sep. 15

..Jan. 15

THACKER, June 15 Edwards, Pain (B.) is. net .Aug. 15 Edwin Drood; Master Humphrey's clock, Dickens (C.) is. net ...Oct. 15 Efficiency arithmetic. Bks. 2-5. 5X71, ea. 4d., 6d.; swd. 3d., 5d. Teachers' bks. 2-5, ea. Is. to Is. 6d... .MCDOUGALL'S, May-July, 15 Efficiency, Fundamental sources of, Durell (F.) IOS. 6d. net .Mar. 15 Effort, Interest and, Childs (E. C.) 2s. 6d. net Feb. 15 6×4,

Egerton (W. A.)-Contraband of war. pp. 57, Is. 61. net (Portsmouth) GIEVE'S, Nov. 15 Eggar (H. C.)—An Alphabetical key to " message form" signals, as used in semaphore and Morse, with up-to-date instructions in semaphore. On card, 4d. net ..F. GROOM, June 15 Eggar (H. C.)-How to learn the Morse alphabet in rhymes about dots and dashes. On card, 3d. net .GROOM, June 15 Egoist, The, Meredith (G.) 6s.. Oct. 15 Egville (H. D') see D'Egville. Egypt: Abbas II, Cromer (Earl of) 2s. 6d. net Feb. 15 Egypt, Architecture of Ancient, Bell (E.) 6s. net Oct. 15 Egypt, Biblical discoveries in, &c., Politeyan (J.) 2s. 6d. net .. May 15 Egypt, By the waters of, Lorimer (N.) 6s. net Oct. 15 Egypt, England in, Milner (Viscount) 5s. net Feb. 15 Egypt, Englishman's recollections of, 1863 to 1887, De Kusel (Baron) 10s. 6d. net.. May 15 Egypt Explor. Fund-Oxyrhynchus papyri. Pt. 11. ...Oct. 15 Egypt Exploration Fund-The Tombs of Amenemhet. No. 82. Copied in line and colour by Nina de Garis Davies. With explanatory text by A. H. Gardiner. The Theban Tombs ser. Ed. by Norman de Garis Davies and Alan H, Gardiner. 12×91; 30s. net MILFORD, May 15 Egypt: Heliopolis, Kafr Ammar and Shurafa, Petrie (W. M. F.) and Mackay (E.) 25s. net

Νου. 15 Egypt, Hist. of events in, 1798 to 1914, Weigall (A. E. P. B) 1os. 6d. net.. ...Apr. 15 Egypt, Man of, Cooper (C. S.) 28. net ... Feb. 15 Egypt, Myths and legends of Ancient, Spence (L.) 7s. 6d. net .Aug. 15 Egypt of the Egyptians, Balls (W. L.) 6s. net Νου. 15

Egypt, Pop. stories of Ancient, Maspero (Sir G.) IOS. 6d. net ..Od. 15 Egypt, Riddle of, Symons (M. T.) is. net June 15 Egypt: The Rock tombs of Meir. Pt. 1, The Tomb-chapel of Ukh-Hotp's Son Senbi, Blackman (A. M.) 25s. net ..Mar. 15 Egypt: Stela of Sebek-Khu, Peet (T. E.) 25. net June 15 June 15

Egypt: Tomb of Two Brothers, Murray (M. A.)

5s. net Egypt: Une Communauté Judéo-Araméenne à Eléphantine aux VIme et Vme siècles av. J.-C., Hoonacker (A. van) 3s. net...... July 15 Egypt, Upper, Dialect of, Coptic texts in, British Museum. Budge. 40s. net..

.Nov. 15 Egypt, Veiled mysteries of, Leeder (S. H.) 5s. net Feb. 15

Egypt, Wonderland of, Salmon (P. R.) 2s. 6d.

May 15

romance of Waterloo, Har Ein Lustspiel, Benedix (R.) IS. 6d. Einhard's Life of Charlemagne. Latin text, ed. with intro. and notes by H. W. Garrod and R. B. Mowat. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 142, 2s. 6d. net (Clarendon Pr.)..MILFORD, Apr. 15 Eisteddfods, Register of, 517-1901, Richards (D. M.) Rhestr, &c. (In Welsh). 3s. net Mar. 15 Ekin (T. C.)-Water pipe and sewer discharge diagrams. Cheaper reissue. Folio. 6s. net CONSTABLE, Apr. 15 Eland (Edwin H.) ed.-Life's pilgrimage: an anthology of prose and verse. 12mo., pp. 316, Is. net (Sesame library) ..ALLEN & U., Feb. 15 Elder brother, The, Fletcher (J.) (Draper) 2s. 6d. net ..Apr. 15 Elderdice (J. Raymond)-T. Haviland Hicks, freshman. Cr. 8vo. 6s.....APPLETON, Nov. 15 Elderton (Ethel M.) and Pearson (Karl)-The Relative strength of nurture and nature. 2nd ed. enlarged. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 60, 25. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Oct. 15 Eldorado Golden fragments. IS. net Jan. 15 Eldorado-A Soul's progress, Is. net....Nov. 15 Eldorado, Orczy (Baroness) is. net ....Feb. 15 Eldridge (Arthur A.) and Briscoe (H. Vincent A.)— First aid in the laboratory and workshop. Foreword by Surg.-Gen. Sir, A. Keogh. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 32, 1s. net ARNOLD, Nov. 15 Electors-Return, showing number of electors on the Register, 1915; and population, 1911. 21d. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Electra, Sophocles', Fogerty (E.) 2s. 6d. net

May 15

Electric charging plug and socket for vehicles, British standard specif. 5s. net........Dec. 15 Electric Lighting Acts, 1882 to 1909-Report respecting applications to and proceedings of the B. of Trade during the past year. 3d. WYMAN, July 15 Electric railways, Single phase, Austin (E.) 21S. net ..May 15 Electric traction, Calisch (L.) 28. net ..Dec. 15 Electric wall plugs, British standard specif. 5s. net Dec. 15 Electric waves, Transmission of, over surface of earth, Love (A. E. H.) 1s. 6d. net ...Mar. 15 Electric wiring, Clinton (W. C.) 2s. net..Oct. 15 Electrical dictionary, Drake's, Lowe (P. E.) 4s. 6d. net June 15 Electrical directory, J. A. Berly's Universal 21S. net Mar. 15 Electrical engineering, Baillie (T. C.) Vol. 1, 5s. net Mar. 15 Electrical eng. : Alternating current work, Maycock (W. P.) 6s. net June 15 Electrical eng.: Arithmetic of alternating currents, Crapper (E. H.) 2s. 6d. net..June 15 Electrical eng.: Continuous and alternating current machinery problems, Ryan (W. T.) 2s. 6d. net

Electrical engineering, Continuous

.Aug. 15

Maccall (W. T.) 10s. 6d.

current, May 15

Electrical eng. : Overhead transmission lines and distributing circuits, Kapper (F.) 16s. net Oct. 15 Electrical engineering. See also Appendix Electrical instruments in theory and practice, Murdoch (W. H. F.) and Oschwald (U. A.) Ios. 6d. net. .Apr. 15 Electrical machinery, British standardisation rules for, 10s. 6d. net ..Nov. 15

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