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An Account of the Public Funded Debt of Great Britain, as the same stood on the 1st of February, 1815.

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Ar 3 per cent.

Bank of England and Annuities, 1751
South Sea Old and New Annuities.
Consolidated Annuities..
Reduced Annuities..

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At 4 per cent.

Consolidated Annuities




22,391,877 19 11 1,303,585 14 51

At s per cent.

Consolidated Annuities.
Annuities, 1797 and 1802.


106,062,254 13 7

1,438,938 14 0

751,973,002 8

Annual Interest.
Annuities for ives or for Terms of Years.
Charges of Management.
Annual or other Sums payable to the Commissioners for the Reduction of the National Debi,

by sundry Acts of Parliament.

238, 294 10

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11,480,049 14 21

Total of Annual Expense

35,413,807 18 73 483,410 14 91


An Accounc öf the UNFUNDED Debt and DEMANDS OUTSTANDING on the 5th Day of January, 1815.

Amount Outstanding.



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19,622 15 77 1,784,564 0


6 6,361,076 1 74

32,663 16 43


Exchequer Bills provided for ...... Do....

unprovided for.

£. 31,941,700 26,000,000

57,941,700 0


Miscellaneous Services
Warrants for Army Services..
Treasury Bills.


Civil List Advances.

2,287,597 10 5
1,047,363 2

116,204 9
793,919 4

68,580,524 10

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Convention between Great Britain be restored to be questioned for

United Netherlands, their former political opinions. signed at London on the 13th 7. The natives and aliens in of August 1814.

the countries in which a change

of sovereignty takes place are alArticle I. Great Britain agrees lowed six years for the disposal to restore the Dutch Colonies, of their property, and retiring if with the exception of the Cape they think fit. of Good Hope, Demerara, Esse- 8. The Sovereign of the Netherquibo, and Berbice, to be dis- lands engages to prohibit all his posed of in a Supplementary Con- subjects, in the most effectual manvention.

ner, and by the most solemn laws, 9 and 3. Great Britain cedes to from taking any share whatsothe Netherlands the Island of ever in that inhuman traffic, the Banca, in the Eastern Seas, in Slave Trade. exchange for Cochin and its de- 9. Stipulates for the ratificapendencies, on the coast of Ma- tion within three weeks, or sooner labar. The places and forts in the if possible. respective settlements to be ex- The first additional article stichanged in the state in which they pulates, that to provide for were at the signing of the present the defence and incorporation of Convention.

the Belgic provinces with Hol4. Grants the same privileges land, and also a compensation in to the subjects of the Netherlands virtue of the 9th article of the in British India as are granted treaty of Paris, for the cessions to the most favoured nations. No made by Sweden, which Holforts to be erected in the Dutch land should furnish, Great Britain settlements which are within the engages to defray the following limits of the British Sovereignty charges : in India, and only the number of 1st, The payment of one miltroops necessary for the mainte- lion sterling to Sweden, in satisnance of police to be maintained. faction of the claims aforesaid, and

5. The places to be restored on in pursuance of a Convention the American Continent to begiven executed with his Swedish Maup within three months; those jesty's Plenipotentiary to that efbeyond the Cape of Good Hope fect. within six, from the date of the 2dly. The advance of two milConvention.

lions sterling, to be applied in 6. No persons in the places to concert with the Prince Sovereign


of the Netherlands, and in aid of publish the following Declaration an equal sum to be furnished by of the causes of the war in which him towards augmenting and im- the British Government is enproving the defences of the Low gaged with the State of Nipaul, Countries.

for general information. 3dly To bear, equally with The British Government having Holland, such further charges as been compelled to take up arms may be agreed upon between against the Nipaulese, his Excelthe said High Contracting Par- lency the Right Hon. the Goverties and their Allies, towards por-General has judged it proper the final and satisfactory settle- to make known to the powers in ment of the Low Countries in alliance and friendship with the union with Holland, and under Hon. Company, the origin and the dominion of the House of progress of the transactions which Orange, not exceeding in the have terminated in this crisis ; in whole, the sum of three millions, the full conviction that the exto be defrayed by Great Britain. position will establish beyond dis

In consideration of the above pute the extraordinary moderaengagements, the Cape of Good tion and forbearance of the BriHope, Demerara, Essequibo, and tish Government, and the injusBe bice are ceded to Great Britain, tice, violence, and aggression of but with condition that the Dutch the State of Nipaul. proprietors have liberty under cer- The course of the Gorkah contain regulations to trade with quests having approximated their Holland. It is also agreed that frontier to that of the Honourable Dutch ships may resort freely to Company, and of its ally the the Cape of Good Hope for the Nawaub Vizier, and the protectpurposes of refreshment and re- ed Sikh Chieftains, throughout an pairs, without being liable to other extent of country stretching from charges than such as British sub- the eastern border of Morung to jects are required to pay.

the banks of the Sutlege, it was Second Additional Article. scarcely to be expected that difThe small district of Bernagore, ferences should not occasionally situated close to Calcutta, is ceded arise between the inhabitants of to his Britannic Majesty, upon a the contiguous districts belong. payment of such sum annually to ing to the two States, and even his Royal Highness, as may be among the local public officers of considered by Commissioners to each government; but a just and be appointed by the respective firm line of conduct on the part of Governments, to be just and re- the two governments, combined sonable.

with a sincere disposition to maintain uninterrupted the relations

of amity, and to respect the rights Declaration against the Rajah of of each other, could not have Nipaul.

failed to arrest the progress of

those unhappy disputes which have His Excellency the Vice Pre. terminated in war, sident in Council, is pleased to While the conduct of the Bri

tish government has been uni- the proper effect on the mind of formly regulated in its relations its Rajah and his Ministers. with the Nipaulese, by the most The repeated complaints of its scrupulous adherence to the prin- subjects, and the occurrence of ciples of justice and moderation, a new instance of encroachment there is scarcely a single dis- in the Tuppah of Nunnore, formtrict within the British frontier ing a portion of Betteah, which throughout the whole of the ex- led to an affair in which Subah tensive line above described, in Luchinger, an officer of the Niwhich the Gorkahs have not paulese government was slain, at usurped and appropriated landslast induced the British governforming the ascertained domi- ment to depute one of its Civil vions of the Honourable Com- Officers on the spot, where he pany. Questions originating in was met by Deputies from the the usurpations of the Nipaulese State of Nipaul, in concert with have arisen in Purnea, Tirhoot, whom proceedings were held and Sarun, Goruckpore, and Baricilly, evidence taken for the purpose of as well as in the protected terri- ascertaining the claims of the partory between the Sutlege and the ties. The result left no doubt of Jumna ; and each case might be the right of the British governappealed to in proof of the mode- ment, and of the unjust and vioration and forbearance of the Bri- lent procedure of the Nipaulese. tish government, and the aggres- A more striking proof of the sive and insolent spirit of the Ni- spirit of rapacity and unjust aggrespaulese. It will be enough, how- sion by which the Nipaulese were ever, to advert in detail to two actuated, cannot be adduced, than instances only, namely, those the fact; that after having agreed which have occurred in Sarun and in the investigation referred to in Goruckpore, which more par- above, and after the actual deputicularly demonstrate the sys- tation of officers by.cach governtematic design of the Nipaulese ment, the Nipaulese suddenly seizto encroach on the acknowledg- ed an additional tract of country ed possessions of the Honourable belonging to the Company, at a Company, and in fact have been very short distance from the scene proximate causes of the war. of their former aggressions. This

In the former district (Sarun) violent and unjust procedure would they have at different times esta- have warranted an immediate deblished their authority over por- mand for restitution, or even the tions of the territory of Betteah; actual re-occupation of the lands but the British government abid- by force, and it may now be subing by those principles of modera- ject of regret to the British gotion and forbearance so conspicu- vernment that this course was not ous in all its transactions with the pursued. Far, however, from reNipaulese, contented itself for a senting or punishing this daring considerable period with remon- outrage as it deserved, the Bristrances and representations, trust- tish government resolved to pering that the justice of its cause severe in the amicable course would become apparent to the Ni- which it had pursued in other paulese government, and produce cases, and permitted Mr. Young,


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