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Return of Killed, l'ounded, and Esq.Acting Secretary to Govern

Missing, in an Attack on the Is- ment at the Presidency, dated land of Guadaloupe, on the Sth, Camp at Theend, Feb. 10, 1915. 9th, and 10th of August, 1815. I am directed to transmit to

you, for the purpose of being laid Total-1 serjeant, 15 rank and before his Excellency the Vice file, killed ; 1 captain, 1 subal- President in Council, the enclosed tern, 2 staff, 2 serjaants, 45 rank copy of a letter from the Adjutant and file, wounded ; 4 rank and General, under date the '8th infile, missing

stant, enclosing copies of disJ. H. Berkeley, Dep. Adj. Gen. patches from Colonel Ochterlony,

and containing a statement of the INDIA BOARD, WHITEHALL,

operations of the division of the SEPT. 16, 1815.

army under that officer's command

subsequently to the 27th NovemA dispatch, dated Fort William, ber, up to which date they are alFebruary 20, 1815, together with ready known to the Vice President its enclosures, of which the fol- in Council, from the communilowing åré extracts, have been re- cations which I had the honour to ceived, at the East India House, make to you from time to time. from the Vice-President in Coun- The general result of the operacil.

tions detailed in the enclosed papers For a statement of the ope- has also been communicated to his rations of the division of the army, Excellency in Council, in my letter commanded by Colonel Ochter- to your address of the 5th instant, lony, from the 27th of November cnclosing Colonel Fagan's dispatch down to the close of December, of 2d instant. we have the honour to refer your The Vice President in Council honourable Court to a dispatch will perceive with satisfaction the from Mr. Secretary Ad:m, dated testimony borne by Lientenant the 10th of January.

Colonel Thompson to the troops • The skill, judgment, persever- under his command, composing ance, and patience which have the reserve of Colonel Ochterdistinguished the conduct of Co. lony's division, in repulsing the lonel Ochterlony in the arduous determined attack made on their service in which he is employed, position by Ummer Sing, on the cannot fail to attract the particu- inorning of the 29th of December. lar 'notice of your Honourable

Although the movement of the Court. The exertions of that able reserve on the preceding day did officer still continued to be di- not completely effect the accom-rected against the enemy's sup- plishment of the principal object pties,' and such of his new posi- in Colonel Ochterlony's contemtions as might be found to be as- plation, it has nevertheless, his sailable.

Lordship conceives, been attend.'

ed with considerable advantage, Extract of a Letter from John which, his Lordship is assured,

Adam, Esq. Sectretary to Go. Colonel Ochterloniy will turn 'tó "vernment, to John Moreton, the best account,


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The Vice President in Council which could conduce to its sucwill concur in the opinion enter- cess, Colonel Ochterlony evinced tained by the Governor-General, his usual judgment and ability. of the credit due to Colonel Och- Colonel Ochterlony's operations terlony for the skill, judgment, will continue to be directed against perseverance, and patience mani- the enemy's supplies, and such of fested by him under circumstances his new positions as may be found ef extraordinary difficulty, and to be assailable. will anticipate the happiest results from the continued exertion Copy ofa Letter from Major-Gen.. of those qualities, seconded by the Sir David Ochterlony, K. C. B. skill and bravery of the officers to the Adjutant-General. and troops under his command. Sir,- On the 27th I had the

honour to report to you the arExtract of a Letter from the Adju- rival of the 2d battalion of the 7th

tant General to John Adam, Native infantry and the eighteen Esq.dated Camp at Suffeedoon, pounders in this camp. February 8, 1815.

Our position in view of the fort The result of the first movement had compelled the enemy to bring against the enemy's position was their supplies from the eastward briefly reported in Colonel Och- by circuitous routes, but my interlony's dispatch of the 29th ult. formation led me to hope, that forwarded to you on the 2nd inst.; the possession of three points in I have now the honour to trans- front of our right would entirely mit the Colonel's more detailed cut off their supplies from Billasreport, dated the 31st ultimo, and pore, and generally from the inits enclosures, from which the ierior. In consequence directed Governor-general will perceive, Lieut.-Col. Thompson to march that although the movement has as soon as it was dark on the night not realized the principal object of the 27th, and dislodge the eneproposed in making it, in conse- my from the stockades they had quenee of the enemy having been erected on two of those points, enabled, by evacuating nearly all and to occupy and maintain a his stockades, to concentrate his third which they had neglected. whole force on one of the intend- Lieutenant-Colonel Thompson ed points of attack, it terminated had with hin fourteen companies, in the repulse, with considerable two six-pounders and two howitloss, of a determined attack which zers of the mountain train, and a a large part of his force male on force of irregulars amounting to Lieut-col. Thompson's position, at least a thousand, but calculated sword in hand, on the morning of at 1,900 matchlocks. From the the 29th December. The conduct badness of the road, or rather of the officers and troops engaged foot-paths, and the great difficul. on this occasion, have merited ties encountered, it was not till a and obtained the Commander in late hour in the morning of the Chief's entire approbation. 28th that Lieut.-Col. Thompson

In the plan of the attack, and reached the first point he was inin all measures and arrangements structed to attack, and that was


found so inačcessible, and so very force, the right covered by tbe much stronger than my informa- stockades which I had intended to tion had given me reason to ex- attack, and their left resting on pect, that he very judiciously de- or towards the fort of Tarragurh, termined not to risk the chance Apprehending that the enemy of an instantaneous assault, but might venture a second, 1 direct: to make use of his artillery. His ed Lieut.-Col. Lyons and the seletter, which I have the honour cond battalion of the 7th, with to enclose, together with a copy two six-pounders, to reinforce of my instructions, details his Lieut.-Col. Thompson, in the proceedings from that date, and hope of preventing it, or renderrenders it only necessary for me ing it ineffectual. They have, to express my approbation of however, remained stationary Lieut.-Col. Thompson's conduct, since their repulse. and entire satisfaction with that

I have, &c. of the detachment in general.

D. OCHTERLONY, Maj. Gen. I would, however, be unjust Camp Nehn, Dec. 31, 1814. not to mention, that the reports I received from Lieut. Lawtie, En. Report from Lieutenant-Colonel gineer, of the very great labour Thompson to Major-General and fatigue sustained with cheer- Ochterlony, enclosed in the prefulness by the pioneers, induced ceding. me to express to Captain Baines, Sir,-Agreeably to your inLieutenant Armstrong, and their structions I have the honour to officers, who set them the meri, report, that after dusk on the evenI rious example, my particular ing of the 27th, I commenced my thanks, and to send a pecuniary march towards these heights with donation to the men.

the light battalion, and eight comLieutenant Lawtie, with his panies of the 2d battalion 3d reaccustomed zeal, accompanied the giment, native infantry, two sixdetachment, and on this, as on pounders, and a mountain train

every occasion, deserves my high- of two light howitzers. Although * est consideration ; from him I the night was extremely favoura

have the honour to transmit a ble, the whole of the artillery did slight sketch of the ground and not reach the opposite side of the point of attack.

ridge of hills, about one coss beIt remains only to add, that the low Deboo-ka-Tebha, until past enemy no sooner perceived the eight o'clock in the morning of movement to the right, and con- the 25th. I then advanced up the templated its obvious object, than face of the hill with the light batthey evacuated all their stockades talion and four companies of the but the two small redoubts imme- 2d battalion 3d regiment, to gain diately under the fort, and risked possession of the ridge on my the attempt which Lieut.-Col. left, immediately opposite to the Thompson has detailed, and on enemy's stone stockade; from this its unsuccessful issue, retired to ridge the stockade is about seren "Munghooka Dhar, where he is' hundred yards, with four different now assembled with his 'whole heights intervening.

The up,

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The enemy having come out so advisable to throw up a slight enfar as the nearest hill to the ridge, trenchment on my position on began to open a fire of matchlocks the ridge and first hill, which was upon our party as they proceeded effected about dusk.

the heights. On our gaining During the night the enemy possession of a high part of the evacuated the stockade on Deridge, the enemy evacuated their boo-ka-Tibba, which was immeposition upon the opposite hill, diately occupied by the picquets

and being instantaneously pur- of the light battalion.
sued by our troops, they fled suc- The stockade is situated on a
cessively over the whole of the steep rocky eminence, very diffi-
hills between the ridge and their cult of access on all sides, but par-
stockade, which appearing to me ticularly so in front, where it is
too strong to attempt without the almost perpendicular. The wall
assistance of our guns, I resolved is ten feet high on the outside,
to wait until the artillery came up. and four feet thick, composed of

The six pounders opened upon loose stones, extremely well built,
the place about four o'clock p. m, and three sides of it are surround-
and I was in hopes that as the ed by a high bamboo fence, at the
wall appeared to be composed only distance of two feet from the out-
of loose stones, it might have been side of the wall; within it is a
laid open before dusk; but after Pucha Mhut.
firing for about an hour, from a The position of the enemy at
distance of about five hundred Mungoo-ka-Dhar appears to be
yards, only a small part of the nearly two miles from my post,
wall came down.

and the road to it very difficult, Having resolved to move the as well from unevenness as from battery to a nearer distance, the ascent. I have also been informfollowing morning the pioneers ed, that the enemy have thrown were employed during the day in up stone breast-works and other making fascines and gabions for obstacles at different parts of the

road. About a quarter of an hour, I have the honour to enclose a however, before sun-rise the fol- correct return of our casualties; lowing morning (the 29th) the those of the enemy, from the best enemy came down in great num- intelligence I have been able to bers from the Mungoo-ka-Dhar, procure, amount to one hundred with an apparent intention of and fifty killed, and about two forcing my position on the ridge, hundred and fifty.wounded. I had and also turning my left, so as to the pleasure yesterday to send in surround it. I am happy to add, two prisoners from Deboo-kathat, in consequence of the warm Tibba, and this day another, who

reception they received from our was wounded in the affair of the stroops they were soon obliged to 29th. retire with loss, Having now, The conduct of the officers' and however, every reason to believe that Mungoo-ka-Dhar had been *Published in the London Gastrongly reinforced, I thought it zette of 19th August last.

that purpose.



men i composing my detachment Inventories are taking, but as has been such as to merit my they will employ some time I do warmest approbation.

not think it necessary to wait till I have the honour to be, &c. they are finished, as Colonel Ro

W. THOMPSON, Lieut.-Col. binson, who is appointed on our

Commanding the reserve. part, will remain, and send a copy, Camp, Deboo-ka-Tibba,

when completed. There are two Dec. 31, 1814.

hundred and twenty-seven pieces of ordnance; one hundred and

fifty-two of which are mounted, ADMIRALTY-OFFICE, SEPT. 19. and provisions remaining for near

three months. Copies of letters and their enclosures from Admiral Lord Ex- with the conclusion of this ser

In acquainting your Lordship mouth, K. C. B.Commander in vice, I cannot deny myself the Chief of his Majesty's ships in satisfaction of again expressing the Mediterranean, addressed to John Wilson Croker, Esq.

my sense of the zealous assistance

afforded to me by Captain Brace, • The first letters contain details while he continued under my or of the operations before Gaeta, ders, and Colonel Robinson, who which terminated in a blockade ;

did so to the last moment; and the last letter contains an account without meaning to attach more of the submission of that fortress, iinportance or merit to the opera. as follows:

tions in which we have been en

gaged, than they may be fairly His Majesty's ship Malta,

considered to deserve, I yet ven. Gaeta Bay, Aug. 9.

ture to express my hope, that My Lord,–In my letter of the your Lordship will feel yourself 2d instant, 1 expressed my inten- at liberty to place them in such a tion of sending the next day to light before my Lords Commisthe Governor of Gaeta an account sioners of the Admiralty, as may of Buonaparte's surrender, which obtain their Lordships' favour and having been done, I have now the consideration towards Col. Robinpleasure to acquaint your Lord- son and the first Lieutenant of this ship, that it led to communications ship, who is a most deserving ofwhich terminated in the submis- ficer. si-n of that fortress yesterday.

I have the honour to be, &c. At six p. m. the sea-gate was taken

WILLIAM CHA. FAHIE. possession of by the marines of To the Right Hon. Admiral his diajesty's ship under my com

Lord Exmouth, K.C.B. mand, and the others by the Austrian and Sicilian troops, and this Articles of Submission of the day the garrison marched out, and Fortress of Gaeta, which the were disposed of according to the undersigned have established terms of submission (a copy of in consequence of the authoriwhich is herewith transmitted):

ties given them. the four first articles having been dictated by his Sicilian Majesty.

Art. 1. The Commandant, Mr.


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