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ria, daughter of the late George

April. Welstead, Esq.

Rear-admiral Sir J. Pierse, to Lieut.-col. Howard ElphinHarriet Eliza, daughter of J. stone, a Baronet. Pieree, Esq. M.P.

Major-gen. Sir G. T. Walker, Rev. Sir Robert Peat, D.D. to Lieut.-governor of Grenada. Miss Smith of Herrington, Dur- Earl of Clancarty; Lieut.-gen. ham.

Sir. J. Abercrombie; Major-gen. Lord Belhaven, to Miss Ha- Sir Charles Colville; Knights milton Campbell.

Grand Cross of the Bath. Sir Crompton Domville, bart, to Helena Sarah, daughter of

May. F. French, Esq.

Hon. and Rev.R.Wodehouse, to A Cockburn, Esq. Erroy Extr. Emily, daughter of Sir T. Beau- to the Hanse Towns. champ Proctor, bart.

Rev.T.Jackson, Norrisian Prof. of Divinity, Cambridge,

Marquis of Bute, Lord-lieut. of


Lieut.-gen. Sir J. Leith, Go

vernor of Barbadoes. January

June. Hon. W. Temple, Esq. Secrefary of Legation at Stockholm. Hon. Charles Bagot, Envoy and

Sir J. T. Duckworth, Com- Plenipotentiary to the United mander-in-chief at Plymouth. States of America.

Hon. Robert Annesley, Consul Geo. W. Chad, Esq. Secretary at Antwerp.

of Legation to the same.

Lord Gambier, Knight Grand February

Cross of the Bath.

G. King, Esq. Roscommon, a Geo. Sholto Douglas, Esq. Se- Baronet. cretary of Legation at Florence. Henry Salt, Esq. Consul-gen.

A. Turnbull, Esq. Consul at in Egypt. Varseilles.

Right Rev.Dr. Luxmore, bishop Hon. Col. H. King, Groom of of Hereford, transl. to St. Asaph. his Majesty's Bedehamber.

Rt. Rev. Dr. Huntingford, Marquis of Thomond, Clerk of bishop of Gloucester, translated the Hanaper in Ireland.

to Hereford, Rev. Joseph A. Batten, Prin- Sir Henry Lushington, Consul. cipal of the East India College, general at Naples. Hertford.

Earl of Uxbridge created Mar

quis of Anglesey. March.

July. Rev. J. Cumming, Professor of Chemistry, Cambridge.

Sir F. M‘Naughton, a Judge


of the Supreme Court at Mą. Major-gen. Sir James Kempt, dras.

Knight Grand Cross of the Rt. Hon. G. Leveson Gower, Bath. created Viscount Granville.

Earl of Cholmondeley created Earl of Clancarty, Earl of Strath- Marquis Cholmondeley; Viscount more, Earl of Dalhousie, Earl Grimston, Earl Verulam; Visc. of Aboyne, Earl of Glasgow, Earl Whitworth, Earl Whitworth; of Enniskillen, Earl of Limerick, Lord Brownlow, Earl Brownlow; Viscount Melbourne, Lord Fran- Lord Elliot, Earl St. Germains; cis Almaric Spenser, Gen. George Lord Boringdon, Earl of Morley, Harris; Barons of the United Baron Bradford, Earl of Salop; Kingdom.

Baron Beauchamp, Earl of BeauJ.G.Harris, Esq. Deputy Judge champ; Lord Gardner, Viscount Advocate to the army under Lord Gardner. Wellington

Ewen Cameron, Esq.a Baronet, Patrick Colquhoun, Esq. Agent and Consul General for the Hanse

October, Towns.

Admiral Sir George Cockburn, Rev. Thomas Lee, D.D. ViceCommander-in-chief of the Cape chancellor of Oxford. of Good Hope.

Richard Rochfort, Esq. Consul G, H. Rose, Esq. Envoy Extr. at Ostend. and Plenip. to the Court of Ber- James Sterling, Esq. Consul at lin.

Genoa. Hon. F. Lamb, Envoy Extr. and Louis Duncan Casamajor, Esq, Plenip. to the Court of Munich. Secretary of Embassy to the Court

G: Duric, Esq. Consul-gen. in of Russia, Norway.

Sir John Newbolt, Chief Justice

of the Court of Madras. August.

Lieutenant-gen. Rowland Hill,

a Baron of the United Kingdom, Major-gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, Governor of St. Helena.

November, Rear-admiral Harvey, Commander-in-chief of the Leeward Rev. Dr. Kay, Vice-chancellor Islands.

of Cambridge.

E. J. Dawkins, Esq. Secretary September

of Legation at the Court of Flo

rence. G. S. Douglas, Esq. Secretary Fr. P. Merry, Esq. Secretary of Legation at Berlin.

of Legation at the Court of L. Harvey, Esq. Secretary of Dresden. Legation at Munich.

Sir David Ochterlony, a BaC. Hamilton, Esq. Secretary of ronet. Legation at Wurtemberg.

Lord Justice Clerk, Rector of P. Cherry, Esq. Third Judge the University of Glasgow. for the Northern Division at Iltid Nicholl, Esq. King's ProcuMadras.

rator general.



and James Drummond Esq. Com

missioners of Deposit; under the C. M'Carthy, Esq. Governor Articles of the Convention beand Commander-in-chief of Sierra tween the Kings of Great Britain Leone.

and France. Colin A. Mackenzie, Esq. and Major-gen. Sir G. Murray, George Lewis Newnham, Esq. Quartermaster-gen. to the Duke Commissioners of Liquidation. of Wellington's army.

George Hammond, Esq. and Right Hon. Lord Amherst, a David Ř. Morier, Esq. Commis- Privy-Counsellor. sioners of Arbitration, the latter,


DEATHS in the Year 1815.

85th year.


Christian burial, a great con.

course of people assembled, and a 4. The Marquis of Lothian, tumult was threatened, till at aged 78. He was a general in length an order came from the the army, and formerly a personal King for the performance of the favourite of the King.

funeral rites. Major-gen. John Picton.

15. The hon. W. Hervey, a ge5. Mr. John James Ashsley, an neral in the army. eminent organist and music- Professor Bugge, an eminent master, aged 43.

astronomer at Copenhagen. Sir Bysche Shelley, bart. in his 17. Hen. Thornton, esq. M.P.aged

53. He was founder of the Sierra ht. John Peter Roberdeau, Esq. Leone Company, and sat in seven author of various dramatic and parliaments as representative for other performances.

Southwark. 10. At the attack on New Sir James Nassau Colleston, bart, Orleans, Major-gen. Sir Edw. M. aged 63. Pakenham, brother of the Earl Emma, widow of Sir William of Longford, aged 36.

Hamilton. This person, well Major-gen. Gibbs, second in known for her various advencommand on that occasion. tures, and especially for the pas

Sir Wm. Young, governor of sionate attachment of Lord NelTobago, aged 66.

son, died at Calais in a state of 11. Lord Mackenzie, a Lieut.- desertion. gen. in the army, and Lord Lieu

24. Sir Cha. Warre Malet, tenant of Ross-shire, in his 61st bart. aged 62. He had filled year,

some important posts in India. The Princess of Leon, daugh- 26. Sir Wm. Cha. Farrel Skefter-in-law of the Duke of Rohan, fington, bart. in his 73d year. at Paris, aged 25. Her death 27. Dorothy, Lady of Sir Geo. was occasioned by her dress tak- Robinson, bart.

Lately, Sir Cha. Watkins Simp14. William Creech, Esq. an

son, bart, eminent bookseller, and late Lord Rear-admiral W. Charleton. Provost of Edinburgh.

Lady Clarina, widow of General Mademoiselle Raucour, a cele. Lord Baron Clarina. brated actress of the Theatre François. A her interment, a re

February fusal being long made, according to ancient custom, to allow her 3. Lady Anne Talbot, relict


ing fire.

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of W. Talbot, esq. and daugh- chambers in the Temple, whick ter of the Earl of Glendore, were thenceforth his established

4. Sir John Sheffield, bart. in residence. He took the degree of his 73d year.

M.D. at Cambridge in 1796, 9. Rev. Claudius Buchannan, and had some thoughts of pracD.D. distinguished for his Orien- tising; but possessing an indetal knowledge, and his exertions pendent fortune, and being very in promoting the propagation of versatile in his pursuits, he avoidChristianity in India.

ed any absolute engagement of 14. The Duke of Dorset, in his his time. Of his further chemis 22d year. His death was owing to cal inquiries the most consider, a fall from his horse in hunting. able results were, a paper on the

22. Smithson Tenant, esq. F.R.S. nature of the Diamond, another professor of chemistry in the uni- on Emery, and an analysis of versity of Cambridge. His death crude Platina. In 1804 he was was occasioned by a fall with his honoured with the Copley medal horse into the fosse of a small for his discoveries in chemistry. fort near Boulogne, where he was Mr. Tennant was distinguished waiting for a passage to England. by a peculiar cast of character, Mr. Tenant, who had attained composed of feeling and imaginaa high reputation in chemical tion, with a particular vein of science, was the son of the rev. humour, which rendered him Calvert Tenant, vicar of Selby, singularly the delight, as well as Yorkshire, where he was born in the admiration, of his friends. Nov. 1761. He displayed an early His high reputation caused him taste for natural and experimen- to be elected to the professorship tal philosophy, and studied che- of chemistry at Cambridge in mistry under Dr. Black, at Edin- 1813, where he delivered a course burgh, where he went for the of lectures, which were numestudy of medicine. In 1782 he rously attended. His remains was entered of Christ's College, were interred at Boulogne, acCambridge, where he acquired companied to the grave by most the elementary parts of mathe- of the English residents. matics, and enlarged his mind 23. At Gottingen, Mr. Villers, with almost every branch of ge- author of an esteemed work on neral knowledge. After tra- the Reformation of Luther, and velling in the continent, he was other valuable publications. elected fellow of the Royal So- 24. Lady Kenyon, aged 29. ciety; and fixing his residence in Sir John Thorold, bart. many London, he pursued his philoso- years M.P. for Lincolnshire, in phical inquiries without attach- 81st year.' ing himself to any profession. 26. Sir W. Warden Shirley, In 1791 he communicated to the bart. in his 43d year. Society an analysis of the car- Rev. Sir Robert Shirley, bart. bonic acid, which established his Lately, Sir T. Meredyth, bart. reputation as a chemist. He re- aged 45. newed and extended his travels Hon. Mrs. Napier. abroad, and on his return took Adm. Robert Deans.

March, .

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