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Truro. About eight o'clock in the more deeply, as she had a sithe morning, one of the sons of milar fault to reproach herself Mr. Bassett, of St. Enodar, a fine with: this recollection, which, for young man, but who has for a a long time, she endeavoured to considerable time been subject to stifle without success, took such temporary derangements, and was lively possession of her soul, that formerly an inmate of the Devon she could not support the heartLunatic Asylum, at Exeter, from rending scenes in the fourth act. which place he came out appa- She was conveyed home in great rently restored to sanity, having agitation of mind, and the next been reproved by his mother, for day, after a long struggle of ansome impropriety of conduct, flew guish, she confessed to her husinto a violent passion, and threat- band a fault which he had never erred to beat her with a stick which suspected, and which he pardonhe held in his hand; but being ed. But the blow was struck, and prevented from accomplishing his she survived this confession three intention by the interference of days only, in spite of the cares and two of his brothers, he, unper- assurances of tenderness which ceived by any of the party, snatch- her husband lavished upon her. ed up a butcher's knife which Wolverhampton, Nov. 15.-This was lying near him, and in an in- town was thrown into considerastant stabbed the whole three. ble confusion an Monday, by a The knife entered Mrs. Bassett's number of miners, and men emstoinach, which it is feared will ployed in the iron-works, amountprove fatal ; one of the brothers ing to about 3 or 400, who came received the weapon between the armed with bludgeons and sticks, 5th and 6th left ribs, and is like and seemed bent upon riot and wise in a very dangerous state: depredation. Mr. Fereday, whom, the other, though struck twice on it appears, they had followed from the breast with considerable vio- Bilston, addressed them from the lence, has sustained the least se- window of the Swan hotel, and at vere injury, and it is hoped may the Angel inn, after which, by speedily recover. Immediately degrees, they dispersed, upon his after the commission of these engaging to meet them on the dreadful acts, the unhappy perpe- following morning. We hear that trator fled, but was pursued, nd some of them were without work, has since been taken and placed in but that the greater part struck strict confinement.

from a determination not to have 15.--The Gazette de France their wages lowered. A number gives the following instance of of special constables were sworn the deep impression made by a in on Monday night, and two theatrical representation :

-A troops of the Staffordshire yeoyoung woman, the mother of three manry cavalry arrived there yeschildren, went with her husband terday morning; we hope their to see the performance of The interference will be unnecessary. Guilty Mother, a play by Beaumar- The Staffordshire yeomanry cachais ;- the situation and the re- valry were about three o'clock morse of the heroine affected her yesterday afternoon called into the


All was

neighbourhood of Cosely, where without regard to her oaths of ina great number of miners and nocence, and to her tears, bound others had collected, who assailed her hand and foot, struck ber sethem with showers of brickbats veral blows with a sabre, which and stones ; but although several wounded her body and arms, and of them were hit, we are happy to threatened her with the most horsay none received any serious in- rible death : they immediately jury. They charged the mob lighted a fire, which they renew. twice, but from the nature of the ed thrice, and on which they ground they could only secure placed her several times, so that one of the most active.

her feet, legs, and thighs, were quiet when our account left, bnt consumed by a slow fire. This there were a great many ill-dis- unhappy woman was thus torposed persons about. A troop of tured for above three hours, withthe 2d dragoon guards, and a body out being able to call for help, of the Middlesex militia, marched because her assassins stopped her early this morning from Birming- mouth. It was not till the murham barracks for the above neigh- derers saw her dying, and begging bourhood.

for the priest to attend her in her Oudenarde, Nov. 16. last moments, that they left her “ A dreadful crime was com- to fetch the ecclesiastic, by which mitted on the 14th of this month, means this horrible work was at Onkerzeele, near Grammont: discovered. The criminals are a woman of fifty years of age, en- arrested; they express neither joying a decent fortune, the mo- fear nor repentance; they believe th of seven children, has been they have acted by a supernatural burnt alive on suspicion of sor- inspiration, and remain full of cery. A farmer had a daughter confidence. During the dreadful twenty years of age, who was execution of this crime, the seseized with a lingering disorder ; cond daughter and the servant instead of applying for medical maid, whom the accused had causaid, he doubtless opplied to sooth- ed to retire into an adjoining room, sayers, and persuaded himself that fled, by going up to the garret, his daughter was charmed. The and escaping over the roof. The question was to discover the sor- victim was not dead the following ceress ; his suspicions fell on a day; but her recovery was defemale neighbour, whom he en- spaired of. enticed into his house, where she 16.—Yesterday morning, about had never before set foot. He im- half-past ten o'clock, a dreadful mediately shut the doors and the explosion took place in the extenwindows, and in concert with his sive preinises of Mesárs. Constadt wife and his sick daughter, after and Co. sugar-refiners of Wellloadng this unfortunate woman street, Well-close-square, which with maledictions, and after hav- was attended with the most fatal ing used the most urgent importu- consequences. A variety of renities to make her confess her pre- ports were in circulation as to the tended crime, and reverse the causes of this shocking catastrocharm, these barbarous wretches, phe; but the following may bo


depended upon to be as correct a of the house. The remainder of statement as could be ascertaine], the sufferers were workmen emin the midst of a scene equally ployed in the concern, many of confused and distressing. It ap- whom have left Jarge families. pears that a new process has late. The friends and relatives of these, ly been discovered for the quick persons were assembled round refinement of sugar by means of the premises, and by their cries steam; and Messrs. Constadt, and lamentations rendered the under the direction of Mr. Hague, scene truly heart-rending. the engineer, had constructed a Not a vestige of this extensive new steam boiler, worked by establishment was left standing, what is called a pressure engine and the party wall of the adjoinof about six horse power, the ing warehouse was completely boiler holding about 2000 gallons. destroyed, while the interior stiil To this was attached all the ne- threatens destruction. This is cessary apparatus of tubes, valves, also a sugar bakehouse belonging &c. and the engineer had deter- to the same firm, but conducted mined upon trying the effect of on a much smaller scale than that the whole yesterday morning. which had been destroyed. The The fire was accordingly laid, and latter was about 70 feet in height the engine put into play. At 10 and 50 in depth, and the loss suso'clock, Mr. Constadt expressed tained by the sufferers, indepenhis fears that the boiler would be dent of so many valuable lives, over heated, and the valves be- is estimated at 25,0001. About come over loaded with steam ;

six o'clock the voice of a man caland, in consequence, he and Mr. ling for help, was heard in the Hague went to inspect it more under floor of the building, but closely. Scarcely, however, had it was feared he would perish bethey reached the works, when a fore the ruins which covered hiin general explosion took place, car- were removed. The personal es. rying, in the awful crash, utter cape of Messrs. Constadt and destruction to the concern, and Hague is truly miraculous. elosing, in the heap of ruins, the List of the persons carried to the bodies of more than twenty per

London hospital, with an account sons. By three o'clock in the of their condition. afternoon, nine of these unhappy 1. Sarah Kirk, the servant of beings were dragged from the the house, much burnt and bruisruins, dreadfully lacerated, and ed, æt. 24. eonveyed to the London hospital, 2. J. J. Mallian, a Frenchman, where the utmost attention was æt. 27, lacerated head and face, paid to them, and every thing was fractured nose, burnt arms and provided which surgical skill and face. humanity could suggest for their 3. Louis Lottermin, Hanovesuceour or consolation. At a late rian, lacerated scalp, contused hour in the evening, five dead bo- knee and ancle. dies were also taken from the 4. Thomas Little, Stepney, ruins : among these was the son fractured thigh and contused of Mr. Spear, one of the partners face.

5. Jean

5. Jean Crozat, Frenchman, few and tottering fragments of contused hip.

the walls. 6. Another Frenchman, name In this additional calamity, no unknown, lacerated scalp, and lives have been lost, nor any percontused wound of the thigh. son injured. The adjoining houses

7. Dennis Mack, Wapping, and neighbourhood have escaped burns, bruises, and lacerations. injury, and the effects of the ex

Three others more slightly in- plosion of water, sugar, &c. from jured, were not detained as in- the boiler and pans, dashed upon patients.

the adjacent buildings, and sufIt is hoped that most of the fused thickly upon the trees in cases will terminate favourably: Wellclose-square, are the only although they all cannot, accord- additional circumstances worth ing to the best opinion which observation. can be formed of them at pre- It appears that six human besent.

ings perished in the dreadful caAdditional Particulars. sualty recorded yesterday. It has 17.-It was stated yesterday, now been ascertained, that twenthat another sugar-house, belong- ty-one persons were employed in ing to Mr. Constadt, adjoining the concern at the time; nine of the concern which has been de- these were taken from thence in stroyed by explosion, had been a lacerated state, six have been stripped of the party wall, and recognized as having escaped, and was in a falling condition. About six consequently, it is concluded, 11 o'clock last night, however, have been suffocated. The bodies the ruins of the former place be- of three only have been discovering so far removed as to permited; the two that were supposed an effusion of flame, the fire which to have been got out of the ruins had caught the works of the en- last night were not reached, in gine and boiler machinery, and consequence of the immense heap which till then had been smother- of rubbish to be removed, and ed, burst forth with irresistible the awful interruption of the fire. fury. The timbers and other in- It appears, also, that beside the fiammable articles strewed about extraordinary escape of Mr. Conthe ruins, immediately caught fire, stadt and Mr. Hague, the engiand communicating to the diffe- neer, who were actually beneath rent floors of the building, the the machinery at the moment of whole was shortly enveloped in the explosion, Mr. Spear, of flames. It would be impossible Broad-street, and father of the to describe the raging fury of the young gentleman who perished, element; and notwithstanding was within a few yards of the the timely arrival of nearly twenty engine, on the lower floor, and engines, which continued to play hearing the explosion, ran towards throughout the night, the buildi- a window, from which he was ing was totally demolished; the shortly dragged by a gentleman interior falling into a condensed in the neighbourhood, of whom heap of ashes upon the ruins of he instantly inquired the fate of the first house, leaving only a his son.

18.-A tenant of W. Peterson, with the magistrates of the head esq. of Lyme, Dorsetshire, a few office on the best mode of appreweeks since, bowed down by the hending all the parties at the expenses of a large family, and same moment, so that the apprethe pressure of the times, formed ension of one should not give the fatal resolution of drowning warning to the rest. The whole himself. He went to the sea of this very important business side, and sprang from a rock, was entrusted to Mr. Farrell, but in the very act of drowning, chief constable of the police, and he was perceived by the boat's we shall now relate how effeccrew of his landlord, who were tually he executed it. very providentially passing by at On Friday morning, at the hour some distance, and who rowed to of eleven o'clock, seven parties of the spot just in time to save the peace officers were assembled at unhappy man. Mr. Peterson had the head office, where each reno sorrer recognised in the un- ceived their route from Mr. Farfortunate person his own tenant, rell, and which was so secretly and learned the cause of this des-' managed, that no one man knew perate resolution, than he sent what was to be done by any of him a receipt to exonerate him the other parties. Every thing from all his demands, amounting being thus arranged, each party to upwards of 4001., and after went to their destined point. Mr. wards provided for his future ne- Farrell proceeded to Portobello cessities, by stocking another farm with a party of nine men, who and putting him into the full pos- were posted in the neighbourhood session of it. Such an action of Camden-street, Charlemontneeds no comment.

street, and Portobello ; it being IRELAND.

known that the person they were Forged Stamps.

looking after, against whom there Mr. Burrowes, solicitor to were informations that he a few the Stamp office, since his ap- days since rescued himself from pointment to that situation, has an arrest of a civil nature, did been indefatigable in his endea- not reside at his house, they vours to procure such informa- watched for some time.

After a tion as would lead to the detec- lapse of two hours and a half, he tion and apprehension of the per- was perceived advancing in the sons who have so long inundated direction of Old Portobello, and this city, and indeed all Ireland, was instantly arrested by Mr. with forged stamps, robbing the Farrell himself, who asked him, revenue of upwards of one hun- was not his name Japhet White, dred thousand pounds annually, and produced the warrant for his and thereby obliging the legisla- apprehension ; -he then brought ture to make up the deficiency in him into Mr. M'Gowen's publicthe revenue by taxing many ne

house, and having got a private cessary articles of life. Mr. Bur- room, proceeded to search him, rowes having obtained satisfacto- when, in one of his boots, was ry information concerning this found a forged die for a twenty nefarious traffic, communicated pound stamp, and in the other, a


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