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The latest Works, Periodicals, &c. Foreign and English, in every Department of Literature, particularly ORIENTAL and THEOLOGICAL, immediately on publication.


Libraries catalogued, arranged, or valued; and Collections of Books, to any extent, purchased, or liberally allowed for in exchange.






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DIUM, Arab. et Lat. à White, 4to, bds. 12s. Oxon. 1800 To this is prefixed Paulus's preface to the edition of the text printed at Jena; and appended are the unfinished Latin version of the younger Pocock, and the German translation by Wahl. Bagdadensis Vita, Auctore Ibn Abi Osaibi, Arab. et Lat. edidit Mousley, 4to, bds. 5s. 6d. Ib. 1808 3229 Abel's Narrative of a Journey in the Interior of China, and of a Voyage to and from that Country in 1816 and 17, containing an Account of Lord Amherst's Embassy, 4to, col. plates, green morocco, elegant, 11. 4s. Lond. 1819 3230 Abrabanelis et R. Moses Alschechi Comment. in Proph. Esaiæ, subjunctâ hujusmodi Refutatione, à l'Empereur, Heb. et Lat. 12mo, bds. 5s. Lugd. Bat. 1631 3231 Abul Abbasi Ahmedis, Tulonidarum I. Vita et Res Gestæ, ex MSS. Bib. Lugduno Batavæ, editisque à Roordâ, 4to, sewed, Ib. 1825


3232 Abulgasi, Histoire Généalogique des Tartars, trad. du MSS. Tartare, avec les Cartes Géographiques par D'Anville, 2 vols. 12mo, very neat, 8s. Ib. 1720 3233 Achmed Ardebeilis's Poems, translated from the Persian, with Notes, Historical and Explanatory, by C. Fox, 8vo, bds.

5s. 6d.

Bristol, 1797



3234 Abul Pharagii (see also BAR. HEBRÆUS) Historia Compendiosa Dynastiarum, Historiam complectens Universalem, à Mundo Condito, usque ad Tempora Authoris, Res Orientalium accuratissimè describens, Arabicè, edidit Pocockio, 4to, neat, 12s. Arab. et Lat. 2 vol. in 1, 4to, neat, 18s. Охоп. 1673

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"Abul Pharagius, Primate of the East, so truly eminent both in his life and death. In his life he was an elegant writer of the Syriac and Arabic tongues, a poet, physician, historian, subtle philosopher, and a moderate divine. The account of his person and writings is, perhaps, the most curious article in the Bibliotheca of Assemannus, (tom ii. p. 244–321.)”—Gibbon's Rome. 3235 Abu Talib Khaun's Poem in praise of Miss Julia Burrell, Pers. and Eng. 8yo, sewed, 2s. 6d. Lond. 1801 3236 Ackermann Introductio in Libros Sacros Vet. Foed., usibus academicis accommodata, 8vo, sewed, 10s. 6d. Vien. 1825 3237 Addison's Present State of the Jews, (more particularly those in Barbary), wherein is contained an exact Account of their Customs, Secular & Religious, &c. 8vo, cf. 4s. Lond. 1675 3238 Adelung's Mithradates, oder Algemeine Sprachenkund, the first two vols. containing nearly 290 languages, neat, 11. 8s. Berlin, 1806


3239 Vergleichende Sprachenkunde, 4to, hf.-bound, 13s. St. Petersb. 1815 3240 Adler (J. G. C.) Judæorum Codicis Sacri ritè Scribendi Leges ad rectè æstimandos Cod. MSS. Antiquos perutiles, Heb. et. Lat. Adnotationibus explicatas, 4to, h.-bd. neat, 6s. 6d. Hamb. 1779 Novi Testamenti Versiones Syriaca simplex, Philoxeniana, et Hierosolymitana, 4to, 8 fac-similes, vellum, 15s. Hafnia, 1789 3242 Adricomico Delfo Breve Descrittione della Cotta di Gierusalemme, 18mo, bds. 7s. 6d. Verona, 1590 Theatrum Terræ Sanctæ et Biblicarum Historiarum, cum Tabulis Geographicis ære expressis, fol. plates coloured, neat, 18s.; large paper, nt. 11. 1s. Colon. 1613


"On n'avoit point fait jusqu'à Adrichomius, de Géographie Sainte si exacte et si complète que la sienne; c'étoit un chef d'œuvre en ce temps-là, et quoique l'on ait fait depuis plusieurs découvertes, cet ouvrage sera toujours très-bon et très-utile."-Dupin. 3244 Africa. Answer of the Company of the Royal Adventurers of England trading into Africa, to the Petition and Paper of certain Heads and Particulars thereto relating and annexed, exhibited to the Honourable House of Commons, by Sir Paul Painter, Ferdinando Gorges, Henry Batson, Benjamin Skutt, and Thomas Knight, in behalf of themselves and others concerned in his Majesty's Plantations, 4to, half-bd. neat, stained, scarce, 7s. 6d. Anno 1667 3245 Ahmad bin Abubekr bin Washih's Ancient Alphabets and Hieroglyphic Characters explained, with an Account of the

Egyptian Priests, their Classes, Initiation, and Sacrifices, by Hammer, 4to, bds. 12s. London, 1806 "Whether the work before us may serve as a key to such inestimable treasures as the hieroglyphics, we do not pretend to determine; but it contains so much extraordinary and interesting matter, that we think the reader's curiosity will be amply gratified by the perusal of it."-Classical Journal.

3246 Airoldi Codice Deplomatico di Sicilia Satto il Governo degli Arabi, 6 vols. 4to, half-bound, 21. 2s. Palermo, 1789-92 3247 ALCORANUs, ex Arabicâ Linguâ in Latinam transferri curavit ; his adjunctæ sunt Confutationes multorum, ex Auth. Arab. Gr. et Lat. unà cum P. Melancthonis Præmonitione, operâ et studio Bibliandri, folio, calf, scarce, 16s.





Anno Salutis Humanæ, 1550 Arab. et Lat. cum Notis et Refutatione Marracci, fol. 2 vol. in 1, neat, scarce, 41. 4s.; vellum, neat, 41. 14s. 6d. Petav. 1698

"Imprimé en beaux caractères Arabes, avecune versione Latine très-exacte, et scavante notes: il sera d'une merveilleuse utilité à ceux qui s'appliquent à l'étude de la langue Arabe, et principálement aux missionaires qui vont dans le Levant, ce qui pour l'ordinaire ne sont pas assez instruit de la religion Mahometane." -Simon. "The Koran is written in the purest dialect of the Arabic, and is deemed by Mahommedans of such surpassing beauty and eloquence of composition, that they consider it impossible an uninspired human being could have composed it." Malcolm's Persia.

Arabicè, fol. red morocco, gilt leaves, very scarce,
Petropoli, 1787

61. 6s.

This edition was executed at the expense of the EMPRESS CATHERINE, under the superintendence of a learned Mollah, for the use of, and for the purpose of conciliating her Tartar subjects. The whole impression, with the exception of about 20 copies, was sent for distribution into the interior; but, owing to the Mahometan prejudices against printed books, could not be got into circulation, until a more speedy process of distributing them was adopted by a Russian general on the frontier, who being in great want of paper for cartridges, used the whole for that purpose. About three years ago, 15 copies were all that were known to be in circulation, or in the Imperial Library.

Noojoom-ool-Foorquan, or Arabic Index to the Koran, 4to, sewed, 11. 11s. 6d. Calcutta, translated from the original Arabic, with Explanatory Notes, taken from the most approved Commentators, and Preliminary Discourse by Sale, last genuine edition, 2 vols. 8vo, bds. 11. 1s. Lond. 1825 3252 Alfraganni Elementa Astronomica, Arab. et Lat. cum Notis ad res exoticas sive orientales, operâ Golii, 4to, vell. rare. Amst. 1669

"Volume assez rare.”—Brunet. "A beautiful and important work: the text is accompanied with a great mass of learned and useful notes."-Clarke.

3253 Ali Ben Abi Taleb Carmina, Arab. et Lat. Notis illustravit

Kuypers, 8vo, h.-bd. uncut, 5s.

Lugd. Bat. 1743

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