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date of the exchange of the ratifi- 30th of May, 1814, and the finai cations shall be allowed to the in- Act of the Congress of Vienna of habitants, natives or foreigners, the 9th of June 1815, are conof whatever condition and nation firmed, and shall be maintained they may be, to dispose of their in all such of their enactments property, if they should think fit as shall not have been modified so to do, and to retire to whatever by the Articles of the present country they may choose. Treaty.

8. All the dispositions of the 12. The present Treaty, with Treaty of Paris of the 30th of the Conventions annexed thereto, May, 1814, relative to the coun- shall be ratified in one act, and tries ceded by that treaty, shall the ratifications thereof shall be equally apply to the several ter- exchanged in the space of two ritories and districts ceded by the months, or sooner, if possible. present treaty.

In witness whereof, the respec9. The High Contracting Par- tive Plenipotentiaries have signed ties having caused representation the same, and have affixed there. to be made of the different claims unto the seals of their arms. arising cut of the non-execution

Done at Paris this 20th day of the 19th and following Articles of November, in the year of the Treaty of the 30th of May,

of our Lord 1915. 1814, as well as of the Additional

(Signed) Articles of that Treaty signed be- (L. S.) CASTLEREAGH. tween Great Britain and France, (L. S.) WelliNGTON. desiring to render more efficaci- (L. S.) RICHELIEU. ous the stipulations made thereby, and having determined, by

ADDITIONAL ARTICLE. two separate Conventions, the The High Contracting Powers, line to be pursued on each side sincerely desiring to give effect to for that purpose, the said two the measures on which they deConventions, as annexed to the liberated at the Congress of Vienpresent Treaty, shall, in order to na, relative to the complete and secure the coinplete execution of universal abolition of the Slave the above - mentioned Articles, Trade, and having, each in their bave the same force and effect as respective dominions, prohibited, if the same were inserted, word without restriction, their colonies for word, herein.

and subjects from taking any part 10. All prisoners taken during whatever in this traffic, engage to the hostilities, as well as all hos- renew conjointly their efforts

, tages which may have been car- with the view of securing final ried off or given, shall be restored success to those principles which in the shortest time possible. The they proclaimed in the Declarasame shall be the case with re- tion of the 4th of February, 1815, spect to the prisoners taken pre- and of concerting, without loss viously to the Treaty of the 30th of time, through their Ministers of May, 1814, and 'who shall not at the Courts of London and of already have been restored. Paris, the most effectual measures 11. The Trcaty of Paris of the for the entire and definitive abo

lition of a commerce so odious, each, forming together the sum so strongly condemned by the of seven hundred millions ; the laws of religion and of nature. first engagement payable on the

The present additional Article 31st of March, 1816, the seshall have the same force and ef- cond on the 31st of July of the fect as if it were inserted, word same year, and so on, in every for word, in the Treaty, signed fourth month, during the five sucthis day. It shall be included in cessive years. the ratification of the said Treaty. 3. These engagements shall

In witness whereof, the respec- not be negotiable, but they shall tive Plenipotentiaries have signed be periodically exchanged against the same, and have affixed there- Bons au Porteur, negotiable, drawn unto the seals of their arms. in the form used in the ordinary

Done at Paris this 20th day service of the Royal Treasury.

of November, in the year 4. In the month which shall of our Lord, 1815.

precede the four, in the course of (Signed)

which an engagement is to be (L. S.)

CastleREAGH. paid, that engagement shall be (L. S.)

WELLINGTON. divided by the Treasury of France, (L. S.) RICHELIEU.

into Bons au Porteur payable

in Paris, in equal portions, from CONVENTION.

the first to the last day of the Concluded in conformity to the four months.

Fourth Article of the Principal Thus the engagement of forty-. Treaty, relative to the Payment six millions and two-thirds, falling of the Pecuniary Indemnity to due the 31st of March, 1816, shall be furnished by France to the be exchanged in the month of Allied Powers.

November, 1815, against Bons au The payment to which France Porteur payable in equal porhas bound herself to the Allied tions from the 1st of DecemPowers as an Indemnity by the ber, 1815, to the 3d of March, Fourth Article of the Treaty of 1816; the engagement of fortythis day, shall take place in this six millions and two-thirds, which form and at the periods prescribed will fall due the 31st of July, by the following Articles.

1816, shall be exchanged in the Art. 1. The sum of seven hun month of March, in the same dred millions of francs, being the year, against Bons au Porteur amount of the indemnity, shall be payable in equal portions from discharged day by day, in equal the 1st of April, 1816, to the 31st portions, in the space of five years, of July, of the same year; and so by means of Bons au Porteur on

on, every four months. the Royal Treasury of France, in 5. No single Bon au Porteur the manner that shall be now set shall be delivered for the sum due forth.

each day, but the sum so due, 2. The Treasury shall give shall be divided into several Coua over immediately to the Allied pures or bills of one thousand, two Powers fifteen engagements for thousand, five thousand, ten thouforty-six millions and two-thirds sand, and twenty thousand francs,


the which sums added together, other names, as often as they shall will amount to the sum total of judge necessary. payment due each day.

10. The deposit of these in6. The Allied Powers con- scriptions shall be confided to one vinced that it is as much their Treasurer named by the Allied interest as that of France, that Powers, and to another named by too considerable a sum of Bons au the French Government. Porteur should not be issued at 11. There shall be a mixed. once, agree, that there never shall Commission, composed of an equal be in circulation Bons for more number on both sides, of Allied than fifty millions of francs at a and French Commissioners, who time.

shall examine, every six montbs, 7. No interest shall be paid the state of the payments, and by France for the delay of five shall regulate the balance. The years, which the Allied Powers Bons of the Treasury paid, shall allow to her for the payment constitute the payments ; those of the seven hundred millions of which shall not yet have been francs.

presented to the Treasury of 8. On the 1st of January, France, shall enter into the ac1916, there shall be made over count of the subsequent balance ; by France to the Allied Powers, those also which shall have fallen as a guarantee for the regularity due, been presented, and not paid, of the payment, a fund of in- shall constitute the arrear, and terest inscribed in the Grand the sum of inscriptions to be apLivre of the Public Debt of France, plied at the market price of the of seven millions of francs, on a day, to cover the deficit. As soon capital of one hundred and forty as that operation shall have taken millions.

place, the Bons unpaid shall be This fund of interest shall be given up to the French Commisused to make good, if there should sioners, and the mixed Combe need of it, the deficiences in mission shall order the treasurers the Acceptances of the French to pay over the sum so deterGovernment, and to render the mined upon, and the treasurers payments equal, at the end of shall be authorized and obliged every six months, to the Bons au to pay it over to the CommisPortcur, which shall have fallen sioners of the Allied Powers, who due, as shall be hereafter, de- shall dispose of it as they shall tailed.

think proper. 9. This fund of interest shall 12. France engages to replace be inscribed in the name of such immediately in the hands of the persons as the Allied Powers shall treasurers, an amount of inscrippoint out; but these persons can- tions equal to that which may not be the holders of the inscrip- have been made use of, according tions, except in the case provided to the foregoing article, in order for in the eleventh article ensu- that the fund stipulated in the ing. The Allied Powers further eighth article may be always kept reserve to themselves, the right at its full amount. to transfer the inscriptions to 13. France shall pay an inte


rest of five per cent. per annum principal Treaty, and of the prefrom the date of the Bons au sent Convention. Porteur falling due, upon all such Done at Paris this 20th day of Bons, the payment of which may November, in the year of our have been delayed by the act of Lord, 1815. France.

(Signed) (L.S.) Castlereagh. 14. When the first six hundred

(L.S.) WELLINGTON. millions of francs shall have been (Signed) (L.S.) Richelieu, paid, the Alies, in order to accelerate the entire liberation of France, will accept, should it be Extract of a Protocol for regulating agreeable to the French Govern- the Dispostions relative to the ment, the fund mentioned in the Territories and Places ceded by Sth Article at the market price of France, by Articles 1, 2, and 3, of that day, to such an amount as Treaty. will be equal to the remainder The Ministers of the Imperial due of the seven hundred mil- and Royal Courts of Austria, of lions.

Russia, of Great Britain, and of France will only have to fur. Prussia, having taken into connish the difference, should any sideration the measures become exist.

necessary by those arrangements 15. Should this plan not be with France which are to termiconvenient to France, the hun- nate the present war, have agreed dred millions of francs, which to lay down in the present Prowould remain due, may be dis- tocol, the dispositions relative to charged in the manner pointed the territorial cessions to be made out in the 2d, 3d, 4th, and 5th by France, and to the contribuArticles ; and after the complete tions destined for strengthening payment of the seven hundred the line of defence of the bormillions, the inscriptions stipu- dering States. lated for in the 8th Article shall Art. 1.--Kingdom of the Low be returned to France.

Countries. Considering that his 16. The French Government Majesty the King of the Low engages to execute, indepen- Countries ought to participate in dently of the pecuniary indemnity a just proportion in the advantages stipulated by the present Conven- resulting from the present artion, all the engagements stipu- rangement with France, and conlated for in the special Conven- sidering the state of his frontiers tions concluded with the different on the side of that country, it is powers and their Co-Allies, re- agreed, that the districts which lative to the cloathing and equip- formed part of the Belgic Proment of their armies, and en- vinces, of the Bishopric of Liege, gages for the exact deliverance and of the Duchy of Bouillon, as and payment of the Bon and Man, well as the towns of Philippeville dats arising from the said Con- and Marienbourg, with their terventions, in as far as they shall ritories, which France is to cede not have been already discharged to the Allies, shall be assigned to at the time of the signature of the his Majesty the King of the Low Vol. LVII.

2 E


Countries, to be united to his do- Majesty may dispose of his posininions.

sessions on the left bank of the His Majesty the King of the Rhine in the territorial arrangeLow Countries shall receive, more- ments with Bavaria, and other over. out of that part of the French States of the Germanic Confederacontribution which is destined to- tion. wards strengthening the line of 4. Helvetic Confederation, defence of the States bordering Versoix, with that part of the upon France, the sum of sixty Pays de Gex which is to be ceded millions of francs, which shall be by France, shall be united to Switlaid out in fortifying the frontiers zerland, and form part of the canof the Low Countries, in confor- ton of Geneva. mity with the plans and regula- The neutrality of Switzerland tions which the Powers shall settle shall be extended to that terriin this respect.

tory, which is placed north of a It is besides agreed, that in con- line to be drawn from Ugina, sideration of the advantages which including that town) to the mouth his Majesty the King of the Low of the Lake of Annecy, and from Countries will derive from these thence to the Lake of Bourget, dispostions, both in the increase as far as the Rhone, in the same of, and in the means for defend- manner as it has been extended ing his territory; that that pro- to the provinces of Chablis and portion of the pecuniary indem-, Faucigny, by the 92d Article of nity payable by France to which the final Act of the Congress of liis said Majesty might lay claim Vienna. shall serve towards putting the 5. Sardinia. - In order that indemnities of Austria and Prus- his Majesty the King of Sardisia on the level of a just pro- nia may participate, in a just portion.

proportion, in the advantages re2. Acquisitions of Prussia.— sulting from the present arrangeThe districts which, by the new ment with France, it is agreed, treaty of France, will be detach- that the portion of Savoy which ed froin the French territory in remained to France in virtue of the department of the Sarre and the Treaty of Paris of the 30th of the Moselle, including the for- May, 1814, shall be re-united to tress of Saare-Louis, shall be the dominions of his said Maunited to the doininions of the jesty, with the exception of the King of Prussia.

Commune of St. Julian, which 3. Acquisitions of Austria.- shall be given up to the Canton The territories which France is of Geneva. to cede in the department of the The Cabinets of the Allied Lower Rhine, including the town Courts will use their good offices and fortress of Landau, shall be for inducing his Sardinian Maunited to those possessions on jesty to cede to the Canton of Gethe left bank of the Rhine, which neva the Communes of Chesne, devolve to his linperial and Royal Thonex, and some others necesApostolic Majesty by the final act sary for disengaging the Swiss of the Congress of Vicma. His 'territory of Jassy from the effects

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