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AM happy in having your permission to infcribe to you this complete edition of the truly poetical works of your late ingenious friend Oliver GoldSMITH. They will prove a lasting monument of HIS GENIUS.

Every lover of science muft deeply lament that this excellent writer, after long struggling with adversity, finished his mortal career just as his reputation was firmly established, and he had acquired the friendship of Sir Joshua Reynolds, Dr. Johnson, MR. EDMUND Burke, the Dean of DERRY, MR. BEAUCLERC, and Mr. CUMBERLAND, names which adorn our age and nation.

It is, Sir, being merely an eccho of the PUBLIC voice to celebrate your admirable productions, "s In which to latest times the artist lives.


Had Dr. Goldsmith understood the art of painting, of which he modestly declares himself ignorant, his pen would have done justice to the merits of your pencil-he chose a nobler theme, by declaring his ardent affection for the virtues of your heart.

That you may long continue, Sir, the ornament of your country, and the delight of your friends, is the fincere with of,

Your most obliged,

Humble servant, Strand, Jan. 1,

T. E V ANS, 1780,


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LIFE of Oliver Goldsmith, M. B.
Epitaph on Dr. Goldsmith, by W. Woty i
Commendatory verses - - - lii
Prologue, written and spoken by the Poet Laberius 3
Double Transformation, a tale -

5; A new Simile, in the manner of Swift - 10 Description of an Author's Bed-chamber - 13 Letter, addressed to the Printer of the St. James's Chronicle


17 The Hermit, a Balladi. Elegy on the Death of a Mad Dog Stanzas on Woman Traveller, a Poem Deserted Village, a Poem



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