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neat a piece of work as could be desired, quite a maximum of advantage being gained by a wise use of different faces of type. It is altogether an excellent little bulletin. The same can be said-as we have often had occasion to do before of the Carnegie Library of PITTSBURGH Monthly Bulletins which has the additional advantage of most useful and interesting annotations. The introductory letterpress this month (April) comprises an article called “Why Read Biography!" with a list of fifteen recent biographies, autobiographies and collection of letters, an extract from Raleigh's “ Shakespeare, on Shakespeare's Place in Life and Letters, and an obituary notice of John Burroughs.

cl. 224 pp.


The Aberdeen Free Press, 4/6 net. The general public, as well as those immediately connected with the work of education will fird this handbook most useful for reference and information. All available facts and statistics connected with the educational system of Scotland have been collected and arranged in concise form in this volume, which contains, among many other sections, a complete copy of the Education (Scotland) Act, 1918: names and addresses of members of Education Committees : details of the various Scales of Salaries in operation in Scotland, and a comparison of these with the English Scales of Salaries : a digest of law cases relating to educatior al matters : a list of important Educational Institutions and Associations: a summary of facts relating to public education in Scotland, and a calendar of events of interest to educationists.

Particulars are given of the Natioral Home Reading Union, in which it is stated that “one of the most important branches of its work is that in connection with schools where, with the approval of the Board of Educa. tion, it seeks to establish reading circles in the senior classes.” It will, no doubt, be of interest to librarians to learn that in the official publication of the educational world of Scotland, mention is made of a scheme that aims at bringing about a closer relationship between the school and the library. Book-Auction RECORDS, 8vo., wrappers, Henry Stevens, Son and

Stiles, 1921. Volume 18, Part 2 received.

The second part of this year's issue of “ Book Auction Records tains, as usual, a list of the most important works that have recently come up for sale, and shows that prices rule as high as ever. Indispensable to every book-collector.

MEDIEVAL CONTRIBUTIONS TO MODERN CIVILISATION," cr. 8vo., 268pp., G. G. Harrap & Co., Ltd., 1921. 10/6 net.

The book before us is a collection of lectures delivered at King's College during the autumn term of 1921. The volume is edited by Prof. F. J. C. Hearnshaw, M.A., LI.D., Professor of Mediæval History in the University of London, and contains a preface by Prof. Barker, M.A., Principal of King's College. The lectures were delivered by members of the staf of King's College, University Colleg and Bedford College.

Professor Fearnshaw introduces the book with the query : Are the Middle Ages worth studying?” and an affirmative reply is very emphatically given in the lectures which follow. The book deals with the influerce of the Middle Ages on modern civilisation in almost every department of human activity-religion, philosophy, science, art, education, economies, politics, etc., and traces the survival of mediævalism, greatly changed certainly, but nevertheless directly attributable to that far-away period which we speak of as the Middle Ages, in many of the customs and institutions of the present day. The book will be read with interest by the general reader as well as by the student of History.


Specialising in Library Work with the
Largest Stock of Library Replacements

in the Country

[blocks in formation]

B. RILEY & Co., Ltd.,



All Books bound by us now guaranteed.
Any book proving defective in wear will be

re-bound free of charge.
Trained staff constantly employed on Binding
Lending Magazine, and Reference Books.

Prices and sample on application.
All consignments returned within 4 weeks after receipt


B. RILEY & Co. Ltd., Fox St., Huddersfield

The firm of Messrs. W. & R. HOLMES, Library Specialists,
of Glasgow and Rochdale, execute contracts and orders for Books and
Apparatus in all parts of the kingdom.

Messrs. W. & R. HOLMES have had fifty years' experience in
supplying to libraries of every kind, and have served many education
authorities in England and Scotland.

Messrs. W. & R. HOLMES are in a first-class position to
execute book orders, as they are wholesale booksellers, have a large
secondhand book department, and do a large trade in remainders.

The firm have been honoured by letters of thanks from many
authorities for services received. Their Library Department is highly
organised to give such service with promptitude and efficiency. Lists of
wants" attended to. Catalogues supplied. Keenest quotations.

Head Office :

3-11, Dunlop Street, GLASGOW,

And at 95, Yorkshire Street, ROCHDALE.


At Foyle's Bookshops are to be found the most suitable Books for
School, Rural, and all other Libraries, a wider choice is afforded than
can be found elsewhere, a considerable saving in expenditure can
always be effected, and there are certain other advantages unobtain-

able elsewhere.

W. & G. FOYLE, Ltd., Library Dept., Manette Street

Charing Cross .
Telegrams: Foylibra, Ox, London,

ANNUAL CONFERENCE, Library Association,

Hotel Shortage : stay at THE VICTORIA HOUSE..

254, Oxford Road, Manchester.
Book Early. 50 Rooms. Near University.

'Phone : City 6876



Rents Collected. Property Managed and Surveyed. Any* Distance.
23, Exmouth Street, Commercial Road, E. 1.

Telephone: EAST 3209.

Printed by PAINTING-CRAFT, LTD., London and Man ld, and Published for the

Proprietors by GRAFTON & Ca., 8, Coptic Street, Bloomsbury, London, W.c. 1.

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All Books bound by us now guaranteed.
Any book proving defective in wear will be

re-bound free of charge.
Trained staff constantly employed on Binding
Lending, Magazine, and Reference Books.

Prices and sample on application.
All consignments returned within 4 weeks after receipt



RILEY & Co. Ltd., Fox St., Huddersfield

F.W.FAXON CO., Boston, 17 Mass, U.S.A.

(GRAFTON & CO., LONDON, Sole Agents for Great Britain). Publishers of “The Useful Reference Series" of Library

Aids and Bibliographies.
JUST ISSC'ED-Nos 24 and 26.
John Cotton Dana “Suggestions

boards. 68 Mary J. Booth, comp. Index to Material on Picture Study

Paper 6s, Cloth 8s. 6d.

52 pages.

92 pages.

Subscriptions to American Periodicals our specialty, write direct to Head Office, BOSTON 17,
U.S.A. for rates.


Librarians are familiar with the finely printed books of


Issued under the direction of John Cotton Dana,

Librarian of Newark, N.J., among which may be mentioned THE MODERN AMERICAN LIBRARY ECONOMY SERIES, written by members of the Newark Staff, including " Charging System.” “Advertising." " Vertical File," " Business Branch," etc., etc. These and THE NEW MUSEUM SERIES, all of them beautifully printed, will be on view at the Stand of their sole agents,

At the Publishers' Exhibition, where

Librarians can book orders.


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