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Prichard (H. Hesketh)-November Joe, detective of the woods. Cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 324, 2s. net . HODDER & S., Feb. 15 Prichard (Katharine S.)-The Pioneers. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 320, 6s. ....HODDER & S., Aug. 15 Pride of Jennico, Castle (A. and E.) is. net Mar. 15 Pride o' the morning, Giberne (A.) 2s. 6d. Sep. 15 Priesthood, My, Carey (W. J.) 3s. 6d. net Mar. 15 Primal lure, Roe (V. E.) 6s. ...Nov. 15 Primrose ring, Sawyer (R.) 3s. 6d. May 15 Prince (Morton)-The American versus the German view of the war. 8vo., pp. 48, swd., IS. net .UNWIN, May 15 Prince (Morton)-The Psychology of the Kaiser: a study of his sentiments and his obsessions. Cr. 8vo. 7× 41, pp. 76, 2s. 6d. net

UNWIN, June 15 Prince Ahmed and the Fairy Perie Banou (from the "Arabian nights entertainment "). Decorated by Charles Robinson. 8vo. 8×6, pp. 128, 2s. 6d. net.. GAY & H., Dec. 15 Prince in the making, Howard (H.) 2s. 6d. net Mar. 15 Mar. 15

Prince of India, Clarke (L.) 6s.
Prince's shadow, Saunders (M. B.) 2s. net Feb. 15
Princess Elfrida's Charity, Lansdell

Princess Cecilia, Davis (E.) 6s..

(H.) Pt. 7.

.Dec. 15

...Nov. 15

Princess fairy bk., Andria (Duchess de) is. 6d. net Dec. 15 Princess of happy chance, Gallon (T.) 6s. Apr. 15 Princess Virginia, Williamson (C. N. and A. M.) 35. net ...Oct. 15 Princeton University. Louis C. Vanuxem Foundation. Lectures, 1913. 4s. 6d. net Jan. 15

Printers' pie, 1915. Ed. by W. Hugh Spottiswoode. 4to, swd., is. net


SPHERE & TATLER,' May 15 Printing inks, Chemistry and technology of, Underwood (N.) and Sullivan (T. V.) 12s. 6d. net Νου. 15 Printing, Modern, Southward (J.) 2 vols. ea. 5s. July 15 Printing, Short hist. of English, Plomer (R.) 2s. 6d. .Oct. 15 Prints, How to appreciate, Weitenkampf (F.) 7s. 6d. net.. May 15 Prints, Japanese, Chats on, Ficke (A. D.) 5s. net June 15 Prison Commissioners (Scotland)—Annual report, 1914. 91d. WYMAN, June 15 Prisoner in Spain, Caine (W.) 2s. net.. .Mar. 15 Prisoner of the garret, Reynolds (Mrs. B.) is. net Nov. 15

Prisoners of hope, sermons, Brent (C. H.) 5s. net June 15

Prisoners of war. See also War. Prisoners of war, Depot for, at Norman Cross, 1796-1816, Walker (T. J.) fos. 6d. net May 15 Prisoners of War Information Bureau in London, Roxburgh (R. F.) 2s. 6d. net ..........June 15 Prisons-Report of the commissioners of prisons and the directors of convict prisons, 6d.


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Probate, Tristram and Coote's, 32s. 6d. Dec. 15
Probate and Administration Act, 1881 [India],
Kinney (A.) 15s. net
.Sep. 15
Probate manual, Practitioner's, Picken (C. H.)
6s. net
June 15

Problem of pain, Illingworth (J. R.) 6d. net July 15
Problems for speakers: church workers and others,
Gell (Mrs.) is. net
..Nov. 15
Problems of American geology: a series of lectures
dealing with some of the problems of the
Canadian Shield and of the Cordilleras, by W.
N. Rice, F. D. Adams, A. P. Coleman, C. D.
Walcott, W. Lindgren, F. L. Ransome, W.
D. Matthew. (Silliman Memor. Lect., 1913)
Illus. Ryl. 8vo., 91 ×61, pp. 526, 17. net.
MILFORD, Mar. 15
Problems of the borderland, Slater (J. H.) 3s. 6d.
.Sep. 15
Problems of the future, Laing (S.) Works. 2s. 6d.
.May 15
Problems, Universal and mundane, Griffin (G.)
2s. 6d. net
.Mar. 15
Procedure, Law of, Hibbert (W. N.) 5s. net July 15
Process year book, see Penrose's annual.
Prochazka (J.) ed.-Bohemia's claim for freedom.
With an intro. by G. K. Chesterton. 12mo.,
swd., Is. net
..CHATTO, July 15
Proclamation of the New Kingdom, Abbott (E. A.)
Fourfold Gospel, Sect. 3. 12s. 6d. net Apr. 15
Proctor (Francis Bartlett)-The National crisis
and why the churches fail. 74×44, pp. 218,
2s. net...
Proctor (Richard A.)-Easy star lessons. Cr. 8vo.
7×41, pp. 240, 3s. 6d. net
CHATTO & W., July 15
Prodigal son: sermons, Buckell (A. C.) 1s. 6d. net
Jan. 15

Production, First prin. of, Peddie (J. T.) 5s. net net

Mar. 15

Professional aunt, Wemyss (Mrs. G.) 2s.
Profit Family, Vallotton (B.) 6s.
Prognosis and end-results of treatment, Index of,
Short (A. R.) 21s. net....
...July 15

Sep. 15

Feb. 15

Progress register for use in infant schools. New ed. Folio. Is. 8d. ..LONGMANS, July 13 Progressive movements, The, De Witt (B. P.) 6s. 6d. net May 15 Progressive studies in Pitman's shorthand. 11th ed., rev. and enlarged. 12mo. swd. is. net PITMAN, June 15 Prohibition advance in all lands, Hayler (G.) 2s. 6d. .Apr. 15 Promise, The, Hendryx (J. B.) 6s. ......Νου. 15 Property, its duties and rights historically, philosophically and religiously regarded: essays by various writers. With an intro. by the Bishop of Oxford. New ed., with an added essay. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 254, 5s. net

MACMILLAN, July 15 Property law, Notes on, Ford (S.) 1s. net Dec. 15 Prophecies, Paracelsus (Trans. by J. K.) 2s. 6d. net May 15

Privateers, The, Watson (H. B. M.) is, net

WYMAN, Oct. 15 Pritchard (A. K.)-Madame. 7×5, pp. 32, IS. ...MORING, June 15 Private papers of Henry Ryecroft, Gissing (G.) 4s. 6d. net.. .Od. 15 Private 7664, a faithful soldier of the brave Worcesters, Smith (E.) 6d. net. July 15 Private Spud Tamson, Campbell (R. W.) is. net Apr. 15 May 15 Prize (The), 1915. 4to. 91×7, pp. 216, 28.; bds., Is. 6d... ..GARDNER, D., Oct. 15 Prize cases, British and Colonial,Trehern (E. C. M.) Pt. I. 7s. 6d. net ·June, 15 Prize cases, British and Colonial. Pt. 1, 7s. 6d. net Aug. 15

IS. net

Prophecy and history, w. ref. to Jews, Gentiles and Church of God, Scroggie (W. G.) 2s. 6d. net July 15 Prophecy and the War: sermons, Nurse (E. J.) 25. net..... .Apr. 15 Prophecy, Divine clues to sacred, Horne (È. H.) . Sep. 15 Prophecy, History in, Baillie (W.) 1s. net Mar. 15

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..Sep. 15

.Mar. 15

Prose literature and composition, Exer. in, Dent (G. C.) 3s. 6d., &c. Prose masterpieces from modern essayists. New ed., 3 vols. 18mo., boxed, 15s. net PUTNAM, Oct. 15 Prose works, Shelley (P. B.) 9d., 6d. net Mar. 15 Prosecution of Offences Acts, 1879-1908Return showing the working of the Regulations for carrying out the Acts, with statistics of proceedings, 1914, 7d. ..WYMAN, July 15 Prospectuses of public companies, July-Dec., 1914. 12 X 9, pp. 119, 10s. 6d. "THE TIMES," Feb. 15 Prosser (D. L.)-Addresses at church parade services. 16mo., pp. 88, Is. net


S.P.C.K., June 15 Protection when at rest, O'Donnell (H.) 6d. net

Protectionism, Free trade and, in
Heringa (A.) 3s. 6d. net

Protector, The, Bindloss (H.) 6d.
Protein and nutrition, Hindhede (M.)

Feb. 15 Holland,

. Feb. 15 ..Mar. 15 7s. 6d. net Mar. 15

.Sep. 15

Protestant Revolution, Renaissance, and Catholic Reformation in Continental Europe, Hulme (E. M), Ios. net Protestantism: John Hus, the Martyr of Bohemia, Schwarze (W. N.) 2s. 6d. net ........ May 15 Prothero (Rowland E.)-The Pleasant land of France. Cheap ed. 12mo., pp. 380, Is. net NELSON, July 15 Protheroe (Ernest)-The Hunted treasurehunters. Cr. 8vo. 7× 51, pp. 378, 3s. 6d. KELLY, Sep. 15 Protozoa and disease, Clarke (J. J.) Pt. 4, Phozopod p. 7s. 6d. net .. Νου. 15 Prout (Samuel)-Sketches in France, Belgium, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. Folio, 7s. 6d. net, swd. 5s. net. ("Studio" Special winter no.) OFFICE. Feb. 15 Prout (W. T.)-Lessons on elem. hygiene and sanitation, with special reference to the tropics. 4th edit. 8vo., 2s. 6d. net CHURCHILL, July 15 Proverbs, National: Belgium; Holland. ea. Is. net Proverbs, National: Serbia. Is. net ....Dec. 15 Prussia, Evolution of, Marriott (J. A. R.) and Robertson (C. G.) 5s. net .Nov. 15 Prussia, My impressions of East, Pain (E. M.) Is. net. .July 15 Prussian culture, Analysis of: When blood is their argument, Hueffer (F. M.) 2s. 6d. net Mar. 15 Prussian history to 1871, Row (E. F.) 2d. net

..Nov. 15

Jan. 15 Prussian terror, The, Dumas (A.) 6s. June 15 Prussianism and its destruction, Angell (N.) Is. net .Jan. 15

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Prussia's bid for world power, Packer (S.) IS. net

Psalm stone, White (F. M.) 6d. Psalms, Anglican proper: notes on corrupt passages in Hebrew text, Godwin (C. H. S.) 5s. 6d., 4s. 6d. net.

Νου. 15 ..Jan. 15 obscure and

. Sep. 15

Psalms, Bk. of: Prayer Bk. vers. corrected, Clarke (Sir E.) 2s. net... ...Nov. 15

.Mar. 15

Psalms, Com. on the seven penitential, Fisher (J.) (Phillimore.) Vol. 2, Is. net Psalms, Echoes from the, Rickards (M. S. C.) 28. net June 15

Psalms for holy days, Notes on proper, Hall (A. C. A.) 2s. 6d. net.. .May 15 Psalms, Latter-day, Stapledon (O.) 2s. net Jan. 15 Psalms, Studies in the, Driver (S. R.) 6s. Oct. 15 Psalms Treasury of David, Spurgeon (C. A.) 6 vols. 31s. 6d. net. June 15 Psmith, journalist, Wodehouse (P. G.) 3s. 6d. Oct.15 Psychiatry, The New, Stoddart (W. H. B.) 3s. 6d. net.. ..Sep. 15 Psychism, Varieties of, Wedgwood (J. I.) 1s. 4d.

Feb. 15 Psychological studies from the Psychological Laboratory, Bedford College for Women, University of London, 4to. swd. 2s. 6d. net HODDER & S., Feb. 15 Psychology (British Jl. of)—Vol. 7, pt. 4, March, 1915. Ryl. 8vo., 5s. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., June 15 Psychology (British Jl. of)-Vol. 8, pt. 1, Oct. 1915. 101X7, pp. 130, 5s. net

[blocks in formation]

Psychology, The New, Atkinson (W. W.) 2s. 6d.

.Aug. 15


net. Psychology of alcoholism, Miller (H. C.) 6d. net Sep. 15 Psychology of leadership, Majid (A.) 2s. 6d. net Νου. 15 Psychology of management, Gilbreth (L. M.) 7s. 6d. net .Sep. 15 Psychology of the Kaiser, Prince (M.) 2s. 6d. net June 15 Psychology, Prac., Smith (I. G.) 3s. net.. May 15 Psychology, Social, Intro. to, McDougall (W.) 5s. Νου. 15 net. Psychology: Subconscious and superconscious planes of mind, Atkinson (W. W.) 2s. 6d. net Aug. 15 Psychology: Whence have I come? Bush (R. A.) 28. 8d. net... . Feb. 15 Psyllidæ of New World, Crawford (D. L.) 4s. net Feb. 15

Public health. See also Local Government Board. Public health administration, English, Bannington (B. G.) 7s. 6d. net ..Νου. 15 Public health: Manual for health officers, MacNutt (J. S.) 12s. 6d. net .Aug. 15 Public health service, Women in Maynard (E. L.) IS. 6d. net Sep. 15 Public health, Text bk. of, Hope (E. W.) 5s. net Mar. 15

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Soc. SS. PETER & PAUL, Sep. 15 Public schools year book (The), 1915. Cr. 8vo. 5s. net .YEAR BOOK PRESS, Feb. 15 Public Speaking, Quarterly Jl. of Vol. 1, no. 1, Apr. 1915. Ryl. 8vo., 9x 61, 2s. 8d. net (UNIV. OF CHICAGO PR.) MILFORD, July 15 Public Works Loan Board-40th Annual report, 1914-15, 1d. ..WYMAN, July 15 Publications and Debates' Reports (Select Committee on)-Report, 1d. ..WYMAN, Nov. 15 Puffers. 8vo. 28. (Dean's Rag bks.)


DEAN'S RAG BK. Co., July 15 Pugh (Edwin)-The City of the world. 12mo., ..NELSON, Apr. 15 pp. 372, Is. net Pughe (A. O.)-Radley Oak: the story done into verse. 8vo., swd. 6d. net ..PARKER, Feb. 15



Pulbrook (Ernest C.)-The English countryside. Illus. 8vo. 9×61, pp. 136, 7s. 6d. net BATSFORD, June 15 Pull (Ernest)-Modern workshop practice: manual for the use of engineers, apprentices and students in technical institutes. 2nd ed., rev. and enlarged. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 370, 5s. net C. LOCKWOOD, Dec. 15 Pullan (Leighton)-Missionary principles and the Primate on Kikuyu: three addresses. 8vo., pp. 60, 6d. net ..MOWBRAY, Aug. 15 Puller (F. W.)--The Relation of the English Church to the monarchial claims of the Roman See. IS. net ...LONGMANS, Feb. 15 Pulmonary tuberculosis, Dispensary treatment of, Clark (H.) 15s. net .. Feb. 15 Pulpit themes, Beecher (P. A.) 7s. 6d. net May 15 Pulpits, &c., in English churches, Cox (J. C.) 7s. 6d. net ..June 15 Pulse of the world: Fleet St. memoirs, Stark (M.) 5s. net .Sep. 15 Pulsford (John)-The Rose of dawn: a reprint of Pulsford's "Morgenröthe," 3s. 6d. net BAINES & S., Dec. 15 Pumping, Prac. irrigation and, Fleming (B. P.) 8s. 6d. net ..Apr. 15 Punch. Vol. 147. 4to. 8s. 6d. OFFICE, Jan. 15 Punch. Vol. 148, January-June 1915. Folio, 11x81, pp. 557, Ios. 6d. ....OFFICE, Aug. 15 Punch Almanack, 1916. Folio, swd. 6d. OFFICE, Nov. 15 Punishment, Everlasting, Woodhams (R.) is. 6d. net.. Jan. 15 Punnett (Reginald Crundall)-Mimicry in butterflies. Ryl. 8vo. 91×61, pp. 196, 15s. net CAMB. UNIV. PR., Nov. 15 Purcell (M. A.) see Ritchie (J. W.) and Purcell. Purchasing: economic aspects and proper methods, Twyford (H. B.) 12s. 6d. net ..Oct. 15


Purdon (K. F.)-The Folk of Furry Farm. With an intro. by George A. Birmingham. Cheap ed. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 332, 2s. net NISBET, Sep. 15 Purple bk. for boys, Strang (H.) 2s. 6d., 3s. 6d., 5s. Apr. 15 Purple iris, verses, Dodge (W. P.) is. net July 15 Purves (Alex.)-The Brass-moulder illustrated: a prac. guide for the apprentice and young journeyman. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 170, 3s. net SPON, Oct. 15 Pushkin, A. S., Bondar (D.) Russian readers. net...... ...July 15 Pussikins. 4to. 2s. 6d. (Dean's Rag bks.) DEAN'S RAG BK. Co., July 15 Pussy cats' ABC. Folio, IS. (Blackie's Bks. for children) .BLACKIE, Aug. 15 Putnam (George Haven)-Memories of a publisher, 1865-1915. 8vo. 91×6, pp. 504, 9s. net




PUTNAM, Nov. 15 Putnam (G. Palmer)-In the Oregon country. Cr. 8vo. 6s. net ..........PUTNAM, Apr. 15 Putnam (George Palmer)-Tabular views of universal history. New ed. 8vo. 1os. 6d. net PUTNAM, May 15 Putnam (Nina Wilcox-) see Wilcox-Putnam. Putnam (Ruth)-Alsace and Lorraine from Cæsar to Kaiser, 58 B.C. to 1871 A.D. 8vo. 81x5, pp. 218, 5s. net...... PUTNAM, Mar. 15 Puzzle bk., 20th cent. standard, Pearson (A. C.) July 15 Puzzles, Pictured, and word play, Pearson (A. C.) 2s. net .Aug. 15 Pyemont (L. O. P.)-Arbitration in S. Africa. Cr. 8vo. 10s. 6d. net ..SWEET & M., Mar. 15 Pyke (H. R.)-Contraband and the war. Cr. 8vo., pp. 20, 2d. net (Oxford pamphlets) (Clarendon Press) MILFORD, Jan. 15

2s. net

[blocks in formation]

Quaeritur Quidnam de Republica Meruerit Oliverus Cromwell, Williams (P. J.) is. 6d. net Sep. 15 Quain's Elements of anatomy. Vol. 4, pt. 1, Osteology and arthrology. By. T. H. Bryce. 11th edit. Illus. Ryl. 8vo. 10 X61, 338, 12s. 6d. net .LONGMANS, Jan. 15 Quaker women, 1650-1690, Brailsford (M. R.) 7s. 6d. net. .Apr. 15 Quantities, Pricing of, Stephenson (G.) 3s. 6d. net Apr. 15 Quatrains, Omar Khayyám. Line-upon-line renderings by J. Pollen, 3s. 6d. net....Dec. 15 Queen Anne is dead, Wentworth (P.) 6s. ..July 15 Queen Anne's Bounty-Annual report and accounts of the Governors, 1914. 3d.

WYMAN, Mar. 15

Queen Caroline, Jackson (A. S.) is...
..Oct. 15
Queen Victoria, Browne (E. G.) 1s. 6d. net July 15
Queen's gift book (The). 4to. 10×71, PP. 162,
2s. 6d. net....
.HODDER & S., Dec. 15
Queens, Girls who were famous, Carr (K.) 2s. 6d.

Sep. 15 .Jan. 15 ..Feb. 15

Queen's mate, Gerard (M.) 7d. net..
Queen's necklace, Dumas (A.) 6d. net
Queen's net: stories of Queen's Work for Women
Fund, Begbie (H.) 6s...
...Oct. 15

Queen's own traitors, Prescott (E. L.) 6d. Oct. 15
Queen's quest, verses, Whitcombe (E. L.) 2s. 6d.
Nov. 15

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S.P.C.K., June 15 ..Oct. 15

Quicksands, Croker (B. M.) 6s.
Quiet talk about the Babe of Bethlehem, Gordon
(S. D.) IS. net
Νου. 15
Quiet talk with those who weep, Gordon (S. D.)
Is. 6d. net
.Aug. 15
Quiller-Couch (Sir A. T.)—The Delectable Duchy.
12mo., pp. 274, IS. net (Wayfarer's lib.)
DENT, Mar. 15
Quiller-Couch (Sir A. T.)-Hocken and Hunken.
Pop. edit. Cr. 8vo., pp. 376, Is. net

W. BLACKWOOD, Mar. 15 Quiller-Couch (Sir A. T.)-Nicky-Nan, Reservist. Cr. 8vo. 71x41, pp. 320, 6s.

...S.P.C.K., Oct. 15

W. BLACKWOOD, June 15 Quiller-Couch (Mabel)—Anxious Audrey. Cr. 8vo. 8x5, pp. 216, 25. Quiller-Couch (Mabel)—The Carroll girls. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 316, 1s. net (Girl's new lib)

MILFORD, June 15 Quiller-Couch (Mabel)-The Mean-Wells. Illus. by G. E. Robertson. 8vo. 81x61, pp. 176, 2s. 6d. net ..GARDNER, D., Dec. 15 Quiller-Couch (Mabel)-On Windycross Moor. Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 358, 2s. 6d. COLLINS, Oct. 15

[blocks in formation]

R. (E.) The Short hour. 6d. net ......Nov. 15 R. (N.)-Stories of ordinary people. IS. net

June 15 R. P. A. Annual and Ethical Review, 1916. Ed. by Charles A. Watts. Ryl. 8vo. 10X61, pp. 80, is. net; swd. 6d. net WATTS, Oct. 15 R. (T. J. C.)-French military pocket vocabulary. 3d. net ... Feb. 15 Rab and his friends, Brown (J.) is. net Oct. 15 Rabbi ben Ezra, poems, Browning (R.) Illus. by B. Partridge, 6s., 5s. net..

Rabbit keeping, Utility. By experts
Smallholder." IS. net

.Oct. 15 of The

..June 15

Rabindranath Tagore, see Tagore.

Race problem, U.S.: Black and White in Southern States, Evans (M. S.) 7s. 6d.

..Sep. 15 Race sentiment as a factor in history, Bryce (Viscount) is. net ...... July 15 Race with death (A), and other stories. 8vo. 8×5, pp. 130, limp. Is. net "BOY'S OWN PAPER," Dec. 15 Race with ruin, Hill (H.) 7d. net........ ...July 15 Racial health, Towards, March (N. H.) 3s. 6d. net Apr. 15 Racine (Jean)-Bérénice. Ed., with intro. and notes, by Robert Edouard Pellissier. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 120, 25. net MILFORD, Oct. 15 Racing: Sporting Life Turf hdbk. Is... Jan. 15 Racing: Stedfast system for stay-at-home backers. Lee (S.) 7s. 6d. net Mar. 14 .Mar. 15

Rada, Noyes (A.) 4s. 6d. net


Radford (E. M.)-Mathematical problem papers. Cr. 8vo., pp. 210, 4s. 6d. net

CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Apr. 15 Radford (E. M.)-Solutions to mathematical problem papers. Cr. 8vo., pp. 568, 10s. 6d. net CAMB. UNIV. PRESS, Apr. 15 Radford (George)-The State as farmer; or, The Future of agriculture in England. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 152, 2s. 6d. net SMITH, E., Oct. 15 Radford (Margaret M.)-Poems. Cr. 8vo., swd., 28. net. .ALLEN & U., June 15 Radio-active ores, &c., Effect on plant life, Sutton (M. H. F.) 2s. 6d. net .. Feb. 15 Radiographic localization, Simple methods of, Rankine (T.) is. net. ..May 15 Radiography, X-ray therapeutics, &c., Knox (R.) 25s. net .Mar. 15 Radiology, Text bk. of, Morton (E. R.) 7s. 6d. net

Feb. 15

Radium therapy, Radiography, &c., Knox (R.)

.Mar. 15

25s. net Radium, X rays and the living cell, &c., Colwell (H. A.) and Russ (S.) 12s. 6d. net. ..Νου. 15 Radley Oak, Pughe (A. O.) 6d. net ......Feb. 15 Radziwill (Princess Catherine) (Catherine KolbDanvin)-The Royal marriage market of Europe. 8vo. 9× 51, pp. 284, 7s. 6d. net

CASSELL, Sep. 15 Radziwill (Princess Catherine)-Sovereigns and statesmen of Europe. Ryl. 8vo. 91x61, pp. 270, 10s. 6d. net....... ...CASSELL, Nov. 15 Rae (James)-Medical emergencies: a hdbk, for nurses. 32mo., pp. 153, swd. is. net

SCIENTIFIC PR., Sep. 15 Raemaeker's Cartoons, Nos. 1-5. Folio 15 X12, per set 10s. net ......FINE ART SOC., Dec. 15

Raffi (A.)-Easy Turkish for our men abroad and how to pronounce it. Fcap. 8vo. swd. 6d. net K. PAUL, July 15

Rags, Delano (E. B.) 6s.

Rai (Lajpat) see Lajpat Rai.

.Oct. 15

Raikes (K. C.) see Hewitt (E. P.) and Raikes Rail-power in war and conquest, Rise of, 18331914, Pratt (E. A.) 7s. 6d. net... .Dec. 15 Railroad accounting, Hooper (W. E.) 7s. 6d. net Apr. 15

Railroad field manual for civil engineers, Raymond (W. G.) 12s. 6d. net June 15 Railroad taper, Perkins (L.) Ios. 6d. net.. July 15 Railroad track and construction, Elements of,

.Nov. 15

..Nov. 15



Wilson (W. L.) 10s. 6d. net. Railroads and public utilities in Wisconsin, Holmes (F. L.) 7s. 6d. net. Railroads finance and organization, Ripley (W. Z.) 14s. net ..Mar. 15 Railway accidents-General report upon railway accidents that have occurred in the U. K. during 1914, 24d. .....WYMAN, Nov. 15 Railway accidents-Returns of accidents and casualties, 1914. 4łd.........WYMAN, June 15 Railway accidents Various prices Railway an adaptation of Pitman's shorthand to the requirements of railway correspondence, &c. Cent. ed. 18mo. 6 × 4, pp. 96, Is. 6d. net. (Pitman's Shorthand writer's phrase bks. and guides) .PITMAN, Sep. 15 Railway and Canal Commission-26th Annual report, 1914. 3ld. ....WYMAN, Mar. 15 Railway and Canal Commissioners-Reports of cases decided. Vol. 15 of Railway and canal traffic cases. Ryl. 8vo. 37s. 6d. net SWEET & M., Jan. 15 Railway Bills-Report upon all Bills and Provisional Orders of Session 1915 rela. to railways, canals, &c., 31d. ...WYMAN, Feb. 15 Railway companies (Staff and wages)-Return rela. to, for the United Kingdom, during 1913 2jd. .WYMAN, Mar. 15 Railway Companies' Powers Act, 1864-Report on applications made during 1914, and of the proceedings with respect thereto. d. WYMAN, June 15 Railway factory, Life in a, Williams (A.) 5s. net Νου. 15

Summary (quarterly). ...WYMAN, Jan., &c., 15


Pt. 1, .Feb. 15

Railway guides. See under Bradshaw, A B C Railway interests in the War, Records of British. IS. Railway manual, Bradshaw's, 1915. 12s. Feb. 15 Railway News-Records of railway interests in the War. Pt. 1, British Is. ...Feb. 15 Railway officials, Universal directory of, Ios. Sep. 15 Railway Returns-Return rela. to the Railways of the United Kingdom, 1914, d.

WYMAN, Aug. 15 Railway returns-Returns of the capital, traffic, receipts, and working expenditure, &c., of the railway companies of the United Kingdom, 1913. IS. 8d. .WYMAN, Oct. 15 Railway working, Prac., Travis (C.) and others. 3s. 6d. net ....Oct. 15 Railway year book (The), 1915. 8vo., 2s. 6d. net RAILWAY MAGAZINE," Mar. 15 Railways: Driver's and fireman's correspondent IS. net ..Dec. 15 Railways, Electric, Single phase, Austin (E.) 218. net.. .May 15 Railways, English: development and relation to state, Cleveland-Stevens (E.) 6s. net ..Sep. 15 Railways in Japan, Nationalization of, Watarai (T.) 5s. ..Nov. 15 Railways (Light)-County of Devon: Torrington and Halwill, 31d.; York Corporation, id. WYMAN, June 15


RAILWAYS Railways (Light)-Report of the proceedings of the Bd. of Trade and Light Railway Commissioners, to 31st Dec. 1914. 21d.

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