An Ecclesiastical History, Ancient and Modern, from the Birth of Christ to the Beginning of the Eighteenth Century: In which the Rise, Progress, and Variations of Church Power are Considered in Their Connexion with the State of Learning and Philosophy and the Political History of Europe During that Period, Volumen 5

Vernor and Hood, Poultry, 1803

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Página 402 - In the administration of church power, it belongs to the pastors and other elders of every particular church, if such there be to rule and govern, and to the brotherhood to consent according to the rule of the gospel.
Página 408 - Christian church ; and hence they maintained, that those who followed other forms of government and worship, were not, on that account, to be excluded from their communion, or to forfeit the title of brethren.
Página 379 - Geneva (says he) keep Pasche and Yule [Easter and Christmas], what have they for them ? They have no institution. As for our neighbour kirk of England, their service is an evil-said mass in English ; they want nothing of the mass but the liftings.
Página 439 - That they who are united to Christ by faith are thereby furnished with abundant strength, and with succours sufficient to enable them to triumph over the seductions of Satan, and the allurements of sin and temptation ; but that the question whether such may fall from their faith and forfeit finally this state of grace...
Página 389 - We will that all further curious search be laid aside, and these disputes shut up in God's promises, as they be generally set forth to us in the Holy Scriptures, and the general meaning of the Articles of the Church of England according to them.
Página 58 - ... me that I took my petition as granted, and that I had the sign I demanded, whereupon also I resolved to print my book.
Página 292 - Philology, and than which none can be more useful for the interpretation of Scripture, as it throws an uncommon degree of light upon the language and phraseology of the inspired writers.
Página 78 - Spirit, and which others mention under different appellations. They all talk in the most obscure and superstitious manner of what they call the signatures of things, of the power of the stars over all corporeal beings, and their particular influence upon the human race, of the efficacy of magic, and the various ranks and orders of demons.
Página 413 - This book was fully refuted by the learned Dr. Hody, in 1691, in a work entitled, " The Unreasonableness of a Separation from the new Bishops : or a Treatise out of ecclesiastical History, shewing, that although a bishop was unjustly deprived, neither he nor the church ever made a separation, if the successor was not a heretic ;" translated out of an ancient Greek manuscript (among the Baroccian MSS.) in the public library at Oxford.
Página 313 - These apprehensions were justified by this important consideration, that the pious and well-meaning persons who composed these assemblies had indiscreetly admitted into their community a parcel of extravagant and hot-headed fanatics, who foretold the approaching destruction of Babel (by which they meant the Lutheran church), terrified the populace with fictitious visions, assumed the authority of prophets honoured with a divine commission, obscured the sublime truths of religion by a gloomy kind...

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