Diary and Correspondence of John Evelyn, F.R.S., Author of the "Sylva": To which is Subjoined the Private Correspondence Between King Charles I. and Sir Edward Nicholas, and Between Sir Edward Hyde, Afterwards Earl of Clarendon, and Sir Richard Browne, Volumen 4

H. Colburn, 1854

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Página 62 - Grebner's astrological book, with its observations on the life and death of Charles, it is said that on her coming, " all men were against her, for it was observed that wherever or unto whatever Country this miserable old Queen came, there followed immediately after her either the plague, war, famine, or one misfortune or another.
Página 8 - Her mien surpasses the imagination of poets, or the descriptions of a romance heroine's greatness ; her gracious bows, seasonable nods, courteous stretching out of her hands, twinkling of her eyes, and various gestures of approbation, show what may be expected from her discourse, which is as airy, empty, whimsical, and rambling as her books, aiming at science, difficulties, high notions, terminating commonly in nonsense, oaths, and obscenity.
Página 208 - I will try whether Sir S. Compton be so much in love as you say, for I will name Mrs. Hyde before him so by chance, that except he be very much smitten it shall not at all move him.
Página 142 - York be relieved, and you beat the rebels' armies of both kingdoms which are before it, then, but otherwise not, I may possibly make a shift, upon the defensive, to spin out time until you come to assist me: Wherefore I...
Página 222 - P" douager, the little Princes and P. Maurice were gossips : the States generall, I meane their Deputies, and the Counsell of State, and myself and Louyse were there as guests. after super was dancing this (till) three a clock, my little Nephue was at the super and sett verie still all the time : those States that were there were verie much taken with him.
Página 124 - I would haue ben glad to speake to you but it is of no haste therefore donat hasteud your selfe for feare of being sick ; I send you a lettre for Milord Keeper that the King ded send to me to deliuer it if I though it fit. the subject of it is to make a Declaration against the ordres of Parliamant which ar made withouct the King. If you beleue a fit time giue it him if not you may keepet till I see you. the King will bee here sertaineleye the 20 of this monthe therefore you may aduertice the Maior...
Página 204 - King & Country. Do not lett them p'suade you either by force or faire p'mises ; for the first they neither dare, nor will use, and for the second, as soone as they have perverted you they will haue their end, and then they will care no more for you. I am also informed y...
Página 41 - She had much improved herself by the remarks she had made of the world and all its vanities — what shall I add ! I could ever speak of her, and might I be just to her without suspicion of partiality, could tell you many things. The papers which are found in her cabinet discover she profited by her reading — such reflections, collections out of Scripture, confessions, meditations, and pious notions, evidence her time was not spent in the trifling way of most young women. I acknowledge, as a Christian,...
Página 204 - ... same security that they are. If you do not consider what I say unto you, remember the last words of your dead father, which were to be constant to your religion, and never to be shaken in it. Which if you do not observe, this shall be the last time you will hear from, " Dear brother, " Your most affectionate brother, "CHARLES R.
Página 7 - His care of my education was such as might become a father, a lover, a friend, and husband ; for instruction, tenderness, affection, and fidelity to the last moment of his life ; which obligation I mention with a gratitude to his memory, ever dear to me ; and I must not omit to own the sense I have of my parent's care and goodness, in placing me in such worthy hands."] LETTERS OF MRS.

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