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My sweet leads: she knows not why, but Sweeter unpossessed, have I said of her my now she loiters,

sweetest? Eyes the bent anemones, and hangs her Not while she sleeps: while she sleeps the hands.

jasmine breathes,

110 Such a look will tell that the violets are Luring her to love; she sleeps; the starry peeping,

85 jasmine Coming the rose; and unaware a cry Bears me to her pillow under white Springs in her bosom for odors and for

rose-wreaths. color, Covert and the nightingale; she knows | Yellow with birdfoot-trefoil are the grassnot why.


Yellow with cinquefoil of the dew-gray Kerchiefed head and chin she darts be- leaf; tween her tulips,

Yellow with stonecrop; the moss-mounds Streaming like a willow gray in arrowy are yellow rain:


Blue-necked the wheat sways, yellowing Some bend beaten cheek to gravel, and to the sheaf. their angel

Green-yellow, bursts from the copse the She will be; she lifts them, and on she laughing yaffle, speeds again.

Sharp as a sickle is the edge of shade Black the driving raincloud breasts the and shine: iron gateway;

Earth in her heart laughs looking at the She is forth to cheer a neighbor lacking heavens, mirth.

Thinking of the harvest: I look and So when sky and grass met rolling dumb think of mine.

120 for thunder

95 Saw I once a white dove, sole light of This I may know: her dressing and unearth.


Such a change of light shows as when Prim little scholars are the flowers of her

the skies in sport garden,

Shift from cloud to moonlight; or edging Trained to stand in rows, and asking

over thunder if they please.

Slips a ray of sun; or sweeping into I might love them well but for loving more port the wild ones;

White sails furl; or on the ocean borO my wild ones! they tell me more than ders

125 these.

White sails lean along the waves leaping my wild one, you tell of honied field

green. rose,

Visions of her shower before me, but Violet, blushing eglantine in life; and from eyesight even as they,

Guarded she would be like the sun were They by the wayside are earnest of your

she seen. goodness, You are of life's on the banks that line Front door and back of the mossed old


Open with the morn, and in a breezy Peering at her chamber the white crowns link

130 the red rose,


Freshly sparkles garden to stripe Jasmine winds the porch with stars two shadowed orchard, and three.

Green across a rill where on sand the Parted is the window; she sleeps; the minnows wink. starry jasmine

Busy in the grass the early sun of summer Breathes a falling breath that carries Swarms, and the blackbird's mellow thoughts of me.

fluting notes



the way.



Call my darling up with round and roguish Large and smoky red the sun's cold disk challenge:

135 drops, Quaintest, richest carol of all the sing- Clipped by naked hills, on violet shaded ing throats!

Eastward large and still lights up a bower Cool was the woodside; cool as her white of moonrise, dairy

Whence at her leisure steps the moon Keeping sweet the cream-pan; and there aglow. the boys from school,

Nightlong on black print-branches our Cricketing below, rushed brown and red beech-tree

165 with sunshine;

Gazes in this whiteness: nightlong could O the dark translucence of the deep- I. eyed cool!

140 Here may life on death or death on life be Spying from the farm, herself she fetched painted. a pitcher

Let me clasp her soul to know she canFull of milk, and tilted for each in turn not die!

the beak. Then a little fellow, mouth up and on tip- Gossips count her faults! they scour a nartoe,

row chamber Said, "I will kiss you:” she laughed, and Where there is no window, read not leaned her cheek.

heaven or her.


“When she was a tiny,” one aged woman Doves of the fir-wood walling high our quavers, red roof

145 Plucks at my heart and leads me by the Through the long noon coo, crooning through the coo.

Faults she had once as she learned to run Loose droop the leaves, and down the and tumbled: sleepy roadway

Faults of feature some see, beauty not Sometimes pipes a chaffinch; loose complete. droops the blue.

Yet, good gossips, beauty that makes Cows flap a slow tail knee-deep in the

175 river,

Earth and air, may have faults from Breathless, given up to sun and gnat and head to feet. fly,

150 Nowhere is she seen; and if I see her no- Hither she comes; she comes to me; she where,

lingers, Lightning may come, straight rains and Deepens her brown eyebrows, while in tiger sky.

new surprise

High rise the lashes in wonder of a stranO the golden sheaf, the rustling treasure- ger; armful!

Yet am I the light and living of her O the nutbrown tresses nodding inter- eyes.

180 laced!

Something friends have told her fills her O the treasure-tresses one another over 155 heart to brimming, Nodding! O the girdle slack about the Nets her in her blushes, and wounds her, waist!

and tames.Slain are the poppies that shot their Sure of her haven, O like a dove alighting, random scarlet

Arms up, she dropped; our souls were in Quick amid the wheat-ears: wound

our names. about the waist, Gathered, see these brides of Earth one Soon will she lie like a white frost sunblush of ripeness!

185 O the nutbrown tresses nodding inter- Yellow oats and brown wheat, barley laced!


160 pale as rye,




Long since your sheaves have yielded to Yes, my old girl! and it's no use crying: 5 the thresher,

Juggler, constable, king, must bow. Felt the girdle loosened, seen the tresses One that outjuggles all's been spying fly.

Long to have me, and he has me now. Soon will she lie like a blood-red sunset.

We've travelled times to this old common: Swift with the to-morrow, green-winged Often we've hung our pots in the gorse. Spring!


We've had a stirring life, old woman, Sing from the South-west, bring her back You, and I, and the old gray horse. the truants,

Races, and fairs, and royal occasions, Nightingale and swallow, song and dip- Found us coming to their call: ping wing.

Now they'll miss us at our stations: 15

There's a Juggler outjuggles all! Soft new beech-leaves, up to beamy April Spreading bough on bough a primrose Up goes the lark, as if all were jolly! mountain, you,

Over the duck-pond the willow shakes. Lucid in the moon, raise lilies to the sky- Easy to think that grieving's folly, fields,


When the hand's firm as driven Youngest green transfused in silver shin- stakes! ing through:

Ay, when we're strong, and braced, and Fairer than the lily, than the wild white manful, cherry:

Life's a sweet fiddle: but we're a Fair as in image my seraph love ap- batch pears

Born to become the Great Juggler's Borne to me by dreams when dawn is at

han'ful: my eyelids;

Balls he shies and is safe to catch. Fair as in the flesh she swims to me on tears.

Here's where the lads of the village cricket:

25 Could I find a place to be alone with I was a lad not wide from here: heaven,

Couldn't I whip off the bale from the I would speak my heart out: heaven is wicket?

Like an old world those days appear! Every woodland tree is flushing like the Donkey, sheep, geese, and thatched aledogwood,

house I know them! Flashing like the whitebeam, swaying They are old friends of my halts, and like the reed.

seem, Flushing like the dogwood crimson in Somehow, as if kind thanks I owe them: October;

205 Juggling don't hinder the heart's esStreaming like the flag-reed south-west teem.

blown; Flashing as in gusts the sudden-lighted Juggling's no sin, for we must have whitebeam:

victual: All seem to know what is for heaven Nature allows us to bait for the fool. alone.

Holding one's own makes us juggle no little;

35 But, to increase it, hard juggling's the JUGGLING JERRY


You that are sneering at my profession, Pitch here the tent, while the old horse Haven't you juggled a vast amount? grazes:

There's the Prime Minister, in one SesBy the old hedge-side we'll halt a stage. sion, It's nigh my last above the daisies:

Juggles more games than my sins'll My next leafʼll be man's blank page.



my need.



I've murdered insects with mock thunder: Hand up the chirper!' ripe ale winks in

Conscience, for that, in men don't quail. it; I've made bread from the bump of wonder: Let's have comfort and be at peace.

That's my business, and there's my tale. Once a stout draught made me light as a Fashion and rank all praised the profes- linnet. sor:

45 Cheer up! the Lord must have his lease. Ay! and I've had my smile from the May be for none see in that black Queen:

46 hollowBravo, Jerry! she meant: God bless her! It's just a place where we're held in Ain't this a sermon on that scene?


And, when the Great Juggler makes as to I've studied men from my topsy-turvy

swallow, Close, and, I reckon, rather true.

50 It's just the sword-trick-I ain't quite Some are fine fellows: some, right scurvy: gone.

Most, a dash between the two. But it's a woman, old girl, that makes me Yonder came smells of the gorse, so nutty, Think more kindly of the race:

Gold-like and warm: it's the prime of And it's a woman, old girl, that shakes


90 me


Better than mortar, brick, and putty, When the Great Juggler I must face. Is God's house on a blowing day.

Lean me more up the mound; now I feel We two were married, due and legal:

it: Honest we've lived since we've been All the old heath-smells! Ain't it one.

strange? Lord! I could then jump like an eagle: There's the world laughing, as if to conYou danced bright as a bit o' the sun. 60 ceal it,

95 Birds in a May-bush we were! right merry! But He's by us, juggling the change.

All night we kissed, we juggled all day. Joy was the heart of Juggling Jerry! I mind it well, by the sea-beach lying, Now from his old girl he's juggled away. Once it's long gone-when two gulls

we beheld, It's past parsons to console us:

65 Which, as the moon got up, were flying No, nor no doctor fetch for me:

Down a big wave that sparkled and I can die without my bolus;

swelled. Two of a trade, lass, never agree! Crack went a gun: one fell: the second Parson and Doctor!don't they love Wheeled round him twice, and was off rarely,

for new luck: Fighting the devil in other men's There in the dark her white wing beckfields!


oned: Stand up yourself and match him fairly: Drop me a kiss—I'm the bird deadThen see how the rascal yields!


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I, lass, have lived no gipsy, flaunting
Finery while his poor helpmate grubs:

Coin I've stored, and you won't be want-

On a starred night Prince Lucifer uprose. You shan't beg from the troughs and Tired of his dark dominion, swung the tubs.

fiend Nobly you've stuck to me, though in Above the rolling ball in cloud part his kitchen

screened, Many a Marquis would hail you Cook! Where sinners hugged their specter of Palaces you could have ruled and grown repose. rich in,

Poor prey to his hot fit of pride were those. 5 But your old Jerry you never forsook. 80

1 "chirping," or cheering, cup.



And now

upon his western wing he leaned, Now his huge bulk o'er Afric's sands

careened, Now the black planet shadowed Arctic Soaring through wider zones that pricked

With memory of the old revolt from Awe, He reached a middle height, and at the

stars, Which are the brain of heaven, he looked,

and sank. Around the ancient track marched, rank

on rank, The army of unalterable law.

his scars


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