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Human Cultivation
Howard, John, sketch of the life of

177, 206, 291, 341

Hell Torments, considerations on the absolute infinity


23, so

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Jehovah, rebellion against and subjection to him contrastedo135176
Job, ch. viii. a new translation

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Jonah and the whale



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Murder prevented by the name of Godir,

Miscellaneous Maxims and Reflections 1145 1524-308, 35-55-433

Modern superstitious practices founded on heathenism -

Masters, a hint-to
Mathematical question, 236.3 Answer to ditto


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Preceptor, No. 11.

No. III.

Prophecy, pretenders to


Prophecies now fulfilling, remarks on

Prayer, an uncommon one

Praying for the damned

Perseverance, hint on


POETRY.-From a Father to his Daughter, 37, The Morals of Cató

tensorius, 38. On Friendship, 32. Epitaplı for Athanasius's Creed,

40. On a good Conscience, ibid. From a Brother to his Sisters, 77.,

Recipe for Connubial Ilappiness, 77.: An Epigram, 89. A young

Man's Wish, 117. Essay on Friendship. 119, 159.

Invocation to

Peace, 158. Versification of Ps.civ. 152. Thoughts which occurred

to a Husband while his Wife was in great Agony in Labout, 199.

Death-bed Repentance, 237. A Fragment from a serious musical

Entertainment, 240. To a Friend on his Marriage, 278. The

Christian addressed by his Watch, 279. Epitaph on S. Love, 280

Acrostic, 317

Confidence in God in a Thunder Storm, ibid.

Liberality encouraged, 318.

An Ejaculation, 319.

Verses on

Marriage, ibid. Sonnet, 320. Depe dence on God,957. On the.

On the Morning, ibid. Ancient and Modern Intolerance, 158. On

a Spider's Web, 359. Verses to a young new married Pair, ibid.

Peculiarity of the Chinese Language, 360. Providence, 395. A

Dialogue between the Hospital and New Playhouse, at Birmingham,

396. Lines on the Death of a Child, 398 A Winter Thought, 349.

On the Death of an amiable Wife, 400. Epitaph by Sierne, ibid.
The Wicked taken in their own Devices, 436. Ambition s Reward,
ibid. An Apostrophe to Love, 437. Unity of God and Glory of
Christ, 438. On the early Singing of the Larkise 439. On a Sleeping
- Infant, 440. A Morning Thought, ibid. An Evening Thought, ,
ibid. The Wish, 470. Anllyinn, 471. Visit of Hope to Sydney

Cove, 472.

by a Sussex Farmer answered
Qualifications essential to a Commentator on the Holy Scriptures




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Thoughts on the Effects of Learning upon Christianity

the Works of Creation

the first Sin of Adam

Prov. xiv. 19

Talents, different Application of
Tides, Nature and Cause of the

St. Pierre's Theory of the

Tillotson, no Universalist

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Universal Doctrine, Letters on the Antiquity of
Under-Currents, Description of

167, 296



Wesley's Thoughts ou the New Creation


Women, Letter V. on


Worshippers in London, estimate of their number

Watts's Thoughts on the joyful Effects of the Revelation of an

Universal Restoration


Winchester's Writings published in Holland

War, Reflections on 1,

Whirlpools, Description of


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