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783. 312. A Bath-chair. An invalid's chair, much used at Bath, the health resort. 320. Our respected lexicographer. Samuel Johnson.

327. Bound with triple brass. The title

of the essay, "Es Triplex," meaning

"triple brass," is from Horace, Odes, I. iii. 394. Nelson. Before the battle of the Nile, Nelson made the remark to his officers. See Southey's Life of Nelson, chapter v.: Before this time tomorrow, I shall have gained a peerage, or Westminster Abbey."

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784. 416. The last paragraph might almost have been written by Stevenson as prophetic of the close of his own life.



785. The poem is a drama in the Greek form. 5-8. There is reference here to two stories of the nightingale, both accounting for the melancholy in its song. According to one, Ædon killed her son Itylus by error, and was changed by Zeus into a nightingale. The tongueless vigil refers

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