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P. S. Since writing the above, guards. I propose to send the I have received a report, that whole to England by Ostend. Major-General Sir William Pon- I have the honour to be, &c. sonby is killed, and, in announc

WELLINGTON. ing this intelligence to your lord- Earl Bathurst, &c. ship, I have to add the expression of my grief, for the fate of an officer, who had already rendered very brilliant and important

Downing-street, June 29, 1815. services, and was an ornament to his profession.

Dispatches, of which the follow2d P. S. I have not yet got the ing are extracts, have been this returns of kiiled and wounded, day received by Earl Bathurst but I enclose a list of officers kil- from Field-Marshal his Grace the led and wounded on the two days,

Duke of Wellington, dated Caas far as the same can be made teau, 22d, and Joncourt, 23th

instant. out without the returns ; and I am very happy to add, that Col. Delancey is not dead, and that

Le Cateau, June 22, 1815. strong hopes of his recovery are

We have continued in march entertained.

on the left of the Sambre since I wrote to you. Marshal Blucher

crossed that river on the 19th, in DOWNING -STREET,

pursuit of the enemy, and both

armies entered the French terriJune 23, 1815.

tory yesterday; the Prussians by A dispatch, of which the fol- Beaumont, and the allied army, lowing is a copy, was this day under my command, by Bavay. received from Field Marshal the

The remains of the French Duke of Wellington, K. G. to

have retired upon

Laon. Earl Bathurst, his Majesty's Prin- All accounts agree in stating, that cipal Secretary of State for the it is in a very wretched state ; War Department.

and that, in addition to its losses

in battle and in prisoners, it is Brussels, June 19, 1815. losing vast numbers of men by My Lord,-I have to inform desertion. your lordship, in addition to my The soldiers quit their regidispatch of this morning, that we ments in parties, and return to have already got here five thou- their homes; those of the cavalry sand prisoners, taken in the ac- and artillery selling their horses tion of yesterday, and that there to the people of the country. are above two thousand more The 3d corps, which in my discoming in to-morrow; there will patch of the 19th I informed your probably be many more. Among lordship had been detached to ob. the prisoners are the Count Lo- serve the Prussian army, remainbau, who commanded the 6th ed in the neighbourhood of Wavre corps, and General Cambrone, till the 20th; it then made good who commanded a division of the its retreat by Namur and Dinant.




This corps is the only one re- It appears that the French maining entire.

corps which was opposed to the I am not yet able to transmit Prussians on the 18th inst. and your lordship returns of the kil- had been at Wavre, suffered conied and wounded in the army in siderably in its retreat, and lost the late actions.

some of its cannon. It gives me the greatost satisfaction to inform you, that Col. Delancy is not dead : he is badly wounded, but his recovery is not doubted, and I hope will be early.

Downing-street, July 3.

A dispatch, of which the folJoncourt, June 25, 1815. lowing is an extract, was received Finding that the garrison of last night by Earl Bathurst, adCambray was not very strong, dressed to his lordship by the and that the place was not very

Duke of Wellington, dated well supplied with what was wanting for its defence, I sent

Orvillé, June 28, 1815. Lieutenant-general Sir Charles The citadel of Cambray sur. Colville there, on the day before rendered on the evening of the yesterday, with one brigade of 25th instant, and the King of the 4th division, and Sir C. France proceeded there with his Grant's brigade of cavalry; and Court and his troops on the 26th. upon his report of the strength I have given that fort over enof the place, I sent the whole di- tirely to his Majesty. vision yesterday morning.

I attacked Peronne, with the I have now the satisfaction of 1st brigade of guards, under Mareporting that Sir Charles Col- jor-General Maitland, on the 26th ville took the town by escalade in the afternoon. The troops yesterday evening, with trilling took the hornwork, which covers loss, and from the communica- the suburb on the left of the tions which he has since had with Somme, by storm, with but small the governor of the citadel, I loss; and the towp immediately have every reason to hope that that afterwards surrendered, on conpost will have been surrendered dition that the garrison should to a governor sent there by the lay down their arms and be alKing of France, to take posses- lowed to return to their homes. sion of it, in the course of this The troops upon this occasion day.

behaved remarkably well; and I St. Quentin has been abandon- have great pleasure in reporting ed by the enemy, and is in pos- the good conduct of a batiery of session of Marshal Prince Blu- artillery of the troops of the Necher; and the castle of Guise sur therlands. rendered last night.

I have placed in garrison there All accounts concur in stating, two battalions of the troops of the that it is impossible for the ene- King of the Netherlands. my to collect an army to make The armies under Marshal head against us.

Blucher and myself have continued their operations since I last your Lordship, that his Sicilian wrote to your lordship. The ne- Majesty made this day his public cessity which I was under of halt- entry into his capital, after an abing at Cateau, to allow the pon- sence of nine years. The crowd toons and certain stores to reach that thronged the road all the way me, and to take Cambray and from Portici was immense, and Peronne, had placed the marshal nothing could exceed the enthuone march before me: but I con- siasm of the people on the appearceive there is no danger in this se- ance of their legitimate Monarch. paration between the two armies. It was impossible to mistake the


He has one corps this day at public feeling upon this occasion. Crespy, with detachments at Vil. The theatrical processions of Mulars Coterets and La Ferté Milon; rat drew crowds, as I am told, of another at Senlis; and the fourth curious spectators, but curiosity corps, under General Bulow, to- was not the inducement here; in wards Paris : he will have his ad- every countenance might be read vanced guard to-morrow at St. the honest expression of heartfelt Denis and Gonasse. The army joy, at the return of a beloved and under my command has this day native sovereign. its right behind St. Just, and its His Majesty was received, on left behind Taub, where the high his arrival at the palace, by all the road from Compiegne joins the principal nobility of the country, high road from Roye to Paris. the great majority of whom apThe reserve is at Roye. peared to partake of the enthu

We shall be upon the Oise to- siasm which had been previously morrow.

deinonstrated by the lower classes. It appears by all accounts, that In fact, never was national joy so the enemy's corps collected at unequivocally and so universally Soissons, and under Marshal displayed. Grouchy, have not yet retired upon Paris; and Marshal Blucher's troops are already between Extract of a Dispatch from Lord them and that city.

Burghersh to Viscount Castlereagh, dated

Naples, June 17. FOREIGN OFFice, JULY 5. Having received the commands Dispatches, of which the fol- to attend hini from Portici, in his

of his Majesty King Ferdinand IV. lowing are extracts, have been

entry into his capital, I had the received at this office.

honour of being present with his Extract of a dispatch from Wm. Majesty, and of witnessing the · A'Court, Esq. his Majesty's enthusiasm with which he was reEnvoy Extraordinary and Minis- ceived by his people. The King ter Plenipotentiary to the King entered Naples at the head of his of the two Sicilies, to Viscount own troops, together with the Castlereagh, dated

Austrians and British, who deNaples, June 17. filed before him on his arrival at I have the satisfaction to inform his palace.



The constant attachment the bourg, and the left upon the Bois Neapolitan people are known to de Bondy. have ever borne their legitimate Field Marshal Prince Blucher sovereign, makes it unnecessary having taken the village of Auberto detail to your Lordship their villiers, or Vertus, on the mornjoy at his return. His Majesty ing of the 30th June, moved to reassumes the government of his his right, and crossed the Seine at country, beloved and respected by St. Germain as I advanced, and he all classes of his subjects. will this day have his right at

Plessis Pique, his left at St. Cloud,

and the reserve at Versailles. WAR DEPARTMENT.

The enemy have fortified the

heights of Montmartre and the Downing-Street, July 7. town of St. Denis strongly; and Captain Lord Archur Hill ar- by means of the little rivers Rourived last night with dispatches, illon and la Vielle Mar, they have of which the following are inundated the ground on the north extract and a copy, addressed to side of that town, and water haEarl Bathurst by his Grace the ving been introduced into the canal Duke of Wellington, dated Gon- de l'Ourcq, and the bank formed asse, 2d and 4th instant.

into a parapet and batteries, they

have a strong position on this side Gonasse, July 2, 1815. of Paris. The enemy attacked the ad- The heights of Belleville are vanced guard of Marshal Prince likewise strongly fortified, but I Blucher's corps at Villars Coterets, am not aware that any defensive on the 28th, but the main body works have been thrown up on the coming up they were driven off, left of the Seine. with the loss of 6 pieces of can- Having collected in Paris all non, and about 1000 prisoners. the troops remaining after the

It appears that these troops battle of the 19th, and all the de. were on the march from Soissons pots of the whole army, it is supto Paris, and having been driven posed the enemy have there about off that road by the Prussian troops 40 or 50,000 troops of the line at Villars Coterets, they got upon and guards, besides the national that of Meaux. They were at- guards, a new levy called Les tacked again upon this road by Tiralleurs de la Garde, and the General Bulow, who took from Federés.. them five hundred prisoners, and I have great pleasure in informdrove them across the Marne.

ing your Lordship that Quesnoy They have, however, got into surrendered to His Royal HighParis.

ness Prince Frederick of the NeThe advanced guard of the al- therlands on the 29th June. lied army under my command I enclose the copy of His Royal crossed the Oise on the 29th, and Highness's report upon this subthe whole on the 30th, and we ject, in which your Lordship will yesterday took up a position with observe with satisfaction the inthe right upon the height of Roche- telligence and spirit with which this young Prince conducted this town and I continued the fire unaffair.

til three o'clock at day-break. The I likewise understand that Bas- town was at one time on fire in saume has surrendered to the offi- three places, but the fire was cer sent there by the King of shortly extinguished. Some men France to take possession of that were killed in the town, and setown.

veral wounded, which appears to

have produced exactly thc effect (TRANSLATION.)

which I wished. Last night GePetit Wargnies, June 28, 1815. neral Anthing, who commands

On the day before yesterday the Indian Brigade, sent an offi. I had the honour of receiving cer with the proposals to the Comyour Grace's letter, dated Jon- mandant, according to the authocourt, 26th inst. sent by your rity which I had given to him, and Aide-de-Camp, Capt. Cathcart, coupled with a threat of bombardwhom I have requested to inform ment and assault. your Excellency that Marshal Upon this a negotiation was Count Rothallier had arrived this entered into, which ended in the morning to summon the place in signing of the following capituthe name of Louis XVIII. He lation this night : that is to say, entered into a negociation with that he would send an officer, Lieutenant-General Despreaux, with an Aid-de-Camp of General Governor of Quesnoy. The only Anthing, to Cambray, to ascerresult, however, produced by this tain the fact of the residence of was a very singular reply from the the King of France in that town, Governor, from which it appear- and the abdication of Buonaparte ed to me that he might possibly in favour of his son, and that, be induced to capitulate, and I thereupon, he would give us this determined at once on firing some night, at six o'clock, possession shells and shot into the town, and of the Porte des Forets, to be ocof advancing our tirailleurs to the cupied by a company of artillery, very glacis, to annoy them in and that the next morning the every quarter, with a view of garrison should march out of the making some impression on the town; the National Guards to lay Commandant, and of endeavour- down their arms and return to ing by that means to excite to re- their homes; the Commander, volt the National Guards and in- and that part of the garrison who habitants, who are said to be well were not National Guards, were disposed towards us.

to go and receive the orders of From information collected as Louis XVIII. in whose name we to the fortifications, there appear- shall take possession of the town. ed to me no reasonable chance of taking it by escalade, the ditches

Gonasse, July 4, 1815. being filled with water, in addi- My Lord,--Field Marshaltion to the inundation which had Prince Blucher was strongly opbeen made. At eleven o'clock at posed by the enemy in taking the night, I ordered five howitzers and position on the left of the Seine, six six-pounders to open on the which I reported in my dispatch


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