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The ruddy glow of perfect health--
These are the riches men should seek,

These are, indeed, the truest wealth."

The use of the Plantation Bitters is unparalleled in the history of the world. Over three million bottles are disposed of annually. They are adapted to old and young, male and female. They are agreeable in taste, and always produce an immediate beneficial result. They purify, strengthen, and invigorate, and are exhausted nature's great restorer.

We have watched the course of so many distressed, emaciated, and forlorn dyspeptics, who have taken a new lease of life, and gradually received new vigor, strength, health, and the power of social pleasures—from the effects of the Plantation Bitters—that we are not surprised at the testimonials we receive, although our readers may be. It is a pleasure to do good in the world, but our measure is more than full. We had no conception of the wide-spread suffering which exists, or of the almost infallible cures produced by these Bitters, when we first commenced offering them for sale. We now find every honse has a weak child, an ailing parent, o” a debilitated aged member who needs this tonic.

With Dyspeptics everything goes wrong. Food does not digest; sleep does not refresh; wine does not cheer; smiles do not gladden; music does not charm; nor can any other joy enter the breast of the miserable dyspeptic. You must get rid of it or it will become seated and confirmed, and life will get to be a burden and existence a curse. Plantation Bitters will do away with all this. New life, strength, and energy will take possession of you; the damask will again bloom upon your cheek, and the luster in your eye will again be as bright as in your healthiest, happiest, and most joyous days. Plantation Bitters are sold by all Druggists and Dealers of repute in America.


is now considered by all ladies and gentlemen who understand its action, to be an indispensable toilet luxury. A small quantity of it mingled with the bath, has a marked and delightful effect; while for bathing the head, face, and hands, ITS FRESHENING AND COOLING AROMA cause it to be extensively sought after by those who appreciate refined and luxurious elegance. So potent is its influence in allaying the flushed appearance induced by heat and toil, in causing a healthful glow upon the wan cheek of the feeble, and in adding to beauty a new and fresher bloom, that it has frequently been compared to the enchanted waters of the

Fountain of Perennial Youth.

P. H. DRAKE & CO.,


PRICE REDUCED! From every quarter, friends write us that systematic, determined efforts are making, and with considerable success, to push into circulation journals which sympathized with the Rebellion during its progress, and are now moved and inspired by its fundamental principle that Liberty is rightfully the birthright, not of all men, but of White men, that Blacks have no rights which Whites are bound to respect. A desperate effort is preparing to give ascendency to this Reactionary principle in our Government through the triumph of its champions in the choice of our next President and Congress.

The journals thus crowded into circulation by offering them at cost are neither so large or so varied in their contents, nor produced at anything like the cost of THE TRIBUNE. They are political merely or mainly, while our columns are more generally filled with Foreign Correspondence, Farming Intelligence, Literature, &c., &c.

Nevertheless, in deference to the representations of our friends, and in view of the momentous issues of our Presidential struggle now opening, we have resolved to offer THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE for 1868 to clubs of fifty or more for ONE DOLLAR PER ANNUM: That is to say: for fifty dollars we will send to one address fifty copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE for one year, and any larger number at the same rate. Our prices will be One copy, one year, 52 issues .....

$2 00 Five copies, to names of Subscribers .

9 00 Ten copies, to names of Subscribers

15 00 And one copy extra to the getter up of the club. Additional copies at same price. Twenty copies, to names of Subscribers

27 00 And one copy extra to the getter up of the club. Additional copies at same price. Fifty copies, to names of Subscribers..

55 00 And one copy to getter up of club. Additional copies at same price. Twenty copies, to one address

25 00 And one copy to getter up of club. Additional copies at same price. Fifty copies, to one address.

50 00 And one copy to getter up of club. Additional copies at same price. One hundred copies, to one address

100 00 And one copy Semi-Weekly Tribune to getter up of club. Additional copies at same price.

This offer shall remain open for the entire month of January.

No newspaper so large and complete as THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE, was ever before offered at so low a price. Even when our Currency was at par with gold, no such paper but THE TRIBUNE was offered at that price; and THE TRIBUNE then cost us far less than it now does. But the next election must be carried for Liberty and Loyalty, and we mean to do our part toward effecting that consummation,

We believe that the circulation of half a million copies of THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE during the coming year would be more effectual in influencing and confirming voters than five times their cost spent in the ordinary way just before election. Almost every Republican knows honest Democrats, who need only to be undeceived in order to vote right in the coming contest. S that such are supplied with THE WEEKLY TRIBUNE. It costs bu little, and the result will be permanent.

to it

New-York Semi-Weekly


Mail subscribers, 1 copy, 1 year, 104 numbers.

$4 00
2 copies, do do

7 00 Do 5 copies, or over, for each copy

3 00 Persons remitting for 10 copies $30, will receive an extra copy six months. Persons remitting for 15 copies $45, will receive an extra copy one year. For $100 we will send thirty-four copies and THE DAILY TRIBUNE.

THE NEW YORK DAILY TRIBUNE is published every morning (Sundays excepted) at $10 per year; $5 for six months.

Portrait of Horace Greeley. On receipt of $2 for the WEEKLY, $4 for the SEMIWEEKLY, or $10 for the DAILY TRIBUNE, we will send a copy of Ritchie's Fine Steel Engraved Portrait of Horace Greeley, to any person who asks for it at the time of subscribing. One will likewise be sent to any person who forwards a Club of TEN or more Semi-Weeklies. Terms, cash in advance.


THE TRIBUNE, New York, Back Sets of Almanacs.--"The Politician's Register,” “Whig Almanac," and "The Tribune Almanac," have been reproduced as far back as 1838, and bound in 2 volumes. Price $10 for the set. For particulars, see page 73 of this Almanac.


118 and 121 Nassau Street, New York,





Eclipses in 1869.


Rising and Setting of Mercury


Table of the Total Eclipse of the Sun...

Jewish and Mohammedan Calendars


Planetary and Stellar Phenomena.......


Cycles and Church Days..


Star Table, the Seasons, Evening and Morning Stars..

Calendars-Sun Rising and Setting, Moon Rising and Setting

and Changes, Rising and Setting of Planets, Noon Mark,

High Water, sidereal Noon, Moon South, &c....

5 to 16


Impeachment, Trial and Acquital of President Johnson, with

votes thereon...

17 to 26

Platforms in 1868- Republican and Democratic-Letters of

Grant, Colfax, Seymour and Blair, and Blair's Broadhead

Letter-Ballots in Conventions...

26 to 34

Abstracts of Laws and Public Resolutions passed during the

Second Session of the XLth Congress.

35 to 45

Proclamation of General Amnesty.


Proc amation of Adoption of XIVth Amendment..


President Johnson's Last Amnesty Proclamation..


Electoral Vote for President since 1852....


United States Government-Ministers Abroad..


Senators and Representatives in XLth Congress.

52 to 54

Senators and Representatives in XLIst Congress..

55 to 56

Election Returns in 1868-Vote for President compared with

1864-Vote for Congressmen, State Officers, on Constitu-

tional Amendments, &c.-Politics of State Legislatures... 57 to 88

Public Debt-Financial Statements for Several Years....... 48 to 49

States of the Union-Area, Population, Capitals, Governors,

Terms, Meeting of Legislature, and day of State Election. 50

[merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors][merged small][merged small][merged small][ocr errors]




in 1867


PAGE, PAGE. Names of Committee on Re

AMNESTY. Mercury-Rising and setting.. I solutions.

28-29 Froclamation of July 4, 1868.45 Eclipses in 1869.

1 Soldiers' and Sailors' Plat- Proclamation of Dec, 25, 1868.16 Table of principal... 2

form (Democratic).......30-31 Calendars-Jewish and Mo- Vice-President-Ballots for...31 Proclamation Concerning....46

FOURTEENTH AMENDMENT. hammedan.. 2 Seymour's Letter of Accept

Certificate of Ratification... 47 Planetary Phenomena


31-33 Concurrent Resolution on....47 Cycles of Time

3 Blzir's Letter of AcceptChurch Fast and Feast Days. 3


33-34 Star Table-Meridian, rising Blair's Trotter to Col. Broad

Votes for President from 1852 and setting:



to 1868... Morning and Evening Stars.. 4 ACTs or XLTI CONGRESS. Seasons of the year...

Railroad-Right of Way at Months - Calendars showing Wc8" Point.

National Finances,

:35 Changes of the Moon, rising Cottor exempt from internal and setting of Planets, Noon tax..


Public Debt, Dec. I, 1868, Mark, Siderial Noon, rising Appronriations for Deficien- compared with samé date and setting of Sun and cies.

.35 Moon, Moon South, High Bounties--Act regulating.... 35 Expenses of the Government Water, for all the States..5-16 Witnesses, protection of..


in 1858, 1866, 1867, 1868... .49 Lands resto ed to market.

Reconstruct on -

- Amending

Act of Mai h, 1867
THE GOVERNMENT. Appropriatic is for Military

:35 Election Returns for Cabinet-the President's. .51 Academy


1868. Congress Members of the Appropriations for Post Of XLth

By States and Counties, for 52 tice.

.35 Congress - Members of the Appropriations-Diplomatic..36

President, compared with the XLIst. 55 Tobacco--Tax taken off 36

vote in 1864; Congress in 1868, Executive Officers-General.:51 Deficiency Bill...


Legislatures and Constitu Foreign Ministers.

Lands granted to Nevada. 51

tional Amendments.

36 Judiciary-Supreme Court...51 Appropriations--Naval...

36 Alabama.. Territories-Delegates from..54 Admission to Congress of Ar- Arizona..

SITES OF THE UNION. kansas and other States....36 Arkansas Area; White Population in Eight-hour Law

.37 California. 1850; White, Colored, In- Supreme Court-Vacancy of Colorado dian, and Total Population Chief Justice, how filled...37 Connecticut, (by towns.). in 1860; Increase and Per- Vessels-Registering act re- Dakota.

88 centage of Increase of pealed..

37 Delaware. Population from 1850

.67 to Freedmen's Bureau--Act to

Florida.. 1860; Capitals; Governors, continue.


.37 Georgia.. their Salaries and Term of Oath of Office prescribed. .37 Idaho Office Time of Meeting of Appropriations --Legislative, Illinois. Legislatures; Time of State Executive, &c..

38 Indiana. Elections, newly revised Appropriations -- Miscellane- Iowa... and corrected.. 50

Kansas Territories-Capitalsand Goy- Officers cashiered cannot be Kentucky. ernors of..


38 Louisiana.. IMPEACEMENT OF THE PRES- Internal Revenue Laws


Articles of Impeachment;

Vacancies in Cabinet, &c., Massachusetts. effort to remove Secretary how filled..

38 Michigan Pensions-Invalid and other.39 Minnesota

73 Stanton; resolutions and

74 votes thereon. . 17-19 Deficiency Bill for 1868. :39 Mississippi.

80 Actual Impeachment resolu- Wyoming -- Territorial Gov.


85 tion and vote thereon.......20 ernment for.

.39 Nebraska..

88 Articles of Impeachment..20–24 Limitation Act in certain Nevada.

86 Votes on the Articles, .....24-25 cases

:39 New Hampshire... Answer of the President......25 National Life Insurance Com

New Jersey, (by towns.) Organization of the Senate as pany

39 New York, (by towns.). a Court of Impeachment...25 Freedmen's Bureau-Provid:

New York City.

62 Notes ní the Proceedings, ..25 ing to discontinue.... ....39 North Carolina Acquittal of the President-- Postal Laws--Act amending..40 Ohio

:33 The Vote

.26 Alaska--$7.200.000 in gold for.41 Oregon NATIONAL PLATFORMS AND Appropriations, Indian P’pt.41 Pennsylvania... LETTERS.

Rights of American citizens Rhode Island.. Republican Platform at Chi. abroad.

:41 South Carolina. cag

.26-27 Revenue-To prevent frauds Tennessee Names of Committee on Re- on...

.41 Texas..

82 solutions. :26 Settlers-Rights of on Public


63 Soldiers' and Sailors' Plat- Lands..

.41 West Virginia.

68 27 Bankruptcy Law-Amending.41 Wisconsin. form (Republican.).. Grant's Letter

72 of Accept- Steamers-To provide an ance... .27 American line..

SUMMARY-showing. vote by

.41 Colfax's Letter of Accept- Pensions-Amended Act.

States and majorities in 1860,

.42 ance... 27-28 Alaska-Laws extended over.44

1864 and 1868

88 Vice-President-Ballots for...28 Judicial Proceedings regu- ELECTORAL VOTES for PresiDemocratic Platform at New lated.

.44 dent in 1852, 1856, 1860, 1864, York... ..28-31 Public Resolutions..

-44 and 1868....




Astronomical Department, Computed and arranged expressly for this WORK, by SAMUEL H. WRIGHT, A, M., M. D.,

Penn Yan, Yates County, N. Y.

The rising and setting of Mercury, when near its greatest elongation from the Sun, for Washing. ton. At the times given below, it will probably be visible.



January. o sets. May. o sets. Sept. o sets. March. o rises. July. • rises. Nov. o rises.

30... 31...

H. M.
8 3
8 2
8 1

[blocks in formation]

H. M.
6 48
6 46
6 44

24 25 26 27 28

Feb. 1...

H. M.

20 21' 22 23 24

19 20 21 22 23

1. M.
3 26
3 26
3 26
3 27
3 27

18 19 20 21

5 2

6 43

2... 3...

7 58 7 56

6 41

Mercury is brightest when at an elongation of about 22° 19', which occurs about three days before its greatest elongation east and three days after its greatest elongation west, and is always between the greatest elongation and superior conjunction. Venus is brightest between inferior conjunction and greatest elongation, and when its elongation is about 39° 44'.

Eclipses for 1869,
There will be four Eclipses this year, two of the Sun and two of the Moon, as follows:

I. A partial Eclipse of the Moon, January 27th, in the evening, visible. Size, 0.458 of the diamter, or 5.496 digits, on the northern limb. See the following table for the time.

II. An Annular Eclipse of the Sun, February 11th, invisible in North America. Visible in the southern part of South America, or south of 20° latitude, and in the southern part of Africa.

III. A partial Eclipse of the Moon, July 23d, invisible in America. Visible in Eastern Asia, and Australia. Size, 0.566 of the diameter, or 6.792 digits on the southern limb.

IV. A TOTAL ECLIPSE OF THE SUN, August 7th, in the afternoon, visible either as a total, or a large partial Eclipse, throughout Eastern Asia, and all of North America and the West Indies. This will be the most interesting Eclipse that has occurred or will occur in the United States for many years.

The Eclipse first begins on the earth at sunrise in the Pacific Ocean, east of Japan, in-lat. 36° 53.3' N.; long. 138° 37.4' W. of Washington. It becomes total first upon the earth in Siberia, at sunrise, in lat. 52° 41.9 N.; long. 165° 26.4' W. of Washington. The Eclipse is total at noon in Alaska, lat. 61° 46.9 N.; long. 68° 4.6' W. The line of the total Eclipse now runs southeasterly, grazing the coast near Sitka, thence running off into British America, and entering the United States near the origin of Milk River, long. 30° W.; thence through the southwest corner of Minnesota, and diagonally through Iowa, crossing the Mississippi River near Burlington, Iowa; thence through Illinois, just north of Springfield, and crossing the Ohio River near Louisville, Ky. ; thence through the southwest corner of West Virginia, and through North Carolina, just south of Raleigh, and thence to Newbern, and entering the Atlantic just north of Beaufort, N. C., and end. ing at sunset in the ocean, in lat. 31° 15.2' N., and long. 9° 36.6' E.

Along the line described above, the Eclipse will be total, and at all other places in the United States it will be partial. The partial Eclipse ends on the earth at sunset, in lat. 14° 48.9' N.; long. 13° 10' W., being near the city of Guatemala. Along the Atlantic coast, in the United States, the Eclipse ends at about sunset. For the times of the phases of this Eclipse, see the following table.

This Eclipse occurred last in 1851, July 28th, and the total phase was visible in the Arctic regions of America, and in Sweden, Norway, and Russia.

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