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for the manner in which he con- ments made by those intelligent ducted it to its destined point in and active officers, the former to the general plan of attack, and intercept the fugitives from the for the whole of his conduct from fort of Soorajghur, in which he the period of gaining the heights, completely succeeded, and the as well as for his cool intrepidity latter to support Captain Bowyer's in meeting the assault on his po- detachment after the defection of sition on the morning of the 16th the Şeikh auxiliaries, inst. which, after an obstinate In operations of the nature of contest, and the death of Bhurg- those conducted on the Malown lce Thropah, a distinguished range, the services of the engineer, Goorkah commander, who led the artillery, and pioneer departments, attack, terminated in the total re- are of a peculiarly arduous nature, pulse and defeat of the enemy, and of proportionate value. His with very severe loss.

Excellency recognises, with unTo Majors Lawrie, of the 2d feigned satisfaction, throughout battalion 7th native infantry, and the whole course of these operaInnes, of the 1st battalion 19th, tions, the same zeal, activity, and for the gallant manner in which indefatigable exertion which have they led the columns respectively characterised those branches of entrusted to their direction; and the service whenever they hare to Captains Ilamilton, of the 2d been called into activity in the battalion 7th, and Bowyer, of the present war, and in no situation Ist of the 19th, for the judicious have those qualities been more and spirited manner in which they conspicuous, than with Majorfulfilled the part assigned to them general Ochterlony's division. in those arduous operations, as The full approbation and thanks well as to Lieutenant Rutledge, of of the Commander in Chief, are the 1st of the 19th, for his good justly due to Lieut. Lawrie, Field conduct in the command of a Engineer, and acting Aide-de. column of division, which devolv- Camp to Major-general Ochtered upon him on the lamented lony, who accompanied the night death of Captain Showers, of the attack, for the characteristic zeal 19th regiment, who after having and activity evinced by him on slain the enemy's commander in a that occasion, and for the aid personal conflict, unfortunately which Major-general Ochterlony fell, while setting an example of states he derived from the profesheroic devotion to his men. sional talents of that officer, in

Major-gen. Ochterlony has like the preparation of the plan of atvise noticed, with particular appro- tack on the enemy's positions. tation, the judicious and prudent The zeal, activity, and intelliconduct of Lieut. Murray, of the gence shewn by Lieut. HutchinIst regiment, in command of the son, Assistant Field Engineer, in Hindoo auxiliaries, and of Lieut. directing the works necessary for Dunbar, of the gth regiment, the security of Lieutenant Colonel commanding a small body of re- Thompson's position, and the gulars and irregulars, in two judgment and indefatigable exerwell-timed and spontaneous move- tions of Lieutenant Armstrong,

in superintending and directing tillery, who, when the desperate the labours of the pioneers, hy perseverance of the enemy bed wHoin those works were executed left him with only one man unin' the face of an enemy, are no

wounded, with that one man geticed with particular approbation cured his gun: the other being by the Commander in Chief. His manned with equal zeal and valExcellency has equally to offer our by Lieutenants Armstrong the tribute of his applause to the and Hutchinson, and two ser: intrepid gallantry of Lieutenant jeants of pioneers. Fireworker Cartwright, of the ar- (Signed) G. H. FAGAN, A. G.

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Passed in the Third Session of the Fifth Parliament of the United King. dom of Great Britain and Ireland.-55 GEO. III.

A. D. 1814-15.

An act for the encouragement An act to repeal an act of the and reward of petty officers, sea- last session of Parliament, for men, and royal marines, for long granting duties of Excise on cerand faithful service, and for the tain sorts of glass made in Ireland, consolidation of the Chest at Green- and for granting and allowing wich with the Royal Hospital certain countervailing duties and there.

drawbacks in respect thereof. An act for directing the appli- An act to continue, during the cation of the residuary personal continuance of the present hosestate of Anna Maria Reynolds, tilities, and until six months after spinster, bequeathed by her to the the ratification of a definitive treaty use of the Sinking Fund.

of peace, so much of an act of the An act for continuing to his 34th year of his present Majesty, Majesty certain duties on malt, as permits the importation into sugar, tobacco, and snuff, in Great Great Britain and Ireland in neuBritain ; and on pensions, offices, tral vessels, from states in amity and personal estates in England; with his Majesty, of certain goods, for the service of the year 1815. wares, and merchandize.

An act for raising the sum of An act to continue, until the 12,500,0001. by Exchequer bilis, expiration of six months after the for the service of Great Britain conclusion of the present hostifor the year 1615.

lities, an act of the 46th year of An act to enable the commis- his present Majesty, for authosioners of his Majesty's Treasury rizing his Majesty in council to to issue Exchequer bills, on the allow the importation and exporcredit of such aids or supplies as tation of ce tain goods and comhave been or shall be granted by modities in neutral ships into and Parliament for the service of from his Majesty's territories in Great Britain for the year 1515. the West Indies and continent of

An act to continue, until the South America. 25th day of March, 1816, an act An act to make further provi. for suspending the operation of an sion respecting the duties pava. act of the 17th year of his present bie upon East India goods, and to Majesty, for restraining the be- allow h .sidi tu be given fir pay. gociation of promissory notes and ment of the nities upon uch bills of exchange under a limited goods when imported by private sum in England.



An act to continue, until six the Governor and Company of months after the ratification of a the Bank of England to advance definitive treaty of peace, an act the sum of three millions towards of the 45th year of his present the supply for the service of the Majesty, for granting to foreign year 1808. ships put under his Majesty's pro- An act to indemnify such pertection, the privileges of prize- sons in the United Kingdom as ships and for allowing aliens in have omitted to qualify themselves foreign colonies surrendered to for offices and employments, and his Majesty, to exercise the occu- for extending the times limited pations of merchants or factors for those purposes respectively, during the present war.

until the 25th day of March, 1816; An act to amend several acts and to permit such persons in relating to fines in respect of un- Great Britain as have omitted to lawful distillation in Ireland, to make and file affidavits of the exethe warehousing of spirits, and cution of indentures of clerks to to the securing the duties of ex- attornies and solicitors, to make cise on spirits distilled, and on and file the same on or before the hides and skins tanned in Ireland. first day of Hilary Term, 1816.

An act to amend an act, passed An act to settle and secure an in the last session of Parliament, annuity on Lord Walsingham, in intituled, An act to provide for consideration of his services as the better execution of the laws chairman of the committees of the in Ireland, by appointing super- House of Lords. intending magistrates and addi

An act to grant certain duties tional constables in counties, in of Excise upon licences for the certain cases.

sale of spirituous and other liquors An act to impose certain duties by retail, and upon licences to peron the importation, and to allow sons dealing in exciseable comdrawbacks on the exportation of modities, in Ireland, in lieu of the certain sorts of wood into and Stamp-duties payable upon such from Ireland, in lieu of former licences ; and to secure the pay duties and drawbacks on the like ment of sach Excise-duties, and sorts of wood; and to indemnify to regulate the issuing of such persons who have admitted cer- licences; and to discourage the tain sorts of wood to entry on pay- immoderate use of spirituous liment of a proportion only of the quors in Ireland. duty imposed thereon.

An act for punishing mutiny An act to amend an act made and desertion; and for the better in the 52d year of his present payment of the army and their Majesty, for making provision for quarters. the better support of his Majesty's An act for the regulating of his household, during the continuance Majesty's Royal Marine forces of his Majesty's indisposition. wbile on shore.

An act to continue and amend An act to repeal the duties of op act, passed in the 48th year of Customs payable on the importhe reign of his present Majesty, tation of tobaceo, and to grant intituled, An Act for empowering other duties in lieu thereof. VOL. LVII.



An act to repeal the duties of Parliament, with respect to the Customs upon the importation of duties on sugar imported from the citrat of lime, and to grant other East Indies; and for further conduties in lieu thereof.

tinuing, until the end of six weeks An act to grant duties of Cus- from and after the expiration of toms on the exportation of certain any act or acts of Parliament, goods, wares, and merchandize, continuing the temporary or war from Ireland, in lieu of the duties duties upon sugar imported into of Customs heretofore payable on Great Britain, certain countersuch exportation.

vailing duties, drawbacks, and An act for the better regulation bounties, on refined sugar. of the manufacture of brown An act to continue, until the linens in Ireland.

5th day of July, 1816, certain An act to amend the laws now temporary or war duties of Cusin force for regulating the impor- toms on the importation into Great tation of corn.

Britain of goods, wares, and merAn act to continue, until the chandize. 5th day of July, 1816, certain ad- An act to continue, until the ditional duties of Excise in Great 25th day of March, 1917, an act Britain.

made in the 49th year of his preAn act for further continuing, sent Majesty, to permit the imuntil the 5th day of July, 1816, portation of tobacco into Great an act of the 44th year of his pre- Britain from any place whatever. sent Majesty, to continue the re- An act to grant to his Majesty strictions contained in the several

an additional duty of Excise on acts of his present Majesty, on tobacco in Ireland. payments of cash by the Bank of An act to grant to his Majesty England.

a duty of Customs on tobacco An act to regulate the trade imported into Ireland. between Malta and its dependen- An act to amend several acts cies, and his Majesty's colonies respecting the exportation and imand plantations in America ; and portation of sugar into and from also between Malta and the United Ireland ; and further to regulate Kingdom

the importation into Ireland of An act for granting to his Ma- sugar, coffee, and other articles, jesty, until the 5th day of April, from certain islands in the West 1819, additional duties of Excise Indies. in Great Britain on sweets, to- An act to repeal so much of an bacco, snuff, and Excise licences. act of the last session of Parliament,

An act to amend certain acts as directs that no bleaching powrespecting the exportation and der, made in Ireland and brought importation of sugar, and further into Scotland, should be removed to regulate the importation of into England. sugar, coffee, and other articles An act to revive and continue, from certain islands in the West until the 25th day of March, 1820, Indies.

several laws relating to the enAn act to rectify a mistake in couragement of the Greenland an act of the present session of whale fisheries, and to the allow

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