Memoirs of the Life and Administration of Sir Robert Walpole, Earl of Orford, Volumen 2

T. Cadell, jun. and W. Davies, 1800

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Página 164 - As shallow streams run dimpling all the way. Whether in florid impotence he speaks, And, as the prompter breathes, the puppet squeaks; Or, at the ear of Eve, familiar toad, Half froth, half venom, spits himself abroad...
Página 277 - ... the spirit he happens to be endowed with, adds a great deal to his virtue. When no encroachments are made upon the rights of the people, when the people do not think themselves in any danger, there may be many of the electors, who by a bribe of ten guineas might be induced to vote...
Página 438 - An Act to explain and amend so much of an Act made in the Twelfth Year of the Reign of Queen Anne, intituled ' An Act for reducing the Laws ' relating to Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and Vagrants 'into One Act of Parliament, and for the more effectual 'punishing such Rogues, Vagabonds, Sturdy Beggars, and ' Vagrants, and sending them whither they ought to be sent,' as relates to common Players of Interludes; and another Act passed in the twenty-eighth.
Página 276 - By such frequent elections, there would be so much power thrown into the hands of the people, as would destroy that equal mixture, which is the beauty of our constitution. In short, our government would really become a democratical government, and might from thence very probably diverge into a tyrannical.
Página 269 - I hope such a case will never occur ; but as it possibly may, could any greater curse happen to a nation, than such a prince on the throne, advised, and solely advised by such a minister, and that minister supported by such a Parliament? The nature of mankind cannot be altered by human laws : the existence of such a prince or such a minister we cannot prevent by act of Parliament ; but the existence of such a Parliament I think we may prevent : as...
Página 278 - ... and often without any other business ; so that we may conclude a gentleman in office cannot, even in seven years, save much for distributing in ready money, at the time of an election; and I really believe, if the fact were narrowly inquired into, it would appear that the gentlemen in office are as little guilty of bribing their electors with ready money, as any other set of gentlemen in the kingdom.
Página 279 - ... coming on while the nation was in that ferment. Do not we know what a ferment was raised in the nation , soon after his late Majesty's accession ? And if an election had then been allowed to come on , while the nation was in that ferment , it might perhaps have had as fatal effects as the former ; but , thank God , this was wisely provided against by the very law which is now wanted to be repealed.
Página 268 - Parliament ; suppose these lights refused, these reasonable requests rejected by a corrupt majority of his creatures, whom he retains in daily pay, or engages in his particular interest, by granting them those posts and places which ought never to be given to any but for the good of the public.
Página 164 - Amphibious thing! that acting either part, The trifling head or the corrupted heart, Fop at the toilet, flatt'rer at the board, Now trips a Lady, and now struts a Lord.
Página 503 - ... Brinkman, one of his German attendants, " I hear you have a picture of my wife, which she gave you, and which is a better likeness than any in my possession ; bring it to me.

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