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Página 61 - Historical Researches on the Wars and Sports of the Mongols and .Romans ; in which Elephants and Wild Beasts were employed or slain : and the remarkable local agreement of History with the remains of such Animals found in Europe and Siberia.
Página 31 - GUZMAN (Luis de). Historia de las Missiones que han hecho los religiosos de la Compania de Jesus, en la India Oriental, y en los Reynos de la China y Japon.
Página 86 - A fortunate discovery, for which I was first indebted to Mir Muhammed Husain, one of the most intelligent Muselma&s in India, has at once dissipated the cloud, and cast a gleam of light on the primeval history of Iran and of the human race, of which I had long despaired ; and which could hardly have dawned from any other quarter.
Página 37 - Persians,'' a work of profound and various erudition, abounding with many new lights, on the most curious and interesting subjects. He died in 1703. HYDE, Lawrence, viscount Hyde, and earl of Rochester, was the second son of the chancellor, and was always employed about the court, either as л member of the cabinet, or as an ambassador abroad.
Página 110 - Wherein some things are taken notice of in our passage thither, but many more in our abode there, within that rich and most spacious empire of the Great Mogol.
Página 98 - The reverence in which it is held, the extent of country through which it is circulated, and the interesting view which it exhibits of the religion, the doctrines, the mythology, the current ideas, and the manners and customs of the Hindoos, combine to justify their selection.
Página 94 - So extraordinary a book as the Mesnavi was never, perhaps, composed by man. It abounds with beauties, and blemishes, equally great ; with gross obscenity, and pure ethicks ; with exquisite strains of poetry, and flat puerilities ; with wit, and pleasantry, mixed with dull jests ; with ridicule on all established religions, and a vein of sublime piety : it is like a wild country in a fine climate overspread with rich flowers, and with the odour of beasts. I know of no writer, to whom the Maulavi can...
Página 77 - A Critical History of the Life of David; in which the principal events are ranged in order of time; the chief objections of Mr. Bayle, and others, against the character of this prince, and the scripture account of him, and the occurrence* of his reign, are examined and refuted ; and the psalms which refer to him explained.
Página 81 - The Chronology of Ancient Kingdoms amended, to which is prefixed, a Short Chronicle from the first memory of Things in Europe, to the Conquest of Persia, by Alexander the Great.
Página 105 - ... to exert it. For my part, I cannot help thinking, that a jufter notion of the government, laws, and policy of the Turks, may be formed by an attentive perufal of...

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