The Despatches, Minutes, and Correspondence, of the Marquess Wellesley, K. G.: During His Administration in India, Volumen 3


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Página 283 - By command of His Excellency the most noble the Governor-general in council. " C. LUSHINGTON, " Acting Chief Sec. to the Government.
Página 277 - I called upon you to withdraw that army to its usual stations, if your subsequent pacific declarations were sincere ; but instead of complying with this reasonable requisition, you have proposed that I should withdraw the troops which are intended to defend the territories of the allies against your designs, and that you, and the Rajah of Berar, should be suffered to remain with your troops assembled in readiness to take advantage of their absence.
Página 445 - French officers.f tne event would have been, I fear, extremely doubtful. I never was in so severe a business in my life, or anything like it, and pray to God I never may be in such a situation again.
Página 635 - In order to secure and improve the relations of amity and peace hereby established between the two states, it is agreed that accredited ministers from each shall reside at the court of the other.
Página 434 - Assye are not inferior to the splendor of the action. The immediate consequences derived from the exertions of that day have been the complete defeat of the combined army of the confederate chieftains ; an irreparable blow to the strength and efficiency of their military resources, especially of their artillery, in the...
Página 639 - Raja will, in the first instance, submit the cause of dispute to the Company's Government, that the Government may endeavour to settle it amicably.
Página 212 - Moghul, maintains the most efficient army of regular native infantry, and the most powerful artillery now existing in India, with the exception of the Company's troops, and exercises a considerable influence over the neighbouring states, from the banks of the Indus to the confluence of the Jumna and the Ganges.
Página 385 - Ghaut, and I propose to descend the Ghauts as soon as I shall have placed the wounded soldiers in security.
Página 277 - This proposition is unreasonable and inadmissible, and you must stand the consequences of the measures which I find myself obliged to adopt, in order to repel your aggressions. I offered you peace upon terms of equality and honourable to all parties, you have chosen war, and are responsible for all the consequences.
Página 630 - The subsidiary force will, at all times, be ready to execute services of importance, such as the protection of the person of His Highness, his heirs, and successors, the overawing and chastisement of rebels, or exciters of disturbance in His Highness...

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