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Serious Truths feriously delivered are not indeed very agreeable to the reigning Genius of Gallantry and Pleasure, fo much in fashion, and fo tenderly indulged. But as there is a Time to be allowed for the innocent Pleasures of Mirth and Diverfion, fo the Hours that are employ'd in the more ftudious Contemplation of Wisdom and Virtue, are naturally produ &tive of that fort of Pleasure which is above all other the most folid, fatisfactory, and durable.

Of this, Sir, your own delightful Experience may give you a Proof. Of this every knowing and unprejudic'd Perfon is fo far fenfible, that he cannot eafily diflike a fincere and impartial Reprefentation of the true State of Things, efpecially where there are great Dangers and Difficulties to be avoided or conquered, great Advantages to be improved, and immenfe Rewards to be won or loft, all which require Care and Conduct, Courage and Induftry, and will never be flighted or fupinely neglected by fagacious, noble, and generous Minds.

If you fhall be pleased to reflect a little on the laborious and hazardous Atchievments of ancient Heroes recorded in Hiftory when they have only aim'd at Secular Glory, or on thofe of our own Times nearer in view; if you recollect with what Sweat and Toil, with how many perilous Expeditions and Fatigues of Camps, with what fharp and bloody Conflicts many


Young Gentlemen of our own Nation have of late Years eagerly purfued Military Fame, and fuch Temporary Felicities, as the Favour of their Prince, and the Applaufe of their Country, you will certainly be willing to take fome Pains, and use the serious Application of your Powers and Faculties for overcoming more formidable, because Spiritual Enemies, for procuring the Favour of Almighty God, and obtaining a far more exceeding and eternal Weight of Glory. We may remember, that neither the Heat of Spain, nor the Cold of Germany, nor the ill Temperature of any foreign Climate, nor the Scarcity of Provifions, nor the Strength of the Enemy, nor the Face of any Danger, could rebate the Courage of our brave Captains, after it was once inflam'd by the Efteem they had of the Merit and Diftinctions of the Field, and their Ambition to augment the Luftre of their honourable Profeffion, tho' when it rifes highest and shines brightest 'tis but fublunary and fading. Why then fhould any Difficulties, Trials, or Dangers, fince to Divine Grace none of them are infuperable, difcourage any Chriftians, of what Rank or Quality foever, from fighting under the Banner of their Lord and Saviour, who will confer infinitely better Rewards on all his faithful Soldiers and Servants.

In this greatest and highest Warfare there are many illuftrious Examples of renowned Worthies that have triumphantly march'd- before you, fome of which the Second Chapter of this A 3 Effay


Effay offers to your Confideration. God grant you may conftantly and unweariedly follow the noble Patterns they have fet you, until you your felf, as well as they, fhall give a bright Example to a degenerate Age, and render your self as eminently confpicuous in refifting and conquering all that is oppofite to Piety and Virtue as any of them ever were. These are the Hopes, Wishes, and Prayers of him who is with all Respect,


Your most faithful, and

in all Chriftian Offices

humbly devoted Servant,

J. G:


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