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rors of tyrannical power, no tendency of this kind of behariother than those of hatred and our, in encouraging and procontempt.

pagating that confidence, on the Besides the property taken by part of the inhabitants of these Major Kelly, further captures, to provinces, in the justice and moa considerable amount, have been deration of his Majesty's governmade, and information has been ment, and the protection of his received of many places where arms, which served to invite and more treasure is is hid.

attach them to the cause in which In a military view, the resist- they were engaged, and led, unance, and consequently the dan- der Providence, to a conquest, ger, has been comparatively tri- the attempting of which has in fing, but it would be the highest former instances proved so fatal, injustice to estimate, by the ina- as to leave terrific lessons of dequate opportunities which have caution and forbearance to future presented themselves, what might invaders ; an enterprize which, I have been achieved if the oc- have no hesitation in saying, could casion had called forth the full ex- not, with any common prudence, ertions of the troops. Of fatigue have been entered upon, except and hardship of weather, they with the most credible assurances have had considerable trials, the of the concurring wishes of the roads being indescribably rugged, Chiefs and people, nor could ever with frequent interruptions both have been brought to a successof mountains and morass, and ful issue without their acquies. every difficulty that marching cence and aid. can possibly admit. These, how- The army has enjoyed in a very ever, with the dispiriting addition surprising degree the blessings of frequent rain, only served to of health. Our returns of sick are display their ardour, which no much below the number which obstacles, discouragements might be expected in the same could subdue. But that for force, stationed in any of the garwhich I hold myself principally risons of the colony. indebted to the army, which I am now occupied in returning I have had the honour and good to their former stations such parts fortune to command in this un- of the troops as will not be redertaking, is, their orderly be- quired to remain for the mainhaviour, and abstaining from all tenance of the British governacts of plunder, violence, and ment in the interior. irregularity. They have, in con- I am not yet prepared to presequence, been every where re- sent to your Lordship any conceived by the Chiefs and inhabi- nected view of the complicated tants with unfeigned welcome, and important considerations, of assisted with supplies and means a political and civil nature, which of carriage, and their camps fre- arise out of this great change : quented by all classes of the na- these I shall therefore reserve for tives with extraordinary freedom a separate dispatch, and conclude and familiarity. Your Lordship the present with soliciting your will readily perceive the happy Lordship to do me the lionour of



presenting to his Royal Highness the Palace of Candy, between his the Prince Regent, the expression Excellencythe Governorand Comof my humble congratulations in mander of the forces on behalf of being enabled, by the speedy and his Majesty, and of his Royal Highhappy issue of a campaign, endingness the Prince Regent, on the one with the unparalleled good for- part, and the Adikars, Dessaves, tune of not losing a single life, to and other principal Chiefs of the tender for his Royal Highness's Candian provinces on the other acceptance, the duties of a new part, on behalf of the people, and and industrious hardy race of in presence of the Mohottalles, people, and the possession of a ter- Coraals, Vidaans, and other subritary bountifully endowed with ordinate headmen from the difnatural gifts, and requiring only ferent provinces, and a great conthe blessings of a just govern- course of inhabitants. ment, and an equitable administra- A public instrument of treaty, tion of justice, and the indulgent prepared in conformity to condicare and countenance of a hu- tions previously agreed on, for mane and gracious Prince. establishing his Majesty's govern

I consider the circumstances ment in the Canadian provinces, which have taken place to be of so was produced and publicly read much national interest and import- in English and Cingalese, and ance, as to warrant my entrusting unanimously assented to. them to the care of a confidential The British flag was then, for staffofficer. My son, Major Brown- the first time, hoisted, and the rigg, Deputy Adj.-General to this establishment of the British domiarmy, will therefore have the nion in the interior was announchonour of delivering this dis- ed by a royal salute from the patch, and as he has a perfect cannon of the city. knowledge of all the occurrences All the troops present in this of our short campaign, he is garrison were under arms on the enabled to afford such informa- occasion of this important event. tion as your Lordship may be By his Excellency's command. pleased to require of him.

James SutHERLAND, He will be charged with the

Dep. Sec. banner or standard of Candy, to be laid, with my most respectful duty, at the feet of his Royal OFFICIAL DECLARATION Highness the Prince Regent.

Led by the invitation of the From the Ceylon Government Ga- Chiefs, and welcomed by the ac

zette Extraordinary, March 6, claination of the people, the forces 1815.

of his Britannic Majesty have en

tered the Candian territory, and British Head-quarters, Candy, penetrated to the capital. Divine March 2.

Providence has blessed their efThis day a solemn conferrence forts with uniform and conpleie was held in the Audience llall of success—the Ruler of the interior






provinces has fallen into their of the hope of a sincere reconhands, and the government re- ciliation. mains at the disposal of his Ma- Of this animosity, a daring injesty's representative.

stance was exhibited, in the unproIn this sacred charge, it is his voked and barbarous mutilation earnest prayer, that the Power of ten innocent subjects of the which has vouchsafed thus far British Government, by which to favour the undertaking, may seren of the number lost their guide his councils to a happy lives—a measure of defance calissue, in the welfare and pro- culated, and apparently intended, sperity of the people, and the ho- to put a final negative to every nour of the British empire. probability of friendly intercourse.

Under circumstances far dif- If, therefore, in the present referent from any which exist in the verse of his fortunes and condition, present case, it would be a duty, it may be presumed the King and a pleasing one, to favour the would be found more accessible to re-establishment of a fallen Prince, negociation than in former times, if his dominion could be fixed on what value could be set on a conany principles of external relation sent at variance with the known compatible with the rights of the principles of his reign; or what neighbouring government, or his dependence placed on his observinternal rule in any reasonable ance of conditions which he has degree reconciled to the safety of hitherto so perseveringly repelled? his subjects.

Still less could the hope for a But the horrible transactions of moment be entertained, that any the fatal year 1803, forced upon conditions of safety were capable the recollection by many local of being established on behalf of circumstances, and by details un- the inhabitants, who had appealed known before; the massacre of to his Majesty's Government for 150 sick soldiers lying helpless protection, and yet more hopeless in the hospital of Candy, left under the attempt to obtain pardon or the pledge of public faith, and the safeguard for the Chiefs, who had no less treacherous murder of the deemed it a duty paramount to whole British garrison command- every other obligation, to become ed by Major Davie, which had the medium of that appeal. surrendered on a promise of How far their complaints have safety, impress upon the Gover- been groundless, and their opponor's mind an act of perfidy un- sition licentious, or, on the conparalleled in civilized warfare, and trary, their grievances bitterly and an awful lesson recorded in charac- intolerably real, may now be judgters of blood against the moment- ed by facts of unquestionable auary admission of future confidence, thenticity. while the obstinate rejection of The wanton destruction of huall friendly overtures, repeatedly man life comprises or implies the made during the intermission of existence of general oppression, hostilities, has served to evince an In conjunction with that, no other implacable animosity, destructive proofs of the exercise of tyranny

require require to be specified; and one since his Majesty's arms, hitherto single instance, of no distant date, employed in the generous purpose will be acknowledged to include of relieving the oppressed, would everything which is barbarous be tarnished and disgraced, by beand unprincipled in public rule, ing instrumental to the restoration and to pourtray the last stage of of a dominion, exercised in a perindividual depravity and wicked- petual outrage to every thing which ness, the obliteration of every trace is sacred in the constitution or of conscience, and the complete functions of a legitimate Governextinction of human feeling. ment.

In the deplorable fate of the On these grounds his Excellency wife and children of Eheylapola the Governor has acceded to the Adikar, these assertions are fully wishes of the Chiefs and people of substantiated, in which was exhi- the Candian provinces, and a Conbited the savage scene of four in- vention has in consequence been fant children, the youngest torn held, the result of which the fol, from the mother's breast, cruelly lowing public act is destined to butchered, and their heads bruised record and proclaim :in a mortar by the hands of their

PROCLAMATION. parent, succeeded by the execution At a Convention held on the ed of the woman herself, and three day of March, in the year of Christ, females more, whose limbs being 1815, and in the Cingalese year, bound, and a heavy stone tied 1736, at the palace, in the city of round the neck of each, they were Candy, between his Excellency thrown into a lake and drowned. Lieut. General Robert Brownrigg,

It is not, however, that under Governor and Commanderin Chief an absolute Government, unproved in and over the British settlements suspicion must usurp the place of and territories in the island of fair trial, and the fiat of the ruļer Ceylon, on the one part, and the stand instead of the decision of Adikars, Dessaves, and other prinjustice; it is not that a rash, violent, cipal Chiefs of the Candian proor unjust decree, or a revolting vinces, on behalf of the inhabitants, mode of execution, is here brought and in the presence of the Mohotto view, not the innocent suffering tales, Coraals, Vidaans, and other under the groundless imputation subordinate Headmen from the of guilt: but a bold contempt of several provinces, and of the peoevery principle of justice, setting ple then and there assembled on at nought all known grounds of the other part, it is agreed and punishment, dispensing with the established as follows: necessity of accusation, and choos- 1st. That the cruelties and oping for its victims helpless females pressions of the Malabar Ruler in uncharged with any offence, and the arbitrary and unjust infliction infants incapable of a crime. of bodily tortures and the pains of

Contemplating these atrocities, death without trial, and sometimes the impossibility of establishing without an accusation, or the poswith such a man, any civilised re- sibility of a crime, and in the gelations either of peace or war, neral contempt and contravention ceases to be a subject of regret; of all civil rights, have become



flagrant, enormous, and intole- professed by the chiefs and inharable, the acts and maxims of his bitants of these provinces, is deGovernment being equally and en- clared inviolable; and its rites, tirely devoid of that justice which ministers, and places of Worship, should secure the safety of his are to be maintained and prosubjects, and of that good faith tected. which might obtain a beneficial 6th. Every species of bodily tor. intercourse with his neighbouring ture, and all mutilation of limb, settlements.

inember, or organ, are prohibited 2d. That the Rajah Sri Wikreme and abolished. Rajah Sinha, by the habitual vio- 7th. No sentence of death can lation of the chief and most sacred be carried into execution against duties of a Sovereign, las forfeited any inhabitant, except by the all claims to that title or the pow. written warrant of the British ers annexed to the same, and is Governor. declared fallen and deposed from the office of King. His family GOD SAVE THE KING, and relatives, whether in the ascending, descending, or colla- By his Excellency's command, teral line, and whether by affinity

JAMES SUTHERLAND, or blood, are also for ever ex

Dep. Sec. cluded from the Throne; and all claim and title of the Malabar race to the dominion of the Candian provinces is abolished and extin

Downing-street, Aug. 1. 3d. That all male persons being A dispatch, of which the folor pretending 10 be the relations lowing is a copy, was this day reof the late Rajah Sri Wikreme ceived by Earl Bathurst, from Rajah Sinha, either by affinity or Major-Gen. Sir Hudson Lowe. blood, and whether in the ascending, descending, or collateral line,

Cujes, July 24, 1815. are hereby declared enemies to the My Lord, -I have the honour Government of the Candian pro- to inform your lordship, that the vinces, ardexcludedand prohibited forts and ships in Toulon have from entering these provinces on this day hoisted the white flag, any pretence whatever, without a and that Marshal Brune, and all written permission for that pur- the generals and admirals in that pose, by the authority of the Bri- place, have signed their acts of tish Government, under the pains submission to the King. and penalties of martial law. The circumstances which led

4th. The dominion of the Can- to this event, so far as in any way dian provinces is vested in the connected with the operations of Sovereign of the British empire, the force under my orders, have and to be exercised through the been as follows:Governors or Lieutenant-Gover- On the first appearance of the nors of Ceylon for the time being fleet and transports, under Lord 5th. The religion of Boodhe, Exmouth, off the coast of France,



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