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US 10093.6 (1865-73)



26 Idaho

Astronomical, &c.

PAGE 1 PAGE. Howard University Incorpo Reconstruction Act of March Calendars (January to De


.25 2, 1867 cember); Changes of the Imprisonment for Debt 26 Reconstruction Act, SuppleMoon; Planets on the Me. Judges, allotment of

24 mental of, March 23, 1867. ridian; Sun on the Noon- Judge Advocate... .22 Reconstruction Act, Supplemark, 'sidereal Noon, Ris- Lighthouses.

mental of, June 19, 1867..... ing and Setting of the Sun Mails to Sandwich Islands...26 Representatives from Nonand Moon throughout the Meetings of Congress

19 Reconstructed States, How United States, Highwater, Military Academy.

Admitted.. Moon's apogee and peri Montana Territory

22 .5-16 Navy, Rank of Officers. 25 gee ..

PROGRESS OF IMPARTIAL Characters explained

SUFFRAGE. 2 Nebraska, admission of. 20

Congress on Suffrage.. Conjunctions, Lunar and Orphan Home..

.21 Planetary 2 Passengers, Protection of....22

State Legislatures on Suf

frage. Cycles and Church Days

2 Pay of Army Officers.
Eclipsus for

the Year
1867 1 Penitentiaries in Territories.19

How Surveyors get the Vari-


.20 Reports and Vote on Im. ation of the Needle... 4 Peonage Abolished. .26 peaching President JohnJewish and Mahometan Cal. Printer to Congress

.21 Bon... endas..

3 Proclamations Declared Morning and Evening Stars Valid

24 Election Returns. and the Four Seasons 4 Rebel States, Government of 23 Alabama Planets, movements of. i Robbery of United States,

Arizona Sixty-one Bright Stars 4 How Punished..

26 Arkansas. Tide Table of 110 Places . 3 Smithsonian Institution. 20 California


.21-22 Colorado

Tenure of Civil Offices 23 Connecticut.

Town Sites on Public Lands.26 Dakota
Cabinet-the President's .37 Volunteers, Rights of . 25 Delaware
Congress - Members of Writs of Error.

26 Florida. XLth .38-40 Wool, Provides

Revenue Georgia Executive Officers-General.37)

from Imported...

Illinois .. Foreign Ministers.

.37 PUBLIC RESOLUTIONS. Judiciary--Supreme Court ..37 Agricultural College. .27 Indiana. Post-offices of Members of

Alcohol, Tax on

:27 Indian Territory Congress

Iowa .38-40 Alcohol'in Bond


Kangas Territories-Delegates from.40 Brazil, Thanks to the Legis

lature of.

27 Kentucky STATES OF THE UNION. Compensation to Civil Off

Louisiana. Area; White Population in


27 Maine... 1850; White, Colored, In

David's Island, Purchase Maryland dian, and Total Population Authorized

.27 Massachusetts in 1860; Increase and Per

Disabled Volunteers, Asylum Michigan centage of Increase of


27 Minnesota.
Population from 1850 to
1860; Capitals; Governors,

Field, Cyrus W., Thanks to..27 Mississippi
Kentucky Militia

their Salaries and Term of
Medals to Soldiers.

26 Montana. Office; Time of Meeting of National Banking Associa

Nebraska. Legislatures; Time of state


27 Nevada. Elections....

.71 Ocean Mails from San Fran New Hampshire AOTS OF CONGRESS.

cisco to Portland, Oregon..27 New Jersey. Albany a Port of Entry. .26 Paris Exposition..

.26 New Mexico Amnesty and Pardon. .19 Payments to certain Officers

New York.

49-5 Appeals, Time defined .26 Prohibited

.27 North Carolina Army Appropriations. 25 Pensions of Widows of Rey

Ohio. Army, Brevets in..

25 olutionary Soldiers.. 27 Oregon Bankruptcy Law

.25 Post-office Site in New York.27 Pennsylvania Causes, Removal of from Post-office and Sub-Treasury

Rhode Island.. State Courts 26 Site in Boston

27 South Carolina. Cemeteries, National. .21 Public Documents, Exchange

Tennessee. Clerks of House, duties of...21 of.

.27 Texas.. Colored Volunteers .19 Relief for Southern People, a

Utah. Compound Interest Notes...26 Vessel sent..:.

.27 Virginia Convicts, Sentences miti Ship Canal across Isthmus of Vermont gated 22 Darien..

.27 Washington. Copyrights .21 Scott, Gen., Equestrian

West Virginia. Cotton Tax.. 25 Statue of..

27 Wisconsin Court of Claims


Wyoming Currency and Public Securi Amnesty Universal. .28 OUR NEW PURCHASES. .19 Civil Courts, Supremacy of..28

Aliaska.. Drafted Men .22 Japan, Neutrality as to Civil

St. Thomas.

.. Education, Department of...24 War'in..

.27 VOTE FOR PRESIDENT. Franchise in Dist. Columbia.19 Nebraska, Admission of.. ..28 Popular Vote for President, Franchise in Territories .....19 Senate, Extra Session called.28 by States, in 1864, 1860 and Freedman's Bureau, Funds Tonnage on French Vessels..27 of ...

.26 Tonnage on Hawaiian Ves FOREIGN COUNTRIES. General of the Army cannot


.28 The States of America and be Removed


RECONSTRUCTION IN 1867. Europe Names and Titles Habeas corpus in Writs of Constitutional Amendment, of Rulers and their AccesError ... .20 Vote on in all the States

...29 sion. Form of Government.


1856 ......

The Astronomical Calculations have been made expressly for this ALMANAC, by SAMUEL HARI'

WRIGHT, M. D., A. M., Penn Yan, N. Y.

Eclipses for the Year 1868. There will be only two Eclipses this year, both of the Sun, and neither of them visible in the United States,

1. An Annalar Eclipse of the Sun, February 28, Visible in South America, Africa, and Southern Europe.

II. A Total Eclipse of the San, August 18. Visible in Eastern Africa, Southern Asia, and in Australia.

A TRANSIT OP MERCURY over the Sun's disc, will occur November 5. Invisible in the United cates

The Planets. MERCURY (0) will be at the most favorable stations for visibility, February 17, June 13, and October 9, being then Evening Star, and appearing in the west just after sunset; also April 7, August 5, and November 4, being then Morning Star, and appearing in the east just before sunrise.

VEXUS (%) will be in the constellation Capricornus until January 20, then in Aquarius until February 15," being directly south of the Um January 23. It passes the equinoctial February 15,

ising exactly on the east point of the horizon, and setting squarely in the west. It will be in Pisces from this time to March 12, then in Aries until April 6. On the 4th of April it will be 2° south of the brightest star in the Pleiades. April 14 it will be 8° north of Aldebaran, and on the 25th it will be 2° 22' south of B Tauri. It passes the solstitial colure May 4, and will be farthest north May 6. May 7 it reaches its greatest eastern elongation from the Sun, 45° 31'. On the 26th it will be 7* south of Castor, and on the 30th it will be 4° south of Pollux. June 9 it will be brightest; after which it approaches the Sun, and daily loses its splendor. June 23 it becomes stationary, having been moving direct, or eastward, since its last superior conjunction, but now it begins to retrograde, and is situated a little southwest of the nebulæ in Cancer. It passes Pollux again July 18, 12° 28' to south of it; but this will not be visible, as Venus will be in inferior conjunction with the Sun on the 16th, and itself invisible. It now moves off from the Sun westward apparently, and increases in beauty as a morning star. On the 7th of August it becomes stationary again, and begins to pass the stars eastward, and reaches its greatest splendor again on the 21st. On the 25th of September it reaches its greatest western elongation, 46° 9'. October 6 it will be 1° sout) of Regulus. November 7 it crosses the Equator southward; November 21, 4° north of Spica; December 10, enters Libra's Square; and on the 15th is near the middle of it; December 29, 6' 12' north of Antares.

MARS () will come to the meridian during the daylight for the first nine months of the year. It has no opposition this year, and will not be an object of much interest until near the close of

November 27 it will be 2' north of Regulus in the handle of the Sickle. It will be near the Sickle during November and December.

JUPITER (24) has been traveling northward since May 8, 1865, and on the first day of May it crosses the Equator, and rises exactly in the east at 3h. 32m. morn. It will be southeast of the Urn in the first part of the year, but directly east of it May 1. October 1 it will be brightest and in opposition to the Sun, rising at sunset and setting at sunrise. On the 8th of April it will be tery close to Mars.

SATURN ( 3 ) will be in opposition May 23, and brightest, rising as the Sun sets, and setting as the Sun rises. It will be in the region 10° or 12' north of Antares all of the year.

OCCULTATIONS. --The Moon will occult or eclipse the bright star a Tauri, or Aldebaran, January 7, at 1h. 17m. morn., at Washington, the star reappearing at 2h. 20m. The same star will also be occulted again November 29, at 5h. 54m. eve., at Washington, and reappear at 6h. 51m, eve. These occultations are interesting to witness

the year.

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