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"She has given us a faithful and undistorted reflex of the main cycle** of Hinton's thought. ... To would-be students this book may serve as an admirable introductory primer,"—Acad., xxx. 1.

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"He is an admirable special pleader, and would fain persuade us by force of eloquence lhat the moment the early painters discovered that it was possible to act upon the plate by an implement wielded like a pencil they ceased at once to use the burin, and became painters. . .. The slight critical notes on etchers and painter-engravers among the old masters are piquant and often valuable."— Sat. Rev , xlviii. 426.

"This work contains the notes of Mr. Haden upon a recent exhibition of etched work by the great masters from

his own collection, to which was added a series of exan pies of his own handiwork. But. in addition to the notes, be gives us sixteen fac-similes of some of the fine of these examples, (excepting, perhaps, one or two of tt number;) and these reproductions are practically as f.: in effect as the originals themselves/'—Spectator, lii. 1650.

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Mrs. J. R., infra.

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"Admirable an introduction to the Roman law as t lectures are, it was inevitable from their plan that should convey to the students who heard them or may read them an exceedingly erroneous impression i many important points, and that without any actual e of statement. ... In such an outline covering so n ground the element of time is practically left out. . . . with all these defects, or rather omissions,the book is admirable."—Nation, xvii. 179.

4. Essays, Philological and Critical, selected frorx Papers of James Hadley. [Edited by W. D. Whiti N. York, 1873. Posth.

"The scholar who is competent to judge will Ix pressed, as he reads one after another, with the wide i of reading and reflection and the sound sense and prehensive judgment which are everywhere show them. . . . Most of these essays were prepared for learned society or periodical; but they are, if not ex popular, certainly very pleasant and easy readii; fiation, xvii. 388.

"A volume of papers of a very high order."—Sat. xxxviii. 314.

5. A Brief History of the English Language, 1879, 12mo.

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Cambridge, and in 1870 was made professor of compara-
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accompanied Sir Henry Bulwer ns secretary to Natal in
1875, and in the following year went to the Transvaal
on the staff of the special commissioner, and was sub-
sequently appointed master of the High Court of the
Transvaal. In 1879 he retired from the colonial service
and returned to England, and was called to the bar at
Lincoln's Inn 1885. 1. Cetywayo and his White Neigh-
bours; or, Remarks on Recent Events in Zululand,
Natal, and the Transvaal, Lon., 1882, cr. 8vo; 2d ed.,
rev., with a new Introduction, 1888.

"Recounts once more from the point of view of an eye-
witness the melancholy story of English irresolution and
disgrace."—Sat. Rev., liv. 213.

2. Dawn, Lon., 1884, 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

"' Dawn' (a somewhat obscure title) bears many of the
familiar marks of inexperience in novel-writing. It is
well written, it has considerable interest of plot, and the
characters are not borrowed, and show not a little ability
in character-drawing. But there is altogether too much
of it. . . . He [Mr. Haggard] must 'train down' if he is to
write a really good novel."—G. Saintsbury: Acad., xxv.

3. The Witch's Head, Lon., 1884, 3 vols. p. 8vo. 4.
King Solomon's Mines, Lon., 1885, p. 8vo; new ed., 1888.

"The success of Mr. Haggard's wonderful story, 'King
Solomon's Mines,' is not due exclusively to its merits,
though these are great, the romance being one of the most
exciting of its kind ever published in a modern language.
... It has a charm which is not in itself, but in the appeal
it makes to a hungry desire or hope which is probably
latent in all men, and certainly crops out in the minds of
all civilized men,—the desire that the lust of wonder
should be fully and, so to speak, honestly satiated: the hope
that men will discover some day somewhere something
that shall leave them sufficiently, or it may be perma-
nently, astonished."—Spectator, lviii. 1365.

5. She: a History of Adventure: with Fac-Similes,

Lon., 1887; 6th ed., (31st to 35th thousand,) 1887, cr. 8vo.

"Mr. Haggard's practical knowledge and experience of

savage life and wild lands, his aense of the mystery and

charm of ruined civilizations, his appreciation of spoi
(especially with big game,) his astonishing imagination
and a certain vraisemblance, which makes the most impo
sible adventures appear true, (to a reader of eympathet
fancy,) these are the qualities a man admires in 'She,'.
he chance to admire it at all."—Andrew Lang: Acad
xxxi. 34.

6. Jess. Lon., 1887, 3 vols. p. 8vo; new ed., 1888. ',
Allan Quatermain: being an Account of his Furthe
Adventures and Disooveries in Company with Sir Henr
Curtis, Bart., Commander John Good, R.N., and On
Umslopogans. Illust. 1887, or. 8vo; also a large
papered., limited to 112 copies. 8. Maiwa's Revenge
or, The War of the Little Hand, Lon., 18S8, p. 8vo
40th thousand same year. 9. Mr. Mee8"n's Will, Lon,
1888, 8vo. 10. Colonel Quaritch, V.C.: a Tale of Coun
try Life, Lon., 1888, 3 vols. cr. 8vo.

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tions on the Standard of Value and the Circulatin;
Medium of this Country; 2d ed., Lon., 1847, 8vo. 2
Miscellaneous Papers, Windsor, 1860, 8vo.

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of H. R. Haggard, supra; b. 1846; secretary to the
British legation at Athens since 1887. (Ed. and trans.
The Vazir of Lankuran : a Persian Play, Lon., 1882, 8vo
Haggard, William Meybohm Rider, LL.M.
b. 1817; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1842. Tht
Militia: its Importance as a Constitutional Force, Lon.
1857, 8vo.

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Synthesis: a Contemplation Treatise concerning the
Inter-Kelations between Deity and his Creation, Ac.
Lon., 1878, 8vo.

Hagner, Charles V. Early History of Falls of
Schuylkill, Manayunk, Ac, Phila., 1869, 8vo.

Hague, Arnold, b. 1840, in Boston, Mass.; son
of Rev. William Hague, infra; educated at the Shef-
field Scientific School, and at German universities; hns
been connected with the Geological Survey of the U.S.
government, and has contributed largely to scientific
journals on geology and lithology. 1. The Volcanoes
of California, Oregon, and Washington Territory, 1SS3.
2. The Volcanic Rocks of the Great Basin, 1884. 3. On
the Development of Crystallization in the Igneous Rocks
of Washoe, Wash., 1885, Svo. 4. Nevada: with Notes
on the Geology of the District, 1885. 5. The Volcanic
Rocks of Salvador, 1886.

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Lon., 1859, 12mo.

Hague, James Duncan, b. 1836, in Boston,
Mass.; son of Rev. William Hague, infra; educated at
the Lawrence Scientific School of Harvard, and in Ger-
many; became a mining engineer, and has been connected
with the U.S. Geological Survey. Mining Industry,
(Repoit of the Geological Exploration of the Fortieth
Parallel, in '• Papers on Practical Engineering," pub-
lished by U. S. Gov't.) Wash., 1870, 2 vols. With Becker,
Geokge F., Mining Industries at the Paris Exposition of
1878, Wash., 1880.

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1808-1887, b. at Pelham, Westchester Co., N.Y.; held
pastorates in Boston, Providence, and New York City;
was made professor of homiletics in the Baptist Theo-
logical Seminary at Chicago in 1869, and afterwards be-
came pastor of a congregation at Orange, N.J. 1. The
Authority and Perpetuity of the Christian Sabbath, 1863,
2. The Self-Witnessing Character of the New Testament
Christianity, Phila., 1871. 3. Christian Greatness in the
Minister: Discourse on the Life of Rollin Heber Neale,
D.D , Bost., 1880, sq. 12mo. 4. Ralph Waldo Emerson!
N. York, IS84, 12mo. 5. Life Notes; or, Fifty Years
Outlook, Bost., 1887, 12mo.

"No one . . . will come to this little book for history
but for pleasant anecdotes, a filmy panorama of scenes fr
the author's varied experience."—Nation, xlv. 278.

Hahll, Aaron. History of the Arguments for th<
Existence of God, Cin., 1885, 8vo.

Hahn, Anna E. Summer Assembly Days; or
What was Seen, Heard, and Felt at the Nebraska Chau
tauqua: with an Introduction by Rev. A. E. Dimming
Bost., 1888, 12mo.

Hahn, Theophilus, Ph.D., custodian of the Grei
Collection, Cape Town, Ac. Tsuni-Goam, the Suprenj
Being of the Khoi-Khoi, Lon.. 1882, Svo.

Haig, Archibald Swiney. The Officer''
plete Guide, Lon., 1856, 12mo.

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Navigations of North America, Madras, 1863, 8vo.

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College. Dublin; called to the bar at Lincoln's Inn 1838.
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"Mr. Haigh appears to belong to the important class of

fersons who have read more than is good for them. . . .
le has worked with the most praiseworthy diligence upon
a very small portion of history, but he has no notion of
history as a whole."—Sat. Rev., xiii. 263.

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"He has produced a book which seems to contain, in
straightforward and systematic shape, all that there is
say about the subject which he has taken in hand."—S
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"Without wearying his readers by describing at le
events which are as familiar In our mouths as house
words, he contents himself with giving a light sketc
them, and fills in the picture with a personal narr
which to most people will be entirely new."—£5at.
lvi. 839.

Vol. ii., 1885.

*' Contains as clear and connected an account of al
circumstances of the tragedy of the Soudan as we c
present hope to obtain."—Sat. Rev., lix. 619.

4. The Unemployed Problem Solved, Lon., 1888,
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