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young sailor, 168-juvenile anecdotes of, censured, 169-analysis
of his life, 170-195_remarks on the censurable part of his con-
duct, 173-184—his person and manners in 1802, ibid.-his letters'
relating to the battle of Copenhagen, 185–his plan for expedi-

tiously manning the navy, 194.
New Holland, the natives of, incapable of amelioration, 106.


Olympic Theatre at Vicenza, described, 367.
Otaheite, account of the royal family of, 106-zeal of the missionaries

at, counteracted, 180.
Otaheitans, character of the, 108---barbarous customs of, unknown

in the Sandwich Islands, 110.
Othello, contrasted with Zayre, 302.
Ovid, opinions respecting, 214.

Padua, observations on the university of, 370.
Pancras, insufficiency of churches in the parish of, 235.
Parnassus, hill of, 61.
Paradise Lost, Milton's, compared with other works, 112.
Parents, address to, 231.
Patras, appearance of, 42.

vicinity and town of, 60.
Pavia, university of, 371.
Penn (William), analysis of his life, 149, 159_his letter to the In-

dians, 153—and to his wife and children, ibid. 156_observations
on his private character, 160-on his religious tenets, 162-and
his political, 163_his defects as a public character, 165.
Pestalozzi (Mr.), plan of instruction in the school of, 443.
Petitioning, curious reasons for its not being attended with success,

Phenomenon, near the equinoctial line, 103.
Philosophy, remarks on French, during the 18th century, 324-ob-

servations on the progress of, 358.
Pitt (Mr.), stability of his system for the reduction of the national

debt, 22-27—30,31–480—his funding system considered, 481–
remarks on the question respecting the Romish doctrine pro-

pounded by, 245.
Pius VI. beneficial projects of, 381.
Poetry, remarks on French, 293–296-observations on English,

295-progress of, 348-German, 451.
Pompeii, description of the buried town of, 379.
Political Existence, dependent on public and private wealth, 1.

Institutions, observations on; 274.
Poor, futility of the objections to the education of the, 229.

Laws, reinarks on the system of the, 4.
Pope, his translation of Homer compared with Cowper's, 213.
Population, comparative view of British, 4-causes of its increase,

Porson, Mr. Wakefield's retaliatory opinion of, 206.

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Porter, bottled, a remedy for sea-sickness, 249.
Prater, description of the promenade so called, 436.
Prayer Book and Homily Society, institution of, 197-opposition to,

198-objects of the, 199.
Preachers, deficiencies of the French, 290.
Prevesa, description of the town of, 42, 43.
Price (Dr.), remarks on his views of finance, 25, 26.
Promenade, description of the recreations of, near Vienna, 436.
Pronunciation, remarks on, 449.
Property, principal means by which it is transferred, 19.
Provoked Wife, passage from the, 91.

Quakerism, excesses committed in the early stages of, 146, 147

observations on the system of, 161.

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Racine, observations on the writings of, 286.
Religion, christian, its consequences at the period of the northern

invasion, 353-state of, in Albania, 54.
Revenue, private, causes of its increase, 6value of, in king Wil-

liam's reign, 10, note.
Revolution, French, observations on the, 275.
Riches, effects of superabundant, 477.
Rocks, remarks on their component parts, 4026,
Romaic Dialect, observations on the, 66.
Roman Catholics, the claims of, considered, 517.
Roman Catholic, the difficulty of framing an oath to bind a, 243,
Rome, remark on a tenet of the church of, 243.
Romish Church, errors in its system, 290.
Rome, reflections on, 373—observations on the gorgeous ceremo-

nial of the church of, 374.
Romans, their character at the period of the northern invasion, 352.
| Rosseau, reflection on his profession of faith, 318—-observations on
the character of, 319.

Sandwich Islands, state of improvement in the, 109–barbarous cus-

toms unknown in, 110.
Schiller, eulogy on, by Madame de Staël, 447-remarks on the

“ Robbers” of, 457.
Science, reflections on the method of teaching by toys, 442.
Scott (Rev. J.), extract from his address to the great, on the diffu-

sion of education, 229.
Scott (Mr. Walter), style of his poetry censured, 135.
Scriptures, advantages of distributing the holy, 125-131.
Sea Sickness, singular remedy for the relief of, 249.
Secrets in Conversation, remarks on, 432.
Sette Comuni, account of the, 363.
Sherbet of Albania, 51.

Simeon (Rev. C.), extract from the sermon of the, upon the liturgy,

Sinking Fund, produce of the original, 474.
Smyrna, description of the city of, 69 --state of society in, 70

vicinity of, 72.
Southey's Life of Nelson, unsuitable as a manual for the young

sailor, 168.
Staël (Madame de), remarks on her works, 344, 345-observations

on the system of, 856—426-her religion, 463.
St. Bartholomew, statue of, in the cathedral of Milan, 387.
Stockholm, description of the city of, 254.
Storks, their attachment to the habitation of man, 72-real utility

of, 73.
St. Procolo, church of, 366.
Stradella Alessandro, account of, 419.
St. Zenone, church of, 366.
St. David's (the Bishop of), his second letter to the clergy of his

diocese, on the independence of the ancient British church, 511.
St. Peter's of Rome, exhibition on the night of Good Friday in,

St. Salvadore, population of, 104.
Strata, secondary observations on the distinction of two different

formations in, 410.
Superstition, Indian, sanguinary character of, 333.
Suhumurunu, atrocious murder, under the name of, 335.
Sweden, docility

and good humour of the peasantry of, 252-cha-
racter of the Crown Prince of, 258-its agriculture, 259-geolo-

cal description of, 260, 261-mineralogy of, 262.
Swedish Meals, description of, 249.

y Language, opinion of the, 255.
Sydney, its population, 105.


Tableau de la Litterature, commended, 273-324--specimen of the

style of the author of, 322.
Taberg, a singular mountain in Sweden, 262.
Tepellenè, town of, 52.
Territorial Productions, British, observations on, 4, 5.
Theatre, differences between the French and German, 455.
Thebes, city of, 62.
Thomson (Dr.), singular ideas of, respecting imposition, 253.
Threshing Machines, advantages of, i2, 13.
Toleration, observations on, 247.
Transfer of Property, principal means of, 19.
Travel, remarks on foreigners, 38—361.
Transubstantiation, assertion respecting the doctrine of, 243.
Trent, remarks on the council of, 30+.

Troy, ancient, observations on the topography of, 74.
Turin, description of, 389.

VOL. V. NO. X.


Turkey, remarks on the treatment of the female sex in, 77—80.
Turks, their indolence a great barrier to their improvement, 79—

manners of the Albanian, 44–47–52—religion of, 54-account

of a favourite pastime of the, 71.
Turnbull (Mr.), bis work contrasted with French travellers, 111.

Unfunded Debt, increase of, since 1793, 483.
Universities, German, remarks on, 493.
Upsula, account of, 259.
Utrecht, amount of the public debt at the peace of, 11.

Vallambrosa, account of, 383.
Venice, state of society in, 371.
Verona, description of, 365.
Vicenza, description of, 367.
Virtue, its connexion with literature, 345.
Voltaire, his character delineated, 298–308-remarks on, 300—

his Zayre contrasted with Othello, 302–observations on his his.
torical pieces, 303-his miscellaneous productions, 306.


Wakefield (Mr.), his retaliatory opinion of Porson, 206 conjecture

on the being and identity of Homer, 208_his plan for a Greek
and English dictionary, 210—his delineation of himself, 217–
humanity of, 218-his preference for the French, 221-reflec-
tions on the personal qualities of, 225.
Walpole (Sir R.), his plan for paying off the national debt, 473.
Watkins (Dr.), his Family Instructor, and plan of domestic educa-

tion, 504.
Werner, geological theory of, 404.
Widows, examples of the burning of, in India, 335, 336.
Women, remarks on the treatment of, in Turkey, 77-80.
Word of God, effects of a general diffusion of the, 131.
World before the Flood, extract from, 113–120—defects in, 121,

122-commended, 123.


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