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great, and apparently insurmount- three Korles, who had previously able difficulties would occur in come over to the British territory, provisioning the troops, on so and himself Dessave of the four many routes, with our scanty Korles, kept hovering in front of means of conveyance, and I de- Major Hook's march, with some termined in consequence on a mo- followers, but had intimated, both dification of the plan. This al- to Major Hook and Mr. D'Oyley, teration consisted chiefly in dis- that he was desirous to join the posing the march of the troops in British standard, and was only such a manner, that the 1st and prevented from doing so by his ed divisions, the 3d and 4th, the apprehension for the fate of his 6th and 7th, should arrive on the family, who were under the same line, and, at certain conve- King's power in the capital, but nient points, unite together ; an whose liberation or escape he exarrangement which, I am happy pected as soon as the troops should to say, brought the supplying of advance sufficiently near to Candy the army within our means, and to induce the King to retire from laid the ground-work of a suc- that place: he further gave it to cessful progress towards the se- be understood, that although he veral assigned places of destina- was obliged to keep up the aption above the hills.

pearance of firing, he would do On the 1st of February I learnt, no harm; and in all these points, by a letter of the 30th of January, although his assurances could not from Major Hook, that the 1st in prudence be fully confided in division, under the command of at the time, he afterwards faiththat officer, had reached Gane- fully kept his word. tynni, situate at the foot of the In the evening of this day (the Balani Mountains, and on the 1st of February) I left Colombo great road leading through the to join the army, and proceeded Pass or Gravet of that name to- by the route of Avissahavelle wards the city of Candy.

(usually called Sittawakka) and Lieutenant O'Connell, with the through the three and four Korles 2d division, was close in the rear, towards Lieut. - Colonel O'Conadvancing to the same point, from nell's camp at Ganniteynne. While which Major Hook was then to at Kooroonagodde, on the 3d of diverge to the left towards Wey- February, a letter from the Lieut. wode, in the seven Korles, to co- Colonel, dated at Ganneiteynne,on operate with Captain De Bussche, the 2d, informed, that the advance already in that quarter, with a of that division, under Major small force, formed to supply the Moffatt, of the 1st Ceylon regiabsence of the auxiliary corps, ment, having been detached to originally expected from Ma- support a patrole which was condras.

ceived to be in danger, had adNo serious opposition was made vanced so near the fortified post to the advance of these divisions. which commands the Balani Pass, The first Adikar of the King of that it was deemed advisable to Candy, by name Molligodde, attack it: and it had been carried, brother to the Dessave of the after a trifling opposition.


. At

At Attypittya, on the 4th, I re- col. O'Connell and Major Hook's ceived Major Hook's report, dated divisions, I, on the 10th, directed from Gerigamme the preceding Lieut. col. O'Connell to ascend day, apprizing me that he had the Pass, and occupy Major Moftaken possession of that strong fatt's position, sending his detachposition and the neighbouring ment a little in advance; and on hill fort of Galgederah, with the evening of the same day, I hardly any resistance, and no loss. joined the camp at Amenoopoora.

On the 6th I reached Ganni- The Adikar Cheylapola, who teynne, where it became neces- had followed my progress as far sary to halt for some days, to give as Ganiteynne, proposed to take time for the concentration of the a different route from thence; and divisions advancing from Trinco- being furnished with an escort of malee and the east side of the about 50 men, proceeded up the Candian territory. Lieutenant mountains, by a road to the right, Colonel O'Connell was encamped leading into the province of Oudihere, and Major Moffatt posted at noora, the inhabitants of which Amenoopoora, one mile and a half he was desirous to communicate beyond the pass, and a free com- with. munication opened between the Late in the evening of the 11th, two corps.

a report was brought to Mr. Here the Adikar Molligodde, D'Oyley, that a division of the bya message through Mr.D'Oyley, British troops, supposed to be requested permission to surrender that commanded by Major Hook, himself with the banners and re- had reached Kattugastotte, a ferry cords of the four Korles, of which of the great river called Mahavilhe is Dessave, having receiv- iganga, about three miles distant ed intimation of the escape of his from Candy; that the King haul family from Candy. My consent quitted the capital, and that the being signified to him, he, on the defences at Gonarooha, another 8th of Feb. came into camp in ferry of the same river, about an state, attended by a number of equal distance from the city, were Chiefs of the four Korles, who abandoned. had not previously appeared, and A patrole, sent forward during formally gave up the insignia and the night, under the command of records of his Dessave into the Major Brownrigg, reached Gonahands of Mr. D'Oyley, whom I rooha early in the morning, and, had deputed as Commissioner on fording the river, ascertained the the part of the British Govern- truth of the intelligence in all its ment to confer with him.

parts. Batteries of great extent Learning by reports from Ma- were erected here, reaching from jor Kelly, commanding the 3d the common place of crossing for division, and proceeding through a considerable distance along the the province of Saffragam and opposite bank, and commanding Qurah towards the Indulgasinha the ford; but were entirely destiPass, that he could be sufficiently tuteeitheros menor guns Hideous arivanced to support a forward objects of the King's resentment movement on the part of Licut.- here presented themselves, in the remains of poor wretches stuck up side of the river, proceeding myon poles on both sides of the river, self to the King's granary, between seven of which were full in view Gonarooha and the town, where I at the ferry, and the whole num- passed the night, and on the folber counted in that neighbourhood lowing day entered Candy with was 19.


my personal suite, and fixed my Major Moffatt, with the ad- head-quarters in the palace. vance of the 2d division, being a In the mean time I had learnt few miles in front of the general by reports from Major Hook, that encampment, was, by Major he had been induced to advance, Brownrigg, on his return with in prosecution of a plan formed the patrole, directed to proceed with Captain de Bussche, who, forward to Gonarooha, in conse- with his detachment had ascended quence of my orders to that effect. the Jaltoewre Gravet, and was in

On learning the foregoing par- communication with the first diticulars, I, on the 12th, dispatch- vision, at a short distance to the ed Major Willerman, Deputy left. Quarter-Master-general, towards Information which those officers Candy, with instructions to pre- had received, rendered it probable vent the possibility of injury to that the King was about to fly, and persons or property, by prohibit that the only remaining hope of ing the entry of the troops within securing him was by a rapid and the gates of the city, otherwise secret movement of those two than as guards, under such dispo- corps. position as Major Willerman might I was apprised by Major Kelly, judge advisable.

that he had, after a faint resistMr. D'Oyley, who had accom- ance by the enemy, possessed himpanied the patrole the preceding self of the batteries coinmanding evening, and remained at Gona- the Idalgasinha Pass, and ascended rooha until joined by Major Mof- the mountains. A subsequent letfatt's detachment, with which, be- ter of the 13th announced the fur-> fore the arrival of Major Willer- ther progress of this division as man he had advanced to the city, far as Maturate, and by one, dated which was found entirely deserted in the afternoon of the same day, of inhabitants, and stripped of all at Mangala Dobbada Ganeure, one property; empty chests, baskets, day's march from Haugeraukette, and matts, were the only things received by me on the 14th, soon found, except some few articles of after reaching the palace, I was furniture, not portable enough informed of Major Kelly having nor of sufficient value to be re- seized (together with a great deal moved.

of treasure) a number of women The detachment encamped with- and children, whom he considered out the gate.

to be of the King's family; but On the 13th in the morning I this idea was afterwards found erleft the position at Amenoopoora, roneous, though several of the with Lieut.-col. O'Connell's divi- women proved to be related and sion, which I caused to halt at a allied to persons of the King's reconvenient place on the hithertinue. The treasure is reported


to consist of several coins of dif- as to prevent the King's escape, ferent descriptions, household im- and to ascertain the precise place plements, and ornaments of silver, of his retreat, to which a detachto the weight of about 1000lbs. ment might be sent to make him

No report had been received of prisoner. Major Mackay's approach, with This task the Adikar undertook the 5th division, from Trincoma- with alacrity and confidence, offerlee, but I calculated with confi- ing to proceed to Dombera in perdence that he must be within two son : dispositions were made for or three days' march.

the proposed purpose, by preparI had learnt by reports from ing a detachment to accompany Major-general Jackson, that, not- the Adikar, and dispatching an. withstanding the most zealous and other to form a chain of military anxious exertions on his part, the communication with Major Kelmovement of the 6th division had ly's force at Haugeraukette. been retarded much beyond the Every thing being thus preparappointed time, by unavoidable ed, the Adikar set out for Domand insurmountable difficulties in bera, on the 16th, preceded by the the means of carriage; and con- detachment under the command ceiving that the strength and dis- of Lieutenant Mylins, of the 1st position of the troops already in Ceylon regiment, and accompathe field would prove sufficient to nied by Mr. D'Oyley, who, on his accomplish the objects of the cam- arrival at Hakkeytugala, in the paign, I addressed General Jack- forenoon of the same day, found son on the 15th instant, counter- the detachment already there, and manding the march of the 6th di- learnt that they had fallen in with vision, and the return of any por- a party of the King's people, and, tion of it that might be on the after a sharp resistance, but withmarch.

out loss on our side, had killed It resulted from this situation three and wounded one, and capof the troops, that the King, who tured a number of persons, two was known to be in the Dessava- of whom were near relations of ny of Dombera, with a small num- the King, and men of leading conber of adherents, was so environ. sequence, and almost all were reed, as to render his escape ex- lated or allied to him. tremely difficult, and if he did suc- This account, dated the 16th, ceed in getting through the pass reached me on the 17th, and the leading to his last place of refuge, same day the prisoners were sent the mountains of Bintenni, Capt. in: when conferred with, they Anderson, of the 19th regiment, claimed with earnestness their concommanding the 7th division from nection with the East India ComBatticaloa, would arrive at that pany's Government. The prinpoint, with every probability of cipal man, by name Mutal 5Wintercepting hiin.

ney, made a merit of þaving reI now made a claim on the ceived presents and marks of disAdikar Eheylapola, for the per- tinction from the gentlemen in formance of his promise to raise authority under the Presidency of the people of these provinces, so Madras. Being asked as to the King's hiding place, and the force precincts of Medda Maha Nuwera along with him, he said, it was se- (the place from whence he was reveral days since he had seen him: ported to have fled) by the people he was then in Dombera; he could of Dombera, in conjunction with not say if he continued in the some armed Kandayans, sent by same place, but if not, he could Eheylapola Adikar, and taken prionly go to Bintenine; that his soner, with two of his wives, in Court was in a great measure dis- the house of an Aratchy (a suborsolved, and that there were no prin- dinate Headman) at a place called cipal Sirdars or Chiefs remaining Gallehewatte, about a mile beyond with him. These communica- Medda Maha Nuwera. His two tions were by no means made in remaining wives and his mother the tone of a willing informer, but were known to be at Hanweylle, appear to have been true. The a short distance off, and being dispersion of the Court we had sent for, with conveyances and an every reason to believe, as on that escort, were brought to Fildinya. and on the following day, several I have since learnt, that the Naykars (as they are called) or few Malabar attendants remaining relations of the King surrendered with the King, made some resistthemselves.

ance, and wounded one of the asIn so far also as regarded the sailants, on which the party reKing's place of retreat, the ac- tired a few paces, and fired upon count of the prisoner agreed with the house; that the King then the daily reports received from Mr. came out and delivered himself D'Oyley, who represented him to It further appears, that his be still in Dombera, but did not pursuers bound him and reviled venture to flatter himself or me, him, and I fear plundered him of that he could succeed in at once some articles of value. cutting him off from escaping to As no regular troops or any the mountains. His letter of the British officer were present, it 18th stated, that the King had was impossible to give full refiled from his last known place of lief; such of the clothes as could halting, and that the inhabitants be recovered, returned. of two villages had appeared, and The Adikar claims, and with promised to co-operate in search- seeming justice, considering the ing for him. The latest report sentiments he must entertain tothat Mr. D'Oyley could then com- wards the King, some merit in municate was, that the King was having, by strict orders, saved concealed in a forest about a his life; and great probability league and a half from Fildinya, arises from what did pass, that noand he had sent a detachment to thing less than high authority endeavour to intercept him. could have induced them to spare

On the 19th in the morning, I him. In another view, this is one had the satisfaction to know, by a of the many facts which concur letter from Mr. D'Oyley of the to shew the feelings of the same date, that the King was in people towards him (exemplifiour hands : he had been surrounded in this his favourite province) ed the preceding evening in the to be, when divested of the ter.



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