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sider, then, with thyself how their (240 Not only was Thebes built by the music of thin disguises hide from us the brightest an Orpheus; but without the music of some God-effulgences! Thus, were it not mirac- inspired Orpheus was no city ever built, ulous, could I stretch forth my hand and no work that man glories in ever done. clutch the Sun? Yet thou seest me daily "Sweep away the Illusion of Time; stretch forth my hand, and therewith glance, if thou have eyes, from the near clutch many a thing, and swing it hither moving-cause to its far-distant Mover: 1300 and thither. Art thou a grown baby, The stroke that came transmitted through then, to fancy that the Miracle lies in a whole galaxy of elastic balls, was it miles of distance, or in pounds avoir- less a stroke than if the last ball only dupois of weight; and not to see that (250 had been struck, and sent flying? Oh, the true inexplicable God-revealing Mir- could I (with the Time-annihilating Hat) acle lies in this, that I can stretch forth transport thee direct from the Beginnings my hand at all; that I have free Force to to the Endings, how were thy eyesight clutch aught therewith? Innumerable unsealed, and thy heart set flaming in other of this sort are the deceptions, and the Light-sea of celestial wonder! Then wonder-hiding stupefactions, which Space sawest thou that this fair Universe, (310 practices on us.

were it in the meanest province thereof, “Still worse is it with regard to Time. is in very deed the star-domed City of Your grand anti-magician, and universal God; that through every star, through wonder-hider, is this same lying Time. [260 every grass-blade, and most through every Had we but the Time-annihilating Hat, Living Soul, the glory of a present God to put on for once only, we should see still beams. But Nature, which is the ourselves in a World of Miracles, wherein Time-vesture of God, and reveals Him all fabled or authentic Thaumaturgy, to the wise, hides Him from the foolish. and feats of Magic, were outdone. But Again, could anything be more miracunhappily we have not such a Hat; and ulous than an actual authentic Ghost? (320 man, poor fool that he is, can seldom and The English Johnson longed, all his life, scantily help himself without one.

to see one; but could not, though he went “Were it not wonderful, for instance, to Cock Lane, and thence to the churchhad Orpheus, or Amphion, built the [270 vaults, and tapped on coffins. Foolish walls of Thebes by the mere sound of his Doctor! Did he never, with the mind's Lyre? Yet tell me, Who built these walls eye as well as with the body's, look round of Weissnichtwo; summoning out all the him into that full tide of human Life he sandstone rocks, to dance along from the so loved; did he never so much as look Stein-bruch (now a huge Troglodyte Chasm, into Himself? The good Doctor was a with frightful green-mantled pools); and Ghost, as actual and authentic as (330 shape themselves into Doric and Ionic heart could wish; well-nigh a million of pillars, squared ashlar houses, and noble Ghosts were travelling the streets by his streets? Was it not the still higher side. Once more I say, sweep away the Orpheus, or Orpheuses, who, in past (280 illusion of Time; compress the threescore centuries, by the divine Music of Wisdom, years into three minutes: what else was succeeded in civilizing man? Our highest he, what else are we? Are we not Spirits, Orpheus walked in Judea, eighteen hun- that are shaped into a body, into an Apdred years ago: his sphere-melody, flowing pearance; and that fade away again into in wild native tones, took captive the air, and Invisibility? This is no metaravished souls of men; and, being of a truth phor, it is a simple scientific fact; we (340 sphere-melody, still flows and sounds, start out of Nothingness, take figure, and though now with thousandfold accomplish- are Apparitions; round us, as round the ments, and rich symphonies, through all our veriest spectre, is Eternity; and to Eterhearts; and modulates, and divinely (290 nity minutes are as years and æons. Come leads them. Is that a wonder, which hap there not tones of Love and Faith, as pens in two hours; and does it cease to be from celestial harp-strings, like the Song wonderful if happening in two million? of beatified Souls? And again, do not we squeak and gibber in our discordant, giddy Alpine heights of Science; one screech-owlish debatings and recriminat- madly dashed in pieces on the rocks of ings); and glide bodeful and feeble, (350 Strife, in war with his fellow:-and then and fearful; or uproar (poltern), and revel the Heaven-sent is recalled; his earthly in our mad Dance of the Dead, -till the Vesture falls away, and soon even to scent of the morning-air summons us to Sense becomes a Vanished Shadow. Thus, our still Home; and dreamy Night be like some wild-flaming, wild-thundering comes awake and Day? Where now is train of Heaven's Artillery, does this Alexander of Macedon: does the steel mysterious MANKIND thunder and (410 Host, that yelled in fierce battle-shouts, flame, in long-drawn, quick-succeeding at Issus and Arbela, remain behind him; grandeur, through the unknown Deep. or have they all vanished utterly, even as Thus, like a God-created, fire-breathing perturbed Goblins must? Napoleon (360 Spirit-host, we emerge from the Inane; too, and his Moscow Retreats and Auster- haste stormfully across the astonished litz Campaigns! Was it all other than the Earth; then plunge again into the Inane. veriest Spectre-hunt; which has now, Earth's mountains are levelled, and her with its howling tumult that made night seas filled up, in our passage: can the hideous, fitted away?-Ghosts! There Earth, which is but dead and a vision, are nigh a thousand million walking the resist Spirits which have reality and (420 Earth openly at noontide; some half- are alive? On the hardest adamant some hundred have vanished from it, some footprint of us is stamped-in; the last half-hundred have arisen in it, ere thy Rear of the host will read traces of the watch ticks once.

[370 earliest Van.

earliest Van. But whence?-0 Heaven, “O Heaven, it is mysterious, it is whither? Sense knows not; Faith knows awful to consider that we not only carry not; only that it is through Mystery to each a future Ghost within him; but are, Mystery, from God and to God. in very deed, Ghosts!

These Limbs, whence had we them; this stormy Force;

“We are such stuff this life-blood with its burning Passion? | As Dreams are made on, and our little They are dust and shadow; a Shadow- Life

(430 system gathered round our ME; wherein is rounded with a sleep!'” through some moments or years, the Divine Essence is to be revealed in the 1380 Flesh. That warrior on his strong war- From PAST AND PRESENT horse, fire flashes through his eyes; force dwells in his arm and heart; but warrior

Book III, Chapter XI and war-horse are a vision; a revealed

LABOR Force, nothing more. Stately they tread the Earth, as if it were a firm substance: For there is a perennial nobleness, and fool! the Earth is but a film; it cracks in even sacredness, in Work. Were he twain, and warrior and war-horse sink never so benighted, forgetful of his high beyond plummet's sounding. Plummet's? calling, there is always hope in a man that Fantasy herself will not follow them. (390 actually and earnestly works: in Idleness A little while ago they were not; a little alone is there perpetual despair. Work, while and they are not, their very ashes never so Mammonish, mean, is in comare not.

munication with Nature; the real desire “So has it been from the beginning, so to get Work done will itself lead one more will it be to the end. Generation after and more to truth, to Nature's ap [10 generation takes to itself the Form of a pointments and regulations, which are Body; and forth-issuing from Cimmerian truth. Night, on Heaven's mission APPEARS. The latest Gospel in this world is, What Force and Fire is in each he ex- Know thy work and do it. “Know thypends: one grinding in the mill of In- (400 self”: long enough has that poor "self" dustry; one hunter-like climbing the l of thine tormented thee; thou wilt never

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get to "know” it, I believe! Think it the kindest Destiny, like the most assidnot thy business, this of knowing thyself; uous Potter without wheel, can bake and thou art an unknowable individual: know knead nothing other than a botch; let her what thou canst work at; and work (20 spend on him what expensive coloring, at it, like a Hercules! That will be thy what gilding and enamelling she will, he better plan.

is but a botch. Not a dish; no, a bulgIt has been written, "an endless sig- ing, kneaded, crooked, shambling, squintnificance lies in Work"; a man perfects cornered, amorphous botch,-a mere enhimself by working. Foul jungles are amelled vessel of dishonor! Let the idle cleared away, fair seedfields rise instead, think of this.

180 and stately cities; and withal the man Blessed is he who has found his work; ! himself first ceases to be a jungle and foul let him ask no other blessedness. He unwholesome desert thereby. Consider has a work, a life-purpose; he has found how, even in the meanest sorts of (30 it, and will follow it! How, as a freeLabor, the whole soul of a man is com- flowing channel, dug and torn by noble posed into a kind of real harmony, the force through the sour mud-swamp of instant he sets himself to work! Doubt, one's existence, like an ever-deepening Desire, Sorrow, Remorse, Indignation, river there, it runs and flows; drainingDespair itself, all these like hell-dogs lie off the sour festering water, gradually beleaguering the soul of the poor day- from the root of the remotest grass- 190 worker as of every man: but he bends blade; making, instead of pestilential himself with free valor against his task, swamp, a green fruitful meadow with its and all these are stilled, all these shrink clear-flowing stream. How blessed for the murmuring far off into their caves. [40 meadow itself, let the stream and its value The man is now a man. The blessed be great or small! Labor is Life; from the glow of Labor in him, is it not as purifying inmost heart of the Worker rises his godfire, wherein all poison is burnt up, and given Force, the sacred celestial Lifeof sour smoke itself there is made bright essence breathed into him by Almighty blessed flame!

God; from his inmost heart awakens him Destiny, on the whole, has no other to all nobleness,—to all knowledge, (100 way of cultivating us. A formless Chaos, “self-knowledge" and much else, so soon once set it revolving, grows round and as Work fitly begins. Knowledge? The ever rounder; ranges itself, by mere force knowledge that will hold good in working, of gravity, into strata, spherical (50 cleave thou to that; for Nature herself courses; is no longer a Chaos, but a round accredits that, says Yea to that. Properly compacted World. What would become thou hast no other knowledge but what of the Earth, did she cease to revolve? thou hast got by working: the rest is yet In the poor old Earth, so long as she re- all a hypothesis of knowledge; a thing to volves, all inequalities, irregularities dis- be argued of in schools, a thing floating in perse themselves; all irregularities are the clouds, in endless logic-vortices, (110 incessantly becoming regular. Hast thou till we try it and fix it. "Doubt, of whatlooked on the Potter's wheel,-one of the ever kind, can be ended by Action alone." venerablest objects; old as the Prophet Ezekiel and far older? Rude lumps of (60 And again, hast thou valued Patience, clay, how they spin themselves up, by Courage, Perseverance, Openness to light; mere quick whirling, into beautiful cir- readiness to own thyself mistaken, to cular dishes. And fancy the most assidu- do better next time? All these, all virous Potter, but without his wheel; re- tues, in wrestling with the dim brute duced to make dishes, or rather amor- Powers of Fact, in ordering of thy felphous botches, by mere kneading and lows in such wrestle, there and elsewhere baking! Even such a Potter were Des- not at all, thou wilt continually learn. (120 tiny, with a human soul that would rest Set down a brave Sir Christopher in the and lie at ease, that would not work middle of black ruined Stone-heaps, of and spin! Of an idle unrevolving man (70 | foolish unarchitectural Bishops, red-tape

Officials; idle Nell-Gwyn Defenders of ties, what from the poor unkind Localities the Faith; and see whether he will ever and town and country Parishes there raise a Paul's Cathedral out of all that, never could, blessed dew-moisture to (180 yea or no! Rough, rude, contradictory suffice thee shall have fallen! are all things and persons, from the mu- Work is of a religious nature:-work tinous masons and Irish hodmen, up to is of a brave nature; which it is the aim the idle Nell-Gwyn Defenders, to blus- (130 of all religion to be. All work of man tering red-tape Officials, foolish unarchitec- is as the swimmer's: a waste ocean threattural Bishops. All these things and per- ens to devour him; if he front it not sons are there not for Christopher's sake bravely, it will keep its word. By incesand his Cathedral's; they are there for sant wise defiance of it, lusty rebuke and their own sake mainly! Christopher will buffet of it, behold how it loyally suphave to conquer and constrain all these,- ports him, bears him as its conqueror (190 if he be able. All these are against him. along. "It is so," says Goethe, “with all Equitable Nature herself, who carries her things that man undertakes in this world." mathematics and architectonics not on Brave Sea-captain, Norse Sea-king, the face of her, but deep in the hidden (140 Columbus, my hero, royalest Sea-king of heart of her,-Nature herself is but par- all! it is no friendly environment this of tially for him; will be wholly against him, thine, in the waste deep waters; around if he constrain her not! His very money, thee mutinous discouraged souls, behind where is it to come from? The pious thee disgrace and ruin, before thee the munificence of England lies far-scattered, unpenetrated veil of Night. Brother, distant, unable to speak, and say, "I am these wild water-mountains, bound- (200 here";—must be spoken to before it can ing from their deep bases (ten miles deep, speak. Pious munificence, and all help, I am told), are not entirely there on thy is so silent, invisible like the gods; im- behalf! Meseems they have other work pediment, contradictions manifold, (150 than floating thee forward:—and the are so loud and near! O brave Sir Chris- huge Winds, that sweep from Ursa Major topher, trust thou in those notwithstand- to the Tropics, and Equators, dancing ing, and front all these; understand all their giant-waltz through the kingdoms these; by valiant patience, noble effort, of Chaos and Immensity, they care little insight, by man's strength, vanquish and about filling rightly or filling wrongly the compel all these,-and, on the whole, small shoulder-of-mutton sails in this (210 strike down victoriously the last topstone cockle-skiff of thine! Thou art not among of that Paul's Edifice; thy monument for articulate-speaking friends, my brother; certain centuries, the stamp “Great thou art among immeasurable dumb Man" impressed very legibly on [160 monsters, tumbling, howling wide as the Portland-stone there!

world here. Secret, far off, invisible to Yes, all manner of help, and pious re- all hearts but thine, there lies a help in sponse from Men or Nature, is always them: see how thou wilt get at that. what we call silent; cannot speak or come Patiently thou wilt wait till the mad to light, till it be seen, till it be spoken Southwester spend itself, saving thyself to. Every noble work is at first “im- by dextrous science of defence, the (220 possible.” In very truth, for every noble while: valiantly, with swift decision, wilt work the possibilities will lie diffused thou strike in, when the favoring East, through Immensity; inarticulate, undis- the Possible, springs up. Mutiny of men coverable except to faith. Like (170 thou wilt sternly repress; weakness, deGideon thou shalt spread out thy fleece spondency, thou wilt cheerily encourage: at the door of thy tent; see whether under thou wilt swallow down complaint, unthe wide arch of Heaven there be any reason, weariness, weakness of others and bounteous moisture, or none. Thy heart thyself;—how much wilt thou swallow and life-purpose shall be as a miraculous down! There shall be a depth of Silence Gideon's fleece, spread out in silent appeal in thee, deeper than this Sea, which is (230 to Heaven: and from the kind Immensi- / but ten miles deep: a Silence unsoundable; known to God only. Thou shalt be a but smite, smite, in the name of God! Great Man. Yes, my World-Soldier, The Highest God, as I understand it, thou of the World Marine-service,—thou does audibly so command thee; still auwilt have to be greater than this tumultu- dibly, if thou have ears to hear. He, ous unmeasured World here round thee even He, with his unspoken voice, awis; thou, in thy strong soul, as with fuler than any Sinai thunders or syllabled wrestler's arms, shalt embrace it, harness speech of Whirlwinds; for the SILENCE it down; and make it bear thee on,,to of deep Eternities, of Worlds from benew Americas, or whither God wills! (240 yond the morning-stars, does it not (59

speak to thee? The unborn Ages; the Chapter XII

old Graves, with their long-moldering REWARD

dust, the very tears that wetted it now

all dry, do not these speak to thee, what “Religion,” I said; for, properly speak- ear hath not heard? The deep Deathing, all true Work is Religion: and what kingdoms, the Stars in their never-resting soever Religion is not Work may go and courses, all Space and all Time, proclaim dwell among the Brahmins, Antinomians, it to thee in continual silent admonition. Spinning Dervishes, or where it will; | Thou too, if ever man should, shalt work with me it shall have no harbor. Ad- | while it is called To-day. For the (60 mirable was that of the old Monks, Night cometh, wherein no man can work. "Laborare est Orare, Work is Worship." All true Work is sacred; in all true

Older than all preached Gospels was Work, were it but true hand-labor, there this unpreached, inarticulate, but in- [10 is something of divineness. Labor, wide eradicable, forever-enduring Gospel: Work, as the Earth, has its summit in Heaven. and therein have wellbeing. Man, Son Sweat of the brow; and up from that to of Earth and of Heaven, lies there not, sweat of the brain, sweat of the heart; in the innermost heart of thee, a Spirit which includes all Kepler calculations, of active Method, a Force for Work;- Newton meditations, all Sciences, all and burns like a painfully-smoldering fire, spoken Epics, all acted Heroisms, 170 giving thee no rest till thou unfold it, till Martyrdoms,-up to that “Agony of thou write it down in beneficent Facts bloody sweat,” which all men have called around thee! What is immethodic, waste, divine! O brother, if this is not "worthou shalt make methodic, regulated, (20 ship," then I say, the more pity for arable; obedient and productive to thee. worship; for this is the noblest thing yet Wheresoever thou findest Disorder, there discovered under God's sky. Who art is thy eternal enemy; attack him swiftly, thou that complainest of thy life of toil? subdue him; make Order of him, the Complain not. Look up, my wearied subject not of Chaos, but of Intelligence, brother; see thy fellow Workmen there, Divinity, and Thee! The thistle that in God's Eternity; surviving there, [80 grows in thy path, dig it out, that a they alone surviving: sacred Band of the blade of useful grass, a drop of nourishing Immortals, celestial Bodyguard of the milk, may grow there instead. The waste Empire of Mankind. Even in the weak cotton-shrub, gather its waste white (30 Human Memory they survive so long, down, spin it, weave it; that, in place of as saints, as heroes, as gods; they alone idle litter, there may be folded webs, and surviving; peopling, they alone, the unthe naked skin of man be covered.

measured solitudes of Time! To thee But above all, where thou findest Igno Heaven, though severe, is not unkind; rance, Stupidity, Brute-mindedness,-yes, Heaven is kind, -as a noble Mother; as there, with or without Church-tithes and that Spartan Mother, saying while (90 Shovel-hat, with or without Talfourd- she gave her son his shield, “With it, my Mahon copyrights, or were it with mere son, or upon it!” Thou too shalt return dungeons and gibbets and crosses, attack home in honor; to thy far-distant Home, it, I say; smite it wisely, unweariedly, [40 in honor; doubt it not,-if in the battle and rest not while thou livest and it lives; thou keep thy shield! Thou, in the

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