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confidence and enthusiasm, that I behind the work, was filled with resolved to begin by reconnoitring troops, rendering the post, if it and attacking Jutgurgh next morn- had been carried, wholly untenable; ing Major Comyn, with the I therefore determined to stop the greater part of the detachment fruitless waste of lives, by sound-, formerly placed under his com- ing retreat. mand, was directed to advance The condrict of the whole of the between Jutgurgh and Bootwul, troops engaged merits my entire so as to turn the left of the posi- approbation, as expressed in the tion, while the main body should order, a copy of which is enclosed. attack it in front and on the right That order is too concise to do flank : his force consisted of seven justice to my sense of the merits companies, that with me of twenty- of individual officers. one; and we marched from camp For the friendly and judicious as soon as the dispersion of the advice afforded by Colonel Hardyfog would admit of it. I am man, second in command, I shall grieved to say, that instead of ever feel much indebted; and I debouching from the wood in an owe my best acknowledgments for open plain, in front of the work, the zealous conduct and active asas we had been led to expect, i ar- sistance afforded me by the staff, rived with my Staff and the fore- who were all with me. most of the advanced guard within Nothing could exceed the arfifty paces of it, before it was dis- dour evinced upon every occasion covered ; a very heavy and galling by Lieutenant Morrison, Field fire then opened from the redoubt, Engineer, and the deprivation of which was returned by the few the aid afforded by his professional men who accompanied my staff talents and excellent judgment, and myself to reconnoitre, until enhances the severe loss I have the head of the column and the suffered from hisdangerouswound. guns arrived. His Majesty's 17th The severe wound which Capfoot, who led the column, headed tain M‘Dowell received in the by their gallant commander, Co- early part of the action, deprived lonel Hardyman, supported by us of the services of a most gallant the grenadiers of the 2d battalion and zealous officer. 17th, and the 14th regiment na- Lieutenants Points and Pickerin tive infantry, advanced upon the were with the foremost parties, works; while the grenadier and and fell, when nobly pressing one battalion company of his Ma- through the enemy's fire near the jesty's 17th, succeeded in gaining redoubt: the first dangerously, the hill on the right of the redoubt. and the other severely wounded. This party was led by a brave and I cannot express how greatly I cool officer, Captain Croker, who admired the animated conduct of drove the enemy before them up my Brigade-Major Captain Hiott, the hill, killing a chief Sooraj in cheering the men to the attack Tappah ; still the fire from the after being dangerously wounded, enemy, concealed by the trees, was nor how deeply I feel the loss kept up with great obstinacy, and (which I pray may be temporary) the hill, which rose immediately of his services, both as a friend, in whose able counsel I have long but ineffectual resistance on the had reason to confide, and as an part of our troops, against the officer who is an ornament to his overwhelming numbers and supeprofession.

rior means opposed to them. A subsequent report states the On receipt of Major GreenIcss of the enemy in killed and street's report at noon, I strengthwounded to have been two hun- ened the post of Barra Gurhee, dred, among whom were one of opposite to the Sucktie Pass, under their principal Sirdars, and four Captain Hay, with two howitzers others of inferior rank.

and a six pounder (the former Some confusion occurred in con- called out from the train at Betsequence of the majority of the teah, for the purpose of being atbearers having thrown down their tached to the column under Caploads, but the soldiers, both Eu- tain Roughsedge, as detailed in ropean and native, brought away my letter of the 12th ultimo, and most of the boxes of ammunition. the latter posted at Burra Gurhee,

Konckanaddee Sewaree, who by Major Bradshaw); at the first misled the detachment, was a man formation of these advanced posts, who was particularly recommend- and which I had withdrawn in ed by Dr. Buchanan, and from prosecution of the ulterior arwhose information that gentleman rangements for our advance, only constructed his map of Nepaul. two days before, and after for

Having pointed out the fort to warding orders to Captain Roughme, when within fifty yards of it, sedge, who was on his march tohe suddenly disappeared, and I am wards my camp from the neighstill ignorant of his fate; if he is bourhood of Janickpore, and to with the enemy, I can have no Captain Blackney, posted at Sumdoubt of his treachery.

mundpore, (the position from I have, &c.

whence the Hurreehurpere coJohn S, Wood, Major-Gen. lumns were to have marched), diCamp, Simlar, January

recting them all to concentrate at 4, 1915.,

Barra Gurhee, I marched toward

Persah at two, p. m. as well to Copy of Letters and Enclosures support Major Greenstreet, as to

from Major-General Bonnet cover our depôt and artillery, the Marley, commanding a division whole of which had been directed of the Field Army, to the Ad- to advance towards Persah, and jutant-General.

where it was my intention to have Sir,- It is with the deepest con- joined the train, and proceeded cern and regret, I beg to transmit, towards the Bochiake Pass. for the information of the Right It was four o'clock in the afterHonourable the Commander in noon, after coming some miles, Chief, the enclosed letters, report that a Sawar arrived from Geraing the disastrous results which sahun with theenclosed letter from occurred yesterday morning, by Lieutenant Strettell, giving an the enemy attacking and carrying account of the fate of Captain our two posts of Persah and Sum- Blackney's detachment. I have mundpore, after a considerable, directed that officer to proceed with the detachment to Betteah, from about twenty pieces of canwhere further orders will await non (as well as could be judged). him.

Captain Blackney, and all the of I marched last night nine miles, ficers of the wing, did their utmost till my progress was stopped by a endeavours to bring on our sepoys considerable nulla, which it was to the charge, which failed in every impossible to have crossed in the attempt, from the very destructive dark without great confusion and fire which opposed them. It is risk. This morning I again march with the utmost sorrow I am to ed, and am now encamped on the mention, that after the action had high road from Betteah to Persal, continued about ten minutes with which completely covers the ad- equal ardour on each side, we were vance of the battering train, which deprived of the directions and asmarched from the former place sistance of Captain Blaekney and on the 1st, agreeably to the orders Lieutenant Duncan, who, i fear, I had sent Major Mason, as soon are both killed, having been seas his letter, reporting the arrival verely wounded and disabled. On of the battering train, reached the fall of these two gallant offime.

cers, the sepoys became quite disAs the enemy appeared to have pirited, and began to retire with retired into the forest, I trust Ma- some confusion, upon which the jor Mason will be able to join me enemy advanced upon and deto-morrow or next day.

stroyed our tents by fire. The I shall do myself the honour of village of Summunpore, in which transmitting correct returns of was the commissariat depot, was the casualties, on both occasions, burnt in the commencement of as soon as I can collect the re- the action by the enemy. Findports.

ing that the detachment had sufI have, &c.

fered most severely, added to the B. MARLEY, great numbers and strength of the Major-Gen. Commanding. enemy, it was judged most pruCamp, Serrisowah, Jan.

dent to retire; and as the enemy 2, 1815.

had taken possession of the road to

Barra Ghurrie, we directed our Reports from Lieutenant Strettell

course to this place, at which we and Major Greenstreet, inclosed have just arrived. I am unable in the preceding.

to state the exact loss of the de. Sir,- It is with the deepest re- tachment, as the stragglers are gret that I have to acquaint you, coming in every moment. It is for the information of Major Ge- my intention to march to-morrow neral Marley, that the left wing, morning towards the head-quar2d battalion 22d regiment native ters of the army, when I shall infantry, was this morning attack- have the honour to state the pared,

and compelled to retire. ticulars more fully to the Major

The enemy advanced about five General. I cannot conclude witho'clock this morning in three go- out paying the tribute so justly lahs, and immediately opened a due to the merits of the two brave very severe and well directed fire and valuable officers who fell this morning, and of all the officers Sir,-In my hurried report of composing the detachment, who yesterday I omitted to state the left no exertions untried towards particulars of Major Greenstreet the success of the day. It is im- having been detached from the possible to judge correctly of the camp at Lewtun on the 31st, at strength of the enemy, but it is three in the morning, for the pursupposed to be about two thousand pose of reinforcing the post of men. I have, &c.


Persah, with four companies of E. STRETTELL, Lieutenant, the 2d battalion 15th native in

commanding the detachment. fantry, in consequence of inGorauh Sahun, January

formation that the Nepaulese 1, 1815.

were in some force, and intended Captain Watson, A.A.G.

to attack that post, though the

letter received by me from CapSir,-1 am sorry to acquaint tain Sibley, dated so late a: the you, that the post of Persa Ghurrie, 30th, makes no mention of any commanded by Captain Sibley, was thing extraordinary. This will acthis morning attacked by an over- count for Major Greenstreet: rewhelming force of Gorkahs, who, ports of yesterday forwarded. I regret to say, carried their point I have received reports, dated after an hour's hard fighting, which 2d instant, from Lieutenant Stretended in the repulse of our troops tell, stating that he had been jointhere, the loss of the gun, and ed at Gerasahun by two companies every kind of baggage.

of the Chumparun light infantry At break of

when I was

under Ensign Watson, who had about to march for that post, effected a timely retreat from a we heard a heavy firing in that post five coss to the right of Barra direction, when I pushed on with Gurhee; and that he intended to all possible speed; but within march to join Captain Hay at that three miles of the place I met a place immediately. vast number of wounded, and im- I trust that these detachments mediately afterwards some of- will have joined Captain Hay, ficers, who informed me, that and that the Ramghur battalion, any attempt on my part to reco- under Captain Roughsedge, will ver the fortune of the day must also have made a junction, which be unavailing, as the enemy's will make them equal to sustain force was computed at full ten and repulse any attack the Nethousand. I am now halted on paulese may attempt, as they will the eastern bank of the Sereso- have five guns, besides the dewah, giving protection to the fences of the fort of Barra Gurwounded who are coming in; hee having been made strong. and intend, as soon as possible, Lieutenant Strettell reports that to move in the direction of Bet- he had one hundred and eighty teah, unless I shall receive other seapoys fit for duty, and fortyinstructions from you.

one wounded, inclusive of native I have, &c.

commissioned and non-commis-
J. GREENSTREET, Major, sioned officers.
Commanding 2d Batt. 15th I have this morning receired
Regt. Nat. Infantry. reports from Major Mason, an-



nouncing his arrival on this side of the Sukrance river, on the 2d :

Downing-Street, Sep. 16. his arrival here may therefore be reasonably expected in the course Captain Leith Hay, aide-deof to-morrow or the day following. camp to Lieutenant-General Sir I have, &c.

James Leith, G.C. B. command(Signed) B. MARLEY, ing his Majesty's forces in the Major-Gen. Commanding,

Windward and Leeward Islands,

arrived this afternoon with a disCamp, Serissowah, Jan. 3, 1915.

patch, addressed to Earl Bathurst, Return of killed, wounded, and Secretaries of State, of which the

one of his Majesty's principal missing, of the detachments at Persah and Summunpore, on the

following is a copy :1st of January, 1815.

Basseterre, Guadaloupe, Aug. Total—123 killed ; 187 wound

12, 1815. ded; 73 missing.

My Lord, -Having concerted with the Commander in Chief the

necessary naval arrangements, FOREIGN OFFICE,

Rear-Admiral Sir Charles DurAugust 26, 1815.

ham was so obliging as to receive

me, with the head-quarters, on Lord Bathurst, one of his Ma- board his Majesty's ship Ve. jesty's principal Secretaries of nerable, bearing his ilag. State, has this day notified, by The fleet, consisting of the vescommand of his Royal High- sels of war, such parts of the ness the Prince Regent, to the Mi- troops as had been assembled nisters of friendly Powers, resi- from the South American Condent at this Court, that, in con- tinent, and from the Windward sequence of events which have Islands, sailed from Carlisle Bay, happened in Europe, it has been Barbadoes, on the 31st .of July, deemed expedient and determin- whilst the land force destined to ed, in conjunction with the allied proceed from St. Lucia, MartiSovereigns, that the island of St. nique, and Dominique, were diHelena shall be the place allotted rected to rendezvous without defor the future residence of General lay at the Saintes. Napoleon Buonaparte, under such Your Lordship will have alregulations as may be necessary ready been apprised, by a former for the perfect security of his dispatch, that the important post of person ; and for that purpose it the Saintes was already garrisonhas been resolved, that all fo- ed by British troops, and placed reign ships or vessels whatever in a state to have resisted all atshall be excluded from all com- tacks of the enemy, while the exmunication with, or approach pedition was not yet in a state of to that island, so long as the preparation. said island shall continue to be It was important to keep the the place of residence of the said attacking force to windward of Napoleon Buonaparte,

Guadaloupe as long as the hur



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