Secret Lore of Music: The Hidden Power of Orpheus

Inner Traditions / Bear & Co, 1997 - 184 páginas
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Hermeticist Fabre d'Olivet's classic study of music as sacred art and its profound effects on the soul.
Ever since Pythagoras demonstrated the mathematical basis of music and its profound effect on the soul, the Western esoteric tradition has been deeply involved with the science and art of tone. Fabre d'Olivet (1767-1825) was the first to restate Pythagoras' ideas in modern terms, and to show the way for music to regain its spiritual heritage. He calls for a complete reevaluation of its nature and purpose. Fearless in his criticism of the trivialization of music in his own time, d'Olivet recalls its ancient glory in China, Egypt, and Greece. He shows that music is rooted in the same principles as the universe itself, and that it is intimately connected with the destiny of mankind.

New edition of Music Explained as Science and Art.

A man of astonishing insights and strange revelations, Fabre d'Olivet is increasingly recognized as an essential link in the golden chain of Western theosophy, and as a prophetic figure with a message for our own age.

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The Ideas of the Ancients on Music
The True Cause of the Moral Efects of Music
Why the Principles of Music Have Remained Unknown Vicissitudes of This Science Origin of the modern System
The Origin of Music
Etymology of the Word Music Number Considered as Musical Principle
Survey of Sacred Music
Survey of Celestial Music
The Musical System of the Chinese
Definition of Melody How It Is Produced and Modified
Advice to Yonug Composers Concerning Imitation in Music
Harmony Among the Greeks and Romans
The Origin of Notation and of Modern Music
The Music of the Phoenicians
The Musicc of the Egyptians
APPENDIX E Brief Exposition of the Musical System
APPENDIX F The Schism in the Universal Empire

The Musical System of the Greeks
The Musical System of the Eastern Christians

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Sobre el autor (1997)

Music scholar and author Joscelyn Godwin provides us with the first English translation of this work, as well as a fascinating biography of the man. Fabre d'Olivet (1767-1825) spent his life pursuing the esoteric wisdom concealed in the Hebrew scriptures, Greek philosophy, and the symbolism of ancient nations as far back as ancient Egypt. He wrote several books that are considered classics of the hermetic tradition, including Golden Verses of Pythagoras and The Hebrew Language Restored.

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