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Extract of a Dispatch from Lord to make, should, in the course of

Burghersh to Viscount Castle- the following day, be received. reagh, dated

The meeting with General CarTeano, May 21, 1815. rascosa took place this morning. I have the honour of congra- General Niepperg, on the part of tulating your Lordship on the Austria, General Colletta, on that termination of the war with the of Naples, and myself, in the abGovernment of Naples, closed by sence of the British Commanders the Military Convention I here- in Chief, negociated the Military with transmit, by which the king- Convention. dom, its fortresses, arsenals, mi. On the part of Naples, propolitary force, and resources, are, sitions were at first made totally almost without exception, sur- inadmissible ; on our part the rendered to the allies, to be re- abdication of Marshal Murat was turned to the lawful Sovereign insisted upon. General Colletta of the country, Ferdinand IV. wished to secure for that person

After the successes obtained by a safe retreat to France; but General Nugent, and stated in my finding that such was totally imlast dispatch, General Bianchi re- possible, and having declared that ceived, on the 18th, a message he had no authority from Marshal from the Duke de Gallo, request- Murat to treat with regard to ing an interview, to communicate him, the Convention, such as your to him propositions he was charg- Lordship will receive it, was aed with from Marshal Murat. greed to.

A meeting for the next day was It is impossible to conclude appointed : on the part of Eng- this dispatch without calling your land, General Bianchi requested Lordship's attention to the manme to attend it, and in the ab- ner in which the campaign, now sence of the British Commanders terminated, has been carried on in Chief, both by sea and land, I by General Bianchi. The activity consented.

with which he has pushed his opeI met therefore the Duke de rations is almost without examGallo with General Bianchi, on ple. The constant successes which the morning of the 19th.

have attended his arms, are crownThe conversation which ensued ed in the satisfaction of his being with that Minister led to no other able to re-establish the authority result than in having given the of the legitimate Sovereign, withallies an opportunity of stating to out those misfortunes to the coun. him the grounds on which alone try attendant on protracted milithey would engage to arrest their tary operations. military movements.

With regard to Marshal Murat, Having stated that he had no he is stated to be in Naples ; Geauthority to treat on any basis of neral Bianchi has declared that the nature so announced to him, he must consent to go to the Austhe Duke de Gallo returned to trian Hereditary States, where his Naples, having received, however, future situation will be fixed; no an assurance, that any proposi- answer whatever has been receive tions Gen. Carrascosa might wished from him.


21st of May, at noon :

on that

day the Austrian army will take MILITARY CONVENTION.

its position on the canal de Reggi The undersigned, after having Lagui. exchanged the full powers with On the 22d day of May the which they were invested by their Austrian army will occupy a porespective Commanders in Chief, sition in the line of Averse, Frahave agreed upon the following gola, Meleto, and Juliano. articles ; subject, nevertheless, to The Neapolitan troops will the ratification of the above-men- march on that day upon Sationed Commanders in Chief :- lerno, which place they will

Article 1. From the day in reach in two days, and concenwhich the present military con- trate their head-quarters in the vention shall have been signedl

; town and its environs, in order there shall be an armistice be- to wait the decision of their future tween the allied troops and the destiny. Neapolitan troops, in all parts of On the 23d of May, the allied the kingdom of Naples.

army will take possession of the Art. II. All fortified places, ci- city, citadel, and all the forts of tadels, and forts of the kingdom Naples. of Naples, shall be given up in Art. IV. All the other fortheir actual state, as well as the tresses, citadels, and forts (the sea-ports and arsenals of all above-mentioned excepted), sikinds, to the armies of the Allied tuated within the frontiers of the Powers, at the periods fixed up- kingdom of Naples, such as Scylon in the following article, forla, Ömandea, Reggio, Brindisi, the purpose of being made over Manfredonia, &c. shall be likewise to his Majesty King Ferdinand surrendered to the allied armies, the Fourth, excepting such of as well as all the depots of artilthem as may before that period lery, arsenals, magazines, and have already been surrendered. military establishments of every The places of Gaeta, Pescara, and kind, from the moment that this Ancona, which are already block- Convention shall reach the said aded by the land and sea forces places. of the Allied Powers, not being Art. V. The garrisons will in the line of operations of the march out with all the honours army under the General in Chief of war, arms and baggage, clothCarascosa, he declares himself un- ing of the several corps, the paable to decide upon their fate, as pers relative to the administrathe officers commanding them tion ; without artillery. are independent, and not under The engineer and artillery ofhis orders.

ficers of these places shall make Art. III. The periods for the over to officers of the allied armies, surrender of the fortresses, and named for this purpose, all pafor the march of the Austrian pers, plans, inventories of effects army upon Naples, are fixed as belonging to both departments follows:

pendent thereon. Capua shall be given up on the Art. vi. Particular arrangements will be concluded between Art. XII. All prisoners of war the respective commandants of that have reciprocally been made the said places, and the generals during this campaign, as well by or officers commanding the allied the allied armies as by the Neatroops, as to the manner of evao politan army, shall be given up cuating the fortified places, as on both sides. well as for what regards the sick Art. XIII. Permission will be and wounded, who will be left in granted to all foreigners, or Neathe hospitals, and for the means politans, to leave the kingdom of transport which will be fur- with legal passports, during the nished to them.


space of a month from the preArt. VII. The Neapolitan com- sent date. The sick or wounded mandants of the said places are must make a similar application responsible for the preservation of within the same period. the magazines within them, at The present Convention, when the moment of their being made it shall have received its ratificaover; and they shall be given up, tion, shall be exchanged with the in military order, as well as every least possible delay. thing which is contained within In faith of which the underthe fortresses.

signed have affixed their signaArt. VIII. Staff officers of the tures and the seals of their arms. allied and Neapolitan armies shall Made upon the line of the be immediately dispatched to the advanced posts at Casa Lanzi, different places above-mentioned, before Capua, the 20th of May, in order to make known to the 1815. commandants these stipulations,

(L. S.) and to convey to them the neces

The Baron COLLETTA, Lieut. sary instructions for putting them

General, Councillor of State into execution.

Commander of the Roval Order Art. IX. After the occupation

of the Two Sicilies, decorated of the capital, the remainder of the

with the Medal of Honour, territory of the kingdom of Na

Chief Engineer of the Neapo. ples shall be wholly surrendered

litan Army. to the allies.

In virtue of my powers, and in Art.X. His Excellency the Gen.

quality of General in Chief of in Chief Baron de Carascosa, en

the Neapolitan Army, we have gages until the moment of the

approved and ratified, and entry of the allied army into the

hereby approve and ratify the capital of Naples, to superintend

above Articles of the present the preservation of all the public

Military Convention. property of the state without ex

Given at Casa Lanzi, before Capua, ception.

(L. S.) Art. XI. The allied army en

The Baron CARASCOSA. gages to take measures in order to avoid all kind of civil disorder,

(L. S.) and to occupy the Neapolitan territory, in the most peaceable man- The Comte de NieperG, Chamner.

berlain, Knight of the Order


of Maria Theresa, and of Saint In virtue of my powers, and as George of Russia, Grand Cross General in Chief of the Ausof the Orders of Sweden, of trian army in Naples, I ratify St. Anne, and of St. Maurice the above Articles of the preof Sardinia, Field. Marshal, sent Military Convention. commanding a Division of the

(L.S.) Imperial Austrian Army in the

BIANCHI, Lieut.Gen. Kingdom of Naples.

Signed and ratified by us, Envoy Extraordinary and Minister Pleni

potentiary of his Britannic Majesty at the Court of Tuscany, in the absence of the Commanding Officers of the British Sea and Land Forces, employed on the coast of Naples. Given at Casa Lanzi, before Capua, May 20, 1815.



FOREIGN Office, June 13, 1815. posed upon them by conquest, and

maintained by force. A Dispatch, of which the follow

By the Convention transmitted ing is a copy, has been re- to your Lordship in my last disceived by Viscount Castlereagh, patch, the allied arms were to his Majesty's principal Secre- have been placed in possession of tary of State for Foreign Af- Naples on this day. The popular fairs from Lord Burghersh, his feeling had, however, so strongly Majesty's Envoy Extraordinary manifested itself against the then and Minister Plenipotentiary at existing government, on the 20th the Court of Tuscany, dated and 21st, that Marshal Murat left

the town in disguise, and his wife Naples, May 23, 1915. sought the security which had My Lord,-Prince Leopold, of been assured her on board a BriSicily, greeted by the general ap- tish man of war. plause of the people, made his General Carascosa sent to Geentry into this city, at the head neral Bianchi, requesting hewould of the Austrian troops on the prevent the misfortunes with which 22d.

the town was menaced, by enterThe passage of that Prince ing it immediately; and Madame through his father's states to the Murat, by the same request to capital has been most gratifying. Admiral Lord Exmouth, prevailThe inhabitants from consider- ed upon him to land a body of able distances flocked to meet 500 marines, to maintain tranhim, and having re-assumed the quillity. national cockade, brought him Marshal Murat appears to have proofs of their attachment to his been aware of the little support family, and their detestation of the his usurped dominion, when merulc they were escaping from, im, naced, would receive either from


the army or the inhabitants of this of the field army, under the comkingdom : his children were al- mand of Lieut.-Colonel Mawby, ready placed at Gaeta.

of his Majesty's 53d regiment, General Bianchi sent forward before Kalunga, has been this day his cavalry, under Count Niep- received from India :perg, on the evening of the 21st. It occupied this city during the Fort William, Dec. 13, 1814. night, and preserved it from dis- His Excellency the Vice Preorder.

sident in Council, is pleased to Prince Leopold has requested publish the following statement all the authorities of the king- of the operations of the 2d dividom, the ministers of state, and sion of the field army, under the the officers of the army, to remain command of Colonel Mawby, of at their post to await the orders his Majesty's 53d regiment, beof the King,

fore Kalunga, which terminated Admiral Penrose sailed from in the evacuation of the Fort on hence to Melazzo, to bring his the 30th of November. Majesty to his capital. In a few The battering train from Delhi days his Majesty's arrival may having arrived in Camp on the be expected.

24th ultimo, the operations of the Admiral Lord Exmouth ar- army against the fort of Kalunga, rived in the Bay of Naples on the were resumed on the morning of 20th. The expedition from Si- the 25th. At one o'clock, p. m. cily is arrived this morning. on the 27th, the breach was re

Madame Murat will sail to- ported completely practicable by morrow on board of his Ma- the officers in charge of the enjesty's ship Tremendous towards gineer and artillery departinents. Gaeta, to receive her children on Colonel Mawby having also satisa board, and will then proceed to fied himself of the fact from perTrieste.

sonal observation, and being anxNo disturbances of any serious ious to avoid any delay which nature have taken place. The should afford the enemy sufficient enmity against such as are sup- time to strengthen his internal posed from their employments to defence, either by cutting up the have been attached to the late breach, or erecting works so as to Government is great, but the ac- command the entrance into it, tivity with which General Bianchi ordered the storming party inhas carried assistance to the points stantly to advance. The storming where it might be required has party, consisting of all the greretained the country quiet. nadiers of the division, and one I have the honour to be, &c. battalion company of the 53d, with (Signed) BURGHERSH the light infantry company of that

corps, was led by Major Ingleby,

and after being exposed till three INDIA-BOARD, WHITEHALL. o'clock, an interval of two hours, June 15.

to a most galling and destructive The following statement of the fire of musketry and matchlocks, operations of the second division they found their efforts opposed


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