Encyclopedia of Asian Theatre: A-N

Samuel L. Leiter
Greenwood Press, 2007 - 979 páginas
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From puppets to living players and musical speech to colloquial prose, Asian theatre is a rich world of contrasting expressions. While it has thrived for centuries and embodies the folk traditions of the Asian people, it also reflects contemporary concerns and innovative theatrical practices. At a time when Asia is of tremendous importance to the West, its theatre is a key to understanding its culture as well as the heritage of Asian Americans. This book is a detailed and authoritative survey of traditional and contemporary Asian theatre. The Encyclopedia includes hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries written by more than 90 expert contributors. In addition, it draws upon the expertise of a distinguished advisory board, including: BL Matthew Isaac Cohen BL Richard A. Frasca BL John K. Gillespie BL Craig Latrell BL Ruru Li BL Colin Mackerras BL Sreenath K. Nair BL And Richard Nichols. Entries cover individuals, regional theatres, dramatic forms and genres, and a wide range of special topics, including: BL Actors and Acting BL Ebrahim Alkazi BL Bangladesh BL Bodabil BL Cambodia BL Censorship BL Costumes BL Dagelan BL Dance in the Theatre BL Rukmani Devi BL Directors and Directing BL Experimental Theatre BL Festival Theatre BL Folk Theatre BL Gigaku BL Hong Kong BL Ichimura Uzaemon BL India BL Indonesia BL Jingju BL Kabuki BL Macao BL Malaysia BL Mongolia BL Music and Musical Instruments BL Nepal BL North Korea BL Politics and Theatre BL Puppet Theatre BL Religion in Theatre BL Zorah Segal BL Singapore BL Tibet BL Vietnam BL Women in Asian Theatre BL And many more. Entries on the most important topics cite works for further reading, and the Encyclopedia closes with an extensivebibliography. Social studies students will appreciate its glimpses of Asian culture, while literature and drama students will value its exploration of the Asian theatrical tradition. FEATURES AND BENEFITS: BL Includes hundreds of alphabetically arranged entries written by more than 90 expert contributors. BL Covers individuals, genres and forms, regional theatres, and special topics. BL Cites numerous works for further reading. BL Includes extensive cross-references. BL Helps social studies students learn about Asian culture and history. BL Helps literature and drama students learn about the vast Asian theatrical tradition. BL Fosters a respect for cultural diversity.

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