Focus on Genome Research

Nova Publishers, 2004 - 424 páginas
The genomic approach of technology development and large-scale generation of community resource data sets has introduced an important new dimension in biological and biomedical research. Interwoven advances in genetics, comparative genomics, high throughput biochemistry and bioinformatics are combining to attack basic understanding of human life and disease and to develop strategies to combat disease. Genomic Research began with The Human Genome Project (HGP), the international research effort that determined the DNA sequence of the entire human genome, completed in April 2003. The HGP also included efforts to characterize and sequence the entire genomes of several other organisms, many of which are used extensively in biological research. Identification of the sequence or function of genes in a model organism is an important approach to finding and elucidating the function of human genes. Integral to the HGP are similar efforts to understand the genomes of various organisms commonly used in biomedical research, such as mice, fruit flies and roundworms. Such organisms are called "model organisms," because they can often serve as research models for how the human organism behaves. This new book brings together leading research from throughout the world in this cutting-edge field.

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Hepatitis A Virus Genome Modified at Its 3 Terminus
Molecular Diversity of Porcine and Simian Picornavirus
Molecular Characterization of Dengue Virus Studies of Brazilian Strains
Genomics and Evolution of Metazoan Ga Proteins
InterProPrediction of Protein Families Domains and Functional Sites
Plant BAC Libraries as Tools for Molecular Cytogenetics
Automated Sample Preparation of Nucleic Acids Development and Application using Magnetic Particles
Evidence from Comparative Genomics for a Sexual Cycle in the Asexual Fungal Pathogen Aspergillus Fumigatus
Egg Fertilizome From Transmembrane Signaling to Translational Control of Gene Expression in the Initiation of Development
Organization and Evolution of 5S Ribosomal DNA in the Fish Genome
Targeted Modification of Mammalian Genomes
TGFB and Matrix Metalloproteinases
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