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d ing vessels employed in the said persons committed, tried, and fisheries to complete their full convicted for criminal offences an number of men at certain ports. misdemeanors.

An act for raising the sum of An act for the abolition of gaol 2,323,750l. Irish currency, by and other fees connected with the Treasury bills, for the service of gaols in England. Ireland, for the year 1815.

An act to amend an act of his An act to continue, until three late Majesty King George the months after the ceasing of any Second, for the more easy asrestriction imposed on the bank sessing, collecting, and levying of England from issuing cash in of county rates. payment, the several acts for con- An act to revive and continue, firming and continuing the re- until the 25th day of March, 1820, strictions on payments in cash by several acts for charging additional the Bank of Ireland.

duties on copper imported into An act to facilitate the adminis- Great Britain. tration of justice in that part of

An act to revive and continue, the United Kingdom called Scot- for one year, the duties and conland, by the extending trial by tributions on the profits arising jury to civil causes.

from property, professions, trades, An act for the more effectual and offices in Great Britain. prevention of the use of false and An act to repeal an act of the deficient measures.

last session of Parliament, for An act for the relief of the cap- establishing regulations respecting tors of prizes, with respect to the aliens arriving in this kingdom, admitting and landing of certain or resident therein; and to estaprize vessels and goods in Ireland; blish, for twelve months, other to continue in force until the 25th regulations respecting aliens arday of March, 1816.

riving in this kingdom, or residAn act for continuing the pre- ing therein, in certain cases. miums allowed to ships employed An act to enable the commis. in the southern whale fishery. sioners of his Majesty's woods,

An act to amend an act passed forests, and land revenues, to conin the 48th year of the reign of tract for the purchase and surhis present Majesty, intituled, An render of crown leases, and to sell act for the better care and main. his Majesty's interest in the Thorntenance of lunatics, being paupers hill estate, in the parish of Stall. or criminals in England.

bridge, in the county of Dorset, An act for procuring returns and in certain small parcels of relative to the expense and main- land belonging to his Majesty's tenance of the poor in England; subjects within the royal forests; and also relative to the highways. and to remove doubts as to estates

An act for enlarging the powers of the crown, sold by order of the of two acts of his present Majesty, saidcommissioners, being exempt for providing clergymen to offi- ed from the auction duty. ciate in gaols and houses of cor- An act to authorize the comrection within England and Wales. missioners and governors of the An act to procure returns of Royal Hospital for seamen at



Greenwich, to transfer a certain the granting gratuities to the East sum in the three pounds per India Company. cent. Consolidated Annuities, now An act to amend the laws restanding in the name of the cor- lating to the militia of Great Briporation of the Chest of Green- tain. wich, into the name of the said An act for allowing makers of commissioners; and also to re- oxygenated muriatic acid to make ceive such dividends as are now salt, duty free, for making such dug upon such annuities.

acid or oxymuriate of lime for An act to repeal the provisions bleaching linen and cotton ; for of former acts, granting exclusive repealing the excise duties on privileges of trude to the South Glauber salt, and on bleaching Sea Company, and to indemnify powder imported from Ireland; the said Company for the loss of and to allow a further drawback such privileges.

on foreign brimstone used in An act for granting annuities making oil of vitriol. to discharge certain Exchequer An act to grant his Majesty bills.

certain duties and taxes in IreAn act for amending an act of land, in respect of certain male his present Majesty, to insure the servants, carriages and horses, proper and careful manufacturing kept to be let to hire. of fire-arms in England, and for An act to amend an act of the making provision for proving the 13th year of his present Majesty, barrels of such fire-arms.

for the amendment and preservaAn act to repeal several acts tion of the public highways, in 80 relating to the execution of let- far as the same relates to notice ters of attorney and wills of petty of appeal against turning or diofficers, seamen, and marines, in verting a public highway and to his Majesty's navy, and to make extend the provisions of the same new provisions respecting the act to the stopping up of unne

cessary roads. An act to grant to his Majesty An act to regulate madhouses certain increased rates, duties, in Scotland. and taxes in Ireland, in respect An act for better regulating of windows, male servants, car- the formation and arrangement of riages, horses, and dogs, in lieu of the judicial and other records of former rates, duties, and taxes, the Court of Session in Scotland. in respect of the like articles. An act to regulate hawkers and

An act to grant to his Majesty pedlars in Scotland. certain increased duties of excise An act to fix the election for in Ireland on malt.

Glamorganshire at a central place An act to repeal the additional within the said county. duty on British-made wine or An act for granting to his Masweets granted by an act of this jesty a sum of money to be raised session of Parliament.

by lotteries. An act to explain and amend An act for granting annuities an act of the 53d year of his pre- to discharge certain exchequer sent Majesty, as far as relates to bills; and for raising a sum of



money by annuities, for the ster- and exported from Ireland, in lieu viee of Great Britain.

of former duties, drawbacks, and An act to continue the encou- bounties; and to make further ragement of persons making dis- regulations for securing the ducoveries for finding the longitude ties of customs in Ireland. at sea, or other useful discoveries An act to regulate the payment and improvements in navigation, of the duties of customs on foreign and for making experiments re- goods inported into Great Britain lating thereto; and for discharg- from Ireland, or into Ireland from ing certain debts incurred by the Great Britain ; and of the drawcommissioners of the longitude, backs on the exportation of goods in carrying the acts relating thereto the growth, produce, or manuinto execution.

facture of Great Britain or Ire. An act to enable his Majesty, land, having been imported into until the 1st day of May 1816, to either country from the other. accept the services of the local An act to amend so much of an militia, either in or out of their act of the 33d year of his present counties, under certain restric- Majesty, as relates to fixing the tions.

limits of the towns of Calcutta, An act to authorize, under pre- Madras, and Bombay; and also sent circumstances, the drawing so much of an act of the 39th and out and embodying of the British 40th year of his present Majesty, and Trish militia, or any part as relates to granting letters of thereof.

administration to the effects of An act to repeal the several du- persons dying intestate within the ties under the care of the com- several presidencies in the East missioners for managing the Indies, to the Registrar of the stamp-duties in Ireland, and to Eccelesiastical Courts; and to grant new duties in lieu thereof. enable the Governor in council of

An act to regulate the collec- the said presidencies to remove tion and management of the persons not being British substamp-duties on law proceedings, jects; and to make provision for attornies, solicitors, proctors, and the Judges in the East Indies corporate officers in Ireland. in certain cases.

An act to provide for the col- An act to amend and continue lection and management of stamp- for one year, and until twelve duties on pamphlets, almanacks, months after the termination of and newspapers in Ireland.

the present war by the ratification An act to repeal the several of a definitive treaty of peace, acts for the collection and ma- two acts of his present Majesty, nagement of stamp-duties in Ire- for enabling subjects of foreign land, and to make more effectual states to enlist and serve as sol. regulations for collecting and ma- diers in his Majesty's service; and naging the said duties in general. to enable his Majesty to grant

An act to grant duties of cus- commissions to subjects of fotoms, and to allow drawbacks and reign states to serve as officers, bounties on certain goods, wares, under certain restrictions. and merchandize iniported into An act to continue, until the 25th day of March 1820, an act able on the importation into Great made in the 46th year of his pre- Britain of solid vegetable extract sent Majesty, for permitting the from oak bark, and other veimportation of masts, yards, bow- getable substances used in the sprits, and timber for naval pur- tanning of leather; and to grant poses, from the British colonies a duty in lieu thereof. in North America.

An act to grant a further sum An act to relieve certain foreign of money for purchasing an estate vessels resorting to the port of to accompany the title of Earl London in respect of pilotage; Nelson, and also to amend two and to regulate the mode of pay- acts of the 46th and 530 years of ment of pilotage on foreign ves- his present Majesty's reign for sels in the said port.

making such purchase. An act to amend an act of the An act to grant to the Judges last session of Parliament, for of the Commissary Court of Edinrendering more easy and effectual burgh a fixed salary in place of redress for assaults in Ireland. their present salary, and certain

An act to amend an act of the fees and payments. 53d year of his Majesty's reign, An act to enable the select comfor making regulations for the mittee on the Downpatrick elecbuilding and repairing of court- tion to re-assemble, and to sushouses and sessions-houses in Ire- pend the transmission of the warland.

rants and other proceedings for the An act to explain an act made appointment of commissions to in the Parliament of Ireland, in examine witnesses in Ireland. the 32d year of his Majesty's An act to make further provi. reign, relative to inland naviga- sions for collecting and securing tions there, so far as relates to the the duties of Excise on malt made limitation of actions against ca- in Ireland. nal companies and other.

An act to provide for the colAn act for the payment of costs lection and managementof Stampand charges' to prosecutors and duties payable on bills of exwitnesses, in cases of felony in change, promissory notes, reIreland.

ceipts and game certificates in An act to amend an act of the Ireland. 50th year of his Majesty's reign, An act to regulate the collecrelating to prisons in Ireland, so tion of Stamp-duties on matters far as concerns contracts for build- in respect of which licences may ing or repairing such prisons. be granted by the Commissioners

An act to repeal the duties pay- of Stamps in Ireland. able on, and the permission to An act to repeal certain duties enter for home consumption, silk on leather dressed in oil in Great handkerchiefs imported by the Britain, or imported from IreEast India Company.

land. An act to continue and amend An act to regulate the postage several acts relating to the Bri- of ship letters to and from Iretish white herring fishery.

land. An act to repeal the duties pay- An act to make further provisons


for the issuing of licences to persons sion of Parliament, and for exto deal in, retail, make, or manu- empting the leather and glass facture spirits and other excise, of carriages belonging to certain able commodities in Ireland, and persons imported from Ireland for securing the duties of ex. for private use from duty. cise payable by the persons so An act to augment the salary of licenced.

the Master of the Rolls in IreAn act to make further pro- land, and to enable his Majesty visions for collecting and securing to grant an additional annuity to the duties of excise on hides and such Master of the Rolls on the skins tanned in Ireland.

resignation of his office; and to An act to make further provi- regulate the disposal of the offices sions for collecting and securing of the Six Clerks in the Court of the duties of excise on paper Chancery in Ireland. printed, painted, or stained in An act to

carry into effect Ireland, to serve for hangings a convention made between his and other uses.

Majesty and the King of the An act to regulate the appoint- Netherlands and the Emperor of ment of governors of the Rich- all the Russias. mond Lunatic Asylum in Dub- An act to make further regulin.

lutions for the registry of ships An act for punishing mutiny built in India. and desertion; and for the bet- An act to permit, until six ter payment of the army and their weeks after the commencement quarters.

of the next session of Parliament, An act to enable the sheriff de- the importation into Great Bripute or substitute and justices of tain and Ireland, in neutral vesthe peace of the county of Clack- sels from states in amity with manan, to incarcerate persons in his Majesty, of certain goods, the gaol of the royal burgh of wares, and merchandize, and to Stirling, or the common gaol of prohibit the exportation of copthe county of Stirling.

per; and to permit the imporAn act for charging certain du- tation, in neutral vessels from ties on sweets or made wines in states not in amity with his MaIreland in lieu of former duties. jesty, of certain goods, wares,

An act for the better collecting and merchandize. and securing the duties on spirits An act to regulate the clearance di stilled in Ireland.

of vessels, and delivery of coast An act for the better regulat- bonds, at creeks and harbours in ing and securing the collection of Great Britain; for exempting certhe duties on paper made in tain ships and vessels from being, Ireland, and to prevent frauds licensed by the commissioners of therein.

Çusoms; for authorizing officers An act for altering certain of the Customs to seize spirits drawbacks and countervailing du- removing without excise permits ; ties on glass, for exempting Irish and for preventing frauds in overglass bottles from the duty im- loading keels and other carriages posed by an 'act of the last ses. used in conveying conls for ex


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