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Baxter, William, jr.

Received too late for classification.

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Food inspection; a practical handbook. 1909. 614.31\I+f National association of railway surgeons. Official report of annual meeting. 5th, 6th. 1892, 1893. 1610.6N277rso

National lumber manufacturers' association. Official report, eighth annual convention, held in New Orleans, La., April 19 and 20, 1910. 1910. (Half title; The forest and the saw mill). 674N277 Lo New York (State). Water supply commission.

Annual report. 4th-date. 1909-date.

1628. 1N532wa Studies of water storage for flood prevention and power development in New York state under public ownership and control. 1908. r628. IN532wst

twisting. 1907.

Crawshaw, Fred D.

Metal spinning.

Orrock, J[ohn] W.

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(Popular mechanics

Crocker, Francis B., and Arendt, Morton.

Electric motors; their action, control and

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Rural life problem of the United States; notes of an Irish observer. 1910.

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Domestic sanitary engineering and plumbing.



Saint Maur, Mrs. Kate (Vandenhoff).
Self-supporting home. 1909. 630S1468
Smith, J. Reginald.

Modern assaying; a concise treatise describing latest methods and appliances; ed. by F. W. Braun. [1910]



Stoddard, Charles W. Lepers of Molokai. n. d. Thomson, W. Chase. Bridge and structural design. 1910. 624T485

Pattern-making; to which are added chap

Willard, G. H.

ters on [1910].

core-making and molding.

671 W691p

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