The Modern Part of an Universal History: From the Earliest Account of Time. Compiled from Original Writers. By the Authors of The Antient Part

S. Richardson, T. Osborne, C. Hitch, A. Millar, John Rivington, S. Crowder, P. Davey and B. Law, T. Longman, and C. Ware, 1761

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Página 256 - Italians were perilhing with cold and hunger, the whole fubfiftence of the befiegers depending on the contributions raifed in the neighbouring territories. This produced a mutiny in the camp, that could not be appeafed without applying violent remedies, and executing within fight of the whole army the chief ringleaders. One of the mutineers blew up Spinola's chief magazine, valued at 200,000 livres.
Página 255 - The magi (trates bought the corn for the bakers; obliging them to fell the bread to the inhabitants and garrifon at a price affixed, and returning the overplus of their pay to the foldiers. A variety of other prudent regulations were eftablifhed by the...
Página 256 - He had hitherto artfully concealed the total want of provifion and ammunition from the enemy, and his own garrifon, except a few officers, and other perfons in whom he repofed confidence. The colonels Hauterive and Morgan would...
Página 78 - Billy fufpefting that the deputy's real deiign was to excite a revolt in the province, put him to the torture to extort confeffion ; after having firft wounded him . with his own hand.
Página 255 - ... conditions he could obtain. This plan, which was figned •with no name, fell into the hands of the befiegers, and Spinola fent it open, by a trumpet, to...
Página 472 - Then the confederates aflumed to themfelves the office of arbiters in the differences between France and Spain, with refpedt to the Low Countries. They even pretended to take cognizance of the difpute between Spain and Portugal.
Página 89 - ... forbid money to be coined in his name, and took every other ftep towards independency. It was in vain for Philip to remonftrate, he knew the ftates were to be convinced only by the fword ; to this therefore he appealed. The duke of Parma blocked up Cambray fo clofely, that the garrifon was reduced to the extremity of living upon horfes, dogs, and cats, though they ftill refufed to capitulate, in hopes of being fuccoured.
Página 257 - They therefore required an exprefs order from the prince of Orange to furrender, notwithstanding they pined under the united preffure of fatigue, fcarcity, and difeafe.
Página 58 - As to the prince, he had now removed the feat of war into the province of Holland; only this province and Zealand remained firm to their engagements; the reft, overwhelmed with confternation, capitulated on the beft terms they could procure from the government.
Página 255 - Spanifh general caufed himfelftobc carried about the works in a litter; he infpected and directed every thing ; and difplayed. the activity of full health, at the time his life was in imminent danger from an acute malady. He ordered feveral breaches in the lines to be repaired. Thefe the Hollanders had made by fap, with a view of introducing fuccours to the befiegcd.

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