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a son.


The wife of P. Methuen, esq. Lady Henry Paulet, a daughM. P. a daughter.


Marchioness of Waterford, a The Lady of Rear-adm. Lukin, a daughter.

The lady of Sir George Clerk, Viscountess Torrington, a bart, a son.


Countess of Craven, a daughMay.


The lady of Sir W. Adams, a The wife of A. H. Holdsworth, daughter. esq. M. P. a son.

Marchioness of Downshire, a Countess of Uxbridge, a daugh- daughter. ter.

The wife of Hon. C. King, a Hon. Mrs. Dundas, a daugh- son. ter.

The wife of Major-gen. Glegg, Lady Fitzherbert, a son. a daughter. Lady Harriet Leveson Gower, The wife of Major-gen. Jones,

a daughter Marchioness of Ely, a son.

Countess of Cavan, a daughDuchess of Rutland a son. ter. Lady Liddel, a son. Lady Fitzroy Somerset,

July. daughter.

The lady of Hon. James But- Lady of Sir R. Mountney Jephler, M. P. a son.

son, a daughter. Viscountess Newark, a daugh- Countess of Jersey, a son. ter.

Lady Cloncurry, a daughter. Lady Sarah Robinson, a daugh- Lady Caroline Capel, a son. ter.

The lady of Sir C. Dalrymple, The wife of Major-gen. Bogville, a son.

Countess of Jersey, a son. The lady of Sir C. Nightingale, The lady of Major-gen. Sir H. a son.

Vivian, a daughter. The lady of Sir A. C. Dickson, The wife of Rob. Wigram, esq. bart. a son.

M. P. a daughter. The lady of Sir W. P. Call, Lady Anne Wilbraham, a son. bart. a son.

Lady Gertrude Sloane, a daughLady Anne Fraser, a daughter. ter.

The wife of Rear-adm. Otway, June.

The lady of Rear-adm. Sir H. Viscountess Ashbrook, a daugh- Baynton, a daughter. ter.

Lady Sarah Murray, a daughCountess of Albemarle, a son. ter. Right Hon. Lady Enniskillen,

August Hon. Mrs. C. Paget, a daughter.

Lady Hope, a daughter.


a son.

a son.

a son.

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The lady of Major-gen. Sir R. Viscountess Lindsey, a son. Sheaffe, bart. a son.

The wife of Hon. George GerThe wife of W. Long Welles- main, a daughter. ley, esq. M. P. a son.

The wife of Rear-adm. Ballard, The wife of Rear-adm. Scott, a daughter. a son.

The wife of Hon. Capt. Alex.
Lady Sophia Whichcote, a Jones, a daughter.

The lady of sir S. Bradstreet, a
The lady of Vice-adm. Sir R.
Strachan, a daughter.

Lady Arundlel, a son.

The lady of Sir B. R. Graham, The wife of Hon. C. Butler, bart. a daughter.

M. P. a son.
Lady F. Wedderburne Webster, Lady Milton, a son.
a son.

Lady James Hay, a son.
The wife of Rear-adm. Gard- The wife of Hon. Col. P. Stu-
ner, a daughter.

art, a daughter. Lady Jerningham, a daugh- Countess of St. Antonio, a son. ter.

The lady of Sir G. Denys, bart. Lady A. Frazer, a daughter. M. P. a son.

The wife of Major-gen. Sir J. The lady of Sir W. Blackett, a Oswald, a daughter.

The lady of Sir Harcourt Lees, The lady of Sir J. Malcolm, a a daughter.

daughter. The wife of H. Hamilton, esq.

Countess of Shannon, a son. M. P. a daughter.

Countess of Chichester, a son.

Hon. Mrs. Colville a daughSeptember.


Lady Harriet Erskine, a daughThe lady of Sir Loftus Otway, ter. a daughter.

The wifeofW.S. Lowndes, Esq.
Lally Ogiiby, a son.

M. P. a son.
Lady Emily Drummond, a son,
Lady Duncannon, a son.

Lady Amelia Kaye, a son.

The lady of Sir Charles Coote, The lady of Sir H. Lushington, bart. a son.

bart. a son. Lady Barbara Ponsonby, a son. Lady Charlotte Howard, a son.

Lady E. M'Clintock, a daugh- Hon. Mrs. Werninck, a son. ter.

Countess Delaware, a son.
The lady of Rear-adm. Sir J. Lady of W. A'Court, Esq. Bri-
Gore, a daughter.

tish minister at Naples, a son. The lady of Sir J. M'Gregor, a

Countess of Minto, a daughter. daughter.

Viscountess of Avonmore, a Viscountess Folkstone, a son. daughter.

The lady of Sir Alex. Jardine, The lady of Baron Nicolai, a a son.

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a son.

The lady of Hon. J. T. Leslie Melville, a daughter.

MARRIAGES. Hon. Mrs. Laurence Sullivan,

January Hon. Mrs. Onslow, a son.

The wife of Rear-admiral Gos- Hon. Chas. Hen. Howard, to selin, a daughter.

Lady Charlotte Gower, eldest The lady of Sir H. Rivers, bart. daughter of the Marquis of Stafa daughter.

ford. The wife of Major-general Clay, Lord Byron, to Anne Isabella, a daughter.

daughter of Sir Ralph Milbank. Countess of Elgin, a son.

Sir Hen. W. Carr, to Hon. The wife of W. Astell, esq. Mrs. Perceval. M.P. a son.

Col. Bathurst, to Lady Cath. Lady Castlestewart, a son. Stewart, daughter of the Earl of

The wife of Major-Gen. An- Londonderry. nesley, a son.

Capt. Hornby, to the daughter of the late Lieut.-general Bur

goype. December.

Major-gen. Borsse, to Mary

Anne, daughter of Capt. WoodLady Byron, a daughter. ham. Countess of Cavan, a son. R. Heathcote, esq. to Lady

Hon. Lady Stopford, a daugh- Eliz. Lindsay, eldest daughter of ter.

the Earl of Balcarras. Right Hon. Lady Isab. Anne Hon. Col. T. F. Deane, to the Brydges, a daughter.

second daughter of M. Haynes, Lady Ducie, a daughter. esq.

The wife of Admiral Linzee, a James Balfour, esq. to Lady daughter.

Eleanor Maitland, daughter of The wife of Lieut.-gen. Bro- the Earl of Lauderdale. derick, a son.

Major-gen. Sir W. Anson, to The wife of Hon.Martin Hawke, Miss Louisa Dickenson.

Charles Montolieu Burgess, Lady Cremorne, a son.

csq. to Lady Mary Montgomerie. Lady Elizabeth Norman, Hon. Arthur Annesley, to Eli

zabeth, daughter of John Mahon, Lady of Sir Rob. H. Bromley, esq. bart, a son. Hon. Mrs. St. Leger, a son.

Lady of Rt. Hon. Sir William
M.Mahon, bart. a son.

Hon. Donald Ogilvy, to the The wife of Major.-gen. Airey, daughter of the late Jas. Morley,

esq. Lady of Hon. and Rev. A. Tur- Hon. Sir Edw. Paget, to Lady nour, a son.

Harriett Legge.

T. Knox,

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a son.

T. Knox, esq. M.P. for Tyrone, Vice-adm. Sir G. Martin to to Miss Stuart, daughter of the Miss Locke. Lord Primate of Ireland. Hon. Col. Cocks, to Lady Eliz.

June. Marg. Yorke, third daughter of the Earl of Hardwicke.

J. Thorp, esq. to Lady Hannah

Charlotte Hay, 3d daughter of March.

the late Marquis of Tweedale,

Lord Petre, to the eldest daughLord Salton, to Catharine, ter of Sir Richard Bedingfield. daughter of the late Lord Thur- Sir Galbraith Lowry Cole, to low.

Lady Frances Harris, daughter Albany Saville, esq. M. P. to of the Earl of Malmesbury. Eleanor Eliz. daughter of Sir H. Willoughby, esq. M. P. to Bouchier Wrey.

Charlotte, daughter of ArchdeaRev, T. Barne, to Hon. Sarah con Eyre. St. John.

Lieut. col. Sir U. Burgh, to Lord Cremorne, to Anne, Maria, daughter of the late Waldaughter of John Whaley, esq. ter Bagenhall, esq.

Mr. Vernon, eldest son of the Major-gen. Sir c. Wale, to Archdeacon of Canterbury, te Henrietta, daughter of the late Lady Eliz. Bingham.

Rev. T. Brent. Lord Edward Obrien, to the Octavius Baron Roebuck, to youngest daughter of Mr. Me- Maria Julia, daughter of the late thuen.

Alex. Blake, esq. Lieut. col. Sir G. H. Berkeley, Sir F. Boynton, bart. to Miss to Miss Sutton, daughter of Lady Bucktrout. Sutton.

Sir Thomas Bernard, bart. to Col. Sir W. Delancey, to Mag. Charlotte Matilda, daughter of the dalen, daughter of Sir Jas. Hall, late Sir E. Hulse, bart.

Major-gen. W. Brooke, to April.

Mary, daughter of General Ni

shols, R. Magennis, esq. M. P. to Mrs. Dashwood.

July. Sir J. C. Anderson, bart, to Caroline, sister of R. Shaw, esq. Gen. Baron Obert, to Miss M. P. for Dublin.

Parkins. Vice-adm. J. Wells, to Miss Hon. Mr. Powlett, to Lady CaJane Dealtry.

tharine Lowther. Hon. Mortimer Rodney, to Sa- John Halkett, esq. to Lady Carah, daughter of Rob. Withy, esq. tharine Douglas, youngest daugh

Sir Ç. Cole, to Lady Mary ter of the late Earl of Selkirk. Talbot.

Capt. Sir W. Chalmers, bart. May.,

to Mrs. Isabella Scott.

Sir H. Smith, bart. to Miss Sir Geo. Buggin, to Lady Ce. Elmore. cilia Gore,

Joseph M. Boultbee, esq. to


Lady Eliz. Townshend, daughter

October. of the late Marquis Townshend.

Lieut.-col. Sir F. Stovin, to August.

Anne Eliz. daughter of the late

Sir S. Sitwell, bart. Sir Alex. Hood, bart. to Ame

Sir Peregr. Maitland, to Lady lia Anne, daughter of Sir Hugh Duke of Richmond.

Sarah Lennox, daughter of the Bateman, bart. Rear-adm. Sir J. P. Beresford, bart, to Mary Anne, daughter of

Sir Frederick Gustavus Fowke, to Harriet Eliz. daughter of J. the late Ant. Henderson, esq. Pierse, esq. M. P.

Sir H. Stuart, bart. to GeorRev. L. Vernon, to Hon. Caroline M. Peachey, daughter of the giana Frances, daughter of G, Earl of Selsey. Nicholas Westby, esq. to the

Lord Manners, Chancellor of Hon. Emily Waldegrave, daugh

Ireland, to the Honourable Jane

Butler. ter of Lord Radstock.

Major-gen. Fuller, to Miranda, Hon. Butler Danvers, to Miss

daughter of Gen. Floyd. Freemantle.

J. Broadhurst, esq. M. P. to Major-gen. Donkin, to Miss Markham,

the daughter of the late F. Hurst, Earl of Compton, to Margaret,

esq. daughter of the late Major-gen.

Aug. Fitzharding Berkeley, 3d Clephane.

son of the late Earl of Berkeley, Capt. Prescott, to Mary Anne to Mary, daughter of Sir J. DashCharlotte, daughter of Admiral

wood King, bart. D'Auvergne, Duke of Bouillon.


Gunn, esq.


Rob. Frankland, esq. M. P. to

Louisa Anne, daughter of the late G. Dashwood, esq. M. P. to Lord George Murray, Bishop of Marianne, daughter of Sir W. St. Davids. Rowley, bart.

Sir Willoughby Wolstan Dixie, Sir J. Douglas, to Marianne, bart. to Belle Anna, daughter of daughter of W. Bullock, esq. the Rev. Thomas Adnutt.

Hon. Capt. Noel, to the eldest daughter of the late W. Woodley,

December. esq.

Sir W. G. Gordon Cumming, Sir L. V. Pack, bart. to Anna bart. to the eldest daughter of the Eleanor, widow of the late E. late Col. Campbell.

Hartopp, Esq. E. M. Ward, esq. to Lady Ma- Rev. Sir James Hanham, bart. tilda Charlotte Stewart, daughter to Miss Eliza Paley. of the Earl of Londonderry.

Lieut.-gen. Sir Hudson Lowe, Viscount D'Amboise, to Louisa, to Mrs. Johnson, widow of the daughter of the late Richard Bar- late Col. Johnson. well, esq.

Visccunt Downe, to Louisa Ma

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