The pictorial history of England: being a history of the people, as well as a history of the kingdom : illustrated with many hundred wood-cuts of momumental records, ...


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Página 152 - Fleet ; and here he lay till he consented to the compromise that he should be attired in the prescribed vestments at his ordination, and when he preached before the king, or in his cathedral, or in any public place, but should be excused from wearing them upon other occasions.
Página 205 - The English admiral hastily pursued them, and they returned to Europe, and took shelter at Cadiz. On the 19th of October, the French, commanded by Villeneuve, and the Spaniards, by Gravina, ventured again from Cadiz ; and, on the 21st, they came up with the English squadron off cape Trafalgar.
Página 65 - Henry lord Darnley was eldest son of the Earl of Lennox, by the lady Margaret Douglas, niece of Henry VIII. and daughter of Margaret queen of Scotland by the Earl of Angus, whom that princess married after the death of James IV. Darnley, who had been born and educated in England, was but in his twenty-first year, when he was murdered, Feb.
Página 13 - At last, the INVINCIBLE ARMADA, as the Spaniards called it in their pride, set sail from the Tagus on the 29th of May. It consisted at this time of about 130 vessels of all sizes; 45 of these were galleons and larger ships; 25 were pink-built ships; 13 were frigates. They mounted altogether 2431 guns of different calibres. In addition to the mariners, they carried nearly 20,000 land troops, among whom were 2000 volunteers of the noblest families in Spain. But this mighty fleet, when steering towards...
Página 75 - Bualth, he published a proclamation, offering peace to all the inhabitants, giving them, at the same time, assurances that they should continue to enjoy all their lands, liberties, and properties as they had done before. Some of the ancient usages of the country were respected, but, generally speaking, the laws of England were introduced and enforced. He gave charters with great privileges to various trading companies in Rhuddlan...
Página 33 - London and agreed, in a secret conference with Edward, that, in default of the King of Scots and his issue male, the King of England for the time being should succeed to the throne of Scotland.
Página 205 - ... operations, which had been already begun. The victory of the Nile was received by the nation with delight, for it was felt to have at once frustrated the designs of Bonaparte, and vastly elevated the reputation of the British navy. So highly were Nelson's achievements on this occasion esteemed, that he was raised to the peerage by the title of Baron Nelson of the Nile, and a pension of £2000 a-year was granwd for his own life and two successors.
Página 17 - The proceedings at Norham, on the 3rd of June, were terminated by a unanimous agreement that a body of 104 commissioners should be appointed to examine the cause and report to Edward ; forty being named by Baliol, the same number by Bruce, and the remainder by Edward himself, who was, moreover, empowered to add to the commission as many more persons as he chose. On the...
Página 143 - IT is to the discovery of the passage to India by the Cape of Good Hope, and to the vigour and success with which the Portuguese prosecuted their conquests and established their dominion there, that Europe has been indebted for its preservation from the most illiberal and humiliating servitude that ever oppressed polished nations.
Página 134 - This was not improbable, as many resolute men had been suddenly driven from the church lands on which they had fattened for years, and as he was known to carry about his person letters of excommunication from the pope against the archbishop of York and the bishops of London and Salisbury, whom he held to be his chief enemies, and who were men likely to adopt strong measures to prevent his promulgating the terrible sentence. He was even assured that...

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