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the success which has hitherto Mawby determined to dislodge attended the operations of the di- them from this position, and sevision under the command of lected Major Ludlow for the conMajor-General Ochterlony. duct of this service, which was

most ably and successfully ac

complished by that officer. Extract of a letter from the Ad- The conduct of Major Ludlow.

jutant-General to the Secretary deserves, in the opinion of the Comto Government, dated Head- mander-in-Chief, to be brought quarters, Moradabad, Decem- to the particular notice of his ber 10, 1814, relative to the lordship, not only as distinguishoperations of the 2d division of ed in this affair, but throughout the field ariny, under the tem- the whole of the service in the porary command of Colonel Dhoon: at the arduous and unMawby.

fortunate commencement of it, My last transmission of dis. his gallantry and exertions were patches from the officer com- most conspicuous, and it is known manding the troops in the Dhoon attracted the applause of the ilannounced the evacuation of the lustrious commander, who fell on fort of Kalunga on the morning that lamented occasion. Since of the 30th ultimo.

that period Major Ludlow has The garrison is now known to been employed on every service have suffered most severely from of difficulty and anger that has the fire of the British artillery, occurred, and invariably conductand particularly from the shells ed himself with eminent courage, thrown from the mortars. The judgment, and zeal. place was found crowded with dead The officers who served under and wounded, whom the enemy Major Ludlow in the attack of was unable to carry off in his pre- Bulbudder Sing's position are also cipitate flight, during the course entitled to particular notice and of which his whole numbers commendation; and his Excelwere, with a very limited excep- lency accordingly begs leave to tion, either killed, wounded, or name the following officers, as taken prisoners, by the activity deserving to be honoured with the and gallantry of the different de- approbation of Government; Captachments which had been very tain Bucke, commanding the light judiciously placed by Col. Mawby, battalion, in the absence of Major to intercept his retreat.

Wilson; Ensigns Wilson, RichBulbudder Sing, the Killedar, mond, and Turner, doing duty effected his escape with about 70 with that battalion. The arduous followers, with whom he took and difficult nature of the service, post on a hill, at some distance the fatigues and privations the froin the British camp, where he troops had for some time underwas joined by 300 Goorkahs, in- gone, and the strength of the enetended as a reinforcement for the my's position, demanded exemgarrison of Kalunga, and who plary exertions of activity, zeal, had been several days seen hover- and personal bravery from the ing in the mountains. Colonel European officers ; and they ap


pear to have been made on this The dispatch from Col. Mawoccasion with a spirit and alacrity by, under date of the 7th instant, becominy British officers. will apprize the Governor-general

It will be satisfactory to the of the evacuation of the strong Government to observe, 'that in fort of Barunt, situated on one this rencontre, (the first which side of those high mountains, bas taken place between the Se- which, rising in continuous masses poys and the Goorkah troops since from the north eastern boundary the successful resistance of the of the valley of the Dhoon, extend latter from the walls of their forts) to the great Himmalcheh range. our native infantry, animated by The possession of this place is of the example and under the guid- great importance, commanding not ance of their European officers, only the district of Jaunsur, lying have maintained their accustomed between the Jumna and Touse superiority in close conflict, with rivers, but one of the enemy's an enemy of determined courage, main communications between aided by the natural strength of his western army, under Ummeer his position.

Sing, and the countries held in The fall of Kalunga, and the subjection by its presence, and impression produced by the ulti- the dominions of Nepaul east of mate fate of the garrison, not- the Ganges. This event appears withstanding its protracted and to have been accelerated by the gallant resistance, has been attend- defection of the head landholders ed with the most beneficial con- and inhabitants of the country. seqnences. The confidence that The post of Lackerghaut on the had been created by the events Ganges, where it forms the eastbefore Kalunga has abated; ern limit of the valley of the and the spirit of insurrection Dhoon, and by which the enemy's against the Goorkah tyranny, direct and principal communicawhich the same events had re- tion with Ummeer Sing's army pressed, has now decidedly mani- was maintained before the British fested itself.

troops entered the valley, is in A very strongly stockaded posi- possession of one of our detachtion which the enemy occupied on ments, which completes the occuthe heights above the town of pation of the Dhoon, and of the Calsia was precipitately abandon- principal passes leading into it. ed, after a feeble resistance, on The occupation of this valley the advance of a small detachment formed the earliest object of the sent against it on the 28th ultimo, Commander in Chief's attention by Lieut.-colonel Carpenter, un- in the plan which his Excellency der the command of Capt. Past, had resolved to adopt for the camof the 1st battalion of the 17th paign to the westward; because native infantry, accompanied by it necessarily cut off the lower, a party of irregulars, which had most direct, and most frequent been collected in the country by line of communication between Mr. Frazer, with his usual inde- the capital and the eastern domifatigable zeal in the public ser- nions of Nepaul, and its army and vice.

conquered provinces west of the Po

Juna Jumna and Touse rivers ; and the defiles leading directly from the British authority once establish- Kaerdar valley towards Nahan. ed in the valley, posts could have been extended from thence along Return of Killed, Wounded, and those rivers to a distance sufficient Missing of a detachment of the to deprive Ummeer Sing of his field army commanded by Colomiddle line of communication, nel Mawby during the siege of and to force him, on the event of Kalunga and subsequent attack his being compelled, or finding it on Bulbulder Sing, from the 25th expedient to abandon his western of Norember, 1814, to the 2d conquests, to seek a retreat by the December, both inclusive. only line for it, which would then Total of Killed and Wounded-1 be left him, along the foot of the major, 5 captains, 6 lieutenants, snowy mountains. The unfortu- 2 ensigns, 7 native commissioned nate events before Kalunga re- officers, 35 havildars and serjeants, tarded, and for a time completely 4 drummers, 425 rank and file, I frustrated, the views of the Com- gurner, 11 mattrosses, 2 golaunmander in Chief, and deprived the dause, 4 gun lascars, 1 driver, 4 3d division of the army under bheetees, 1 magazine man. Colonel Ochterlony, of the support and co-operation it was to Copy of a letter from Major-gen. derive from the 2d division after Sir Gabriel Martindell, K. Č.B. the occupation of the Dhoon, in commanding the second divia combined attack on the Goorkah sion of the field army, dated power and possessions in Sir- Camp, Noginund, December

The fall of Kalunga, the 20, 1814, to the Adjutant-gesecure occupation of the Dhoon, neral. and the expulsion of the enemy, which is stated to be complete, Sir,-With reference to my letfrom the districts lying between ter, dispatched by express this the rivers Touse and Junina, have morning, I have now the honour in part accomplished the objects to inform you, that Major Ludof the campaign in that quarter, low took possession of Nahun at and led to the immediate resump- one o'clock to-day. tion of the original plan of operations intended to be pursued to I have the honour, &c. the westward of the Jumna.

G. MARTINDELL, MajorThe battering train was to have

Gen. commanding deleft Deyrah on the 6th inst. and

tachment. it was expected the remainder of Camp, Noginund, Dec. 20, 1814. the division would descend the Timley Pass on the 8th or 9th, Extract of a letter from Majoron its route to Nahan, which the gen. Sir Gabriel Martindell, Commander in Chief has ordered K.C. B. dated Camp, at Nahun, should be through the protected December 27, 1814. Seikh country, and the Muckunda Pass, with a view to avoid the dif- It is with unfeigned regret that ficult pass of Guttansun, and the I have to report to you, for the



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information of the right honoura- vanced position, and compelled ble the Commander in Chief, the to retire into his stockade; but failure of an attack made this the Goorkahs here took advanmorning on a stockade, about a tage of a brave but ill-timed dash mile west of the fort of Jumpta, of the column, which Major Ludand which was planned with the low endeavoured in vain to redouble view of dispossessing the strain ; and after an arduous conenemy of a strong position, and flict, in which I fear our loss is cutting off their supply of water, great, (but I am at present unwhich it commanded.

able to detail it), the column was From every information I pos- obliged to retreat. sessed, together with what Major The slaughter of the enemy, Ludlow, who command at Nahun Major Ludlow states, to be very from the 20th inst had been able great, and he speaks in the highto obtain, and the previous local est terms of the gallant exertions knowledge of Major Richards, I of the officers and men under his formed the plan of a combined at- command. Much as I deplore this tack. One column was command- failure, I have the consolation in ed by Major Ludlow, who was thinking, that it has not tarnished directed to proceed to the left of the British arms. the fort, whilst Major Richards, with another column, was to make Copy of a letter from Major-gen. a detour to the right, and take up Sir David Ochterlony, K. C. B. à position on the other side of the commanding the third division, fort, by which means I had every to the Adjutant-general. expectation of completely depriving the enemy of their watering Sir, I have the honour to inplaces. The columns I made so form you, that the movement of strong as to be ample for the ob- the reserve, to cut off the supplies ject in view ; and I derive some of the enemy, has induced him satisfaction from the assurances, to evacuate all the stockades exthat both Majors Ludlow and cept the two immediately under Richards thought them sufficient. the fort. He made a very bold

It was calculated that both co- and spirited attempt on the relumns should march so as to reach

serve this morning, but was retheir respective points of attack pulsed to a distance; but I anticonsiderably before day-break; cipate another in the course of the but it is much to be regretted, night or to-morrow morning, and that Major Ludlow's column did have in consequence reinforced not arrive at its position till long the reserve with the 2d battalion after that time : it was of course of the 7th, the strongest in the perceived by the enemy, who took lines; and two 6-pounders are every advantage of the discovery. going off at the moment I am

Major Ludlow reports, that he writing. had at first the most flattering I cannot at present enter into hopes of complete success, the any particular details, but hope to enemy being driven from his ad- be able to give you satisfactory ac. counts by express in the course of narrow, and woody peaks, which to-morrow,

counts confidence

form the outline of the whole I have the honour, &c. ridge west of Mujcote. In the

D. OCHTERLONY. evening, however, this plan was Camp, half-past 4, p. m.

abandoned, in consequence of the Dec. 29, 1814.

receipt of fresh intelligence brought The Goorkahs, in the stockade of by two spies sent by the Rajah Debooka Teiba, though surround- Ruttun Sing, which described the ed, have not yet surrendered. I road along the ridge as rendered have not yet an official report, but altogether impracticable, and from my Hirkarrah informs me the the advice and information of a people in the stockade have sur- Brahmin Cauckunnudde Sewarrendered.

ree, a native of the hills, but for

many years past resident in GoCopy of a letter from Major-Gen. ruckpore, and attached to the

John Sullivan Wood, com- Rajah. This man, after insisting manding a division of the field on the threatening nature of the army, to the Adjutant-General. difficulties presented by the Ma

hapore Hill, which were abunSir, I have the honour to re- dantly obvious, recommended that port to you, that the plan of ope. the detachment should cross the rations, contained in my letter of Tenavee, occupy Bupunulpore, the 1st of January, was postponed about ten miles from Simlar, and, that evening until the 3d instant, there leaving the supplies and bagin consequence of the informa- gage, push on to Paipa, where tion I then received, contrary to grain, &c. would be found more all previous representations, that than sufficient for the whole deno water could be obtained nearer tachment, and from whence Nyathe fort (the name of which is cote might be attacked on its north now discovered to be Mujeote) side, where the well that supplied than Mahapore, being a distance the garrison was situated; but in of three miles. On the 2d inst. the first place he recommended arrangements were made with that the redoubt at Jutgurgh, cross the Commissariat for the carriage the foot of the hill of Mujcote, of water, for the Europeans and and one mile west of Bootwul, Aluşselmen, in leathern bags, and should be reconnoiteredand carried, for the Hindoos in pots; and it and the deserted town of Boptwul was resolved to establish entrench- laid in ashes. He placed the suced posts at Mahapore and Ram- cess of this affair beyond doubt; chae, a high ground near the fort, and said, that the terror inspired and to place a detachment at Pah- by the first impression of our area, a peak about half way be- arms would have a most benefitween the two former, for the cial effect on our subsequent opepurpose of keeping up the com- rations. munication. Thus


detach- The whole plan appeared so ment was unavoidably to be di- reasonable, and he answering vided into four parts, if it succeed- for its success, and offering to ed in carrying the successive steep, assist in the execution with such

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