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The Prince Regent, therefore,

January 2. acting in the name and on the beTHEREAS his Royal High- half of his Majesty, hath been gra

ness the Prince Regent, ciously pleased to ordain as folacting in the name and on the be- lows:half of his Majesty, Sovereign of Igt. The Most Honourable Mi. the Most Honourable Military litary Order of the Bath shall Order of the Bath, is desirous of from this time forward be comcommemorating the auspicious posed of Three Classes, differing termination of the long and ar- in their ranks and degrees of digduous contests in which this em- nity. pire has been engaged, and of zd. The First Class of the said marking in an especial manner Order shall consist of Knights his gracious sense of the valour, Grand Crosses; which designaperseverance, and devotion mani- tion shall be substituted hencefested by the Officers of his Ma- forward for that of Knights Comjesty's forces by sea and land :- panions; and from the date hereof And whereas his Royal Highness the present Knights Companions has thought it fit, by virtue of the and Extra Knights of the said royal prerogative, and of the Order shall, in all acts, proceedpowers reserved to the Sovereign ings, and pleadings, be stiled in the statutes of the said Most Knights, Grand Crosses of the Honourable Military Order of the Most Honourable Military Order Bath, to advance the splendour of the Bath. and extend the limits of the said 3d. The number of the Knights Order, to the end that those offi Grand Crosses shall not, at any cers who have had the opportuni- time, or upon any account whaities of signalising themselves by ever, exceed seventy-two; whereof eminent services during the late there may be a number not exwar, may share in the honours of ceeding twelve so nominated and the said Order, and that their appointed, in consideration of names may be delivered down to eminent services rendered to the remote posterity, accompanied by State by British subjects in civil the marks of distinction which and diplomatic employments. they have so nobly earned.

4th. The said Knights Grand


Crosses shall be subject to the by the Knights of the First Class, same rules and ordinances, and upon whom the Order shall have have, hold, and enjoy, all and sin- been, or may hereafter be, congular the rights, privileges, im- ferred for civil services. munities, and advantages, which 7th. The dignity of a Knight the Knights Companions of the Grand Cross of the Most Honoursaid Order have hitherto held and able Military Order of the Bath enjoyed, by virtue of the statutes, shall henceforth upon no account excepting as far as may be alter- be conferred upon any Officer in ed or affected by the present de- his Majesty's service who shall cree.

not have attained the rank of 5th. It shall be lawful for all Major-General in the army, or the present Knights Grand Cross- Rear-Admiral in the navy, except es, from and after the date hcreof, as to the Twelve Knights Grand to wear, upon the left side of their Crosses who may be nominated upper vestment, the Star or En- and appointed for civil services. sign of the said Order, although 8th. His Royal Highness the such Knight Grand Cross may not Prince Regent, acting in the name have been installed ; and hence- and on the behalf of his Majesty, forward the said Star or Ensign is pleased to declare and constishall be worn by each and every tute those whose names are urKnight Grand Cross, immediately dermentioned, to be the Knights after his being so nominated and Grand Crosses, composing the appointed, provided that it shall First Class of the Most Honouranot be lawful for any Knight ble Military Order of the Bath.Grand Cross to wear the collar of [Seventy-two names follow.] the said Order, until he shall have 9th. And his Royal Highness been formally installed, according the Prince Regent is further to the statutes, or unless a dis- pleased to ordain and declare, pensation has been granted for that the Princes of the Blood Royal the non-observance of the cere- holding commissions as General monial of installation.

Oflicers in his Majesty's Army, 6th. In order to distinguish or as Flag-Officers in the Royal more particularly those oficers of Navy, now and hereafter, may be his Majesty's forces, by sea and nominated and appointed Kaights land, upon whom the First Class Grand Crosses of the Most Hcof the said Order hath already nourable Military Order of the been, or may hereafter be, con- Bath, and shall not be included in ferred in consideration of especial the number to which the first military service, such officers shall Class of the Order is limited by henceforth bear upon the Ensign the third article of the present inand Star, and likewise upon the strument. Badge of the Order, the addition loth. By virtue of the ordiof a wreath of laurel encircling nance contained in the foregoing the motto, and issuing from an article, his Royal Highness the escrol inscribed Ich Dien." Prince Regent is pleased to de

This distinction being of a mi clare the following Princes of the litary nature, it is not to be borne Blood Royal to be Knights Grand


Crosses of the Order of the of Lieutenant-Colonel in thearmy, Bath, viz:

or of Post Captain in the navy.. His Royal Highness the Duke 14th. The Knights Commandof Clarence.

ers shall, from the publication of His Royal Highness the Duke the present instrument, be enof Kent.

titled severally to assume the disHis Royal Highness the Duke tinctive appellation of Knightof Cumberland.

hood, and shall bear the Badge His Royal Highness the Duke and Ensign assigned as the disof Cambridge.

tinctions of the Second Class of His Highness the Duke of the Order, on their being duly Gloucester.

invested with the same; that is 11th. The Second Class of the to say, each Knight Commander Most Honourable Military Order shall wear the appropriate Badge of the Bath shall be composed of or Cognizance pendant by a red Knights Commanders, who shall ribband round the neck, and for have and enjoy in all future so- further honour and distinction he lemnities and proceedings, place shall wear the appropriate Star, and precedence before all Knights embroidered on the left side of Bachelors of the United Kingdom, his upper vestment. There shall and shall enjoy all and singular also be affixed in the cathedral the rights, privileges, and immu- church of St. Peter, Westminster, nities enjoyed by the said Knights Escutcheons and Banners of the Bachelors.

Arms of each Knight Commander, 12th. Upon the first institution under which the name and title of the Knights Commanders, the of such Knight Commander, with number shall not exceed one hun- the date of his nomination, shall dred and eighty, exclusive of Fo- be inscribed. The Knights Comreign Officers holding British manders shall not be entitled to commissions, of whom a number, bear Supporters, but they shall not exceeding ten, may be admit- be permitted to encircle their ted into the Second Class as Ho- Arms with the Red Ribband and norary Knights Commanders.- Badge, appropriate to the Second But in the event of actions of sig- Class of the Order of the Bath. nal distinction, or of future wars, And for the greater honour of the number may be increased by this Class, no officer of his Mathe appointment of Officers who jesty's army or navy shall be noshall be eligible according to the minated hereafter to the dignity regulations and restrictions now of a Knight Grand Cross, who established.

shall not have been appointed pre13th. No person shall be eli- viously a Knight Commander of gible as a Knight Commander of the said most honourable Order. "the Bath, who does not actually 15th. His Royal Highness the hold, at the time of his nomina- Prince Regent, acting in the name tion, a commission in his Majes- and on the behalf of his Majesty, ty's army or navy; such com- has been graciously pleased to apmission not being below the rank point and nominate the undermentioned officers of his Majesty's and regulations which his Royal naval and military forces, to be Highness, in the name and on the knights commanders of the most behalf of his Majesty, hath been honourable Military Order of the graciously pleased to make, ordain, Bath.


and enjoin for them; and by such [One hundred and eighty names other rules and ordinances as may follow.)

be from time to time made and 16th. The third class of the ordained by his Majesty, his heirs, most honourable Military Order and successors, kings of this of the Bath shall be composed of realm. officers holding commissions in his And His Royal Highness the Majesty's service by sea or land, Prince Regent hath been pleased who shall be styled Companions of to appoint, that Sir George Nayler, the said Order. They shall not be Knt. Genealogist and Blanc Courentitled to the appellation, style, sier Herald of the Order of the precedence, or privilege of Knights Bath, and York Herald, shall be Bachelors, but they shall take place the Officer of Arms attendant upon and precedence of all Esquires of the said Knights Commanders and the United Kingdom of Great Companions; and also to comBritain and Ireland.

mand, that the Oflicers hereby 17th. No officer shall be nomi- appointed Knights Commanders, nated a companion of the said and those who shall hereafter be Most Honourable Order, unless respectively nominated and conhe shall have received, or shall stituted Knights Commanders or hereafter receive, a medal, or other Companions, shall immediately afbadge of honour, or shall have ter such romination transmit to been especially mentioned by name the said Sir George Nayler, a statein dispatches published in the Lon- ment of their respective military don Gazette, as having distin- services, verified by their signaguished himself by his valour and tures, in order that the same may conduct in action against his Ma- be by him recorded in books apjesty's enemies, since the com- propriated to the said Knights mencement of the war in 1803, Commanólers and Companions. or shall hereafter be named in dis- And his Royal Highness has also patches published in the London been pleased to approve, that Mr. Gazette, as having distinguished William Woods be the Secretary himself.

appertaining to the said Knights 19th. The Companions of the Commanders and Companions. said Order shall wear the badge assigned to the Third Class, pendant by a narrow red ribband to

Admiralty-office, Feb. 18, the button-hole.

Copy of a letter from Rear Admiral 19th. And his Royal Highness the Honourable Sir Henry the Prince Regent, hath been Hothain, K.C.B. to John Wilpleased to ordain and enjoin, that

son Croker, Esq.dated on board the said Knights Commanders, and his Majesty's ship Superb, at the said Companions, shall respec- anchor before New London, tively be governed by the rules

January 20.

Sir,--I have the honour to re- the design of the American Goquest you will be pleased to lay the vernment being defeated. enclosed copy of a letter and its You will perceive by the reports enclosures, which I have this day Captain Hayes has delivered to addressed to Vice Admiral Sir me (copies of which I do myself Alexander Cochrane, the Com- the honour to transmit to you mander in Chief, detailing the cap- herewith), the ardour displayed by ture of the United States ship Captain Hope in the pursuit; the President, on the 15th instant, intrepidity with which he brought under the circumstances therein the enemy's ship to close action, mentioned, before the Lords Com- and theundaunted spirit with which missioners of the Admiralty, with the Endymion's inferior force was which, in his absence, I have di- singly employed for the space of rected Lieut. Hare, commanding two hours and an half, leaving his Majesty's schooner, Picton, to honourable evidence of judgment proceed forthwith to England for in the position she was placed in, their Lordship's information. and of the destructive precision of I have the honour to be, &c. her fire, in the sinking state of her (Signed)

antagonist, the heavy loss sustained Henry HOTHAM, by him, and his inability to make Rear Admiral. further resistance when the Po

mone arrived up with him ; when Superb, at anchor before New the loss sustained by the Endymion

London, Jan. 23. was comparatively small : and alSir,- I have the honour to ac- though the distinguished conduct quaint you with the capture of the of Captain Hope, his officers, and United States ship President, on ship's company, can derive no adthe 15th instant, by the following ditional lustre from my commenforce, viz.—the Majestic, Captain dation, I cannot withhold my triHayes ; Tenedos, Captain Hyde bute of applause, nor can I refrain Parker; Endymion, Captain Hope; from assuring you, that the judiPomone, Captain Lumley; which dious conduct of Captain Hayes in I had collected off the bar of New the direction of the force entrusted York, under the direction of Cap- to his orders, and the exertions tain Hayes. She and the Mace- exhibited by him and by Captains donian armed brig, of 420 tons, Parker, Hope, and Lumley, have loaded with provisions, sailed on justified the confidence I had placed the preceding evening, under the in their zeal, and have rendered the command of Commodore De- them worthy of your approbation.. catur ; but the present season of I have the honour to be, &c. the year, and the dark nights of (Signed) which he availed himself, have not

HENRY HOTHAM, enabled him to elude the vigilance

Rear Admiral of Captain Hayes, and the Com- To the Hon. Alexander manders of his Majesty's ships Cochrane, K.B. Vice Adunder his orders, who have well miral of the Red, Comdischarged the important duty I mandcr in Chief, &c. &c. assigned to them; and I beg leave to offer you my congratulations on


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