George II

C. Dilly, in the Poultry, 1793

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Página 109 - ... which we were fcarcely to march beyond the verge of their own country, or the ever memorable treaty, of which the tendency is difcovered in the name ; the treaty by which we difunited ourfelves from Auftria, deftroyed that building which we may perhaps now endeavour, without fuccefs, to raife again, and weakened the only power which it was our intereft to ftrengthen.
Página 93 - General Hawley, who had boasted, that with two regiments of dragoons he would drive the rebel army from one end of the kingdom to the other, incurred abundance of censure for the disposition he made, as well as for his conduct before and after the action ; but he found means to vindicate himself to the satisfaction of his sovereign.
Página 298 - May it please your majesty, your royal ancestor Mahomed Jelaul ul Deen Akbar, whose throne is now in heaven, conducted the affairs of this empire in equity and firm security for the space of fifty-two years, preserving every tribe of men in ease and happiness, whether they were followers of Jesus, or of Moses, of David, or...
Página 270 - I have raifed my voice, and all the Indians have heard me as far as the Twightwees,* and have regarded my voice, and are now come to this place. I bid you welcome, and entreat...
Página 94 - Cumberland having made the proper dispositions, decamped from Nairn early in the morning, and after a march of nine miles perceived the Highlanders drawn up in order of battle, to the number of four thousand men, in thirteen divisions, supplied with some pieces of artillery.
Página 79 - With all the fons of ravage crowd the war ; The baffled prince, in honour's flatt'ring bloom Of hafty greatnefs, finds the fatal doom ; His foes derifion, and his fubjects blame, And fteals- to death from anguifh and from fhame.
Página 263 - Anson said it was impossible to comply with the order; the ships could not be got ready in the time limited ; and he wanted to know where they were going, in order to victual them accordingly.
Página 79 - Th' incumber'd oar fcarce leaves the dreaded coaft Through purple billows and a floating hoft. The bold Bavarian, in a lucklefs hour, Tries the dread fummits of Caefarean pow'r, With unexpected legions burfts away, And fees defencelefs realms receive his fway ; Short fway ! fair Auftria fpreads her mournful charms, The queen, the beauty, fets the world in arms ; From hill to hill the...
Página 341 - Remove from Berlin with the royal family. Let the archives be carried to Potsdam. The town may make conditions with the enemy.
Página 76 - Englifh xvho ftrive to make their countrymen enter into foreign quarrels, that are of no manner of concern to England...

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