A Year in Spain, Volumen 2

J. Murray, 1831 - 377 páginas

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Página 156 - Though the soil was everywhere fertile and capable of nourishing a numerous population, yet it was in general very imperfectly cultivated, and often abandoned to the caprice of nature. Nothing can be more painful than to behold this country which rose to such a high degree of prosperity under the Romans and Arabs, now so fallen, so impoverished. The principal source of this depopulation may be found in the...
Página 68 - ... of whom stood their ground and behaved well. The first thing the captain did, when he rode among us, was to call to the conductor for his hat ; after which, he bade him mount upon the diligence, and throw down whatever was there. He cautioned him at the same time to look around, and see if any thing was coming — adding, with a terrible voice, as he half lifted his carbine, "And have a care!
Página 313 - We," said the justiza to the king in the name of his high-spirited barons, " who are each of us as good, and who are altogether more powerful than you, promise obedience to your government if you maintain our rights and liberties; but if not, not.
Página 69 - ... the purpose, much in the ordinary way of making a collection, except that instead of coming to us, he sat very much at his ease upon his horse, and let us come to him. I threw my purse in, and as it had nine or ten silver dollars, it made a very good appearance, and fell with a heavy chink. Then, grasping the bunch of brass keys and buttons which hung from my fob, I drew out the huge watch which I had bought at Madrid, in contemplation of some such event, and whose case might upon emergency have...
Página 71 - Cunado slipped it slily into his side pocket, and though there be no secrets among relations, I have my doubts whether to this day he has ever spoke of it to his brother-in-law. ' Meantime, our female companion had made acquaintance with the captain of the band, who for a robber was quite a conscientious and conversable person. He was a stout, athletic man, about forty years old, with a weather-beaten face and long whiskers, which grew chiefly under his chin, in the modern fashion, and like the beard...
Página 52 - But it was too late, he would not hear, and beating the mule nearest him with great energy, we were soon descending the opposite hill. The last I saw of Margarita, she had hid her face in her hands, and her companions were drawing round to offer consolation.
Página 72 - In twenty minutes after the arrival of these unwelcome visiters, they had finished levying their contribution, and drew together to move off. The double sack of the inspectors was thrown over the back of one of the horses that had been taken from the diligence; for in this part of the country the leaders of the teams were generally horses. The horse now loaded with such a singular burden was a spirited animal, and seemed to understand that all was not right ; for he kicked away among the guns and...

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