Memoirs of Great Britain and Ireland: From the Dissolution of the Lst Parliament of Charles II Till the Capture of the French and Spanish Fleet at Vigo, Volumen 2

A. Strahan, and T. Cadell, 1790

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Página 79 - In rain, they formed the plaid into folds, and, laying it on the ihoulders, were covered as with a roof. When they were obliged to lie abroad in the hills, in their hunting parties, or tending their cattle, or in war, the plaid...
Página 270 - That King James the Second, having endeavoured to subvert the Constitution of the kingdom, by breaking the original contract between king and people ; and, by the advice of Jesuits and other wicked persons, having violated the fundamental laws; and having withdrawn himself out of the kingdom, has abdicated the government, and that the throne is thereby vacant.
Página 89 - ... ranks, he had the day before conversed at his levee. Struck with the levity of his own amusement, contrasted with the misery of those who were suffering for him, he returned pensive to his palace.
Página 94 - That the great averseness they find in themselves to the distributing and publishing in all their churches your Majesty's late declaration for liberty of conscience proceedeth neither from any want of duty and...
Página 94 - But among many other considerations, from this especially, because that declaration is founded upon such a dispensing power as hath been often declared illegal in parliament, and particularly in the years 1662 and 1672, and in the beginning of your majesty's reign...
Página 170 - Then, she has had her gallants, though, may be, not so many as some ladies here ; and with all these good qualities, she is a constant church-woman, so that, to outward appearance, one would take her for a saint, and to hear her talk, you would think she were a very good protestant, but she is as much one as the other, for it is certain that her lord does nothing without her.
Página 80 - ID encampments, they were expert at Forming beds in a moment, by tying together bunches of heath, and fixing them upright in the ground; an art, which, as the beds were both foft and dry, preferved their health in the field, When other foldiers loft theirs.
Página 72 - In fome of th'ofe marches, his men wanted bread, fait, and all liquors, except water, during ieveral weeks; yet were afhamed to complain, when they obferved, that their commander lived not more delicately than themfelves. If any thing good. was brought him to eat, he fent it to a faint or fick foldier: if a foldier was weary, he offered to carry his arms.
Página 75 - ... which reduces man to a machine, nor that total want of it which finks him into a rank of animals below his own. They lived in villages built in vallies and by the fides of rivers. At two feafons of the year, they were bufy; the one in the end of fpring and beginning of fummer, when they put the plough into the little land they had capable of receiving it, fowed their...
Página 175 - My dear sister can't imagine the concern and vexation I have been in, that I should be so unfortunate to be out of town when the queen was brought to bed ; for I shall never now be satisfied, whether the child be true or false.

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