Archaeologia Cantiana, Volumen 2

Kent Archaeological Society., 1859

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Página 283 - For at length the military tenures, with all their heavy appendages, having during the usurpation been discontinued, were destroyed at one blow by the statute 12 Car. II. c. 24, which enacts, " that the court of wards and liveries, and all wardships, liveries, primer seisins, and ousterlemains, values and forfeitures of marriage, by reason of any tenure of the king or others, be totally taken away.
Página 277 - ... lord paramount, or above all. Such tenants as held under the king immediately, when they granted out portions of their lands to inferior persons, became also lords with respect to those inferior persons, as they were still tenants with respect to the king ; and, thus partaking of a middle nature, were called mesne, or middle, lords.
Página 278 - The services, in respect of their quality, were either free or base services; in respect of their quantity and the time of exacting them, were either certain or uncertain. Free services were such as were not unbecoming the character of a soldier, or a freeman to perform; as to serve [ 61 ] under his lord in the wars, to pay a sum of money, and the like.
Página 278 - ... or other mean employments. The certain services, whether free or base, were such as were stinted in quantity, and could not be exceeded on any pretence; as, to pay a stated annual rent, or to plough such a field for three days. The uncertain...
Página 278 - All tenures being thus derived, or supposed to be derived, from the king, those that held immediately under him, in right of his crown and dignity, were called his tenants in capite...
Página 282 - ... tenures now tended to no[ 76 ] thing else but a wretched means of raising money to pay an army of occasional mercenaries.
Página 283 - Smith very feelingly complains, 'when he came to his own, after he was out of wardship, his woods decayed, houses fallen down, stock wasted and gone, lands let forth and ploughed to be barren...
Página 282 - But, the personal attendance in knight-service growing troublesome and inconvenient in many respects, the tenants found means of compounding for it ; by first sending others in their stead, and in process of time making a pecuniary satisfaction to the lords in lieu of it.
Página 97 - Sciatis quod de gracia nostra speciali concessimus et licenciam dedimus pro nobis et heredibus nostris, quantum in nobis est...
Página 283 - And that all fines for alienations, tenures by homage, knightservice, and escuage, and also aids for marrying the daughter or knighting the son, and all tenures of the king in capite, be likewise taken away. And that all sorts of tenures, held of the king or others, be turned into free and common socage: save only tenures in frankalmoign, copyholds, and the honorary services (without the slavish part) of grant serjeanty." A statute, which was a greater acquisition to the civil property of this kingdom...

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