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Mr. Aler. Gordon. As a divine ed at Westminster-school, whence he printed some single Discourses, he was elected a student of and a volume of Sermons.

Christ-church, Oxford. He was The lady of Sir Pyers Mostyn, for many years a tutor in that bart.

society, where he distinguished 9. George Agar, Lord Callan, himself for his literary acquisione of the representative peers of tions. In 1783 he was apIreland, in his 62d year.

pointed Regius Professor of 10. Sir George Robinson, bart. Greek, and soon after, one of the 12. Viscountess Malpas, aged 20.

Curators of fhe Clarendon Press. 18. Rear-admiral John Trigge, In the progress of advancement he aged 70.

was nominated preacher to the Sir Yelverton Peyton, bart. Society of Lincoln's-Inn, and a 2ged 76.

canon of Christ-church, and 19. Right Hon. Lady Lisle, obtained the degree of D.D. His aged 59

elevation to the Episcopal Bench, 23. Robert Howard, Earl of in 1811, was an offering of reIFicklow, in his 58th year. spect by the Prince Regent to his 24. Lieut.-gen. Geils

brother, who refused to accept 29. Hon. Mrs. Carleton, mother of that dignity, though pressed of Lord Dorchester, lost off Ost- upon him. Bishop Jackson was end, with her only daughter, in regarded as a sound scholar and a packet.

a learned theologian, and his dis31. Lady Eliz. Courtenay, wi- courses were characterized as deep dow of the late Bishop of Exe- and logical. Twoor three Sermons ter, and sister of the late Earl of on particular occasions, were all Effingham.

his contributions to the press. Lately, Crosbie, Earl of Glan- 6. Sir W. Earle Welby, bart. in dore, Governor of the county of his 82d year. Kerry, in his 63d year.

10. Gen. Colin Mackenzie, in

his 80th year. November.

11, Lady Turner, relict of Sir

J. Turner. 1. John Coakley Lettsom, M. D. 18. Major-gen. Robert Young. aged 71, long a physician in great 19. At Rome, Lady Sution, practice in the city of London, widow of Sir Thomas Sutton, actively engaged in many plans bart. of benevolence, and author of Sarah, wife of Rear-admiral numerous publications.

Gosselyn. 2. William Jackson, D. D. 24. Sir Geo. Chad, bart, in his Bishop of Oxford, in his 65th year. Dr. Jackson was the younger son

25. Gen. T. Sloughter Stanof an eminent physician at Stam- wix, Groom of the Bedchamber ford, and was brother of Dr. to his Majesty. Cyril Jackson, Dean of Christ- Mr, J. P. Salomon, a very emichurch, and sub-preceptor to the nent performer on the violin Prince Regent. He was educat- 26. Thomas Denman, V.D. in his Vol. LVII.



85th year.

83d year, an eminent practitioner possess talents for business, with of midwifery in London, and a natural quickness and sagacity: valuable writer on that subject. He was negligent in dress and

29. Thomas Oliver, esq. aged appearance, free and familiar in 83. He was Lieut.-gov. of the manner, yet had a high sense of colony of Massachusets at the the dignity of the house which time of its separation from Eng- he represented. The Duke was land.

twice married ; first, to Miss CopAt Port St. Mary, Spain, Sir pinger, an Irish heiress ; secondJames Duff, bart. 'British Con- ly, to Frances, the only daughter sul at Cadiz, in his 82d year; and heir of James Viscount Scudlately the subject of parlia- amore; but he had issue by mentary discussion.

neither of them. He is suc

ceeded by his second cousin's son, December.

Bernard Edward Howard, esq.

of Fornham, in Suffolk. 3. Sir Wm. Rule, knt, senior 17. Rev. Thomas Zouch, D.D. Surveyor of the Navy.

Prebendary of Durham, and Rec8. Hon. Archib. Fraser, of Lo- tor of Scravingham, Yorkshire, vat, in his 80th year.

aged 75. This respectable di10. Major-gen. Michael Jacob, vine was born at Sandal, near military superintendant of Hos- Wakefield, and educated at Tripitals.

nity College, Cambridge. Af15. Sir John Lethbridge, bart. ter occupying different ecclesiaged 69.

astical situations, he succeeded, 16. Charles Howard, Duke of on the death of his brother, to Norfolk, and hereditary Marshal an estate at Sandal, which was of England, in his 70th year. thenceforth his residence. In This noblemen, who was at the 1805 he was presented by Mr. head of the English peerage, and Pict to the second Prebend in of the noble house of Howard, Durham Cathedral, and the see was educated in the Romish faith, of Carlisle was afterwards offered which he renounced on coming of to him, which he declined on acage, and entered into the House of count of his advanced years and Commons, where he joined the retired habits of life. He was the party in opposition. He succeed- author of various publications of ed to the family estates and ho- the professional class, but is most nours in 1786, and to the time of known by his biographical la. his death acted as a perfectly in- bours. Of these were a Medependent senator, still leaning moir of the Life and Writings of to the politics of the opposition, Sir Philip Sidney," 1808, 4to.; a but supporting the government “Memoir of the Life of John on occasions when it appeared to Sudbury, D.D. Dean of Dur. him to require his aid. Though ham,” 1809, 4to.; and an edi. his education had been narrow, tion, with large additions, of and his mind was not enlarged by “ Isaac Walton's Lives,' 1796. literature, he was considered to 4to.


20. Lady Smyth, wife of Sir marians and geographers. He W. Symth, hart.

also obtained notice by his “ De21. Rev. William Vincent, D.D. fence of Public Education," in Dean of Westminster, in his 77th which he particularly attached year. This distinguished scholar himself to the vindication of our was a native of London, and re- public schools (especially his ceived his education at West- own) from the neglect of reliminster school, whence he was gious instruction imputed to elected to Trinity College Cam- them by Bishop O’Beirne and bridge. After obtaining a fellow- Dr. Rennel. Dr. Vincent posship, he returned to Westminster, sessed the preferments of chaplain wbere he spent the principal part and sub-almoner to the King, preof his life as usher, second mas- bendary of Westminster, rector ter, and in 1788, head master, of Islip, Oxfordshire, and finally which posts he occupied with great Dean of Westminster, when credit to himself, and advantage he resigned his mastership of to the seminary. He became the school. known to the literary world by 27. Alan Hyde, Viscount Gardhis" Treatise on the Greek ner, Vice-admiral of the White, Verb,” his “ Voyage of Near- in his 44th year. chus,” and his “ Periplus of the 31. P. Patton, esq. Admiral Erythrean Sea," which placed of the Red, in his 77th year. him high among classic gram

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Appointed by the Prince Regent in Council for the Year 1815.

Bedfordshire, R. Hibbert, of East Hide, Esq.
Berkshire, J. Wills, of Hungerford Park, Esq.
Buckinghamshire, Thomas Digby Aubrey, of Chilton House, Esq.
Cambridge and Huntingdonshire, Robert Booth, of Alconbury, Esq.
Cheshire, Juhn Isherwood, of Marple, Esq.
Cumberland, W. Ponsonby Johnson, of Walton House, Esq.
Derbyshire, Sir H. Fitzherbert, of Tissington, Bart.
Devonshire, James Marwood Elton, of Church Stoke, Esq.
Dorsetshire, George Smith, of Spettisbury, Esq.
Essex, Luke W. Walford, of Little Bardfield, Esq.
Gloucestershire, Wm. Morris, of Sevenhampton, Esq.
Herefordshire, E. T. Foley, of Stoke Edith, Esq.
Herts, And. Reid, of Chipping Barnet, Esq.
Kent, Robert Foote, of Charlton, Esq.
Lancashire, Le Gendre Starkie, of Hemtroyd, Esq.
Leicestershire, E. Farnham, of Quorndon, Esq.
Lincolnshire, J. Sivesey, of Baumber, Esq.
Monmouthshire, Samuel Bosanquet, of Dingestow, Esq.
Norfolk, T. Thornhill, of Riddlesworth, Esq.
Northamptonshire, Leveson Vernon, of Stoke Bruern, Esq.
Northumberland, G. Baker, of Stanton, Esq.
Nottinghamshire, John S. Wright, of Walford, Esq.
Oxfordshire, E. F. Coulston, of Filkins, Esq.
Rutlandshire, Samuel Barker, of Lyndon, Esq.
Shropshire, F. Taylor, of Chicknell, Esq.
Somersetshire, John Phelips, of Montacute, Esq.
Staffordshire, Henry Crochett, of Little Onn Hall, Esq.
County of Southampton, H. Bosanquet, of Clanville Lodge, Esq.
Suffolk, Charles Tyrell, of Gipping, Esq.
Surrey, James Laing, of Streatham, Esq.
Sussex, R. W. Walter, of Michaelgrove, Esq.
Warwickshire, James Woolley, of Icknield House, Esq.
Wiltshire, George Eyre, of Bramshaw, Esq.
Worcestershire, Edward Dixon, of Dudley, Esq.
Yorkshire, W. Garford, of Wigginthorpe, Esq.


Caermarthenshire, George Mears, of Lanstephan-place, Esq.
Pembrokeshire, Maurice Williams, of Cwngloyn, Esq.


Cardiganshire, H. Evans, of Highmead, Esq.
Glamorganshire, W. Taitt, of Cardiff, Esq.
Breconshire, H. Price, of Castle Madock, Esq.
Radnorshire, W. Davis, of Cabalva, Esq.


Merionethshire, Lewis Vaughan, of Penmaun Dovey, Esq.
Carnarvonshire, W. Griffydd Oakley, of Bachysaint, Esq.
Anglesea, Robert Hughes, of Plasyn Llangoed, Esq.
Montgomeryshire, P. Jones, of Cofroyd, Esq.
Denbighshire, C. Griffith Wynne, of Pentre Voelas, Esq.
Flintshire, Sir R. Brooke, of Hope Hall, Bart.


Cornwall, Sir Vyell Vyvyan, of Trelowarren, Bart.


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