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FORTIETH CONGRESS-THIRD SESSION. CHAP. II.--Sale at Harper's Ferry.-Sec. 1 | as security or as collateral security for any loan Provides for sale of government property at lar- of money, or for a consideration shall agree to per's Ferry.

withhold the same from use, or shall offer or reCHAP. IV.-Liquor and Tobacco.-Extends ceive the custody or promise of custody of such for a month and a half the tax on liquor and notes as security, or as collateral security, or tobacco of July 20, 1868.

consideration for any loan of money; and any CHAP. VII.-Consular Papers.-Certified ra- national banking association offending against pers of, or filed with United States consular offi- the provisions of this act shall be deemed guilty cers, admitted in evidence in our courts.

of a misdemeanor, and upon conviction thereof CHAP. XIII.-Ilabeas Corpus Extended.- in any United States court baving jurisdiction, The provisions of an act entitled “An act relat- sball be punished by a fine not exceeding one ing to habeas corpus and regulating judicial pro- thousand dollars, and by a furiher eum equal to ceedings in certain cases," approved March 3, one-third of the money so loaned; and the officer 1863, so far as the same relate to the removal of or officers of said bank who shall make such loan causes from the State to the Federal courts, be, cr loans shall be liable for a further sum equal and the same is hereby, declared to extend to to one quarter of the money so loaned; and the any suit or action at law, or prosecution, civil prosecution of such offenders shall be commenced or criminal, which has been cr shall be com- and conducted as provided for the punishment menced in any State court against the owner or of offenses in an act to provide a national curowners of any sbip or vessel, or of any railway, or rency, and the fine or penalty so recovered shall of any line of transportation, firm, or corporation be for the benefit of the party bringing such suit. engaged in business as common carriers of goods, CHAP. XXXIII.- New Assay Office.--Estabwares, or merchandise, for any loss or damage lishes an assay cffice, with necessary officers which may have happened to any goods, wares, and machinery, at Boise City, Idaho. or merchandise whatever, which shall have been CAP. XXXV.-Duties on Machinery. That delivered to any such owner or owners of any machinery for repair may be imported into the ship or vessel, or any railway, or of any line of United States without payment of duty, under transportation, firm, or corporation, engaged in bond to be given in double the appraised value business as common carriers, where such loss or thereof, to be withdrawn and exported after said damage shall have been occasioned by the acts machinery shall have been repaired; and the of those engaged in hostility to the government Secretary of the Treasury is hereby authorized of the United States during the late rebellion, or and directed to prescribe such rules and regulawhere such loss or damage shall have been cc- tions as may be necessary. casioned by any of the forces of the United States, CHAP. XLII.-Collection Districts. - Estabor by any officer in command of such forces : lishes a collection district at Aroostock, Me., and Prorided, That this act shall not be construed enacts that the district of Newark, in the State to affect any contract of insurance for war risks of New Jersey, shall be extended so as to emwhich may have been made with reference to brace all the waters and shores of Newark lay any goods, wares, or merchandise, which shall and the rivers and bays tributary thereto, the have been so destroyed.

northern shore of the strait or passage known as CHAP. XV.-Contested Election8. That any Kill Van Kull, and all that part of the westein register in bankruptcy or notary public, resident shore of the strait or passage known as Staten in a congressional district the right to represent Island sound, er Arthur Kill, which lies north of which is contested, is hereby authorized to take the northern boundary line of the town of Rahthe testimony, and to perform any of the other way. acts which a judge of any court of the United CHAP. XLV.- Truties on Copper and Copper States is authorized to do by the third section of Ores.-That, in lieu of the duties heretofori iman act entitled "An act to prescribe the mode of posed, there shall be paid on the articles herein obtaining evidence in cases of contested elec- enumerated, imported from foreign countries, tions,” approved February 9, 1851.

the following rates, that is to say: in all corper CHAP. XXIX.-Coolie Trade.-Amends the imported in the form of ores, three cents cn cach act to prohibit the importation of Coolies so as pound of fine copper contained therein; on all to include inhabitants of Japan, or any other regulus of copper, and on all black or coarse Oriental country, known as Coolies, as the same copper, four cents on each pound of fine copper affects China.

contained therein; on all old copper, fit cnly for CHAP. XXXI.-Relief to the Poor:--Gives remanufacture, four cents per pound; on all cop$30,000 to the destitute poor of the District of per in plates, bars, ingots, pigs, and in other Columbia. [Not signed-became a law by lapse forms not inanufactured cr herein enumerated, of time.]

including sulphate of copper or blue vitriol, five Chap. XXXII.--To Prevent Loaning Money cents per pound; on copper in rolled plates, on United States Note8.- That no national called bra ziers' coprer, sheet", rods, pipes, and banking association shall hereafter offer or re- copper bottoms, eyelets, and all manufactures of ceive United States notes or national bank notes copper, cr of which copper shall be a ccmponent of chief value, not otherwise herein provided for, Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Comforty-five per centum ad valorem. [Vetoed, but pany, for the construction, operation, and main. readopted.]

tenance of that part of its line of railroad and CHP. XLIX.--The Franking Privilege.-- | telegraph between Denver City and its point of It shall not be lawful for any officer of the gov-connection with the Union Pac.fic Railroad, ernment, member of Congress, or other person which point shall be in Cheyenne, and to adopt entitled by law to the franking privilege, to ex- the roadbed already_graded by said Denver l'a. ercise said privilege otherwise than by his or her cific Railway and Telegraph Company as said written autograph signature upon the matter line, and to grant to said Denver Pacific Railfranked ; and all letters or other mail matter not way and Telegraph Company the perpetual use thus franked by the written signature of a person of its right of way and depot grounds, and to entitled by law to exercise said privilege, shall transfer to it all the rights and privileges, subbe charged with the rates of postage which are ject to all the obligations pertaining to said part now, or may be hereafter, established by law. of its line. That the said Union Pacific Rail

CHAP. L.-Members of the IIouse of Repre- way Company, eastern division, shall extend its sentatives of Montana hereafter to be elected for railroad and telegraph to a connection at the two years.

city of Denver, so as to form with that part of CHAP. LII.-Brevet Commissions.-From and its line herein authorized to be constructed, after the passage of this act, commissions by operated, and maintained by the Denver Pacific brevet shall only be conferred in time of war, Railway and Telegraph Company, a continuous and for distinguished conduct and public service line of railroad and telegraph from Kansas in presence of the enemy. And all brevet com- City, by way of Denver to Cheyenne. And all missions shall bear date from the particular ac- the provisions of law for the operation of the tion or service for which the officer was brevetted. Union Pacific Railroad, its branches and con

CHAP. LIV.-Duties on Spanish Vessels.-0f nections, as a continuous line, without discrimSpanish vessels coming from any port or place ination, shall apply the same as if the road in Spain or ber colonies, where no discriminat- from Denver to Cheyenne had been constructed ing or countervailing duties on tonnage are by the said Union Pacific Railway Company, levied upon vessels of the United States, or castern division but nothing herein shall aufrom any other port or place to and with which thorize the said eastern division company to vessels of the United States are crdinarily per- operate the road or fix the rates of tariff for the mitted to go and trade, there shall be exacted Denver Pacific Railway and Telegraph Conipany. in the ports of the United States no other or That said companies are berety authorized to greater duty on tonnage than is or shall be ex- mortgage their respective portions of said road, acted of vessels of the United States.

as herein defined, for an amount not exceeding CHAP. LVI.-Refunding Money Paid for thirty-two thousand dollars per mile, to enable Substitutes.-That so much of the second sec- them respectively to borrow money to construct tion of an act cntitled "An act for the relief of the same; and that each of said companies certain drafted men, as provides that said sec- shall receive patents to the alternate sections of tion "sball apply only to claims received at the land along their respective lines of road, as War Department prior to its passage,” te, and herein defined, in like manner and within the the same is hereby, repealed : Proriiled, hou- same limits as is provided by law in the case of eter, That all claims under said second section lands granted to the Union Pacific Railway Comof said act shall be presented and filed within pany, castern division: Provided, That neither two years from the date of the final passage of of the companies hereinbefore mentioned shall this act, and not afterwards.

be entitled to subsidy in United States bonds CHAP. LVII.-Pay of Deputy Collectors in under the provisions of this act. Certain Case8.-That any deputy collector of CHAP. CXXIX.--Railroads in Oregon.internal revenue who has performed, or may Granting right of way through public lands in hereafter perform, under authority or require- Washington Territory to the Wallawalla and ment of law, the duties of collector of internal Columbia River Railroad, under usual rerevenue in consequence of any vacancy in the strictions. office of such collector, shall be entitled to and CHAP. CXXX.--Reports from Danke.--Rereceive so much of the same pay and compensa- quires five reports each year to the comptroller tion as is provided by law for such collector; of the currency, according to the form which but no such payment shall in any case be made may be prescribed by him, verified by the cath when the collector has received or is entitled to cf the president or cashier, and attested by the receive compensation for services rendered dur signature of at least three directors; which reing the same period of time. That those per- port shall exhibit the resources and liabilities of sons who held the office of distillery inspector the association at the close of business on any on the 2d of March, 1867, and who continued to past day to be by him specified; and the report, perform the duties of that office in ignorance of in the same form in which it is made to the the repeal of the statute creating it, be paid at comptroller, shall be published in a newspaper the rate of five dollars per day for such time published in the place where such association is prior to April 1, 1867, as they were actually em- established, or if there be no newspaper in the ployed, the amounts so paid to be approved by place, then in the one published nearest thereto the commissioner of internal revenue, and paid in the same county, at the expense of the assoout of the appropriation for assessing and col. ciation. And the comptroller shall have power lecting the internal revenue.

to call for special reports from any particular CHAP. CXXVII.-Pacific Railway. - That association whenever in his judgment the same the Union Pacific Railway Company, eastern shall be necessary in order to a full and condivision, be authorized to contract with the plete knowledge of its condition. Any associa

tion failing to make and transmit any such re- which resulted in the capture of New Orleans, port shall be subject to a penalty of one hundred and which by law would have been entitled to dollars for each day after five days that such prize money in the captures made by said vessels, bank skall delay to make and transmit any re-ball be now entitled to the benefits of the prize port as aforesaid; and in case any association laws in the same manner as they would bave shall delay or refuse to pay the penalty lierein been had the district court for the eastern disimposed when the same shall be assessed by the trict of Louisiara been then open and the capcomptroller of the currency, the amount of such tures made by said vessels had been libelled penalty may be retained by the Treasurer of the therein; and any court of the United States United Statez, upon the order of the comptroller having admiralty jurisdiction may take and have of the currency, out of the interest, as it may cognizance of all cases arising out of said capbecome due to the association, on the bonds tures, and the same proceedings shall be had deposited with him to secure circulation; and therein as in other cases of prize. all sums of money collected for penalties under CHAP. CXXXIX.-Brooklyn Bridge.- That this section shall be paid into the treasury of the bridge across the East River, between the the United States. That, in addition to said re cities of New York and Brocklyn, in the State of porte, cach national banking association shall New York, to be constructed under and by virtue report to the comptroller of the currency the of an act of the legislature of the State of York, amount of each dividend declared, and the entitled “ An act to incorporate the New York amount of net earnings in excess of said divi- Bridge Company, for the purpose of constructing dends, wbich report eball be made within ten and maintaining I ridge over the East River bedays after the declaration of each dividend, tween the cities of New York and Drooklyn," and attested by the oath,

passed April si.iteenth, eighteen hundred and Chap. CXXXIII.--In Relation to Bounties. sixty-seven, is hereby declared to be, when com- That when a soldier's discharge states that he pleted in accordance with the aforesaid law of is discharged by reason of "expiration of term ihe State of New York, a lawful structure and of service," he shall be held to have completed post-road for the conveyance of the mails of the the full term of his enlistment, and entitled to United States: Prorided, That the said bridge bounty accordingly. That the widow, minor shall be so constructed and built as not to obchildren, or parents, in the order named, of any struct, impair, or injuriously modify the navigasoldier who shall lave died, after being honor- tion of the river; and in order to secure a comably discharged from the military service of the pliance with these conditions, the company, United States, shall be cntitled to receive the previous to commencing the construction of the additional bounty, to wbich such soldier would bridge, shall submit to the Secretary of War a be entitled if living, under the provisions of the plan of the bridge, with a detailed map of the twelfth and thirteenth sections of an act en- river at the proposed site of the bridge, and for titled " An act making appropriations for sundry the distance of a mile above and below the eite, civil expenses of the government for the year exhibiting the depths and currents at all points ending June 13, 1867, and for other purposes, of the game, together with all other information and the said provisions of said act shall be so touching said bridge and river as may be deemed construed. That all claims for the additional requisite by the Secretary of War, to determine bounties granted in sections twelve and thirteen whether the said bridge, when built, will conform of the act of July 28, 1866, shall, after the first to the prescribed conditions of the act, not to obcf May next, be adjusted and settled by the ac- struct, impair, cr injuriously modify the navigacounting cfficers of the treasury under the pro- tion of the river. That the Secretary of War is visions of said act; and all such claims as may hereby authorized and directed, lipon receiving on the said first of May le rem ining ir the said plan and mar and other information, and office of the paymaster-general unsettled shall upon being satisfied that a bridge built on such be transferred to the record auditor of the plan and at said locality will conform to the treasury for settlement. [N.B.-The provisions prescribed conditions of this act, not to obstruct, of this act were limited to the 1st of December, impair, or injuriously modify the navigation of 1869, after which no claims could be received.] said river, to notify the said company that he

CHAP. CXXXV.-Certifying Checks.-It shall approves the same; and upon receiving such be unlawful for any officer, clerk, cr agert of ary notification the said company may proceed national bank to certisy any check drawn upon to the erection of sail bridge, conforming strictsaid bark, unless the person or compary craw- ly to the approved plan and location. Puit ing said check shall have on deposit in said bank until the Secretary of War approve the plan and at the time such check is certified an amount of Iccation of said bridge, and notify said company money equal to the amount specificd in such of the same in writing, the bridge shall not be check; and any check so certified by duly au built cr commenced ; and should any change te th-rized officers shall be a good and valid obli- madein the plan of the bridge during the progress gation against such hank; and any officer, clerk, of the work therern, such change shall be subject cr agent of any national bank violating the pro- likewise to the approval of the Secretary of War. visions of this act shall subject such bank to the That Congress shall hare power at any time to liabilities and proceedings on the part of the alter, amend, cr repeal this act. comptroller as provided for in section fifty of the CHAP. CXLI.- Lätradition of Criminals.national banking law, approved June third, cigh- That whenever any person who shall liave been teen hundred and sixty-four.

delivered by any foreign government to an agent CHAP. CXXXVII.- Prize Money.—That the or agents of the United States for the purpose of vessels attached to or connected with Admiral being brought within the l’nited States and tried Farragut's Neet in the river Mississippi, which for any crime of which he is duly accused, the participated in tlic osching of that river, and President shall have power to take all necessary

measures for the transportation and safe-keeping and which may have been committed since said of such accused person, and for his security States went into rebellion, be, and hereby is, exagainst lawless violence, until the final conclu- tended for the period of two years from and sion of his trial for the crimes or offenses specified after [the time when] said States are or may be in the warrant of extradition, and until his final restored to representation in Congress: Prodiscbarge from custody or imprisonment for or vided, however, that the provisions hereof shall on account of such crimes or offenses, and for a not apply to treason or other political offenses. reasonable time thereafter. And it shall be lawful for the President, or such person as he may

RESOLUTIONS. empower for that purpose, to employ such por No. 2.- Monuments to Generals.-Grants tion of the land er naval forces of the United condemned cannon for a monument to General States, or of the militia thereof, as may be neces- Kearney. [Another resolution does the same sary for the safe-keeping and protection of the for the McPherson monument.] accused as aforesaid. That any person duly ap No. 8.- Provisional Gorernments. - That pointed as agent to receive in behalf of the Uni- the persons now holding civil offices in the proted States the delivery by a foreign government visional governments of Virginia and Texas, who of any person accused of crime committed with cannot take and subscribe the oath prescribed by in the jurisdiction of the United States, and to the act entitled “ An act to prescribe an oatb of convey him to the place of bis trial, shall be, and office, and for other purposes,” shall, on the hereby is, "ested with all the powers of a mar- 1 passage of this resolution, be removed therefrom; shal of the United States in the several districts and it shall be the duty of the district commandthrough wbich it may be necessary for him to ers to fill the vacancies so created by the appointpass with such prisoner, so far as such power is ment of persons who can take said oath: Prorequisite for his safe-keeping. That if any per- vided, That the provisions of this resolution son or persons shall knowingly and willfully ob- shall not apply to persons who by reason of the struct, resist, or oppose such agent in the execu- removal of their disabilities as provided in the tion of his duties, or shall rescue, or attempt to fourteenth amendment to the Constitution shall rescue, such prisoner, whether in the custody of have qualified for any office in pursuance of the the agent aforesaid, or of any marshal, sheriff, act entitled “ An act prescribing an oath of office jailer, or other officer or person to whom his cus- by persons from whom legal disabilities shall tody may have lawfully been committed, every have been removed,” approved July eleventh, person so knowingly and willfully offending in eighteen hundred and sixty-eight: And prothe premises shall, on conviction thereof before vided further, That this resolution shall not the district or circuit court of the United States take effect until thirty days from and after its for the district in which the offense was commit- passage: And it is further provided, that this ted, be fined not exceeding one thousand dollars, resolution shall be, and is hereby, extended to and imprisoned not exceeding one year.

and made applicable to the State of Mississippi. CHAP. CXLII.-Execution of Judgments in [Not signed; became a law after ten days.] Capital Cases.-That whenever a judgment of No. 14.-Fifteenth Amendment.--That the death has been, or shall hereafter be, rendered following article be proposed to the legislatures in any court of the United States, and the case of the several States as an amendment to the has been, or shall hereafter be, carried to the Su- Constitution of the United States, which, when preme Court of the United States by appeal or ratified by three-fourths of said legislatures, sball writ of error, in pursuance of law, it shall be the be valid as part of the Constitution, namely: duty of the court rendering such judgment, by ART. XV. Sec. 1. The right of citizens of the order of court, to postpone the execution thereof | United States to vote shall not be denied or from time to time and from term to term until abridged by the United States or by any State the mandate of the Supreme Court in such case on account of race, color, or previous condition shall have been received and entered upon the of servitude. records of the lower court; and in case such Sec. 2. The Congress shall have power to erjudgment is affirmed by the Supreme Court, it force this article by appropriate legislation. shall be the duty of the court rendering the No. 19.- Publication of Debates.—That the original judgment to appoint a day for the exe- joint committee of Congress on public printing cution thereof; and in case of reversal by the is hereby authorized to contract, on behalf of the Supreme Court, such further proceedings shall general government, with Rives and Bailey for be had in the lower court as the Supreme Court the reporting and publication of the debates in may direct.

Congress for the term of two years, on and from CHAP. CXLVII. - Territorial Electione. the 4th day of March, 1869: Provided, That, That elections in the Territories of Washington before the United States shall be called on to pay and Idaho for delegates to the House of Repre- for any reporting or publication of the debates, sentatives of the forty-second Congress shall be the accounts therefor shall be submitted to the held on the first Monday of June, 1870, and joint committee on public printing, or to such afterwards biennially on the first Monday of other officer or officers of Congress as they may June; and such officers in said Territories as designate, and on their or his approbation thereare now elected at the same time with their dele- of, as being in all respects according to the congates shall be elected for offices thereafter to be tracts, it shall be paid for from the treasury of filled at the times herein specified, unless other the United States, after having passed the proper wise provided by the laws of said Territory. accounting officers thereof. That in case the

CHAP. CXLVIII. - Indictments in Reb l joint committee on public printing are unable to State8.-That the time for finding indictments conclude a satisfactory contract with the said in the courts of the United States in the late Rives and Bailey, or that they be unable to fulfill rebel States for offenses cognizable by said courts, any contract that they may make, the joint com.

mittee on printing be authorized to have the de- sand dollars, or so much thereof as may be nebates reported and printed under the direction of cessary. the Congressional printer at the Government No. 21.-Bridge over the Ohio.--Gives conprinting office. That for the purpose aforesaid sent of Congress to the building of the bridge there be appropriated and paid, out of any over the Ohio, at Cincinnati. money in the treasury not otherwise appropri. No. 22.- The Fur Trade.-To protect fur-seal ated, the sum of three hundred and fifty thou- 1 fisheries in Alaska.

FORTY-FIRST CONGRESS-FIRST SESSION. CHAP. I. - To Strengthen the Public Credit., duties of such suspended officer in the mean -In order to remove any doubt as to the pur time; and such person so designated shall take pose of the Governmenu to discharge all just ob- the oaths and give the bonds required by law to ligations to the public creditors, and to settle | be taken and given by the suspended officer, and conflicting questions and interpretations of the shall, during the time he performs his duties, be laws by virtue of which such obligations have entitled to the salary and emoluments of such been contracted, it is hereby provided and de- office, no part of which shall elong to the officlared that the faith of the United States is sol. cer suspended ; and it shall be the duty of the emnly pledged to the payment, in coin or its President, within thirty days after the comequivalent, of all the obligations of the United mencement of each session of the Senate, except States not bearing interest, known as United for any office which in his opinion ought not to States notes, and of all the interest-bearing obli- be filled, to nominate persons to fill all vacancies gations of the United States, except in cases in office which existed at the meeting of the Senwhere the law authorizing the issue of any such ate, whether temporarily filled or not, and also obligation has expressly provided that the same in the place of all officers suspended; and if ihe may be paid in lawful money or other currency Senate during such session shall refuse to advise than gold and silver. But none of said interest and consent to an appointment in the place of bearing obligations not already due shall be re- any suspended officer, then, and not otherwise, deemed or paid before maturity unless at such the President shall nominate another person as time United States notes shall be convertible soon as practicable to said session of the Senate into coin at the option of the holder, or unless at for said office. such time bonds of the United States bearing a CHAP. XI.-Frąuds on the Currency.--Makes lower rate of interest than the bonds to be re- those who aid principal offenders in frauds upon deemed can be sold at par in coin. And the the currency equally punishable with the main United States also solemnly pledges its faith to offenders. make provision, at the earliest practicable pe- CHAP. XII.-Mexican Claims.-Directs the riod, for the redemption of the United States appointment of a commissioner to adjust Mexinotes in coin.

can claims under the convention of July 4, 1868. CHAP. III.- For thefurther security of Equal His compensation not to exceed $4,500 in curRights in the District of Columbia.-l'he word rency per annum. Mexico is to appoint a com

· white," wherever it occurs in the laws relating missioner with equal powers. to the District of Columbia, or in the charter or CHAP. XIV.- Freedmen's Hospitals. - The ordinances of the cities of Washington or George commissioner of the bureau of refugees and town, and operates as a limitation on the right freedmen is authorized and directed to continue of any elector of such District, or of either of the the freedmen's hospitals at Richmond, Virginia ; cities, to hold any office, or to be selected and to Vicksburg, Mississippi; and in the District of serve as a juror, be, and the same is hereby, re. Columbia, including the asylum for aged and pealed, and it shall be unlawful for any person infirm freedmen, and for orphan children; exor officer to enforce or attempt to enforce such penses to come from money heretofore approprilimitation after the passage of this act.

ated for the bureau; the hospitals to be disconCHAP. IX.--Chief of Staff.- Abolishes the tinued as soon as may be practicable, at the office of chief of staff to the general of the army. discretion of the President.

CHAP. X.-Civil Offices. -- Amends the act CHAP. XVI - Indian Matters.-- This is the of March 2, 1867, so that every person holding regular appropriation bill, to which was added a any civil office to which he has been or hereafter clause under which the military and Quaker Inmay be appointed, by and with the advice and dian Peace Commissioners were organized. consent of the Senate, and who shall have be- CHAP. XVII.–Submission of Southern State come duly qualified to act therein, shall be en- Constitutions. That the President, at such titled to hold such office during the term for time as he may deem best for the public interest, which he shall have been appointed, unless may submit the Constitution of Virginia to the sooner removed by and with the advice and con- voters registered at the time of submission, and sent of the Senate, or by the appointment, with may submit separately such provisions as he may the like advice and consent, of a successorin his deem best; such vote to be taken either upon place, except as herein otherwise provided. Dur- each of said provisions alone, or in connection ing any recess of the Senate the President is em- with other portions, as the President may direct. powered, in his discretion, to suspend any civil At the same election the electors may elect memofficer appointed by and with the advice and con- bers of the General Assembly, and all officers sent of the Senate, except judges of the United provided for by said Constitution, also for memStates Courts, until the end of the next session bers of Congress. The commanding officer in of the Senate, and to designate some suitable Virginia shall cause the registry lists to be reperson, subject to be removed in his discretion vised before this election, appointing such regisby the designation of another, to perform the trars as he deems necessary. [The act provides

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