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Baden-Powell (Sir Robert)-Indian memories. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 384, 12s. 6d. net H. JENKINS, Sep. 15 Baden-Powell (Sir Robert)-Marksmanship for boys. Cr. 8vo., swd. 3d. net PEARSON, Mar. 15 Baden-Powell (Sir Robert)-My adventures as a spy. Cr. 8vo., pp. 132, swd. is. net

PEARSON, Feb. 15 Baden-Powell (Sir Robert)-My adventures as a spy. Presentation ed. Cr. 8vo. 8 x 5, pp. 160, 3s. 6d. net .PEARSON, Oct. 15 Baekeland (L. H.)-Some aspects of industrial chemistry. 8vo., Is. 6d. net ..MILFORD, Sep. 15 Baerlein (Henry)-Windrush and Evenlode. 12mo., 6×41, pp. 70 bds., Is. net METHUEN, Mar. 15 Bagehot (Walter) Life and works. Collected ed. Ed. by Mrs. Russell Barrington. 10 vols. 8vo., 75s. net; Works only (9 vols.) 67s. 6d. net LONGMANS, June 15 Bagehot (Walter)-Lombard Street. With intro. by Hartley Withers. Cr. 8vo. pp. 372, 3s. 6d. net (Lombard St. lib.) ......SMITH E., Mar. 15 Bagley (Lydia)-A Triumph of the Cross and other poems. Cr. 8vo., pp. 44, 2s. 6d. net

(Amersham, Bucks) MORLAND, July 15 Bagley (Wm. C.)-School discipline. Cr. 8vo., 5s. 6d. net .MACMILLAN, Jan. 15 Bagot (Richard)-The Italians of to-day. Rev. and pop. ed. Cr. 8vo., pp. 192, swd. Is. net MILLS & B., Aug. 15 Bagshaw (Walter)-Elementary photo-micro. graphy. 3rd ed. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, PP. 144, 2s. 6d. net .ILIFFE, Sep. 15 Bagster's Bible stories. 2nd ser. 32mo. 6d, net BAGSTER, May 15

Baha (Abdul) see Abdul Baha. Bahr (P. H.)-A Report on researches on sprue in Ceylon, 1912-1914. Illus. Ryl. 8vo., pp. 166, 7s. 6d. net....CAMBRIDGE UNIV. PR., May 15 Baikie (James)-Wonder tales of the Ancient World. 8vo. 81×71, pp. 266, 6s.


BLACK, Oct. 15 Bailey (Cyril)-Year's work in classical studies, 1914, 2s. 6d. net.... ...Mar. 15 Bailey (H. C.)-The Highwayman. Cr. 8vo. 7×5 PP. 332, 6s. .METHUEN, Sep. 15 Bailey (Henry T.)-Twelve great paintings: personal interpretations. 4to. bds., 3s. 6d. net HARRAP, Mar. 15 Bailey (John)-Milton. 12mo., pp. 256, Is. net (Home univ. lib.) ..WILLIAMS & N., Mar. 15 Bailey (L. H.)-Plant-breeding. New ed., rev. by A. W. Gilbert. 7×5, pp. 474. 8s. 6d. net (Rural science ser.)..MACMILLAN, June 15 Bailey (L. H.)-The Principles of fruit-growing, with applications to practice. 20th edit., completely rev. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, PP. 446, 75. 6d. net MACMILLAN, Apr. 15 Bailey (L. H.) see Hunn (C. E.) and Bailey. Bailey (Roy Rutherford)-Sure Pop and the Safety Scout. Cr. 8vo., Is. 6d. net HARRAP, July 15 Baillie (T. C.)-Electrical engineering, Vol. I, Introductory. Illus. Demy 8vo., pp. 244, 5s. net (Camb. Technical ser.) CAMB. UNIV. PR., Mar. 15 Baillie (William)-History in prophecy: studies Cr. 8vo. for pilgrims in the present crisis. 71×4, pp. 104, IS. net....THYNNE, Mar. 15 Baillie-Saunders (Margaret)-The Belfry. Pop. ed. Cr. 8vo. 71×41, pp. 316, 1s. net

HODDER & S., Aug. 15 Baillie-Saunders (Margaret)-Captain the Curé. Cr. 8vo. 7× 5, pp. 316, 6s. HODDER, Aug. 15 Baillie-Saunders. See also Saunders. Baily's Hunting directory, 1915-1916.


Bain (R. Nisbet)-Russian fairy tales. Trans. from the Skazki of Polevoi (P. N.) 7s. 6d. net July 15

Baines (Constance)-Handwork at the schooldesk: a progressive course of drafting, stitching, and elementary garmenting. Illus. Vol. I. 4to, 10 x 7, pp. 78, 3s. 6d. net.. BELL, Jan. 15 Baird (David)-Questions and numerical exercises in physics and chemistry. 16mo. 6×41, pp. 104, Is. net...... BLACKIE, Dec. 15


Baird, Spencer Fullerton: biography, Dall (W. H.) 15s. net June 15 Bakenhus (R. E.) and others.-The Panama Canal. 8vo. 1os. 6d. net

CHAPMAN & H., Mar. 15 Baker (Alfred)-Pitman's Prac. journalism. With notes on Newspaper law, by E. A. Cope. Cr. 8vo. 71x4, pp. 182, 2s. 6d. net

I. PITMAN, Mar. 15 Baker (Amy J.)-The Snake garden: a tale of S. Africa. Cr. 8vo. 74×41, pp. 320, 6s. LONG, Apr. 15 Baker (Ernest)-The Return of the Lord: a series of lectures. 2nd and enlarged ed. Cr. 8vo., 3s. 6d. net...... ...SEELEY, Sep. 15 Baker (G. P.)-The Romance of Palombris and Pallogris. Cr. 8vo. 71× 5, pp. 454, 6s. MILLS & B., Oct. 15 Baker (G. S.)-Ship form, resistance and screw propulsion. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 254, 12s. 6d. net CONSTABLE, July 15 Baker (H. P.)-Oliver Cromwell: a play. Pt. 1. 71×4, pp. 236, 3s. 6d. REA, W. & I., Sep. 15 Baker (Stanley)-Notes on the Church Catechism. 2nd ed. Cr. 8vo. 71×4, pp. 142, Is. 6d. net J. THORNTON, Sep. 15 Baker (W. M.) and Bourne (A. A.)-A Shilling arithmetic. Cr. 8vo., pp. 206, Is... BELL, Jan. 15 Balaoo, Leroux (G.) 6d. ..Sep. 15 Baldwin (Charles S.)-How to write: a hdbk. based on the English Bible. New edit. 12mo. 2s. net ...MACMILLAN, Mar. 15 Baldwin (E. F.)-The World war. Cr. 8vo., 5s. 6d .MACMILLAN, Jan. 15



Baldwin (Edward T.)-The Law of bankruptcy and bills of sale. 11th ed. 8vo., 30s.

STEVENS & H., July 15 Baldwin (James M.)-Genetic theory of reality. 8vo. 7s. 6d. net ......PUTNAM, Apr. 15 Baldwin (May)-An English schoolgirl in Moscow. 7X41, pp. 256, 1s. (Chambers's Supp. readers). CHAMBERS, June 15 Baldwin (May)-Phyllis M'Philemy: a school story. Cr. 8vo. 7× 51, pp. 320, 3s. 6d. CHAMBERS, Oct. 15 Baldwin (R. N.) see Flexner (B.) and Baldwin. Balfour (Arthur James)-Theism and humanism. (Gifford Lectures.) 81x51, pp. 274, 1os. 6d. net .HODDER & S., Oct. 15 Balfour (Lady Frances)-Life and letters of the Rev. James MacGregor, D.D., Minister of St. Cuthbert's Parish, Edinburgh, one of His Majesty's chaplains. Cheaper ed. 8vo. 91× 51, pp. 544, 3s. 6d. net ....HODDER & S., Nov. 15 Balkan cockpit, Price (W. H. C.) 10s. 6d. net


Jan. 15 Balkan darkness, Light on the, Price (C.) IS. net Oct. 15

Balkan League, The, Gueshoff (I. E.) 2s. 6d. net Dec. 15

Balkan Peninsula, Fox (F.) 7s. 6d. net..Dec. 15 Balkan problem, Geographical aspeccts of, in rela. to Gt. European War, Newbigin (M. I.) 7s. 6d. net ..Aug. 15 Balkan States, War map of Italy and, Bartholomew's. Is. net .June 15 Balkan States, War map of the. 2s., IS. 3d., 6d. ..Dec. 15



8×51, pp. 412, 5s. net....VINTON, Nov. 15

Balkan wars, 1912-13, Schurman (J. G.) 4s. 6d. net Jan. 15

[blocks in formation]

Balkans, The War and the, Buxton (N.

and C. R.)

2s. 6d. net. .. May 15 Balkans, The War and the, Buxton (N. and C. R.) Is. net ....Aug. 15

Ball (C. R.) The Voyage of life in the seen and the unseen, exemplified in St. Paul's voyage towards the Eternal City as related by St. Luke. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 128, 1s. 6d. net

S.P.C.K., Dec. 15 Ball (G. H.) see Smith (H. G.) and Ball. Ball (Sir Robert)-Reminiscences and letters. Ed. by his son, W. Valentine Ball. Ryl. 8vo. 91 X6, pp. 422, 16s. net ..CASSELL, Mar. 15 Ballad, The, Sidgwick (F.) is. net ......Jan. 15 Ballad of Kaiser Wilhelm (The); or, The Invasion

Mar. 15

of Belgium. By an Anglo-American. 12mo., bds. Is. net .ST. CATHERINE PRESS, Jan. 15 Ballad of Trafalgar, Dreaper (J. A. H.) is. net Ballad of the War, Latymer (Lord) is. net Sep. 15 Ballade, The, Cohen (H. L.) 7s. 6d. net..Sep. 15 Ballads, Book of old English songs and. 6s. net

Oct. 15 Ballads, Modern lays and, Leonard (R. M.) 7d., Is. 6d. net .Oct. 15 Ballads of field and billet, Holmes (W. K.) 18. 6d. net. ..Apr. 15 Ballads of field and billet, More, &c., Holmes (W. K.) IS. 6d. net. .Dec. 15 Ballads of old Birmingham, Rudland (E. M.) 2s. 6d. net

.Feb. 15

Ballads of the Forty-five, Meller (W. C.) 2s.

Jan. 15


Ballads, War, and broadsides, 1779-1795, Roth
(H. L.) and Jolley (J. T.) 2s. 6d.
Ballantyne (J. W.) ed.-Encyclopaedia medica.
Vol. I. 20s. net

.Apr. 15

.Mar. 15

Ballantyne (R. M.)-The Coral Island. New ed. Cr. 8vo. 8 X 54, pp. 347, 3s. 6d. ..NISBET, Oct. 15 Ballantyne (R. M.) Gascoyne, the sandal-wood trader: a tale of the Pacific. New ed. Cr. 8vo. 71×41, pp. 252, IS. ..BLACKIE, Oct. 15 Ballantyne (R. M.)-The Lifeboat. Cr. Svo. 71×41, pp. 252, Is. ...BLACKIE, Oct. 15


Ballard (Frank)-The Mistakes of pacifism; or, Why a Christian can have anything to do with the war. Cr. 8vo., pp. 48, swd. 3d. net

KELLY, Oct. 15 Ballard (Frank)-Plain truths versus German lies. Cr. 8vo., pp. 146, swd. 1s. net

C. H. KELLY, Feb. 15 Ballard (Frank)-The True God: a modern summary of the relations of theism to naturalism, monism, pluralism and pantheism. New ed. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, pp. 176, Is. net (Lib. of theology) ...KELLY, July 15 Ballet, Art of, Perugini (M. E.) 15s. net.. Nov. 15 Ballet of the nations, Lee (V.) 3s. 6d. net Nov. 15 Ballou (Frank Washington)-The Appointment of teachers in cities: a descriptive, critical, and constructive study. Med. 8vo. 9 x6, pp. 216, 6s. 6d. net. (Harvard Studies in education). MILFORD, Oct. 15 Balls (W. Lawrence)-The Development and properties of raw cotton. Illus. Cr. 8vo. 8x5t, pp. 234, 5s. net ....BLACK, Apr. 15


Balls (W. Lawrence)-Egypt of the Egyptians. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 51, pp. 282, 6s, net

PITMAN, Nov. 15 Baly (E. C. C.)-Spectroscopy. Illus. Cr. 8vo. Ios. 6d. net LONGMANS, June 15 Balzac (Honoré de)-La Recherche de l'absolu. Ed. with intro, and notes by Charles E. Young. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 320, 35. net MILFORD, Apr. 15 Balzac (Honoré de)-Ursule Mirouët. With intro, by George Saintsbury. Cr. 8vo. 7×4†, pp. 272, 1s. net (Everyman's lib.) DENT, Oct. 15 Bamberg (A. Hubert)-Popular sermons on the catechism. Ed. by Herbert Thurston. Vol. I, Faith. 8x51, pp. 451, 6s. net

WASHBOURNE, Feb. 15 Bamberg (A. Hubert)-Popular sermons on the catechism. Ed. by H. Thurston. Vol. 2, The Commandments. 8x51, pp. 470, 6s. net WASHBOURNE, May 15 Bambi, Cooke (M. B.) 6s. .Mar. 15

Bamff Charters, A.D. 1232-1703, Ramsay (Sir J. H.) 155. net July 15

Bamford (H. D.) see Hight (J.) and Bamford.

.Nov. 15 Is. net...... June 15

Bamfylde (Walter)-Midsummer magic. Cr. 8vo. 7X5, pp. 318, 6s. ..S. Low, Oct. 15 Bammie's Bk. of children's verses, Tillyard (A.) 9d. net "Banco "-The Outrage. Bancroft (Francis)-Time and change. Cr. 8vo., pp. 320, swd. Is. net .... HUTCHINSON, July 15 Bancroft (Hubert Howe)-History of Mexico. Illus. Cr. 8vo., pp. 588, 10s.

BANCROFT & Co., Feb. 15 Bancroft (J. H.)-Gimnasia escolar sin aparatos. Cr. 8vo. 5s. net........D. C. HEATH, July 15 Bancroft (N.)-A Review of literature concerning the evolution of monocotyledons. (New Phytologist reprint No. 9). 4 illus. Ryl, 8vo. 6}×9}, pp. 24, swd. Is. net ... WESLEY, Jan.15 Band of Hope Annual (The), 1916. Ryl. 8vo. 91×61, pp. 99; Is. 6d. ; bds., Is.

PARTRIDGE, Oct. 15 Bandaging, Prac. manual of, Fitzwilliams (D. C. L.) 35. 6d. net .Sep. 15

Banerjea (Pramathanath)-A Study of Indian Rev. enlarged ed. Cr. 8vo. 7×4, pp. 362, 4s. 6d. net


MACMILLAN, July 15 Banfield (A. W.) and Macintyre (John Lester)- A Grammar of the Nupe language, w. a vocab. Pp. 186, 38. 6d. .S.P.C.K., Apr. 15 Bangor Diocesan calendar and clergy list, 1915. 7X5, pp. 243. IS. net

(Bangor) JARVIS & FOSTER, June 15 Banham (George A.) and Young (William J.)— Table of veterinary posology and therapeutics, with weights and measures, &c., for the use of students and practitioners. 4th ed. Cr. 8vo. 6×41, pp. 288, 3s. 6d. net BAILLIERE, Aug. 15 Banister (J. B.) see Longridge (C. N.) and Banister. Bank (W. Dane)-Treasure. Cr. 8vo. 8X5, pp. 360, 6s. ..........HODDER & S., Oct. 15 Bank of England-Annual accounts of Exchequer bills and other Government securities purchased and amount of balances of sums issued for payment of dividends, &c., 1914. d.

WYMAN, Feb. 15 Bank of England-Applications for advances to Government, authorised by Parliament, 1914, Id. WYMAN, Feb. 15 Bank of England note issue--Correspondence between the Treasury and the Bank of England as to the issue of notes in excess of the limit fixed by law at the time of the outbreak of war, d. WYMAN, Oct. 15 Bank rate, Gibson (A. II.) 2s. 6d. net ....Jan. 15 Banking, Pitman's Shorthand writers' phrase books, 1s. 6d. net.. . Feb. 15


Banking almanac and directory (The), 1915. 8vo. 15s. net WATERLOW, Jan. 15 Banking and railway statistics (Ireland) Report, Dec. 1914, 3d. WYMAN, May 15 Banking, English, Pownall (G. H.) 1s. net Jan. 15 Banking: Foreign exchange and bills in theory and practice, Spalding (W. F.) 5s. net Aug. 15 Banking, Money and, Holdsworth (J. T.) 7s. 6d. net Jan. 15 Bankruptcy-32nd General annual report, 8d. WYMAN, Aug. 15 Bankruptcy Act, and Deeds of Arrangement Act, 1914, Mackenzie (M. M.) and Clarke (F. A.) ..Feb. 15 31s. 6d. net Bankruptcy Act, 1914 (Proceedings)-Account 1914-15, d. .WYMAN, Aug. 15 Bankruptcy and bills of sale, Law of, Baldwin (E. T.) 30s. ..July 15 Bankruptcy, Hdbk. on, Aggs (W. H.) 4s. net Apr. 15 Bankruptcy, Law and practice of, Hardy (G. L.) 2s. 6d. net July 15 Bankruptcy, Law in, Williams (R. L. V.) and Hansell (E. W.) 30s. .Mar. 15 Bankruptcy, Principles of, Ringwood (R.) 10s. 6d. Apr. 15 Banks (Annie E.)-Banksian Dress-cutting for technical classes. 8th ed. Pp. 97, 2s. 6d. net (Romford) AUTHOR, Apr. 15 Banks (John S.)-The Development of doctrine in the early Church. New ed. Cr. 8vo. 71×41, pp. 216, IS. net (Lib. of theology) KELLY, July 15 Banks, London, Skinner (T.) 1915-16. 12s. 6d. net . June 15 Banks of issue, Hist. of mod., Conant (C. A.) Mar. 15 15s. net Bannard (H. E.)-The Island sceptre. 7×41, pp. 67, 6d. BRIT. EMPIRE REV., Oct. 15 Banner of the Bull, Sabatini (R.) 6s. ....Oct. 15 Bannington (B. G.)-English public health administration. 8×51, pp. 338, 7s. 6d. net P. S. KING, Nov. 15 Cr. Bannister (L. C.)-A Slice of a woman's life. 8vo., 6s. ..DIGBY, L., July 15 Bantock, Granville, Anderton (H. O.) 2s. 6d. net Apr. 15 Bantu, Northern, Roscoe (J.) 12s. 6d. net Nov. 15 Baptist handbook (The), 1915. 8vo., 38. net, bds., 2s. 6d. net BAPTIST UNION, Jan. 15 Baptist movement in the Continent of Europe, Rushbrooke (J. H.) 2s. 6d. net . June 15 Barbara goes to Oxford, Burke (B.) is. net July 15 Barbara in Brittany, Gillie (E. A.) 1s. 6d. Oct. 15 Barbara Rebell, Lowndes (Mrs. B.) 7d. net Feb. 15 Barbara's marriages, Warren (M. R.) 6s. Apr. 15 Barbarians, The, Blyth (J.) 6s.

..June 15

Barbour (Henry)-Danforth plays the game. Cr. 8vo., 6s. .APPLETON, Nov. 15 Barbour (Henry)-The Secret play. Cr. 8vo., 6s. APPLETON, Νου. 15 Barbour (William) see Martin (G.) and Barbour. Barclay (Florence L.)-The Broken halo. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 408, 5s. net

PUTNAM, Dec. 15 Barclay (Florence L.)-The Following of the star : a romance. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 7×41, .PUTNAM, Dec. 15 pp. 434, 5s. net.. Barclay (Florence L.)-In Hoc Vince: the story of a Red Cross flag. Cr. 8vo., pp. 20, bds. Is. net .PUTNAM, Mar. 15 Barclay (Florence L.)-The Mistress of Shenstone. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 71x41, pp. 346, 5s. net PUTNAM, Dec. 15 Barclay (Florence L.)-The Rosary. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 7 X41, pp. 396, 5s. net


PUTNAM, Dec. 15 Barclay (Florence L.)-Through the postern gate: a romance in seven days. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 7X41, pp. 278, 5s. net PUTNAM, Dec. 15


Barclay (Florence L.)-The Upas tree. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 71 ×41, pp. 246, 5s. net PUTNAM, Dec. 15 Barclay (Florence L.)-The Wall of partition. Uniform ed. Cr. 8vo. 71X41, pp. 380, 5s. net PUTNAM, Dec. 15 Barclay (H. Clifford)-Lectures on elementary anatomy and physiology, incl. short sketches of biology, embryology, and comparative anatomy. 2nd ed. 8vo. 8×5, pp. 290, 6s. net. BAILLIERE, July 15 Barclay (Marguerite and Armiger)-Where there are women. Cr. 8vo. 7 X5, pp. 378, 6s. UNWIN, Mar. 15 Barclay of the Guides, Strang (H.) 3s. 6d. Dec. 15 Barcynska (Countess) ed.-The Little mother who sits at home. Cr. 8vo. 7× 41, pp. 182, 3s. 6d. ..JACK, Mar. 15 Bardoux (A.)-La Comtesse Pauline de Beaumont. Cheap ed. 12mo., pp. 384, IS.


NELSON, July 15 Bardsley (Cyril C. B.)-The Way of renewal. 8vo. 4d. net .LONGMANS, Aug. 15 Bardsley (Cyril C. B.) and Rogers (T. Guy)— Studies in revival. With foreword by the Archbp. of Canterbury. 18mo., pp. 77, Is. net; swd. 6d. net ..LONGMANS, Nov. 15 Barham (R. H.) see pseud. Ingoldsby (T.). Baring-Gould (Sabine)—In the roar of the sea a tale of the Cornish coast. Cheap ed. Fcap. 8vo., pp. 304, 7d. net .... METHUEN, July 15 Baring-Gould (Sabine)—Mehalah. 8vo. swd. 6d. COLLINS, May 15 Baring-Gould (Sabine)-Red spider. Cr. 8vo., pp. 294, Is. net. (Khaki library).. CHATTO, Jan. 15 Barker (E.)-The Submerged nationalities of the German Empire. 8vo. 9×6, pp. 64, 8d. net

(Clarendon Pr.) MILFORD, Apr. 15 Barker (Elsa)-War letters from the living dead man. With an intro. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 324, .RIDER, Dec. 15 3s. 6d. net Barker (Ernest)-Mothers and sons in war time, and other pieces. Re-pr. from "The Times." 18mo. swd. Is. net ...... HUMPHREYS, Sep. 15 Barker (Ernest)-Political thought in England from Herbert Spencer to the present day. 12mo., pp. 256, 1s. net (Home univ. lib.)

WILLIAMS & N., Mar. 15 Barker (Sir George Digby)-Letters from Persia and India, 1857-1859: a subaltern's experiences 8vo. 9X51, in war. Edit. by Lady Barker. .BELL, Jan. 15 pp. 208, 7s. 6d. net Barker (J. Ellis)-Modern Germany: her political and economic problems, &c. 5th and very greatly enlarged edit., completely rev. and brought up to January, 1915. 8vo. 8 × 5, pp. 864, 7s. 6d. net ..SMITH, E., Feb. 15 Barkla (C. G.) and Carse (G. A.)-Notes on 8vo. practical physics for junior students. 9X5, pp. 130, 3s. 6d. net GURNEY & J., Feb. 15 Barnard (Charles Inman)-Paris war days: diary of an American. Illus. 8vo. 8×51, pp. 238, T. W. LAURIE, Jan. 15 Ios. 6d. net Barnard (H. Clive)-Asia in pictures. 4to., 10X71, pp. 64, Is. 6d. .BLACK, Feb. 15 Barnard (S.) and Child (J. M.)-Elements of geometry. Pts. 4 and 5. Cr. 8vo., Is. 6d. MACMILLAN, June 15 Barnard (W. N.) see Hirshfeld (C. F.) and Barnard.


Barnavaux, Mille (P.) 3s. 6d. net ..... Sep. 15
Barnave, Life of, Bradby (E. D.) 18s. net May 15.
Barnes (James) see Kearton (C.) and Barnes.
Barnes (Leonard S.)-Martin's Questions and
Is. net Oct. 15
answers upon ambulance work.
Barnett (A. Wilson)-The Blue taxi. Cr. 8vo.
7×5, pp. 320, 6s... ....WARD, L., May 15


Barnett (John)—The Rebel lady. Cr. 8vo. 71 × 5, pp. 352, 6s. . NISBET, Nov. 15 Barnett (John)-The Skipper of the 11: a story of school life. Cr. 8vo. 7× 5, pp. 256, 2s. 6d. BLACKIE, Oct. 15 Barnett (S. A. and Mrs.)-Practicable socialism. New ser. 8vo. 8 × 51, pp. 353, 6s. net

LONGMANS, Sep. 15 Barnett (T. Radcliffe)-The Makers of the kirk. 8vo. 8×5, pp. 328, 6s. net..FOULIS, Nov. 15 Barnstaple, Cresswell (B. F.) 3d. net ..Aug. 15 Barnstaple; North Devon. 6 × 4, pp. 24, 3d. net HOMELAND ASSN. Aug. 15 Baron (David)-The History of the ten "lost tribes: Anglo-Israelism examined. Cr. 8vo. 71×4, pp. 86, Is. net ..MORGAN & S., Dec. 15 Baronetage, &c., Debrett's, 1916, 16s. 6d. net Dec. 15 Baronetage, Roll of the, 1914. Is. 6d. WYMAN, Jan. 15 Barr (Amelia E.)—The Winning of Lucia. Cr. 8vo. 7×5, pp. 346, 6s......... APPLETON, May 15 Barr (Robert)-Lord Stranleigh abroad. 12mo., 7d. net .........WARD, L., June 15 Barr (Robert)-Lord Stranleigh abroad. Cr. 8vo. 71×41, PP. 304, 25. net ..WARD, L., Dec. 15 Barr (Robert)-An Unsentimental journey. 8vo. swd., 6d. ....HODDER & S., Feb. 15 in a thousand.


Barr (Robert)-A Woman
Cheaper edit. Cr. 8vo. 7× 5, pp. 316, 25. net
HODDER & S., Mar. 15
Barraclough (A.) see Cracknell (A. G.) and Barra-


Barrett (Dorothea)-Neither citizen nor free woman. Vol. 1. Cr. 8vo. 71 X 5, pp. 412, 3s. 6d. net .(Brighton) TREACHER, Oct. 15 Barrett (Frank)-His own law. 8vo., pp. 124, swd. 6d. ...WARD, L., Oct. 15 Barrett (Frank)-The Sin of Olga Zassoulich. Cr. 8vo., pp. 340, Is. net. (Khaki library)

CHATTO, Jan. 15 Barrie (Sir J. M.)-Peter Pan and Wendy. Illus. by F. D. Bedford. (Authorised school edit.) 71× 5, pp. 126, 1s. (Oxford elem. schoolbks.) MILFORD, Apr. 15 Barron (Clarence W.)-The Audacious War. Cr. 8vo. 7×51, pp. 208, 4s. 6d. net

CONSTABLE, May 15 Barry (F. R.)-Religion and the War. 18mo., pp. 107, bds., Is. net... ...METHUEN, Nov. 15 Bartholomew (J. G.)-An Atlas of economic geography. With Intro. by L. W. Lyde. Demy 4to. Sixty-eight pages of letterpress and ninety-six pages of coloured maps, 5s, net. With Intro. interleaved, 6s. net

CLARENDON PRESS, Jan. 15 Bartholomew (J. G.)-Australasian school atlas: physical, political, economic and historical. Compiled and ed., with an intro. to the Historical section, by K. R. Cramp. 4to., pp. 84, 2s. 6d. (Clarendon Pr.) MILFORD, June 15 Bartholomew (J. G.) see Robertson (C. G.) and Bartholomew

Bartholomew (J. G.) see Smith (G. A.) and Bartholomew.

Bartholomew's War map of Italy and the Balkan States. Is. net... BARTHOLOMEW, June 15 Bartimeus-Tall ship and other naval occasions. IS. net

.Sep. 15

Bartlett (E. Ashmead-) see Ashmead-Bartlett. Bartlett (F. O.)-The Web of the golden spider. Cheaper ed. Cr. 8vo. swd. is. net

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PUTNAM, Jan. 15

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