Life of the Right Honourable William Pitt, Volumen 4


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Página 346 - I return you many thanks for the honour you have done me ; but Europe is not to be saved by any single man. England has saved herself by her exertions, and will, as I trust, save Europe by her example.
Página 397 - What grave," exclaimed Lord Wellesley, " contains such a father and such a son ! What sepulchre embosoms the remains of so much human excellence and glory...
Página 255 - My lords and gentlemen, In considering the great efforts and sacrifices which the nature of the contest requires, it is a peculiar satisfaction to me, to observe the many proofs of the internal wealth and prosperity of the country.
Página 409 - William Dundas, signified that it would give him pleasure to find some opportunity of advancing the fortunes of such a writer. " I remember," writes this gentleman, " at Mr Pitt's table in 1805, the Chancellor asked me about you and your then situation, and after I had answered him, Mr Pitt observed — ' He can't remain as he is,' and desired me to
Página 175 - I have had another interview to-day, not quite, I am sorry to say, so satisfactory as that of Monday. I do not think there was any thing positively wrong, but there was a hurry of spirits, and an excessive love of talking, which showed that either the airing of this morning, or the seeing so many persons, and conversing so much during these three days, has rather tended to disturb.
Página 284 - Abbot, after looking as white as a sheet, and pausing for ten minutes, gave the casting vote against us. Pitt immediately put on the little cocked hat that he was in the habit of wearing when dressed for the evening, and jammed it deeply over his forehead, and I distinctly saw the tears trickling down his cheeks. We had overheard one or two, such as Colonel Wardle (of notorious memory), say they would see 'how Billy looked after it.
Página 404 - He had received regular and systematic instruction in the principles of the Christian religion, and in the doctrine and discipline of the Church of England, and in every branch of general ecclesiastical history. His knowledge in those subjects was accurate and extensive. He was completely armed against all sceptical assaults, as well as against all fanatical illusion ; and, in truth, he was not merely a faithful and dutiful, but a learned member of our Established Church ; to which he was most sincerely...
Página 166 - The King is much pleased with his excellent Chancellor's note: he doubts much whether Mr. Pitt will, after weighing the contents of the paper delivered this day to him by Lord Eldon, choose to have a personal interview with his Majesty ; but whether he will not rather prepare another Essay, containing as many empty words and little information as the one he had before transmitted. "His Majesty will, with great pleasure, receive the Lord Chancellor to-morrow, between ten and eleven, the time he himself...
Página 24 - ... there should be an avowed and real minister, possessing the chief weight in the council, and the principal place in the confidence of the king. In that respect there can be no rivalry or division of power. That power must rest in the person generally called the First Minister, and that minister ought, he thinks, to be the person at the head of the finances.
Página 393 - It cannot be expected that I should so far forget the principles I have uniformly professed, as to subscribe to the condemnation of those principles by agreeing to the motion now before the House.' In conversation subsequently with the Speaker, Mr. Fox said, ' I was under great difficulties on this occasion ; but I refused to waive my opposition to this vote, although Lord Grenville asked it of me as a personal favour.' 1 Lord Castlereagh, who summed up the debate on the part of the Ministers, acknowledged...

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