The United Service Magazine, Volumen 2

H. Colburn, 1854

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Página 137 - To preserve the commerce of neutrals from all unnecessary obstruction, her Majesty is willing for the present to waive a part of the belligerent rights appertaining to her by the law of nations. " It is impossible for her Majesty to forego the exercise of her right of seizing articles contraband of war, and of preventing neutrals from bearing the enemy's despatches...
Página 278 - There is a pleasure in the pathless woods, There is a rapture on the lonely shore. There is society where none intrudes, By the deep sea, and music in its roar; I love not man the less, but nature more...
Página 135 - ... demonstration of force. But when, in addition to the assemblage of large military forces on the frontier of Turkey, the Ambassador of Russia intimated that serious consequences would ensue from the refusal of the Sultan to comply with unwarrantable demands, her Majesty deemed it right, in conjunction with the Emperor of the French, to give an unquestionable proof of her determination to support the sovereign rights of the Sultan. The Russian government has maintained that the determination of...
Página 137 - Majesty's intention to claim the confiscation of neutral property, not being contraband of war, found on board enemy's ships ; and her Majesty further declares, that being anxious to lessen as much as possible, the evils of war, and to restrict its operations to the regularly organized forces of the country; it is not her present intention to issue letters of marque for the commissioning of privateers.
Página 168 - I differ from the opinion of the duke, that an attempt should be made to " bury in oblivion" the question for a short time. First, because the thing is utterly impossible; and next...
Página 242 - Cabool ; and you must feel as I do, that the loss of another army, from whatever cause it might arise, might be fatal to our Government in India. I do not undervalue the aid which our Government in India...
Página 508 - ... immeasurable ocean spread before our gaze. It was a fearful and magnificent, but to us a melancholy, spectacle. Fragments of ice, of enormous size, floated on the surface of the agitated ocean, and were thrown by the waves with awful violence against the edge of the ice-field, on the further side of the channel, before us.
Página 168 - Brute force, he should be assured, can effect nothing — It is the Legislature that must decide this great question ; and my greatest anxiety is, that it should be met by the Parliament under the most favourable circumstances, and that the opposers of Catholic emancipation shall be disarmed by the patient forbearance as well as by the unwearied perseverance of its advocates.
Página 242 - It is an object of just ambition, which no one more than myself would rejoice to see effected ; but I see that failure in the attempt is certain and irretrievable ruin ; and I would endeavour to inspire you with the necessary caution, and make you feel that, great as are the objects to be obtained by success, the risk is great also.
Página 135 - ... by its own power, her Majesty thought proper that her fleet should leave Malta, and, in co-operation with that of his Majesty the Emperor of the French, take up its station in the neighbourhood of the Dardanelles. So long as the negotiation bore an amicable character, her Majesty refrained from any demonstration of force. But when, in addition to the assemblage of large military forces on the frontier of Turkey, the ambassador of Russia intimated that serious consequences would ensue from the...

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