Chess Monthly: An American Chess Serial, Volumen 3

P. Miller and Son, 1859

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Página 197 - Let Fate do her worst ; there are relics of joy, Bright dreams of the past, which she cannot destroy ; Which come in the night-time of sorrow and care, And bring back the features that joy used to wear. Long, long be my heart with such memories filled ! Like the vase, in which roses have once been distilled — You may break, you may shatter the vase if you will. But the scent of the roses will hang round it still.
Página 260 - Thus the devil played at chess with me, and yielding a pawn, thought to gain a queen of me, taking advantage of my honest endeavours; and whilst I laboured to raise the structure of my reason, he strived to undermine the edifice of my faith.
Página 308 - A General Theory for the Mensuration of the Angle subtended by two objects, of which one is observed by Rays after two Reflections from plane Surfaces, and the other by Rays coming directly to the Spectator's Eye.
Página 47 - ANDEKSSEN.) 1. P. to K. fourth 2. K. Kt. to B. third 3. B. to QB fourth Black.
Página 361 - O my father (was his reply to every remonstrance), chess contains a remedy for every earthly ill save sickness and death ; and holds out a counsel for every difficulty, Such was his constantly repeated answer, and the father strove with his son in vain. Now at length a thought suggested itself. He charged the youth with a letter of importance, and a heavy bag of gold tomauns ; bidding him mount his steed and convey them to a neighbouring sheik. His son departed accordingly on the mission.
Página 344 - P. to K. fourth 2. Kt. to KB third 3. B. to QB fourth 4 P. to Q. Kt. fourth 5. P. to QB third 6. Castles 7. P. to Q. fourth 8. P. takes P. 9.
Página 107 - Their arching course no vulgar limit knows, Transverse they leap, and aim insidious blows, Nor friends, nor foes, their rapid force restrain, By one quick bound two changing squares they gain ; From varying hues renew the fierce attack, And rush from black to white, from white to black. Four solemn Elephants the sides defend ; Beneath the load of ponderous towers they bend : In one unaltered line they tempt the fight ; Now crush the left, and now o'erwhelm the right.
Página 54 - MORPHT. 1. P. to K. fourth 2. Kt. to QB third 3. P. to QR third 4. Kt. to KB third 5. B. to QB fourth 6.
Página 224 - Chess never has been and never can be aught but a recreation. It should not be indulged in to the detriment of other and more serious avocations — should not absorb the mind or engross the thoughts of those who worship at its shrine; but should be kept in the background and restrained within its proper province. As a mere game, a relaxation from the severe pursuits of life, it is deserving of high commendation.
Página 338 - I am your sacrifice," faltered forth the khan, a tall, majestic-looking soldier in splendid attire. " On my eyes be obedience. The girl pleased thy servant, and he wished to have her. What need of words ? The dark slave without took gold and opened to us, I would have carried the woman to the camp, and left the old man here.

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